tagSci-Fi & FantasyCorporate Futa's Sex Assistant Ch. 01

Corporate Futa's Sex Assistant Ch. 01



New series! These are to be short, sweet, and packed with hot Futa sex.


Sarah Niagara sighed, popping a cheeto into her mouth as she scrolled through craigslist. Might as well fulfill the stereotype of the unemployed. Besides, she wasn't particularly worried about her weight. Sarah was rail thin, 5' 5" with shoulder length hair and blue eyes behind glasses (although she only used those for reading). She was, in many ways the archetypical secretary.

She had, in fact, been a secretary until three months ago. Unfortunately she had left that job under less than ideal circumstances. Her former boss was now determined that she would not find work anywhere else in the city, calling all the major firms and repeating the fabricated charges of misconduct that had been the excuse for her discharge. All of the contacts Sarah had painstakingly cultivated over the last eight years had been rendered useless in a stroke. All because of a little indiscretion with a janitor.

Thinking about Beth (and what she had been doing when Beth caught her) made her just a little bit wet. She considered rubbing one out, then decided against it. Masturbating while remembering the woman who ruined her career would hardly be an effective use of her time.

Sarah had been through bad breakups before, but never had one so utterly wrecked her career. Unable to use the normal channels, she was reduced to trolling through craigslist for temporary, entry level garbage positions. She scrolled down and down, into ads more than a month old, until one caught her eye.

"Sexual Assistant Required - Full Time"

Clearly this was a troll post, but Sarah figured she could use a laugh. She clicked on the link.

"Job Description

My name is Joanne Dikwell, I am a high ranking executive with the Dual Manufacturing Industries Company. I am also a Futanari. Due to my condition I am looking for a professional, motivated, and attractive female to employ as my sexual assistant.

Job duties include:

-Being penetrated daily by my 14 inch long, 8 inch circumference penis in every orifice on a daily (or even hourly) basis

-Efficiently inducing my ejaculation, often under time constraints or extraordinary circumstances

-Providing me with a semen-free work environment, in part by swallowing my semen

-Maintaining a calm and professional demeanor in front of coworkers

Applicants must:

Be female (nonnegotiable)

Be attractive (nonnegotiable)

Be professional (nonnegotiable)

Be willing and able to have sex 10-15 times a day

Bisexual preferred

Perks of this position include unique and intense sexual pleasure, an extremely competitive salary, and all the tasty Futa semen you can drink.

I will hold interviews at my home every day at 7:00 PM until the position is filled."

Sarah's eyes bulged when she read the starting salary. That was three times what she had made at her previous job, and she had been fucking the boss!

It couldn't be real, of course. Except... Dual Manufacturing Industries co was a real business. In fact, it was one of the biggest and most influential firms. She opened a new tab and typed DualManufacturingIndustriesco.com into the address bar, located a list of their executives, and ran a search for "Joanne Dikwell". And there she was, listed as "President of Inter-Firm Relations". Assuming Dual Man Industries had a normal corporate structure that would put her only two ranks down from the CEO.

Sarah chewed her lip for a long moment. She was still 90 percent certain that this ad was fake. It would be easy to dial up the website of a firm and pull a random name to make a fake craigslist post. But... that salary though...

What the hell, she thought, uploading her resume and hitting "apply".

She then continued to look through more postings, searching for something more likely to be real. In ten minutes, she had forgotten all about it.

Thus she was surprised when she checked her email two hours later and found a reply.

Miss Niagara

I have reviewed your application and found your credentials to be acceptable. Please come by my home at 6969 Hardwood lane at 7:00 pm tomorrow for an interview.

I look forward to meeting you.

Joanne Dikwell


At 6:00pm the next day, Sarah regarded herself in the mirror. She was proud of her appearance, although she did wish that she had a little more in the way of curvature. Still, in her tasteful but small business suit and skirt she was a perfect blend of sexy and professional. It never hurt to be both, and for this job she figured that was doubly true.

6969 Hardwood lane was a large house up at the top of a hill in the foothills. The lavish residence fell just short of qualifying as a mansion. Sarah knocked on the door. Moments later it was answered by a pretty woman of about Sarah's age, with an impressive bust and hips.

"Sarah Niagra," she said, extending her hand. "I'm here for the interview. Are you Joanne Dikwell?"

"Oh, no" the woman laughed. I'm Wendy, Miss Dikwell's maid." Sarah caught a familiar scent wafting from the maid. Sweat and sex. The unmistakable odor of a woman that had just been fucked proper. "Miss Dikwell is expecting you, Miss Niagra. This way, please."

Sarah followed Wendy through the hall into a small room lined with bookshelves. In the center of the room were two chairs, and upon one of those chairs sat Joanne Dikwell.

She was probably the most feminine woman Sarah had ever seen, with a delicate, angel like face. Her shiny dark hair was gathered into a bun on the back of her head. Her style of dress was similar to Sarah's except that her clothes were clearly designer make. The cut of that suit and skirt would ordinarily have been quite conservative, but the woman filled every inch of it. Her body oozed soft, jiggly feminine sensuality that could not be contained by her modest clothing. Those tits! That ass! In short, she was everything Sarah was not. Which she supposed was ironic, or something.

Joanne Dikwell looked up from her clipboard as Sarah walked in. "Ah, Miss Niagara. Please take a seat. Wendy, would you please put some tea on?" She said that with a pleasant, but businesslike smile. Sarah would have figured that one would show a little more warmth to a woman one was trying to recruit as one's personal whore.

Wendy bowed and left the room at her employer's command. Sarah sat.

Dikwell absently tapped her pen against her clipboard for a moment, considering.

"How to proceeded?" she muttered. "I suppose I will start by asking how much you know about Futanari." She subtly shifted her thighs, and Sarah's eyes involuntarily darted downward, searching for the telltale bulge. She didn't see it, but then again in the position the woman was seated, she could be hiding anything under that knee-length skirt.

"Not as much as I would like," Sarah admitted. "I do know that in the year 2020, approximately ten thousand women in the United States spontaneously grew gigantic male sex organs. No one knows the cause of Futanarism and there is no cure. Furthermore no new cases of Futanarism have been reported since. In 2022, congress passed the Futanarism Addendum to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which legally classified Futanarism as a protected disability. Furthermore the Futanari Relief Act in 2023 grants sufferers of Futanarism the legal right to purchase sexual services from another party."

"I see you did your research," Dikwell replied. She waved a dismissive hand. "I do not view my condition as a disability as such, but I admit that at times it can be... inconvenient. What else do you know about us? Anything more... personal?"

"Well no," Sarah said. "I've heard the rumors, of course. I dismissed them until I read your job posting."

"Yes, well that's a good start." Again, she shifted slightly and again Sarah's eyes darted downward. As she quickly moved her gaze back to the woman's eyes, she thought she caught a tiny smirk on Dikwell's face, but it quickly faded back into an even, businesslike smile. She spoke. "The chief thing you need to know about Futanari is our voracious sexual appetite. To call it voracious is an understatement. The Lust comes upon me usually between ten and fifteen times a day, but occasionally as often as twenty times. When it does, I feel the overpowering need to cum. Masturbation is ineffective. I am unable to reach orgasm unless someone is with me. I can control the urge for a time, but every minute I hold in my Lust I become more feral and unpleasant. This will not do, for at my job I need to maintain professional decorum at all times. That is why I need a Sexual Assistant. Are you still interested in the position?"

The dry manner that the woman laid out her proposal was notably incongruous to the position itself. This was crazy. But then, Sarah had never been bothered about sleeping with her boss. "Yes," She said simply.

Dikwell tapped her pen against her clipboard again. "Good, good. So, let's see here... Ah. You filled in your sexual orientation as 'Emotionally lesbian, physically straight.' Could you please elaborate on that for me?"

"Well," Sarah began slowly, trying to find the words to best describe her sexual proclivities. "My most valuable intimate relationships are always with women. You could say I can only form emotional bonds with other women. But I always wind up cheating on them with men."

"Go on."

"Sex with women is fun, pleasurable, and emotionally gratifying for me, but it's just missing... something. You know?"

Dikwell smiled faintly. "I believe I do. Thank you. Now let's discuss your previous employer. I understand it ended badly."

Sarah grimaced. "You could say that. I was the secretary of Bethany Cummard, CEO of Vagge Corporation, and also her secret lover. I was quite fond of her, and she was utterly besotted with me, showering me with gifts, giving me raises, whatever I wanted. But of course, due to my aforementioned proclivity for cock-hunger I secretly fucked guys behind her back. This went on for years until one day she came back from a meeting two hours earlier than I expected and found me bent over her desk, getting fucked up the ass by a dumb but well hung janitor. I tried to explain that just because we were in a relationship didn't mean that she owned me, but she was having none of it. I was fired on the spot, of course."

"I know Bethany Cummard," Dikwell mused. "What you've told me doesn't surprise me at all. Honestly, that woman..." She shook her head, then smiled. Is there anything else you'd like to add, either about your sexual or professional life?"

"Hmm. Well, when I get aroused, I get really wet. Like, abnormally wet. I never have to use lube when I'm with a guy." She blushed. "Guys in college used to call me 'Niagara Falls'."

"Mhmm. Excellent." Dikwell looked up from her clipboard to meet Sarah's eyes directly. "Frankly Miss Niagara, I'm very impressed. Your skillset is exactly what I'm looking for. Now, we can move on to the final stage of this interview."

She reached down and pulled up her skirt. "Make me cum in the next five minutes, and the job is yours."

Sarah's eyes nearly popped out of her head. The massive prong filled the space between Dikwell's legs, wrist thick and forearm long, and still soft! But as impressive as the Futanari's cock was, her balls was even more so. Both orange-sized orbs sat at the bottom of a swollen sack that dangled nearly to the woman's knees.

"The clock is ticking, Miss Niagara," Miss Dikwell chided. "I recommend that you get down there and start sucking."

"Uh yes," Sarah said, regaining her composure and kneeling swiftly. "It's just, your cock is much bigger than anything I've ever seen." She allowed a hint of smoky lust to enter her voice. Miss Dikwell smiled, a pleased light gleaming in her eyes, but moments later her face was back to business as usual. Clearly, Joanne Dikwell had a firm grasp on her emotions. But, like a man, she also liked to be told all about how big her dick was.

Despite her considerable sexual experience, Sarah was somewhat daunted by the task before her. Hesitantly, she reached out to grip the huge Futa cock around the base. It immediately began to harden in her hand. She could feel the other woman's pulse under her palm: Thrum THRUM, thrum THRUM steadily increasing. Sarah could only imagine the amount of blood it must take to stiffen such a massive rod.

But stiffen it did. Within seven heartbeats the thing had hardened to its full fourteen inch length. As her mouth descended on the broad, flared head, the musky smell and taste washed over her, making her moisten.

"Remember, Miss Niagara, the purpose of this exercise is to make me cum as quickly as possible, NOT to give me the best blowjob of my life. Relieving me in this way will be one of your primary duties... IF I hire you."

Sarah nodded, trying to push the woman's cock deeper into her mouth. Deepthroating something this big and hard was out of the question, unfortunately, so she settled on the next best thing. She climbed to her feet, bending over so that she was sucking from above and braced her hands on the other woman's thighs to steady herself. Then she forced her mouth down as far as it would go. The soft, broad cockhead pushed against the back of her throat, making her gag and her mouth water. That was the key. She pulled back to the tip and ran her hands over where her mouth had been.

Not enough. Sarah gagged herself on the other woman's cock again. Again. Finally, she had enough hot, sloppy saliva to work with.

She got back on her knees. Her hands gripped the slick, hot surface of Miss Dikwell's shaft and began to pump up and down, up and down the whole length, from the base to the flare. Simultaneously, Sarah focused her oral attentions on the giant cockhead. It was quite large enough to fill her mouth by itself. She sucked, slurped, bobbed her head and swirled her tongue for all she was worth, all while furiously jacking the spit soaked shaft with her hands. If this technique didn't get the woman off, nothing would.

As she sucked furiously on the broad head, she noted that compared to the rest of Miss Dikwell's iron-hard shaft, it was surprisingly soft and squishy. As if it was meant to soften the inexorable blows of this mighty meat hammer. She gently allowed her teeth to scrape the underside of it, and was rewarded with a slight shiver in the other woman's legs.

Now that her technique was under way, Sarah glanced up at the Futanari, curious. When she was with other women, Sarah loved to make them scream, moan, convulse, and completely lose control. A woman's groans of pleasure were music to her ears. With men, of course, it was different. She preferred her men passionate but calm, in control of both themselves and of her. From the Futanari, she wasn't sure exactly what she wanted. Not that it was about her anyway.

When Sarah looked up, though, she found that Joanne Dikwell very much embodied her male sexual ideal of control. The woman was visibly relaxed, leaning back in her chair taking long, slow breaths that caused her ample chest to heave just slightly. The ghost of a superior smirk played around the corners of her mouth as she looked down at Sarah, meeting her eyes.

Sarah had seen that tiny half smirk before on some of her most potent male lovers. It was a very subtle expression of dominance, not overtly degrading. A microagression, of sorts. It was like a voice whispering in the wind, soft but distinct. She could almost hear it. Cocksucker. You are a cocksucker..

Sarah's pussy immediately went into full Niagara Falls mode. Her panties would be ruined, of course. She would have sighed, if her mouth hadn't been full to the brim with dick meat.

Soon, however the Futanari's body began to show signs of her impending orgasm. Her breathing became just a touch less regular, her grip on the armrests of her chair a bit harder. Her left foot began to softly tap the floor.

"Miss Niagara," Joanne Dikwell said in a voice that showed absolutely no sign of the considerable strain she must have felt. "I am going to ejaculate soon. Within the next thirty seconds I should think. Be forewarned, it has been..." she glanced at her watch. "...three hours since my last ejaculation. There is going to be quite a lot. Swallow as much as you can."

Sarah took her hands off of the shaft of the woman's cock and instead cupped her balls. Up until now she had neglected the Futanari's massive swinging stud sack in favor of stimulating her shaft. But now she could give these tangerine-sized testicles at least a fraction of the attention they deserved. She cupped a ball in each hand, lifting and squeezing gently and marveling at the sheer size and weight of them.

Sarah watched closely, eager to see if Joanne Dikwell's iron self-control broke during her peak. It did, a little. She threw her head back, emitting a quiet groan as a muscle in her neck spasmed. Her legs tensed up like she was trying to push her feet through the floor and her back arched slightly, pushing her cock a few more inches into Sarah's mouth in the process.

Sarah felt distinctly satisfied as she watched the other woman in the throes of climax. She did so love making women cum. But then, the Futanari's mango-nuts jumped upward out of her hands. That snapped her out of her reverie just in time to face the flood of biblical proportions coming down on her.

The first spurt was incredibly forceful. Sarah coughed and sputtered, losing half of it down her chin before she could frantically swallow and prepare for the next chowder-gush. She handles the second spurt with more alacrity, losing only a small trickle, and by the third spurt she had the process down. She allowed each gush to fill her mouth, swallowing frantically between spurts. It wasn't easy. Each time her cheeks bulged with the sheer volume of the cock crème before she could swallow. But it was doable.

But she was focusing so hard on swallowing that she forgot to breathe. Finally she chose to pull her mouth off of the massive Futanari prong rather than asphyxiate. The final two shots splattered against her face, thick spunk coating her forehead and cheeks and gluing her left eye shut. She gasped for breath.

Now that she wasn't so focused on frantically swallowing semen, Sarah was, for the first time able to taste, really taste, what was in her mouth.

Sarah had grown fond of the flavor of men's cum, but it was an acquired taste, built more of positive associations rather than the actual flavor. This, on the other hand was... delicious. Objectively delicious. Deep, rich, thick, creamy and sweet. It was like an expensive dessert. She would have expected to pay fifty dollars for a small cup of this at a five star restaurant and been completely satisfied with the purchase because it was just. So. Good!

She licked the last drops of cum from Miss Dikwell's piss slit and then closed her mouth around the head and sucked out the dregs. In part, she did this because she knew it was expected of her. But mostly she just wanted more cum.

After that, she sat back on her heals. For a long moment, just sat there, staring at the gigantic genetalia that she knew would be at the center of her life from now on. At last, she raised her eyes to look at the Futanari's face.

For the first time, Joanne Dikwell's expression held genuine warmth.

"You're hired."

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