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Corporate Revenge


At age 24, Jennifer was not a happy girl.

She had just ended an affair with George, after making a decision to move on with her life. She now realized that she never should have had the affair, but it was obviously too late for that. She had moved to Houston three years earlier for what sounded like a nice career opportunity with a mid-size investment firm, and she had worked hard and developed a nice client book.

About a year before the managing partner, George, had begun to pay a little attention to her, and she had flirted back as any 24 year old probably would have. The harmless flirting soon became more and before too long a full affair was underway. At first it was very exciting for Jennifer. George had spoiled her and taken her shopping, to nice restaurants, even along on some trips. Jennifer was young and single and having a good time. George was older, married and bored. While Jennifer was smart and ambitious, George did not see her as anything more than a playmate. But she was an incredible playmate in his eyes, probably about 5'6" and 135 pounds, somehow thin but with perfect D breasts.

Over the next few months, George began taking Jennifer for granted. The shopping trips and dates gave way to quickies in the office, and, what once had seemed somewhat romantic (despite the fact that George was married) became mundane and ordinary.

Jennifer decided that she needed a fresh start and told George that it, whatever it was they had, was over and that she needed to break away emotionally and look for someone who was more available to her in ways other than purely sexual.

That was all she wanted, just a clean break.

Of course it didn't go that way; it rarely does.

George, realizing maybe for the first time that he didn't want to lose her, tried valiantly to win Jennifer's love. The gifts started back up. Many propositions were made; he now offered more trips and more dinners, even a bigger apartment that he would pay for, but Jennifer wasn't interested. She hadn't ended the affair as a way to get more gifts; she had simply come to the realization that she wanted more. George offered everything, at least everything other than the full time commitment that she coveted, so it was easy for Jennifer to stand firm and reject his offers.

As George offered more and more and got nothing, he became extremely frustrated. As his attempts to win her back obviously failed, his actions began to go negative. He saw to it that Jennifer became persona non grata in the office. He made sure that she was not assigned to any new accounts and began to slowly take her old accounts away from her. He did it cleverly and patiently, as he knew that if he did it all at once, it would be obvious and could result in a lawsuit that would be hard to defend. He would make sure that when Jennifer was out and customers called in that they were given the choice to have another account manager handle their requests immediately, rather than have Jennifer call them later to handle the issue. He would raise fees on some of her loyal customers to the point that they practically had to look elsewhere, and during all of this, he would raise Jennifer's quotas and belittle her declining performance to the rest of the office.

It didn't take but a few months, and Jennifer could not take anymore. Her income was plummeting, and she knew exactly why. She knew she had to get out and start over completely, but she was very angry about the way that she was being treated and decided to come up with a plan for revenge. Being very analytical by nature, she diagrammed out at night at home the strengths and weaknesses of both George and herself to help decide her best course of action. George's strengths were basically that he ran the office, and, of course, that he was bigger and stronger than her. She wasn't really looking for a physical confrontation so that wouldn't really matter. His weakness was that he was married; she could after all just call his wife and tell her everything, but where would that get Jennifer? Nowhere really, she decided. She could ruin his life, maybe. Or even maybe not, she concluded; it could be that George's wife knew about his philandering and didn't care. Maybe she just stayed because it was comfortable. Either way, Jennifer decided that she needed something else. She wanted a way to both get revenge on George and benefit herself.

Jennifer's strengths were ambition and persistence; she had known this for years. And her weakness was that she was on George's home turf where he made the rules of the game. Then it hit her; she was missing the obvious. George's weakness was her; this whole thing was going on because he couldn't have her. And the direct correlation to this was that she held tremendous power over him. She knew his likes and dislikes and what would drive him over the edge. As this realization expanded in her mind, she began to experience a feeling like she never had. She felt confidant and powerful and even sexually excited. Damn, she thought to herself, she was getting wet just thinking about this. She was certain that this was a new feeling for her. And, she liked it... a lot.

The next day she contacted an employment attorney. She explained that she was resigning from her company and just wanted him to come by the next day at noon to review her exit documents before she signed them. The lawyer seemed entirely uninterested, but she offered $250 cash, and it was his lunch hour so he agreed. She thanked him and told him to come to George's office and meet her at noon.

Jennifer went to work the next day as usual and packed up her desk; she then e-mailed the firm's client list to her personal e-mail account. When she got to her new firm, wherever that may be, this list would be like gold as she plucked them off one by one and built her business back up.

About 11:30, she dialed the extension for Human Resources and asked one of the reps to meet at George's office at noon. She explained that she was going to offer to resign, since business had been slow, and ask for some severance.

"If George accepts my offer, I'd like to get everything written up quickly so as not to cause a disturbance," she explained.

The rep agreed, and Jennifer hung up the phone then stood up and headed to George's office. As she had to walk through most of the office she took great care to look as professional as possible. She was in a black suit; it was form fitting without being too tight. The skirt may have been a bit too high, but not entirely inappropriate as she was 24 after all. Her auburn hair that usually fell just passed her shoulders was up in a bun. Her heels were sexy without being slutty, and her legs were stunning in black nylons. If one were asked to describe this beauty, "Sexy Librarian" would probably be a term thought of initially.

She reached George's office at about 11:50 and told his secretary know that George had just called for her. The secretary was obviously unaware of this as it wasn't true, but, without knowing the details, she knew something was going on between George and Jennifer so it didn't seem unlikely. Without putting too much thought into it, the secretary stated that George was on the telephone and that she would let him know in a moment.

While listening to the secretary, Jennifer noticed out the window that her lawyer was parking his car, and she heard the HR rep coming down the hallway.

She smiled to the secretary and stated, "Don't worry; I'll just be a minute," and she opened his door and slid inside, pulling it closed behind her.

The secretary was put off, but she didn't have time to react as two men entered the office. She knew the HR rep, but the other stated he was an attorney, and both stated that they were to meet with George at noon. This lead her to nearly panic as the secretary scrambled to figure out what was going on. She didn't have either of these meetings down. She asked them both to sit down until she could get a grip on things.

In George's office, Jennifer had just closed the door and begun walking toward the desk. She was moving a little slower than a normal walk, but not obviously so. She was smiling at her manager seductively, and she reached up to her hair and removed a couple of clips, allowing her hair to drop down instantly. George had noticed her come in and was watching her, forgetting that he was on the phone.

He began to speak, but Jennifer put a finger to her lips indicating for him to stay quiet, and he immediately obliged. She tossed an envelope on his desk but mouthed "later" to him as it landed so he didn't give it another thought.

She leaned across the desk and whispered, "It's Nude Day, honey, let's celebrate," with an almost evil grin on her face.

She then sat in the chair across the desk from him and teasingly undid one of her jackets' buttons, then the other. This allowed the jacket to fall back and gave him a nice view of her firm tits pushing against a slightly too tight silk shirt. Jennifer was pulling the shirt open, revealing substantial cleavage but little else. Regardless, George was mesmerized, his eyes glued to her chest as she stroked and gave playful squeezes to her D cups.

She then leaned back in her chair and slowly allowed her skirt to pull up, revealing the sexy black lace of her stocking tops.

Jennifer knew that she was hitting on his deepest fantasies and fetishes. She knew that he had a deep desire for her in any condition but that seeing her like this would be his downfall. During their time together, she had learned that he liked the "Corporate sexy" look, that he had a thing for stockings and heels and that he liked her in black. She had done all of those things for him before but never all at once and never after a few months apart as they had been now.

She was now dangling a heel off of one foot while slowly smoothing her thigh highs with her hands. He appeared to be hypnotized watching the shoe rock back and forth on her toes.

She knew that she had come on so strongly, so quickly, that desire was his only thought. He wouldn't spend one split second questioning her motives.

Jennifer now turned directly to him and spread her legs apart. She gently tugged her skirt up revealing what she knew to be George's favorite white panties. She slid her hand into her panties and began to masturbate, slowly at first, but speeding up as she went along. Her fingers could now be heard as the sounds of them going in and out were undeniable. Her face was looking directly at him and her tongue was licking her lips between playful mock bites of her lips.

George had never seen this side of Jennifer, and he was as turned on as he had ever been in his life. When Jennifer finally pointed at his phone, he practically threw the receiver into its cradle and jumped up.

"Wait," Jennifer said as he started around his desk.

"What?" George asked quickly.

"Baby, I am so wet; I just want to see that you are as hard as you can before you come in," she answered.

When he didn't immediately react, she added playfully, "Drop the pants, baby, and come take me."

He practically yanked his belt off and undid his pants as he came around the desk. Upon reaching her chair, he didn't realize that Jennifer had pulled her skirt back down into professional mode and gotten her heels back on.

She took a firm hold of his pants and boxers and tugged them down to his knees. She then took her own shirt and tore it open, allowing it to rip and for buttons to fly everywhere.

George was so turned on that he pounced like a tiger onto her.

Just as he reached her, Jennifer let out the loudest scream possible, followed by cries for help.

George jumped up, trying to figure out what the Hell just happened, probably thinking that he had inadvertently hurt her somehow, and he didn't even realize what the scene must look like to the individuals who had just rushed into the office.

His secretary, the HR rep and Jennifer's lawyer, along with a couple of other office workers had heard the scream and rushed in, only to see George with is pants down on top of Jennifer who was fully clothed in her suit but with a ripped shirt.

"What the Hell!" George exclaimed as the door burst open.

"Oh my God!" The witnesses screamed, almost in unison.

Jennifer scrambled up and ran over behind the others, crying.

"I just turned in an offer to leave because of slow sales, and he attacked me," she said for all to hear.

"Call the police," the attorney instructed one of the office workers.

"Please, no," Jennifer pleaded, "I just want this nightmare to end. Can you please just fix it?"

Finally realizing exactly what had happened, George had many thoughts going through his mind. First and foremost, he knew that he didn't want the publicity that would come if the police became involved. He knew that would hurt his business, and this, though this was a longshot, may not get back to his wife if he could quickly contain this here and now.

"There will be no need for the police, I assure you," he said.

"I don't know," the attorney said, "This doesn't look good."

George asked one of the workers to have his corporate attorney join them immediately, and while a security guard took Jennifer home, the attorneys worked out a settlement and nondisclosure agreement.

In short, it was agreed upon that Jennifer obviously couldn't be expected to work there anymore, but that she shouldn't suffer for being attacked. The firm agreed to pay her what she was currently making, plus annual bonuses and stock options like all of the other employees received until such time that she accepted another job.

Jennifer moved from Houston to Galveston because she always wanted to live on the beach. That was ten years ago. She hasn't even toyed with the idea of looking for a job, and her checks still come every month.

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