tagLoving WivesCorporate Sexual Shenanigans

Corporate Sexual Shenanigans


We live in Cary, North Carolina, just outside of Raleigh. I had been married to Wally Burton for thirteen years. Wally is the nicest man who ever walked the earth. I just love him to death. Wally was the captain for Tidewater Industries, flying their Beechjet 400. As for me, I worked as the personal director for the Old Southern Bank. We were both born and raised in North Carolina.

We had no children, so with our combined income we were doing quite well. Wally never drank because he was always on-call. I do like to drink when I'm socializing.

On nights when we had been out and I come home well buzzed, we both liked to jump in bed and play. One night lying naked I asked Wally, "How come you are so much more frisky when I have a buzz on?"

"Sam." My name is Kimberly, but everybody calls me Sam. "You are all woman, a real slut when you are gunned. I love it. You laugh and giggle when I am eating you, or am in you."

"Well, thank you, kind sir."

"Were you always like that?"

"You mean before I knew you?"


He stopped moving inside me. Neither of us said anything for several moments. I was considering just what to tell him. We had never discussed past lovers before. I decided to tell him about some of my past to see how he reacted to it. "Before I had sex, I was very nervous about how a guy would react to my breasts. They are small, and they are different in size. Plus, I had a scar under my left nipple where a cist had been removed. When boys seriously came on to me, I could not imagine letting a boy put his dick into my body. In high school, I got away with telling guys "No," and pushing their hands off my breasts, and away from my thighs.

My first date in Business College was with a junior from State. He got me soused. I giggled when he exposed my breasts. It was dark in his fraternity bedroom. It is sort of a blur, but the next thing I remember is he putting his cock into me. I felt instantly sober and aware, even though I was not. I lie there with my eyes wide open feeling him inside me. It was a little like going to the dentist. You know, it doesn't really hurt, but you are afraid that it will, so are tense. He was somewhat gunned himself, so he went on and on in me without coming. I had an orgasm, which I've been told is rare for a girl having her first sex with a guy. He came. As soon as I could, I washed up and left."

"Did you have sex with him again?"


"What was your next experience?"

"I started dating a guy who was very good looking. A real hunk. I resolved that I would not have sex with him. I wanted him to think of me as a good girl. On our first date, he didn't even try to kiss me. That was very unnerving. He did not call for four days. I begin to worry that he did not find me attractive. Then he called and asked me out. He took me to a party. The more that I drank, the happier I became. He drove us to a state park. He was a great kisser. I remember that very well. When he tugged at my panties, I could not get on my back fast enough. It was my first sex in a car. We did not leave there until five AM."

"Five AM? You screwed him all night?"


"If you had a chance to have sex with him again, would you?"

"I'm married to you, Wally." I said, evading his question.

"How many other men did you have before me?"

"Do you really want to know?"



"Do you think about them?"

"Not really. At this point, it was a long time ago."

"Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to be with a strange guy?"

"What girl hasn't? Okay, enough for tonight. Finish what you started, you sexy hunk," I said, while kissing his neck.

From then on, when Wally was in me, he would mention my past lovers, or one of the men I worked with. "I'll bet he would like to slip his cock into you, Sam?" he would say.

I decided to turn the tables on Wally, so I said. "Yes, yes, he is driving his cock into me now! Oh, god, I can't get enough of his cock."

I was astounded by Wally's reaction. He became a crazy man fucking me.

The next time we had sex, Wally asked if he could tie me to the bed. I said yes. Wally would never hurt me. When tied, he whispered in my ear. "Sam, I have all seven of your past lovers here. They are going to fuck you for old times sake."

I'll have to admit that was very erotic. But, later that night when Wally was asleep, I lie awake trying to imagine where all this was going, and if it was a good idea. One thing was for certain. My husband got very excited thinking of me screwing other guys. Oh, how right I was.

The next time that we had sex, he came right out and said. "Sam, do me a favor and go out and have sex with another guy."

I have to tell you that I had gotten very horny thinking of fucking a strange guy, since Wally had started this fantasy. But, damn, I loved the man so. I was very nervous. I decided to pretend that I was willing, but to put in a deal-breaker. "Wally, I do have one scenario that I might be interested in. I have never dated a black guy. It would be interested to be with a black guy to find out what he would be like. You know, get to know him. Not just a one night thing."

We were southern kids who had gone to school with blacks. Like any group of people some were very nice, and some were not. As a rule, southern men are not keen on black men dating white girls. Old customs die-hard. Wally had never said anything about black guys either way. None of his close friends were black that I knew of. So, I thought that he would cool to the idea of me experimenting. I did not expect what he said next.

"Sam, how would you find this black guy to get to know?"

"Damned if I know. It would have to be someone from out of the area who had no idea of who I really am. I could try to find someone on the net. I do worry about catching something." I added, hopping to place another deal-breaker before Wally.

Wally trumped me by saying. "I know a site you can try."

Well, don't you know that the site had a zillion people who placed information about them, along with a photo? Wally watched as I entered information about myself. Within minutes, e-mails started to arrive.

What I did not know was that next to the hanger that Tidewater used to hanger their plane was the hanger of Higgins Manufacturing's plane. Higgins is a black owned company based in Durham. Both their pilots are black, as well as their mechanic. Outside their hanger was a basketball backboard and hoop. My husband, on days that he did not have a flight, would go to the hanger to clean the plane, or perform other maintenance. When he was finished, the four of them would play two-on-two pick up games. Wally's co-pilot was not a player.

When I brought up the subject of going out with a black guy, but was skittish of the idea because of catching something, Wally immediately had an idea. All three of the black guys working for Higgins were college educated, married men, who had complete FAA physicals every six months. Of course, they did not drink or use drugs, since they were on call, just like Wally was.

The captain was a tall, easy going, soft spoken, southern black by the name of Allen Barkley, who had the reputation of being a first rate pilot. "Y'all come over to my office, Allen. I have something to run by you." Wally said to his friend.

When seated, Wally offered him a Coke. "Shoot?" Allen asked.

Wally knew that Allen had sex every so often on overnights, since he had mentioned a couple of interesting tales of women coming on to him. One thing Wally remembered was that the ladies wanted Allen to call them if he was in town again.

"Allen, what I'm going to tell you stays just between us. My wife and I have been playing fantasy sex games."

Allen broke into a big laugh as he said. "I can see this coming."

"Let me finish. She has an interest in being with a nice black guy to see what they are like, what they think about. Not just a one night stand. She would like to date a black guy four or five times over several months. She is concerned about catching something."

"So, Wally got thinking." Allen said with an ear-to-ear grin. "I know a FAA certified clean, discrete, black guy who will screw my wife and tell me all about it."

"Would you consider doing that?"

"Of course. But, with my rules. First, is that she never finds out my real name or where I live. Second, She never finds out that we know each other. Next, we either do it at a motel or at your house. And last, I have a thing about taking video of the women I'm with, without their knowledge."

"Sounds good to me, as long as you show me the videos, Allen."

"Are you sure, Wally? I don't want to lose a good friend over a little pussy. I can get pussy other places. If I get into the sack with your wife, I'm going to pretty much do anything I want with her."

"Allen that could be said by any man that she ends up with. I trust you not to hurt her."

"Okay, how are you going to get us together?"

Wally and Allen put together an ad and posted it as coming from a Johnny Williams from Atlanta. The story was that he traveled to the Carolinas every month. They also sent the ad and a picture to Sam.

Some of the responses were vulgar, with black guys sending pictures of their cocks, while calling themselves "Ten inches of fucking meat, who can eat you for hours." What woman would want to be eaten for hours?

Then, a response from a guy in Atlanta wearing a suit. He said that he was Johnny Williams and that he was interesting in meeting a nice girl for some friendship. Just the kind of guy that I was looking for. I could go out to eat with him, keep my distance, and see how Wally took that.

We arranged to meet. I liked him the moment that we met. Over dinner, I found out that he was really funny. He told one joke after another. They were clean and had me in stitches. I excused myself. I phoned Wally. "Hi, Honey. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. How are you doing?"

While I was gone, I would later learn, Johnny put a small pill in my drink that Wally had given him.

"Wally, he is a really nice, bright, guy. He has been a perfect gentleman. Are you still okay with me being with him?"

"Sure. Have a good time."

"Wally, I find him attractive. Are you okay with that?"

"You mean that you are getting wet?"

"Yes, damnit. If you don't call me off, I am going to let that man have his way with me."

"Sam, have three strong ones and go for it."

When I got back to the table, Johnny had a large, Long Island Ice Tea waiting for me. He smiled when I chug-a-lugged it down. Wally had told him that if I got tipsy that it would be with the intent of having sex with him. He ordered another. Another went right down the hatch.

Johnny reached under the table and ran his hand hard up my pussy. I stared at him, my mind in a state of confusion, sexual confusion.

"Let's go somewhere more private," he whispered in my ear.

Between my legs, the rains came. Not since that night in the car, many years ago, have I been so excited. Johnny towered over me by more than a foot. Had to be one hundred pounds heavier than I, but I thought of him as being cuddly, a big teddy bear.

He had a room rented at the Howard Johnson. What I did not know was that the alarm clock was his and that it was also a video camera. He also had a tiny camera mounted in the fire alarm, so that two pictures were being recorded simultaneously of whatever happened on the bed.

I left that motel room an hour and a half later, a confused, changed, woman, with a throbbing cunt. When I got home, I showered and got into bed, expecting to have to answer a hundred questions. Instead, Wally asked me if I had a good time. I said, "It was very interesting."

Wally kissed me and rolled over to go to sleep. I knew that he had a six AM departure that morning, so I went to sleep also. When I woke up, he was gone.

There was a lot that I didn't know.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three months before our first talk about me having sex with other men, Wally flew both of the owners of Tidewater, and their wives, to Hilton Head for a four-day vacation. The owners were Bill Gardner, chairman of the board, and Warren Bing, president. They were both graduates of MIT, and had started Tidewater from scratch. Each was now forty-two and each was listed in Forbes magizine as one of the five hundred wealthiest men in America. Both the wives were gorgeous. Especially Bill's wife, Sally.

Usually Wally stayed at a motel. Not this time. He was asked to stay at Bill's oceanfront home. When the ladies were out shopping, Bill and Warren sat Wally down. "Wally," Bill said, "The Company has been working on a secret formula that we hope will be as widely used as Viagra. One of our scientists, Wong Lou, stumbled upon the ingredients while working on his own time trying to invent a date rape drug that would work without the woman becoming unconscious, and yet would be more than willing. So far we have tried it on sixteen women, including both of our wives. For several reasons, we have not informed the FDA of its existence. One of the ingredients is a steroid that targets those parts of a woman's body that reacts to her sexual hormones, namely her breasts and her vagina."

"Reacts how?"

"Her breasts and nipples will double in size. The walls of her vagina double in thickness, and her clitoris, if stimulate, will cause her to want sex immediately."

"Is that good?"

"Wally, when a woman with a super thick vagina clamps her cunt on your cock, it is an amazing experience."

"If you say so."

Warren added, "Wally, the reason that we asked you to stay here is so that we could continue our experiments. Late tonight, we will give Sally a dose of the ingredients, which we have code named, Lady Luck."

"And you want me to do her?"

"Yes. We need a full report of her reaction to you. The way that it will go down is Bill and I will drift off to bed taking Virginia with us. You walk up to Sally and ask her to stand. When she does, rub your hand forcefully up her snatch. If all goes as planned, she will look at you for several seconds and then say something like, Oh, gawd, Wally, come with me?"

Wally fucked Sally until he could not get it up anymore. The next night, he had Warren's wife, Virginia.

Then both men sat him down and promised him that he could have each of the other fourteen women, if he would bring his wife, Sam, into the program.

"Give her bigger tits, and a tighter pussy?" Wally asked.

"That is what our data shows, Wally," Bill assured him.

"It will take some fancy talking on my part to get Sam to go with a strange man."


Wally returned from his flight at nine PM that evening. On his desk in the hanger was an envelope containing a videotape. Once in the VCR, Wally sat in the large, overstuffed chair to see what Allen had for him. He was surprised that the picture was crystal clear, and in color. Into the room walked Sam and Allen. He heard Sam say in a somewhat slurred manner, "Johnny, this is something very new for me. You are my first other since I got married."

"I'm sure that you have had many chances, if you had wanted it."

Giggling, Sam said with a smile. "One of the vice presidents where I work has told me that he would love to take me out for dinner." she giggled some more.

"A woman like you deserves extra loving. Did you ever consider going with him?"

"No, I work with him. But I was curious. He, like you, is a handsome black man."

"What is this dudes name?" Allen asked as he took Sam in his arms.

"Taylor Shackelford."

Allen made a mental note of that. He knew Taylor.

Allen bent over and kissed Sam, gently, tenderly. He kept his mouth on hers for more then thirty seconds. Wally sat forward when he saw her hand reach behind Allen head to keep his mouth on hers. His hand was on her breast.

Clearly, he heard Sam whisper. "Johnny, I'm so turned on. God, I never expected that. Let me undress, pee, and join you in bed."

When she was in the bathroom, Allen stood close to the clock so that the viewer could see his cock, which was coal black, except for the head, which was considerably smaller than the shaft, and light brown in color. He covered his balls with a tight fitting leather pouch, and put a cock ring on. He whispered to the clock. "We have to make sure that the little lady has several of the big "O" so that she will come back for more." Allen chuckled and went to lie face down on the bed.

Wally noted that Allen had little fat, with rippling abs, a small long waist, a tight butt, and long skinny legs.

Sam emerged from the bathroom naked. Her breast jiggled as she walked to the bed, and swayed as she crawled over to Allen. The TV screen now had one shot from the bottom of the bed, and a second from the right side.

Wally knew that Sam had no idea that what she said and did was recorded. She came on to Allen with, "Johnny, you are one beautiful man."

He rolled over. Sam lies on him as they kissed passionately. Wally knew that she was a hot woman when drunk, but he never expected her to make LOVE to a strange man. Was that the pill's effect?

Allen was playing her just right. As long as she wanted to neck and pet, he made no move to put his long finger in her pussy. There was plenty of time for that.

Wally released his cock from his pants. He looked at it. It had been deep inside Sam's body a thousand times. He knew just what her pussy was like when she was aroused. He knew that when Allen put his finger into her that she would sigh, moan, and open her legs so the man she was with could mount her. He had tried to envision this moment, but what was happening was far, far, more sexually exciting that he ever imagined.

Sam rolled off Allen. Allen lie on his side. He kissed her, as his finger ran up her slit, caught in her entrance, and then disappeared in her.

Sam turned her face, with eyes closed, toward the side view camera, and as Wally expected, opened her legs, while lifting her knees. She raised her arms above her head. Just like that, she was presenting her body to a black man that she had only just met. On one half of the screen was his beautiful wife; naked, white, soft, womanly, enticing a large black man to mount her, to satisfy the hunger in her cunt for a hot cock.

On the other was the back of a large black man on his knees, moving between her legs. As he bent forward, his cock dangled. It was thick, and closing in on Sam's wet slit that seemed so small in comparison. Wally gasped when he saw her hand reach down to grasp Allen's cock. Like she had done a thousand times for him, she guided Allen's cock to her entrance. Wally could see her lustful face as the black cock slid deeply into her. Sam moaned, and then said. "Oh, bastard, does that feel good. I should have tried this years ago."

Allen's long waist was like a universal joint allowing his butt and cock to swing in wide circles as he drove his cock into Sam from a different angle each time that black shaft zoomed deeply into her. The side camera showed just how happy she was. Her eyes were wide open. She tossed her head from side to side. She was thrusting her little ass up to meet Allen's strokes. He could hear her breaths coming in pants. Sweat covered her forehead. That only happened, he knew, when she was totally turned on. Each time Allen's body slammed down, her legs would separate several inches more and be pushed upwards.

Sam's heels dug into the bed. Then her legs went straight out, with her toes pointed. She shuttered from head to foot. As the big "O" took her, Allen's ass became a blur, pounding his shaft into her pussy.

"Oh bastard, Oh bastard, Oh, oh, oh, oh..." She moaned out as her body twisted and turned in ecstasy.

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