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Correcting Infractions


Before he leaves for work that day, and after they have made love for most of the morning, he issues instructions to her, reminding her that he expects her to strictly comply with his wishes. He tells her that when he comes home, he expects her to be waiting for him kneeling inside the doorway, collar and leash in hand offered to him, her red corset on her body, high-heeled shoes on her feet, hair pulled up off her neck, his favourite perfume dabbed behind her ears, on her wrists and neck. Further, as is the requirement expected of her at all times, she is to be freshly shaved so that her pussy is completely smooth and hairless, soft to his touch.

Prior to greeting him in that way, she is to ensure that the toy bag is organised to his liking and that the room is cleaned and put in good order. All items that are not housed in the bag are to be arranged in their rightful place, either on the shelves allocated to them, or hung neatly on the wall.

So full of love for him, she misses the steely look in his eyes as she dreamily answers, "yes Master, I will".

He replies with a short "okay", before kissing her, telling her that he loves her and that he will be home at his usual time, reminding her once more to follow his instructions to the letter.

He leaves for work after their usual drawn out goodbyes and she waves to him as he goes. Once alone, she decides to go on line for a while and chat to her friends. Long hours pass without her realising and in a mild panic she realises that she still has laundry to do, a bed to make, dishes to wash and dinner to cook for her Master, along with the general tidy up she has included in her daily routine.

Unfortunately, she also realises that she is now very tired, their long hours of lovemaking and fewer hours of sleep making her feel very drowsy. She decides that she really needs a nap if she is to be fresh when her Master returns home, so lies down on their bed for an hour. Or so she thought.

Slowly waking from a delicious sleep, a smile touching her lips as she thinks about what the night has in store for her, she rolls over to glance at the clock. With a rude shock she sits upright as she sees that her short nap was in fact a 4 hour sleep.

With the words "oh no, oh no", she quickly jumps out of bed, stumbling as she runs out into the living room to check the other clock, hoping against hope that the one in the bedroom was wrong. Unfortunately, for her, neither of the clocks are wrong and she sees that its close to midnight and she has done none of the chores, let alone followed any of his instructions.

She tries to calm herself down, mentally checking off the most important chores that must be done, relegating the laundry for tomorrow. She hurriedly takes out pots and pans and with trembling fingers, begins to prepare his evening meal. Once the meal is established and placed in the oven, she does the dishes, breaking a glass in her anxiety, giving her something else to deal with. After the kitchen is passably in order, she turns to tidying up the living room then sweeps the floor, her eyes glancing at the clock, watching in horror as the minutes tick away seemingly like seconds.

She runs to the bedroom and hurriedly makes their bed, picking up their clothes strewn about the floor then tosses them into the laundry basket to be dealt with tomorrow. Smelling something burning, she rushes into the kitchen and opening the oven door can see that the dinner has spilled over in the oven and tries to clean up the liquid as best she can, wondering for the millionth time why she didn't set the alarm before going to sleep.

She runs to the playroom, her eyes taking in the disarray that greets her, remembering that it was to be neat and orderly as he requested, her horror peaking as she once more looks at the clock ticking away mercilessly. Picking up the items as she goes, she stuffs some of them into the bag, forgetting exactly how and where they should be placed. She fastens the zippers, knowing full well that she would be in major trouble when he unzipped it but silently praying that he would be lenient with her. Hanging up some of the items on the wall, she then quickly places the remainder on the shelves before running to the closet in search of the corset.

Did he say red or did he say white, is it the red one or the white one, she asks herself over and over again. In her anxiety, she just can't remember and closes her eyes in order to make her selection. Taking out the red corset, she lays it on the bed before running into the kitchen to check on the dinner once more. Yelping when her eyes automatically look at the clock once more and noting that it was now almost 2am and that he would be home very soon, she races to the bathroom and turns on the shower.

Standing under the hot water, she feels her body relaxing for the first time in hours, the tension slowly seeping out. In almost a trance, she washes her hair then soaps her body, stiffening when she realises that she has yet to shave her under-arms and legs. Hurriedly swiping the razor over these parts of her body, she rinses the lather from her hair and turning off the shower, dries herself quickly.

She dries her hair as speedily as she can, knowing that she looks as though she had just gotten out of bed. She runs back to the bedroom and with fumbling fingers pours her body into the red corset, knowing that he will tighten the laces to his liking when he gets home. All of a sudden she remembers he wants her clad in high-heels and she quickly slips her feet into her shoes, leaving the straps around her ankles undone. Quickly dabbing some perfume behind her ears on her way to the doorway, she barely has time to kneel down as she sees the knob turning and he stands in front of her.

Breathing heavily from her exertions of the past two hours, she is conscious of his eyes taking her in, widening at first, then looking at her in disbelief. He walks into the room before quietly shutting the door behind him, not saying a word. She knows that he is mentally thinking of what he is going to say when he eventually speaks, and she is suddenly overcome by the feeling of dread, knowing that she has failed to meet his expectations stated to her some long hours earlier. She cringes with the knowledge that she has let him down and opens her mouth to speak.

The words she is about to utter die on her lips when he very quietly says, "I don't want to hear your excuses, I've told you before that your excuses will not be tolerated. I gave you some very simple, explicit instructions for you to follow before I left for work, and I am very disappointed that you have not followed them. You know you will be disciplined for your disobedience, and that's final. No more excuses, don't say another word".

She is silenced completely by the sadness she sees in his eyes as he speaks, and feeling very ashamed of herself can only look down, not being able to meet his look. He detests it when his submissive looks away from him and he tells her so, forcing her to look at him once more. By now, she is quietly crying, unable to control her emotions, angry at herself for disappointing her Master in this way, hating herself for her lack of self-discipline.

After long moments, and with a smile on his lips, he tells her that at least she remembered to wear the red corset, so that was something. Inwardly sighing with relief, his comment fills her with hope that he may have forgiven her somewhat. Those hopes are quickly dashed when he asks her why she is not kneeling with her collar and leash in her hands.

All she can do is quietly reply that she forgot to bring them out from the room with her, the confession making more tears spill from her eyes.

With a silent nod, he pulls her to her feet, kissing her hello, then pushing her gently towards the room tells her to go and do so now. As she takes the first few steps towards the room, the ankle straps of her shoes come undone as she had not buckled them, causing her feet to slip out. She hurriedly does the buckles up, not game to look at him, not wanting to see more disappointment mirrored in his eyes.

Walking as quickly as she can, she goes to the hook on the wall to see that the leash is not hanging from it as it should be. Luckily, she spots it on the shelf and grabbing it makes her way to the toy bag in search of her collar. She is not at all surprised when she is unable to find the collar in its rightful place, remembering how she hurriedly stuffed everything into the bag, zipping it up without sorting it out properly. After several agonising minutes, she finally sees it and removing the collar from the bag, does up the zip once more.

She returns to her Master who is waiting for her where she left him some minutes earlier and getting to her knees in front of him, presents the collar and leash. Taking the collar from her hands, he commands her to lift up her hair from her neck, which reminds her yet again of something else she has forgotten to do. Fastening the collar securely around her throat, he takes the leash from her hands and with a loud snap attaches it to the ring on her collar. With gentle pressure, he pulls the leash towards him, forcing her to rise to her feet, before leading her into the room until she is standing by the table, awaiting his next instruction.

He turns her around in order to do up the laces on the corset she wears, then changing his mind, tells her to undress until she is naked except for her shoes. She once more fumbles as she tries to quickly remove the corset, not wanting to annoy him any more than she has already. Once the corset is off her body, she stands before him wondering what he intends to do to her, knowing that she deserves everything he metes out when disciplining her for her infractions.

Asking her to bring the toy bag to him, he notes the guilty look on her face when she goes to do so. Not at all surprised to find the toy bag in complete disarray, he tells her that he has made a mental note of each and every infraction so far, and this is the next one to be added to the list.

After rummaging through the bag, he finally finds the cuffs for her wrists and without a word fastens them to each wrist before clipping them together behind her back. Thus immobilising her hands, he goes in search of the spreader bar, shaking his head when he finally locates it, not in its usual place. She stands quietly, looking downcast as he secures her ankles to the bar after moving her to the spot in the centre of the room which is allocated for the purposes of inspecting her body freely.

Once her feet are spread apart as widely as possible without causing her to lose balance, he is now ready to begin inspecting her body with both his eyes and hands. Looking deep into her eyes, his hands slowly move to her face, caressing there for a moment before beginning their journey down her body. Travelling downwards inch by inch, over the collar around her neck, his hands move slowly but sure towards her proffered breasts, thrust before him, made that way by her wrists bound behind her back. Once his fingers reach her erect nipples, he gently flicks their tips, before pulling on them sharply, making her cry out loud. He doesn't relent and continues to pinch and pull, until she moans quietly, loving the feel of his hands on her. Within moments she feels the tell-tale wetness forming between her legs, amazed yet again how the mere touch of his hands on her body has this power over her. Then again, a knowing look from him can also cause this, so she shouldn't be at all surprised.

His hands continue their way surely, touching her sides, until they rest on her hips before moving inwards, caressing the outer lips of her pussy before coming to rest at the juncture between her thighs. He murmurs softly, "I see you've forgotten to shave My pet, you know this is a major infraction, self-imposed by you".

She then speaks, saying, "I'm sorry Master, I forgot. I ran out of time because I slept longer than I intended".

He tells her to be quiet and reminds her again that he does not want to hear her excuses. She bites her tongue and says nothing, knowing that no matter what her reasons, her excuses will fall on deaf ears.

He speaks again, telling her that rather than the night of pleasure he had in store for her before he left for work the afternoon before, she would instead be disciplined as her behaviour left him in no doubt that she was in severe need of correction.

She knew he was right, as he always was, and felt great remorse at having let him down in this way, and tried to tell him so, but he wouldn't let her speak, instead telling her that they would talk about it afterwards, not now.

He then released her wrists from behind her, and after removing the shoes from her feet and the spreader bar between her ankles, leads her to the table, telling her to sit down. He once again rummaged in the toy bag and extricating the blindfold from within it, placed it over her eyes, leaving her in darkness. Once satisfied that she could not see anything at all with the blindfold on, he commands her to lie down and do nothing.

She does as she's bid and nervously waits for his next words and not knowing what he intends to do with her, contemplates her fate.

She hears him in the bathroom and then a minute later, her body jolts almost upright as he speaks quietly to her, his voice coming from right next to her. He asks her to lie down again and to be still and not move unless told to do so.

All she can reply is "yes Master", as she is again made aware of his displeasure.

Soon she hears the sound of him moving things around the room before he then lifts each of her legs in turn, placing them in the stirrups attached to the table. Once he is satisfied that they are placed correctly, he fastens the straps, trapping her ankles so that she cannot remove her legs from the stirrups. He then moves towards the head of the table, grasping her hands and pulling them above her head, he secures the cuffs together before attaching her wrists to the hook above the table, immobilising her hands. After that, she hears him release the catch at the side of the table, causing the lower part to collapse beneath her body, leaving her completely exposed from all angles from her bottom down, with only the top half of her body resting on the table.

Once standing between her legs, he moves the stirrups further to each side, stretching her legs apart, leaving her exposed pussy wide open. She cries out, asking him not to hurt her.

Even though she can't see him shake his head, she knows he does so as he tells her that he would never hurt her or cause her harm, that she should know this by now. She knows that what he says is true for he has never, ever harmed her in any way, that the only pain she has ever felt from his ministrations was one that turned into pleasure.

She can tell that he is hurt by her voicing her concerns and tries to appease him by telling him that she knows he wouldn't harm her in any way, and apologises to him once more.

He has had enough of listening to her apologies and tells her so, before asking her to open her mouth wide and swiftly placing the gag inside, silences her. Satisfied that all is as it should be, he once again moves to the place between her legs and without another word, proceeds to spread shaving cream on her pussy, ensuring that it is well and truly covered.

With a gasp she realises what he intends to do, and embarrassment floods her and she is thankful that he can't see the remorse in her eyes. He continues with his task and lifting the razor glides it over her pussy time and time again until he is satisfied that it is as soft and smooth as it should be, as she should have made sure it was in the first place.

Once finished, he cleans up any residue with a wet towel before dabbing away at any remaining moisture with a dry one. She hears him moving away from the table and when he returns she feels a cold wet substance against the opening of her arse, realising almost immediately that it is lubricant. His fingers delve into her opening, going deeper as it makes each thrust, coating the inside with the lubricant. Before she has time to enjoy his finger inside her, he stops and she then feels something large probing her hole. The tell-tale hardness of the butt plug leaves her gasping into her gag as he slowly but surely inserts it into her arse. She knows almost immediately that it is the larger one he is using and not the smaller one that she is more accustomed to.

He waits a short while in order to give her body time to adjust to the plug, asking her if she is okay.

She can only nod her head whilst she takes deep breaths to help with the unaccustomed fullness she now feels inside her. Once he is satisfied that she is indeed okay, he removes her wrists manacled to the hook above her, before freeing her legs from the stirrups, helping her to her feet so she is standing before him once more. Only then does her remove the lead from around her neck.

Taking her by the hand he moves her slowly to the centre of the room before once again securing her wrists together onto the hook hanging above her head. Once secured this way, he re-attaches the spreader bar to her ankles, spreading her feet widely apart. He then leaves her for a moment or two while he collects the other items he plans on using to discipline her.

She tries to take deep breaths, willing her body to relax around the butt plug, hoping that her body adjusts to the fullness quickly. She jerks as she feels his presence in front of her, knowing that something more will be happening to her body soon, and is not surprised when she hears the familiar click of the nipple clamps being attached to the ring hanging from her collar.

He sucks on her breasts, drawing each nipple out with his tongue until he feels them stiffen beneath his mouth. Replacing his mouth with his fingers, he pulls on each erect nipple before attaching the clamps firmly over them, hearing her muffled cry beneath her gag. Reaching out to the table nearby, he picks up a clothes pin and commences to attach it and the other eleven waiting their turn to her breasts, spaced at regular intervals around the clamps holding her nipples firmly in place.

She continues to cry beneath the gag, but he completes his task wordlessly until he is satisfied with the placement of the clothes pins. Her chest is heaving while she tries hard to cope with the fire in her breasts, caused by the clamps and the clothes pins.

Not giving her any time to relax, he attaches the remaining clamp hanging from her collar onto her clit, the fierce pain causing her to jerk and momentarily forget about the pain on her breasts. She tries desperately to breathe through the pain, wanting with all her heart not to disappoint him and just as importantly, not to disappoint herself. She steels herself to cope with all that he metes out to her tonight, she knows that she brought this upon herself and has only herself to blame.

After a few moments, she quietens somewhat, already entering the place where she feels no pain, not quite getting there just yet, but well on the way. The next thing she hears is the familiar whooshing sound, just before the paddle lands firmly onto the cheeks of her bottom, one after the other, relentlessly; the spreader bar on her ankles making it impossible for her dodge it, making it impossible for her to escape this fate. She loses count of the number of whacks reddening her cheeks, feeling only the fire the paddle leaves behind in its wake.

He doesn't stop until he believes she has had enough and before leaving her in the room on her own to think about her actions, or in this case, the lack of her actions, says to her "I want you to think about everything you have failed to complete for me tonight, think long and hard about them. In the same way, I want you to think about the lash of my belt across your back, arse and legs, because that's what I intend doing when I return. I want you to think about whether or not you will find my belt a laughing matter now as you've done before."

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