tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCorrie Fun Ch. 02

Corrie Fun Ch. 02


"Oh, Dad, it was terrible!" Tracy spurted out to Ken.

Ken had just emerged from the kitchen with a glass of water for Deirdre, he had a stunned look on his face as he took in his daughter Tracy, walking in through the front door of the house, fully naked.

"What the hell do you think you are playing at, you silly cow" he ranted in rage at his daughter.

Tracy immediately realised that Ken would assume the worst of her, so she made out that she had been snatched outside a nightclub by a few youths, who stripped her and made her walk off naked. Ken did not believe this story for a minute, but removed his green and blue striped dressing gown to cover her up. He led her into the front room and seated her at the dining table, He suggested that she call the police, but Tracy created an excuse to deter Ken away from that line of thought. She cuddled up to him, and he put his arms around her. At first She just laid there, taking in his comforting, but then she started to string a story along of what happened. Ken, listening to the story got turned on. Not thinking about Tracy, but just day dreaming, and without noticing he was gaining an erection in his pyjama trousers.

Tracy instinctively noticed Ken`s bulge, and she gently placed her hand on his growing manhood. Ken froze, shocked at the thought of Tracy; his daughter, rubbing his cock and getting him more than aroused. Tracy slipped his cock through the exit of his pyjamas and worked her hands to his testicles, soon he was thoroughly rock hard,

"No wonder Mum fought over you and Mike, Mike with the money and you with the big willy" Tracy told Ken.

She pulled off the dressing gown and dropped it onto the floor, she then unbuttoned Ken`s pyjama top and dropped it on top of the gown, and lightly kissed his nipples. Ken laid there on the sofa with his head tilted back enjoying his daughters advances upon him.

Tracy then lowered her head and moved the direction of her kisses towards his pelvic region, He gasped as she slid his pyjama trousers down his legs and placed her mouth over his fully erect penis, She spent a few minutes sucking his hard cock, when he happened to say to her that he had not had his cock sucked like this for many years.

"And your not going to have one for a long time, after this, whats going on?" Deirdre asked.

Both Ken and Tracy were stunned to see Deirdre standing over them, they had not heard her come down the stairs. Tracy again shot into lying mode,

"I just come down to get a drink and he asked me to strip off for him" she told Deirdre.

Ken looked awe-struck at the pure audacity of Tracy`s lying, luckily Deirdre did not believe her. Deirdre gave Ken a stern look and ordered Tracy to get off of him, but Ken in his infinite wisdom, suggested that Tracy just finish off what she had started.

"You really want Tracy to give you a blow job?" Deirdre asked.

"Damn right" He replied.

So Tracy, glanced up at her mother, gave her a smug grin and proceeded to go down on Ken`s still erect penis. Ken reached for Deirdre`s backside and pulled her towards him, he then put his hand up her night gown; Deirdre was not wearing any knickers as she normally slept nude, but put her nightie on due to hearing a noise downstairs. Deirdre pulled the nightie off over her head, and was now standing next to Ken fully nude. He turned his head round to face directly into his wife`s pussy. Deirdre had a fairly hairy pussy, of dark brown pubic hair, she also had a firm backside, and now that there were no bra holding her large breasts in, she could flaunt her wonderful soft breasts to Ken and Tracy.

Deirdre leaned in to give Ken a closer reach of her pussy, He stuck his tongue deep inside her warm sweet vagina. They had been together for over twenty odd years, but tonight was the best night ever. It did not take long for Tracy to reposition herself upon Ken`s throbbing hard-on, He was more than happy to insert himself into her shaven cunt. He more than knew that he was not the first entrant into his daughters abyss, but the fact that Deirdre was watching made it all the more enjoyable.

Within minutes Ken was ready to shoot his load, Deirdre begged to be the one to take it, but Tracy quickly slipped off Ken, took hold of his throbbing bell-end and shoved in her mouth. Ken spunk fired with almighty stealth into the back of her throat, filling her mouth with the thick white cream. Deirdre walked away from Ken, who still had his tongue in her pussy, and knelt by Tracy, and kissed her. Both Tracy and Deirdre shared the warm semen that Ken had provided; whilst kissing each other, Tracy reached down to her mother`s cunt, and inserted her finger. Deirdre squealed with pure ecstasy as her daughter found most of her erogenous zones.

Ken could only lay there and watch, which was fine by him, he needed time to recover from the sex he had had with his daughter.

It was not long before Ken recovered and Deirdre took hold of her husband`s penis, She inserted it quickly into her mouth before Tracy could grab it off of her. Although Tracy had now made her way to where her mother stood before. Ken now had his tongue in Tracy`s cunt, He remarked about how sweet his daughters pussy tasted compared to Deirdre`s. This made Deirdre enraged, She thrusted her arse and cunt even more forcefully up and down upon Ken, who was thrusting his dick even more so into Deirdre.

It was not much longer before Ken was preparing to shoot his load again, this time however, Deirdre got the cream, fresh. Tracy was by then sitting most comfortably upon Ken`s face being licked out. It was quite a sight, Ken lying naked on the sofa, with a naked Tracy sitting on his face having her shaven cunt licked out, and Deirdre sucking the semen off of his hard penis.

Once they had finished their sex session, Tracy told the true story of what happened to her on the edge of the Manchester forest, with Steve and Liz. Deirdre admitted that for some time she had dreamed about having sex with Steve. While Ken let on that on several occasions Liz had leant over towards him with her cleavage on show. Ken suggested that Tracy come up with one of her plans of another revenge for Steve and Liz. As the three of them sat there naked discussing the various plans, they heard creaking from upstairs.

Blanche had woken up, they quickly scrambled to get dressed. Tracy grabbed the dressing gown back, Ken pulled on his pyjama trousers, and Deirdre replaced her nightie, just in time for Blanche to walk in.

"Have I missed anything?" Blanche said.

"Like what?" replied Deirdre,

"Oh, nothing, are you putting the kettle on?" Blanche asked.

Deirdre, Ken and Tracy, breathed a sigh of relief as Deirdre made the tea.

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