tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCorrie Meets Emmerdale Ch. 03

Corrie Meets Emmerdale Ch. 03


This story is a follow up to a previous one of mine...Emmerdale meets Corrie...Chapter 1...

If you need to get to know the characters, read that one first...


"This looks promising dad," said Debbie Dingle as she passed a newspaper over to her father Cain.

Cain and Debbie ran the local repair garage in the village of Emmerdale. They were looking to branch out into the market, in older, but more expensive cars, that had been restored to a high standard.

Cain gave the advertisement, for a 15 year old BMW, a brief look and replied. "Might be worth a look, well done."

Later that day, Cain rang the number and ascertained that the car was still available and he arranged to hire a low loader and drive over the following day to inspect and hopefully buy it.

"Where is Weatherfield"? Asked Debbie as Cain began to get ready to leave.

He replied, "near Manchester, I think."

"Hope you have your Sat Nav then, if you only think you know where it is" his daughter replied as she kissed him on the cheek and wished him a safe journey.

As he drove over the Pennines into Lancashire, Cain was trying to remember where he had heard of Weatherfield before. There was something at the back of his mind, that he had met someone from there, but couldn't remember who or when.

He found both the district and the house he was looking for with ease.

The car was in fairly good condition and worth a lot more than he finished up paying the widow of the previous owner, but business was business.

He had noticed a slight knocking noise in the engine, nothing to worry about, but he might be able to reduce his offer a bit more if he could convince the seller that it was a problem.

"I need a part for the engine, is there a garage around here"? He asked the lady.

She replied, "There is Webster's on Coronation Street, he is usually ok, it's just around the corner."

Cain made his way to the garage and on the way noticed a Florists called 'Preston's Petals'.

He spotted the woman adjusting the blooms for sale in buckets outside and realised why he remembered Weatherfield.

The woman was the one he had met at Manchester Airport and they had flown to Barcelona and he had fucked her silly for a couple of days, before dumping her and carried out some dodgy business deal.

He was sure that it was the same woman. He followed her into the shop.

"Tracy isn't it?" He asked.

Tracy looked at the stranger for a second and then recognised him.

"My god the Yorkshireman with the big ego." She exclaimed

"Don't forget my cock is bigger than my ego." Replied Cain, then continued, "I came to buy a car, then saw you and fancied a quick fuck as well."

Feigning shock Tracy said, "Wow, that ego doesn't get any smaller does it?" Then continued, "it's been what, two years and you think you can just turn up and we end up fucking, dream on."

Cain smiled and said, "you recognised me straight away and I bet the first thing you thought of was Barcelona and the best sex you ever had."

"Arrogant bastard." She replied.

"I notice that you didn't deny it though." He said with that smirk he carried.

A flustered Tracy said, "it was ok, I suppose, had better, had worse."

Cain now took the initiative, "That you remember what it was like after all this time means that either you haven't been getting any in the meantime, or it was mind blowing and you have never forgotten it."

He continued, "and in view of the screaming and shouting when you came, makes me think it was the latter."

For once the stroppy Tracy was stopped in her tracks. "I'm a married woman now, and I don't fuck around, especially with the likes of you."

Cain turned towards the door. "Your loss darling, you might never get to sample my meat again, but there are plenty of females out there who will."

He was halfway out of the door when Tracy said, "wait."

Cain smiled, dropped the latch on the door and turned the sign, from open to closed.

He walked over to Tracy, took her in his arms and drew her towards him. Their mouths met.

The kiss was powerful, almost brutal in its intensity as tongues duelling against one another sought satisfaction.

Cain didn't give a second thought to his wife Moira as he lifted Tracy in his arms and carried her into the back room.

There was a table that was used to prepare the bouquets and wreaths, it was fully cluttered with a Florists paraphernalia's. Cain simply brushed this onto the floor and lay Tracy on the table.

He undid the button and then the zipper of her trousers and pulled them down and off, along with the flat shoes she was wearing.

"This can't be happening," thought Tracy to herself. "What am I thinking?"

As these things were searing through her mind, Cain had pulled her panties off and she could feel his stubble on her thighs and his hot breath on her pussy. She abandoned any pretence and lay back to enjoy whatever this rough, arrogant, but irresistible bastard had to offer.

Cain gazed at Tracy's pussy. It was just as he liked, very hairy. He liked his women to be as nature intended. His wife Moira was very hirsute down there, and he loved to bury his mouth and lips into her thick pubic hair.

As he licked at Tracy's quite prominent and crinkly outer lips, she gave out a small gasp and grabbed his head, pulling his face into her wetness.

As his tongue began to weave its magic inside her, Tracy was remembering Barcelona and two incredible days of sex with this man. Already she could feel an orgasm building up inside her. The rough stubble of his three day beard was rasping her thighs as she tightened them around his head, afraid he might stop pleasuring her.

Cain was loving the taste of Tracy's juices coating his tongue as it explored the little undulating ridges on the inside of her pussy. As the tip caught the nub of sensitive flesh that was her clitoris, Tracy's orgasm hit her like a typhoon ripping through her body. Again she was transported to Barcelona and the exquisite orgasms this man had given her there.

As Tracy lay on the arranging table, Cain unbuckled his belt and quickly dropped his trousers and boxers.

He took hold of Tracy's legs and roughly pulled her towards him. She lifted her head and saw that he was holding his penis in his hand. The full seven or eight inches, rock hard and ready for action.

"Remember him?" Cain said, with a smile.

Tracy, now eased up ,onto her elbows, looked at the huge erection and said, " didn't see a lot of him, he was either in my mouth or my pussy."

"That's where he is going now," and with that Cain slid the full length into her. Their pubic hairs mingled as he crammed as much of his meat as was possible, deep inside her.

Tracy yelled out, "Oh my god, I had forgotten how big you are, feels like I'm being split in two."

Cain carried on, he was a masterful lover, reading the body of the woman like a good book. Knowing when to thrust, when to be so gentle, then almost animal like in raw passion.

Tracy had experienced sex with lots of men, but this arrogant, egotistical Yorkshireman was the best. As he fucked her, she experienced orgasms she didn't think possible. He gave so much pleasure she thought she would burst with sheer lust.

Cain withdrew and pulled Tracy off the table, onto her knees until her mouth was adjacent to his cock.

She took the monster in her hand before licking around the large head, still coated in her own juices. Then took the head fully into her mouth and very slowly eased the whole length in, until the head touched the back of her throat and she began to gag.

Easing the member out again, she repeated the actions many times until she could feel Cain approaching his climax.

So she switched tack and began to lick down his shaft, following the deep veins like a sexual road map, until she reached her destination, those big, taut and hairy balls.

While she continued to slide her hand up and down the skin of his cock, she sucked hungrily on his balls, taking first one and then the other into her mouth.

Then she again licked the full length of his cock, before again plunging it into her warm, wet, welcoming mouth.

Much as Cain was enjoying the blow job, he needed to be back inside her.

He lifted Tracy's head from his lap and off her knees. He turned her around and pushed her into the table. He looked down at her pert backside and pushed her legs apart.

With no finesse at all, he inserted his cock into her soaking pussy and began to thrust.

Tracy was in sexual raptures, the depth Cain was achieving inside her was more than any other lover she had known. As yet another orgasm ripped through her, she gave out a scream so loud, it must have been heard for many a mile.

Cain withdrew his cock, gleaming with her juices and aimed just a tad higher and pushed against her butt hole.

"Whoa, no you don't." Cried Tracy, then continued, "sorry big boy, but I don't do being fucked up the arse."

With that Cain simply inserted it back into her pussy and carried on giving her the fucking of her life.

She was amazed at his stamina, Steve her husband would have shot his load into her ages ago, she thought.

Eventually Cain did ejaculate, but not inside her. He withdrew and sprayed a copious amount of his grey sticky sperm over her arse and lower back. Finishing by wiping the large organ on the smooth cheeks of her backside.

He pulled up his boxer shorts and trousers, adjusted his belt and looked over at Tracy.

She was standing before him, naked from the waist down, his sperm slowly dripping off her.

"Been nice meeting up again, see you." Said Cain as he turned and re-entered the shop, undid the latch, spun the sign to Open and walked to the truck.

Tracy simply said, "Bye, you magnificent bastard," as she hurried to dress as a customer entered the shop.

The smile hardly ever left Cain's face as he drove back to Emmerdale.

That night Steve and Tracy made love, her body was in Weatherfield, but her mind, as Steve fucked her, was visualising the cock and wonderful sexual technique of Cain Dingle.

She was already planning to enjoy part three of the Cain Dingle story.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/16/19

Cracking series of stories

Maybe a lesbian foursome in the future charity and vanessa meets carla and sophie. Could have charity and carla as doms and have there wicked ways with there subs.

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by Anonymous12/08/18

Fucking sucking hot

Love it, would love to fuck and suck corrie’s Tracy Barlow. Mind you, if cain was fucking her, I want to be fucking his wife Moira, fucking and sucking her senseless. I think Natalie J Rob who playsmore...

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