tagInterracial LoveCorrupting Kelly Ch. 04

Corrupting Kelly Ch. 04


Kelly opened her eyes to see the sun shinning into the window and lifted her head off the pillow and realized that she wasn't sleeping in her own bed. She stood along the edge of the bed and covered her face with her hands as her head pounded from the liquor she drunk last night.

Kelly was beginning to remember everything clearly now of what took place the night before. Connie was supposed to go shopping with her this morning to buy something sexy to wear.

Kelly placed her hand across her forehead. Kelly remembered clearly now what her neighbor had suggested to her last night. Connie wanted her to meet a black man!

Kelly spoke the words out loud. "What I'm I going to do?"

Kelly showered and dressed and combed her hair and causally walked out into the kitchen where she found Connie waiting for her with a travel cup full of coffee for her neighbor.

"Hello Sleepyhead. I didn't expect you to sleep until noon! We have a busy day a head of us. You can drink this in the car on the way to the mall."

Kelly smiled as she replied. "Let me grab my purse out of the bedroom and I'll meet you at the car."

Kelly smiled and rushed into the bedroom and quickly pulled her cell phone out of her purse. She called the hotel and asked for her husband's room but the desk person said he was gone for the day.

Connie was waiting at the car when Kelly came out. They drove off to the mall as Kelly appeared worried.

Connie noticed that Kelly was still upset. "Don't worry, Honey. Everything will be fine. Trust me on this. I know how men are when it comes to cheating. They're all alike in that department."

They spent hours shopping around the mall and already had a few things bought when Connie received a phone call while they were in between stores...

"Hello Marvin, I didn't expect you to call this afternoon.I bet your looking forward to meeting my friend tonight?"

Kelly stood listening to Connie's end of the conversation.

"Yes. She is standing here with me right now. We're out shopping for a few new things for her to wear tonight. Dan told me you like to see women dressed in a garter belt so I picked one out for Kelly to wear for you tonight."

Kelly was getting nervous just listening to Connie's conversation with Marvin.

"You better behave yourself tonight. This is Kelly's first time and I told her that she could change her mind if she doesn't want to go through with this."

Kelly listened as Connie broke out laughing then replied to Marvin. "I don't care how horny you are, if you don't act like a gentleman and treat her nice then I'll paddle your little behind for you when I see you!"

Kelly felt butterflies swarming around her stomach.

"I'll see you around seven tonight."

Connie slipped the phone back into her purse and smiled at Kelly who was holding a group of shopping bags in her hands.

"That was Marvin calling to ask if our date was still on for tonight."

Kelly nervously smiled as Connie pointed at a restaurant and bar across the mall court.

"Why don't we eat lunch and have a couple drinks. I think your going to need something to take the edge off that nervousness you have."

The wives had lunch together and one drink lead to another until they consumed eight drinks between them. They paid the waitress and drove back to Connie's house.

Kelly tried to call her husband again but he was still gone for the day. Frank returned from his golf outing with a load of whiskey for the evening. Connie suggested that they get ready and soon was changing together in the bedroom.

Kelly sat on the edge of Connie's bed trying to clasp the garter strap to one of her stockings. Connie laughed as she saw Kelly nervously trying to hook the material into the clasp.

"Maybe we shouldn't have stopped off for those drinks this afternoon!"

Kelly felt like a street hooker once she was completely dressed. She glanced into the mirror and saw her reflection. The dress was tight and low cut leaving a great deal of her breasts exposed. There were slits along the sides of the dress which revealed her garter strap when she sat down or walked.

Connie smiled at her neighbor and made a comment. "I think that you and Marvin are going to hit it off tonight."

"I really don't think I'm going too much of what your friend, Marvin is expecting tonight."

You'll be just fine tonight. You wait and see."

Frank fixed them drinks while they sat down in the kitchen. Frank turned and saw Kelly walk out in her high heels and whistled as she sat down at the table.

"Wow! I never knew I had such a hot looking neighbor until today!"

Connie poked him in the side and said. "Frank. Stop acting like a teenager. Kelly is nervous enough without you acting like a young stud in heat!"

Frank put the glass down on the table in front of Kelly and said. "I'm sorry, Kelly but you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress."

Kelly drank her drink a little faster then she had wanted and Frank was quick to place another drink in front of her when her glass was empty. Kelly had finished three more drinks by the time the doorbell rang which made her heart skip a beat.

Connie smiled at Kelly and took her hand and walked her out to the front room where Frank was greeting the two men. Kelly nervously griped Connie's hand as she saw the two tall black men shaking hands with Frank and joking about traffic on the way over.

Connie kept holding Kelly's hand as she walked near Marvin and leaned up and kissed his lips.

"Marvin. I want you to meet my friend, Kelly. Kelly this is Marvin."

Connie let go of Kelly's hand as Marvin shook her hand and smiled at her. Kelly saw him starring down at her breasts and felt like a slut with so much makeup on her face and wearing such a revealing dress.

"It's a real pleasure to meet you. Connie never mentioned to me that you were such a knockout!"

Kelly nervously smiled as they walked into the living room and sat down. Marvin sat next to Kelly on a love seat while Frank walked out to fix more drinks.

"Connie told me you're married and live next door?"

Kelly was a little surprised that Connie had mentioned she was married and her neighbor but nervously replied. "Yes. My husband and I have lived next door for several years."

Marvin kept starring at her breasts and replied. "I understand your husband is away on a trip this week."

Kelly nervously replied. "Yes. Don is away on business."

Marvin laughed as he said. "There isn't any reason why a woman shouldn't explore her sexual needs a little when she gets the opportunity."

Frank gave them their drinks and saved Kelly from giving Marvin a reply at the moment. Kelly felt uncomfortable having Marvin sitting so close to her on the love seat but Connie kept a conversation going that took her mind off Marvin enough not to see how he was starring her from head to toe.

Marvin began chatting to Kelly as the evening progressed until Kelly had consumed enough liquor to hardly notice that Marvin was now resting his arm around her shoulder.

Marvin was rubbing his fingers slowly across her arm now feeling her soft skin as he asked her questions about her marriage. Frank kept bring out drinks as the night progressed and Marvin graduated to squeezing Kelly's shoulders and working his hand lower until his finger tips were touching her breast.

Kelly sat very still and ridged as Marvin caressed her breast through the thin material of her dress. Connie was being kissed by Dan and her dress was hiked up so Dan could play with her bare pussy.

Connie was giggling and squirming around on the sofa as Frank starred at them wide eyed like he was watching a porno flick.

Marvin whispered into Kelly's ear as he squeezed her tight and pushed his fingers into her breast.

Why don't we take a walk and allow them a little privacy?"

Kelly thought that was a great suggestion as Marvin helped her off the love seat and held her hand as he lead Kelly away from the front room. Marvin had a grip on Kelly's hand as he walked her toward the bedrooms.

Kelly began to get scared because she had thought Marvin wanted to take a walk outside for a little fresh air.

"I'm not so sure that I'm ready for this, Marvin."

Marvin kept walking as he held Kelly's hand until they reached the bedroom where it was completely dark. Marvin didn't waste anytime putting his arms around Kelly and laying an open mouth kiss on her lips.

Kelly was able to move her mouth away long enough to protest. "Maybe we should have another drink, first."

Marvin didn't listen to a word she was saying as he pushed his lips back onto Kelly's mouth and pushed his tongue deep inside her mouth as his hands squeezed her ass.

Kelly tried to move her hands against his chest to move him away but he held her too tight for that as he hiked the hem of her dress up over her ass and started to squeeze her naked flesh in his big black hands.

Marvin some how unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor as he stepped out from them and kicked off his shoes and guided Kelly back against the bed and pushed her down. Marvin quickly took his shirt off and climbed on the bed and pulled Kelly to him and began kissing her face and neck.

Marvin slipped the dress off her shoulders and began kissing her flesh near her boobs until Kelly moaned and closed her eyes. She was giving in too fast to this man. Maybe it was the liquor or perhaps she just wanted him to get over and down with so he would leave her alone.

Marvin kept pulling on the dress until it completely slept down from her legs leaving her with only a garter belt and stockings and her high heel shoes. Marvin was strong and quickly moved her legs up so he could kneel down between her legs and began licking her pussy.

Kelly's eye's remained closed as she felt his tongue skillfully working on her pussy as his tongue worked on her clitoris. Her body tightened as Marvin worked the tip of his tongue on her clit until her hips started to move against his face. Marvin knew that she was going to be his soon as he kept licking her pussy.

Marvin had her legs pinned back against her chest as her heels rested over his shoulders as he forced his tongue deep inside her pussy. He was making her moan and her hips started moving with his motion as he kept working on her pussy until she finally began to shack. Kelly yelled as she reached her orgasm and kicked her legs out as her body shook from the intense treatment of Marvin's tongue. Marvin held her legs as her body shook and Kelly tried to catch her breath as she gasped for air.

Kelly opened her eyes as she felt Marvin moving on the bed above her. He had her arms pinned back against the mattress as he moved himself into position between her legs. Before she could resist, Marvin reached down and guided his big cock to the entrance of her wet pussy and pushed the head inside.

Kelly yelped as she felt the giant head slip inside and starred into Marvin's eyes as he worked another inch inside her tight pussy. He still held her writs against the mattress as he kept moving himself into her pussy until he was in as far as he could go.

Marvin kept starring into her eyes until he was convinced she wouldn't try to get away and let go of her arms as he pulled each leg up and over his shoulders. Marvin kissed her ankles as he pushed himself into her and stuck out his tongue and licked around her heels as he starred down at her face.

Kelly had closed her eyes again as Marvin let go of her legs and started to fuck her faster until her body rocked back and forth on the bed making the mattress squeak with each thrust.

Marvin was ramming her so hard that his body knocked the air out of her lungs with each thrust and a loud slapping noise could be heard throughout the house as his legs hit the bottom of Kelly's thighs.

Kelly's cell phone began to ring inside her purse as her eyes opened and wondered if it were her husband calling.

All she could hear was the slapping noise and the ringer on her phone as she starred up at the black man ramming his big cock into her once tight pussy.

"Your so tight, Kelly. You feel like a virgin."

Marvin's hips were swaying as he rammed inside her now making her moan as his cock slid along her clit. He slowed down now and concentrated on watching his big black cock slice into her pink pussy slit.

He was pulling the head out then pushing it back inside the folds of her pussy lips making loud slurping sounds as he tried to hold himself back from coming yet.

Once Marvin got as much enjoyment out of watching his black cock penetrating her pussy, he picked up his speed again and began his fucking of the nervous white housewife lying below his body. Kelly grabbed hold of Marvin's arms as she held onto him for support as he rammed his cock deep inside her wet pussy. Marvin took it as complete surrender as his breath became more labored as he worked toward his goal of spewing his seed deep inside her belly.

Marvin soon learned why she was holding onto his arms as her body began to shake and she dug her nails into his skin and cried out loud. She was having another orgasm as Marvin's cock expanded and began spewing his thick load of African seed deep inside Kelly's white belly.

Kelly was trying to catch her breath as Marvin kept grunting as the remainder of his seed emptied into her womb. She still gripped his arms as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes to see him starring down at her face.

Their eyes remained fixed on each other until Marvin caught his breath and leaned down and planted a wet open mouth kiss on her lips. She accepted his tongue as he probed her mouth and started to fuck her again as his cock remained hard inside her pussy.

Kelly was moaning from the pleasure she felt but also the extreme fatigue from having two orgasms as she held onto his large arms as he began fucking her again. This time she lifted her legs and wrapped her ankles around his legs and kept him locked inside her pussy as he rotated his hips making her moan even louder.

Kelly lifted her head off the pillow and glanced down between her legs. It was the first time she got a good look at his cock and couldn't believe the size of the pole she was starring at. She studied its girth and tried to get a look at the thick veins that protruded from its dark skin as it sawed into her pussy making a sloshing noise with each inward thrust.

Marvin kept watching her eyes as she studied his cock and was shocked when she let go of his arm with one of her hands and slipped her fingers down to touch her clit. Kelly stroked her clit then slid her fingers down and around the girth of his cock and felt it for the first time.

Marvin felt her fingers moving slowly across his cock as her head remained off the pillow as she tried to take in the hugeness of his cock. Kelly strained to reach further down and cupped his huge balls in her hand and gently squeezed them as Marvin moaned.

Kelly looked surprised and whispered out loud. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"On no, Kelly it feels really good. Keep playing with my balls and squeeze them as much as you like."

Kelly's eyes moved away from his face and starred down between her legs as she kept playing with his balls and moved her hand further up to touch his cock again. She was a woman that never experienced a black cock in her life let alone one that was this thick and long inside her pussy.

Marvin experienced women like Kelly in the past and once they cross over and discovering their dark side then it's hard for them to go back and live their life being a pure wholesome housewife.

Kelly laid her head back down on the pillow as her legs remained locked around Marvin's legs. Marvin leaned down to kiss her again only this time Kelly was waiting for his lips and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he fucked her with even strokes.

Marvin could feel her pussy experimenting with its muscles as she gripped his cock with each outward stroke as to say it didn't want him to leave. Marvin skillfully worked on her pussy with the way his hips swayed and felt her pussy clasp around his cock as he tried to hold off from shooting another load inside her belly.

Marvin tried to concentrate as he closed his eyes and felt her pussy grip him. He felt Kelly shaking below him again then she moaned out loud into his ear and came while he plunged forward and released another load of cum deep inside her womb.

Marvin kissed Kelly's face as he raised himself off her feeling the wetness between their bodies as his cock plopped out of her tight pussy. Marvin starred down between her legs and saw the sperm dripping out of her open gash as she covered her face with her hands then starred up and smiled at him.

The expression on her face said it all to Marvin. She enjoyed every minute of having his thick black cock inside her pussy.

Marvin got off the bed and starred at the door and saw Frank standing in the doorway with a smile. They shook hands as Frank patted Marvin on the back and asked him to join him in the other bedroom with Connie. Connie was asking for two men.

Kelly lay on the bed with her legs spread and brought her hand down and felt Marvin's cum leaking from her stretched out pussy. The cell phone began to ring again and she jumped out of bed to answer it. It was Don!

"I've been trying to call you all afternoon and evening. My cell phone went on the blink and I'm using the hotel desk phone. They said you were trying to reach me since yesterday."

Kelly was glad to hear from her husband but had questions. She wanted to know why he was checked into the hotel with another woman.

"Tell me why the desk clerk said you didn't want to be disturbed last night. He said that Mrs. Fisher didn't want any call!"

"I can explain everything to you by letting you talk to the clerk you spoke with on the phone last night. It seems that he mixed me up with a Tom Fisher and his wife last night and didn't realize his mistake until this morning. I'll let you speak to him yourself."

Don gave the phone to the desk clerk.

"I'm very sorry for the mistake, Mrs. Fisher. I didn't intend to upset you last night. I'm a little hard of hearing and I mistakenly thought you asked for Tom Fisher."

Kelly sat on the edge of the bed not knowing what to believe as the clerk gave the phone back to her husband.

"I'm going to be home a few days earlier then what I thought so I'll be home tomorrow evening."

Kelly tried to clear her mind of her thoughts for a moment as she replied. "All this time I believed you were checked into that hotel with another woman and you were alone?"

"I'm still with our group from work and they can tell you everything when we return home. Is everything ok there?"

"Everything is fine now."

"I love you and I'll call you tomorrow before we all board the plane."

Kelly slipped the cell phone back into her purse. She could hear Connie screaming and moaning in the next bedroom as she stood and walked toward the bathroom.

Cum leaked out down her thighs as she walked and sat down on the toilet. She was an adulteress! She cheated on her husband, Don. She had been misinformed and now she was at fault.

Kelly stood next to the sink and started to clean herself off with a cloth. She scrubbed her pussy with soap and water and dried herself off and walked back into the bedroom to fetch her dress. She leaned over to pick up the dress when she heard a voice at the door.

"Come on in and join Connie in the other bedroom. She wants you to help her with these two black studs."

Kelly straightened herself up and by that time Frank and gone back to the other room. Kelly starred at the messed up bed and saw the wet spot where the sperm had leaked out of her pussy.

She had just committed adultery on that bed with another man. Not only another man but a black man!

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