tagLesbian SexCorruption of Innocence

Corruption of Innocence


"Jess, stop squirming, " Scott laughed a little as he drove the quiet streets of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

"I can't help it! I'm finally meeting Susie!" Jess squealed excitedly.

"Yes, I know. You haven't stopped telling me stories about her since we got in the car."

"Shutup, " Jess laughed, "do I look okay?"

"You look great. I'd do you. Why do you care? I thought you said she was straight?"

"Gee thanks, " she smirked, "she IS straight but there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good is there?" she asked, not mentioning a word about any of she and Susie's most recent late-night conversations.

"No, I spose not. But you always look good, Jess, " Scott smiled.

"Thanks, " Jess giggled.

"Almost there, this is her street, " Scott grinned.

"Oh shit, are you serious?" Jess' color drained from her face.

"Yup. Wanna call her and let her know we're here?" he offered his cell phone to her.

"Umm ... sure, " Jess grinned, taking the phone and dialing her number.

"Hello?" A male voice answered the phone.

"Hi, is Susan there?"

"One moment, " the voice said, and then Jess heard him set the phone down, "Susan! Telephone!" There was a short silence, followed by the click of a receiver picking up.

"I got it!" Susan's voice called, followed by the sound of the first phone hanging up, "Hello?" Susan asked.

"Hi!" Jess chirped happily.

"Um, hey?" Susie replied, confused.

"It's Jess!" Jess laughed slightly.

"Oh! Hey!" Susie laughed, "Are you guys lost?"

"No, Actually we're just pulling in your driveway, " Jess grinned.

"Ohmuhgod! Are you serious?" Susie gasped.

"Yup! Better come down and meet us!" Jess smirked, hanging up the phone and handing it back to Scott.

"She coming?" Scott asked, and before Jess could answer, Susie walked out her front door, "guess so, " Scott smirked, "she's hot."

"Shutup, back off, " Jess laughed, getting out of the car.

"Hi!" Susie smiled brightly, kinda nervous.

"Susianna!" Jess smiled huge, running over and giving her a big hug.

"Ah!" Susie laughed, hugging her back.

"Oh my God, its about time!" Jess laughed, pulling away.

"For real!" Susie laughed too.

"Ahem ... " Scott cleared his throat, smirking. Both the girls looked up at him.

"Oh, Susie ... this is Scott. Scott, this is Susie, " Jess introduced them.

"Hey, " Susie smiled.

"Hi, " Scott smiled back, "well, here's your gift thinger, " Scott said, handing Jess a bag.

"Oh! This is for you, " Jess smiled, handing Susie the bag.

"Aww!" Susie smiled, "I'll open it when we go inside. It's cold out here!"

"Word, " Jess laughed a little.

"Okay, I'm gonna go back to the hotel. Jess, call my cell when you're ready to leave okay?" Scott smiled. Jess nodded at him.

"Okay!" she agreed, "See ya later Scott. "

"See ya. Behave, " he smirked.

"Hush and go, " Jess laughed nervously.

"Umm, " Susie looked at Jess and laughed a little as Scott walked back to his car, "let's go inside, I'm so fucking cold, " she laughed, shivering.

"Okay, " Jess giggled, following Susie inside, "Oh my God, your house is huge. "

"It's not THAT huge, " Susie laughed.

"Whatever, " Jess grinned. Jess followed Susie around the house as she introduced her to her family.

"Let's go upstairs, " Susie suggested, smiling, "and I'll open this gift. "

"Okay, " Jess nodded, following Susie up to her room. Susie closed the door behind them, sitting on her bed. Jess walked over, standing in front of her.

"You can sit, " Susie laughed slightly.

"Okay ... " Jess smirked, sitting beside her. Susie smiled, opening up the bag, moving tissue paper around and gasping.

"Aww! Jessie!" Susie laughed, taking out her gifts, "These are SO cute!"

"I'm glad you like them, " Jess smiled proudly.

"Aww, thank you!" Susie hugged Jess, smiling.

"No problem, " Jess hugged her back. Susie slowly pulled away, putting her gifts away.

"You wanna listen to music?"

"Sure, " Jess agreed. Susie smiled, putting in the Justin Timberlake CD and sitting back beside Jess, "Oh God ... " Jess laughed.

"Shutup!" Susie laughed too.

"Alright, I won't make fun of you, cause you're cute," Jess smirked.

"I'm not cute! Ugh!" Susie whined.

"Yeah ya are ... aww, " Jess smiled, hugging her again.

"Cut it out, " Susie giggled.

"Oh please, ya big baby, " Jess laughed.

"I'm not a baby!" Susie pouted.

"Uh huh, " Jess smirked, sitting on the floor in front of Susie, who was still on the bed. Jess looked up at her and leaned back on her hands.

"Why are you on the floor?" Susie raised an eyebrow.

"Cause I don't trust myself up there, " Jess laughed a little, eyeing her up and down, in her black spaghetti strap tank top with cleavage showing, and her hip hugging jeans that revealed her black thong when she sat down. Jess absent mindedly licked her lips as she stared.

"Is that such a bad thing?" Susie bit her lip a little, looking coy but nervous.

"Are you suggesting something, Susan?" Jess smirked, leaning back a little more, her fitted top riding up a little and exposing her flat tummy and her celestial tattoo on her right hip.

"Maybe ... " Susie bit her lip shyly, squirming slightly.

"Oh but I thought you said this wasn't a DEFINITE thing?" Jess grinned.

"Well I also said if something happens then it does ... " Susie looked at her.

"I think someone is having trouble keeping their hormones in check, " Jess smirked, slowly crawling over to Susie, rising on her knees between Susie's legs, putting her hands on Susie's knees.

"Maybe I don't want to 'keep them in check'," Susie looked down at her, obviously kinda nervous.

"Ah, well the tables have turned, " Jess smiled, reaching up and putting a hand on Susie's cheek, gently guiding Susan's lips to her own. Susie kissed her back hesitantly, pretty tense. Jess rubbed Susie's cheek with her thumb, then ran her fingers through her soft blonde hair, slowly easing her into the kiss. Susie went along with it, getting comfortable at her own pace, as Jess' lips gently pressed against her own over and over again, not forcing any tongue too early. Susie kept her hands in her lap, so nervous she didn't know what to do. Jess smiled a little against her lips, then pulled away, looking at her.

"Wh-what?" Susie looked at her, blushing slightly, touching her lips gently.

"Susie, if you don't wanna do this ... its okay, " Jess smiled sincerely at her, kissing her fingertips gently.

"N-no ... I ... " Susie paused, biting her lip, "I want to ,,, " she said softly.

"Don't be nervous," Jess smiled, "it's just me, " she whispered close to her ear, then kissed her cheek gently, "It's Jessie!" This caused Susie to smile a little, relaxing a bit.

"Okay, " Susie said softly, slowly putting her hands on Jess' hips. Jess smiled a little, kissing back to Susie's lips.

"If you want me to stop, tell me, " she said quietly, kissing her lips again. Susie could only nod, a new and strange feeling sweeping over her as Jess kissed her. It excited her, not only because it was a girl she was kissing, something she'd never done before, but because Jess was being so calm and gentle about everything. In a way it kind of made her wish Jess was a guy, cause she doubted she'd ever be able to bring herself to date a girl. Jess smiled against Susie's soft lips, kissing her again, slowly beginning to open her mouth when they kissed. Susie was now quickly relaxing, and she squeezed Jess' hips gently, sliding her tongue into Jess' mouth. Jess was taken back by Susie's sudden boldness, but was glad that she was easing up.

"Mmm, " was Susie's only response. Jess' hands ran up and down Susie's thighs gently, then slowly crept up her sides, gently rubbing. Jess then slowly pulled Susie closer by her waist, kissing her a little deeper, softly sucking on her tongue. Susie clutched Jess' shirt slightly, and wrapped her arms around Jess' neck. Jess got up a little, leaning Susie back on the bed, but not breaking the kiss. Susie laid down and Jess slowly crawled over her, kissing her a little deeper, their tongues dancing and exploring each other's mouths.

"Hmm, " Jess smiled, slowly pulling away and kissing along Susie's jawline, up to her ear. She gently nibbled on Susie's earlobe, then kissed right under it and all over her neck, trying to find a sensitive spot, while her hands rubbed Susie's hips.

"Ooh, " Susie finally let out a soft sigh and a moan, closing her eyes, loving the way Jess' lips felt on her skin. Loving everything about the way she was "handling" her. She was quickly getting turned on by her, and found herself craving more of this new candy. She grabbed Jess' right hand, and guided it towards her chest, as Jess continued to cover her neck with burning kisses. Jess moaned softly at Susie's not-so-subtle actions, and gently rubbed and squeezed Susie's breasts. Susie let soft moans escape her lips, closing her eyes tightly as her hands cautiously wandered up Jess' shirt. She found herself being even more turned on by Jess' body, loving her shape and size. Jess was thinking the same thing, moving her kisses down onto Susie's collarbone, then placing soft feathery kisses on each shoulder. She smiled when Susie let out soft pleasurable sighs, and decided it was okay to take things a little further. She began to slowly kiss towards Susie's cleavage, and was also moaning softly at Susie's delicate hands on her skin. Jess sat up briefly, taking off her shirt, now just in a bra, and Susie bit her lip as she grabbed the hem of her tank top. Jess smiled and helped her take her tank top off. Jess' eyes widened and she felt her breath get caught in her throat, and she just stared at Susie's naked chest. Susie blushed, really embarrassed, and Jess smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her lips again.

"Mmm, and you thought I wouldn't be attracted to you. You're so gorgeous, " Jess whispered against the skin of Susie's neck, placing more passionate kisses on her now,

"Mmm, no way, " Susie smiled a little, closing her eyes as she felt Jess' lips going downward. Jess' soft kisses sent shivers down Susie's spine, as she ran her fingers through Jess' dark brown tresses. Jess' lips finally made it to their destination, and while her mouth worked on gently kissing and licking her right breast, her hand worked on pleasuring the other. Susie moaned out loud, gently tugging at Jess hair, feeling her tongue swirl around her nipple, making it erect. Susie licked her lips, arching her back slightly. Jess moaned against her skin, gently sucking, then moving to the other breast, repeating the same process. By now Susie was arguing with the clasp on Jess' bra, finally unhooking it and pulling it off her, tossing it aside. Her hands worked up her chest and gingerly rubbed her breasts, as Jess continued to orally pleasure her nipples. Jess moaned again, absolutely loving Susie's hands, and she almost couldn't take it anymore, starting to kiss down Susie's stomach. Susie whimpered softly as she felt Jess' tongue teasing her belly button, and she looked down at her nervously as Jess unbuttoned her jeans. Jess pulled down her jeans, followed by her thong, leaving her stark naked on the bed. Her hands immediately went to Susie's thighs, caressing them as she leaned over her again and kissed her lips. Susie moaned softly, reaching down and unbuttoning Jess' Jeans, and they both struggled to get them off her, giggling softly. Followed by her jeans, shed Jess' panties, and Jess grinned, crawling over Susie once again. Susie pulled her down, wanting to feel their naked bodies against each other, as she kissed Jess hungrily, wanting her so bad at this point. Jess took this as a huge hint, and snaked her hand down, spreading her pussy lips and rubbing her dripping wet slit, proud to have made her that wet. Jess grinned against Susie's lips in approval, and Susie just smiled a little, kissing her again and moaning. Jess smiled, so happy that she filed her nails down on the ride up, and she gently slid a finger inside Susie. Susie gasped in surprise, moaning and grabbing Jess tightly.

"Mmm, Susie, " Jess moaned, adding another finger and pumping them inside her. Susie whimpered, closing her eyes.

"Ohh God! Mmm!" She moaned. Jess grinned, going down again, kissing the insides of her thighs, and then pulling her fingers out, licking them clean, pleased with how she tasted, and diving her tongue inside Susie, "Ooh, ugh!!" Susie clenched her teeth so as not to get too loud, grabbing and clawing at her bed sheets as she spread her legs more. Jess moaned, swirling her tongue around inside her, licking all over her pussy as she rubbed her clit with her thumb, determined to make her orgasm. Susie moaned and whimpered, her breathing noticeably heavier, as Jess crept her other hand up and rubbed her breasts. Susie moaned and grabbed Jess' hand, sucking on her ring finger and moaning. Jess moaned louder, thrashing her tongue around inside Susie, rubbing her clit more. Susie bit her lip, trying not to get too loud, as she began to writhe on the bed, and was soon gently thrusting her hips towards Jess' face, wanting more.

"Mmm, " Jess growled, darting her tongue in and out of her more.

"Oh God, don't stop!" Susie begged, completely taken over by ecstasy, feeling her orgasm coming on, "Please!" she whimpered. Jess moaned louder, whimpering softly too, so turned on by Susie's pleasurable moans.

"C'mon, " Jess moaned, rubbing her clit more, thrusting her fingers back into her.

"Ugh!" Susie squealed, grabbing a pillow and putting it over her mouth to muffle herself. Jess just smirked proudly, rubbing her clit faster and thrusting her fingers deeper.

"That's it ... mmm, " Jess moaned softly,

"Uunnh!! Jess!" Susie practically screamed into the pillow as her orgasm washed over her, causing her hips to buck and her body to tremble. Jess smirked, knowing she'd orgasmed, and leaned back down to lick her clean. Susie slowly calmed down, moving the pillow and breathing heavily, running her fingers through her hair as Jess began to kiss back up her body.

"Mmm, that good, cutie?" Jess smirked, kissing Susie's neck.

"Oh God, yes ... " Susie moaned, grabbing Jess' face and kissing her deeply, still trembling slightly, smiling against Jess' lips. Jess smirked too, kissing her back, then slowly sittting up, about to reach for her clothes, "What are you doing?" Susie asked, confused.

"I'm not gonna make you do anything to me, Susie, " Jess smiled, "it's probably uncomfortable for you."

"No, I wanna try ... " Susie said, pushing Jess back down and crawling over her this time, "You didn't come all this way just to please ME. Lord knows when I'll see you again, " Susie grinned, kissing Jess deeply, rubbing her body, reaching down to rub Jess' center, just as Jess had done to her. Jess moaned into Susie's mouth, grinding her hips on Susie's hand. Susie grinned proudly also at how wet she'd made Jess, sliding two fingers inside her. Jess whimpered into Susie's mouth, running her fingers through her hair. Susie moaned too, and decided she better take action before she changed her mind. She quickly moved down, moving her hair out of her way, and then attacking Jess' pussy with her mouth. Jess moaned out in pleasure, closing her eyes, hoping Susie wasn't grossed out by going down on a girl. But she definitely wasn't. Susie moaned as she licked Jess' pussy, actually not having any problem with the way it tasted, thinking it was so hot the way she was making Jess moan, so proud of herself that she just wanted to do more. She grinned and thrust her tongue inside her, along with a finger, then dragged her tongue up to her swollen nub, circling around it and driving Jess crazy. Jess turned her head to squeal into a pillow, so shocked at what a natural Susie was. Susie just smirked and thrust her fingers, licking Jess' clit. Finally Susie started to rub her clit with her fingers, looking up at Jess and grinning at her facial expressions that were distorted cutely from pleasure. Jess gasped, arching her back.

"Unh! Ooh, Susie!" Jess whimpered, "Mm, that's it! C'mon, uugghh, " she moaned loudly, as she felt her orgasm approaching, "don't stop! Oh God!" Jess whimpered loudly as she came on Susie's fingers, her body trembling, and her hips easing down on their movements. Susie smirked, thinking about their RP's they did online, and leaning down to lick her clean, thinking maybe she got some tips from there. She then kissed up her thin body, kissing and sucking on her breasts slightly, before finally meeting Jess' lips with her own again. Jess moaned softly, sliding her arms around Susie, rubbing her back with her fingertips, kissing her passionately.

They just laid there together for a while, holding each other, too comfy to let go, all cuddled up under the blankets, sharing a kiss every now and then, but not saying a word, mostly because they had no idea what to say. But one thing was true, they both loved what had just happened, and wished that they lived closer together. Finally Jess turned to Susie and smiled.

"That was so crazy, " she giggled a little, "you're a friggin' natural, oh my God,"

"Thank you, thank you, " Susie giggled, kissing Jess' neck and rubbing her stomach, not really wanting her to go home, having had a lot of fun.

"No problem, " Jess smirked, "but I'll tell you one thing."

"What's that?" Susie asked, looking at her.

"It was certainly worth the trip, " she smirked evilly. Susie Just smirked and rolled her eyes, leaning in and kissing her again, this time with NO hesitation.

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