Corset Fitting at the Renn Fest


Evie almost cried out as a wave of pure lust hit her from the way Rose was touching her. Surely she must feel it too. She almost cried out in desperation as Rose's touch became impersonal, almost rough. Maybe she was just horny; maybe she was just imagining things.

Rose decided that the situation was now or never. Perhaps she was only imagining things with Evie, but she had to know. Finishing the lacing on Evie's corset, she tightened the last lace and tied a bow. Her voice sounded husky, even to herself, as she said, "There. You're all done. But I really don't like that skirt. Why don't you just model in the corset and the panties I gave you." She sat down on the bench, and glanced up at Evie in the mirror.

Evie, facing the mirror, met Rose's eyes. "I think you're right." She tried to be brave, but the words came out as a whisper. "After all, this is my first fitting. And you are the expert." Bending over, she slid the velvet skirt slowly over her hips, letting it pool on the floor. Straightening, she faced her reflection, and stopped in amazement. The blue velvet corset accentuated her curves, sweeping over her breasts and making her waist appear tiny in comparison. Her breasts were encased in the velvet perfectly, two ripe globes whose roundness was accentuated by the extremely low-cut, scooping bodice. In fact, she could even see the tips of her nipples visible at the top. The lace modesty panel, as she'd originally thought, really wasn't for modesty, but instead featured an incredible view of the curving globes of her breasts and the valley in between. Looking lower, Evie realized the panties were high cut and now completely transparent, with only one arm of the snowflake covering her mound. The musky smell of her arousal filled the room. "So," she said shakily, "Do you like what you see?"

Rose was stunned. The bodice fit Evie like it had been painted on her. Rose realized that Evie's firm, round buttocks were only inches away from Rose's face, and she could feel the heat rising from her skin. Looking back into the mirror, Rose saw that the front of the panties were soaked with Evie's juices; she could see the outline of her mound and the beginning of her pussy lips. So Evie did want Rose as badly as she wanted her! The fact made her intensely happy, but she tried to keep her voice steady as she said, "You know what we Renn Faire girls use the valley in our cleavage for?"

"What?" Evie replied, meeting Rose's eyes again in the mirror.

"This." Rose stood up, taking the small dagger she always kept in her cleavage out and unsheathing it. In one quick, professional move, she slit down the lacings holding Evie's corset together. "Don't you think it's convenient?"

Evie couldn't reply as she felt the corset fall away. She felt Rose's trembling hands cup her naked breasts, and her touch, tentative, caressing, felt so good she couldn't say anything at all, couldn't even think. Evie leaned into Rose's body, feeling the contact of her velvet dress against her aroused nipples. Rose leaned in too, holding Evie up, then placing pressure on her shoulders to make her sit down. Evie and Rose both sat on the padded bench, Rose now lightly caressing Evie's beautiful face.

" know I never have..." Evie tried to say, but was caught up by the intense look in Rose's eyes.

"Shh...don't talk. It's all ok." Holding Evie by the chin, Rose leaned towards her, looking deeply into her eyes. "Kiss me."

Evie felt Rose's warm lips meet her own, and an electric current thrilled in her veins. Her first lesbian kiss was everything she'd ever dreamed of in a kiss. It was everything she'd ever wanted, but never gotten, from a man; it was a complete arousal that burned her body and made her rub against the bench, blindly seeking the orgasm she knew was on its way. Their lips touched gently, each tasting the other, then sliding back and forth, tongues sipping at each other's mouths. It became more and more passionate, with Evie gasping for air as Rose slid her tongue into her mouth boldly, twining with Evie's own tongue. Rose tasted so incredibly good, so sweet....Evie was drowning in passion. Her juices soaked the bench beneath her pussy. Rose twined her fingers in Evie's hair, holding the back of her head, drawing her closer to her, and they felt their passion rise. Evie moaned.

"I think you need me very badly," Rose whispered, huskily. Continuing to kiss Evie, she cupped one of Evie's breasts in her hand, teasing her nipple. "I think I am going to suck on your breasts and lick your pussy until you cum."

"Yes, please, yes, do it," Evie urged. She lay back against the bench and ground her soaking wet, panty clad pussy against Rose's knee, covered in velvet.

Rose laughed and looked into Evie's passion-filled clear blue eyes. Leaning over Evie where she lay on the bench, Rose felt the extreme pleasure that only making love can give come over her in waves. This was no ordinary woman. This was no ordinary event. She stowed away the thought until later, and kissed Evie harder, caressing her hard nipples until Evie arched her back and cried out, rubbing her pussy against Rose's knee again. "Bad girl," Rose said, and reached down and slapped Evie's pussy playfully. Rose kissed her way across to Evie's shell-like ear, tugging gently with her teeth on Evie's pierced hoop earring. She could feel the tremors shake Evie's body. She gently nibbled the outer lobe of Evie's ear, swirling her tongue into her ear to surprise Evie. Evie moaned, but not as much as she did when Rose gently licked and nibbled down Evie's neck, reaching a spot where she made one gentle, lingering bite.

"Oh my God! Rose!" Evie exclaimed, arching her back all the way off the bench and experiencing the most intense, mind-shattering orgasm she'd ever had. Then she realized she'd just been given an orgasm by a bite on the neck, and she shivered. What else did Rose have in store for her?

Rose felt Evie's orgasm and smiled. She couldn't stop licking and tasting her neck, that combination of fresh, clean scent combined with the smell of Evie's skin and her arousal. She could feel Evie's wetness soaking the fabric of her dress. It must have been a good orgasm, but she wanted to give her more. Delicately, she kissed down the side of her neck, stopping to nip at her collarbones and the tops of her shoulders, leaving a lingering kiss to the sides of the base of her throat. Rose could feel Evie's arousal beginning again. She gently caressed the Evie's sides with her fingertips, especially around the sides of her breasts. Once again, Evie's nipples tightened in arousal, and Rose smiled, lowering her mouth to Evie's breasts. With her fingers lightly caressing Evie's heated skin, she lightly kissed around Evie's nipples, licking upwards towards them, giving her small bites and nibbles. Evie gasped as Rose blew on the nipples, making them painfully hard and cold. Rose's hands then cupped Evie's breasts harder, bringing them up to her waiting lips. She licked one of Evie's nipples, then took it into her mouth, sucking hard. Evie tasted incredible. Rose marveled at how incredible Evie was, how passionate and responsive she was. She felt Evie's arms around her, holding her head down to her breast. She sucked and licked and nibbled both breasts, playing with them, holding them roughly together, pinching the nipples until they were harder than ever. Rose even ran her nails down both nipples as she kissed her way down Evie's stomach, marveling at the red lines she left in Evie's smooth white skin. Evie moaned, disappointed, as she realized that Rose's knee had left her pussy. "Don't worry, darling, you're fixing to get something even better," Rose whispered, biting lightly around Evie's belly button, tonguing it. Evie felt Rose's rough, hot tongue sliding in and out of her belly button and moaned.

"But...I want to..." Evie felt like she must feel Rose's body against hers, that she must please her in every way possible. Rose had given her intense pleasure, and now Evie wanted to give her the same pleasure.

"No. This is special. Besides, you can owe me one and pay me back later," Rose said, digging her nails ever so lightly into Evie's sides and running them down her hips. She breathed in the pure, aroused aroma of Evie, and all she could think of was tasting her, licking her. Without removing the sopping wet panties, Rose touched Evie lightly with one fingertip, teasingly running her down Evie's hot, pouting pussy lips, and back up again. Evie spread her legs wide for Rose, her pussy lips so aroused that they were almost around the thin strip of panty material. Rose dipped her finger in Evie's slick wetness, feeling her shudder, and holding her hips firmly down with her other hand. She pressed harder against the flimsy material, running her nuckles against Evie's pussy, up and down several times. Rose still never touched Evie's clit directly, instead alternating between the firm pressure of her knuckles and the teasing feel of her nails against the panty material covering her clit.

Evie began to shudder uncontrollably and push at the material of her panties, trying to take them off. "Please...please," she moaned, bucking her hips.

Rose could stand no more. She tore off her skirt, revealing her own black lace panties, also obviously wet in the center. She jerked at the knot on her bodice, cutting the laces with her knife. Peeling the rest of the corset off her, she revealed her freckled, exquisite, pear shaped breasts with large, aroused rosy nipples to Evie. "What do you think?" she asked hoarsely, hoping Evie would like what she saw.

"You're beautiful. And I want you so badly." Evie reached out her arms for Rose, wanting more than anything to feel Rose's skin against her own, feel her nipples rubbing against hers, to tumble on the floor with her, grinding pussy against pussy...

Rose parted Evie's knees roughly, then lightly bit the soft rise of her mound. "I want to taste you," she whispered. Her tongue dipped down between Evie's pussy lips, licking the material of her panties.

As Rose's tongue moved upwards, Evie finally felt it against the flesh of her aching pussy. "Oh Rose! That feels so good!" she screamed, nearly driving Rose insane with passion.

Rose tore the panties off Evie; thinking back on it later, she didn't even remember how it happened. All she remembered was driving her tongue deep into Evie's pussy, tasting her musky honey again and again, running the flat of her tongue against the pearl of Evie's aroused clit. She licked Evie hard, holding her down by wrapping both her arms around Evie's bucking hips. She buried her face in Evie's heavenly pussy, her face becoming covered with Evie's juices. Finally Rose simultaneously sucked Evie's clit, and thrust one finger up into Evie's vagina, rocking again and again to the same rhythm, then using two fingers and finding the nub of Evie's G spot, she dove Evie to a shuddering orgasm, lasting over several minutes. Rose could feel Evie's tight inner muscle spasms around her fingers, and the wetness that flowed afterwards was proof of how much Evie enjoyed it.

Evie had screamed herself hoarse, and didn't think she could strongly react to anything else, when she felt Rose suck hard on her clit and finger her at the same time. She could feel the hard inner contractions start, and saw stars, feeling her whole body shudder, her back arching, and, dimly, she could hear herself crying out. She felt something break inside herself, and the hardest spasm she'd ever had. What was that?

Rose collapsed on top of Evie, feeling her breasts push against Evie's breasts as she kissed her slowly. Had Evie enjoyed her first experience? Was it truly as good as it had seemed to Rose?

Evie sighed with contentment against Rose's lips. "Dearest, that was incredible," she whispered. Smiling lazily at Rose, Evie curled a section of Rose's hair around her finger. "You are magical. I just hope you don't "custom fit" your corsets for all your customers."

Rose smiled, a question in her hazel eyes. "What, you don't think all Miladies would enjoy this?"

"Well, I'm a bit possessive...I want to be your only lady," Evie replied. Somehow, this moment, it just felt right. Even though they'd only known each other a few hours, she knew she wanted to make love to Rose for the rest of her life.

Rose arched an eyebrow, even though her heart was thumping like a schoolgirl with her first crush. "But how am I to make a living? My custom demands good service!" She pouted.

"And you'll give it to them," Evie promised, "but with embroidery alone." She reached behind Rose, pulling the cushion from the bench and tumbling them both to the carpeted floor. Evie landed first and she could feel Rose's body landing on top of hers, their breasts flat against each other, nipples rubbing. In the mirror, she could see both their bodies intertwined, and it aroused her. "Now let's see about that payback you were talking about..."

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