It was late in the afternoon when Tessa left the colony. Too late, in fact, and luckily the others didn't know how far she would be going, or they would surely protest and keep her inside. So she said nothing, just left, with her daypack slung over her shoulder.

The desert sands scratched her face, and created dust devils that crossed her path, not far ahead. In the distance stood a nameless city, an empty husk of humanity's greatest accomplishments before the bombs swept all of that away. She frequented the city despite the radiation, to scavenge for technological gadgets that still worked, and in secret, to marvel at how differently the generation before her must have lived.

Tessa was a war child, born on day 0, the day of the flash- About 20 summers ago. She had known no other life than this, and frankly didn't care much for the stories of the elders, about glass and monitor screens, about airplanes and politics. She was happy here, especially now, picking up a running pace. She still had a long way to go, but she covered it swiftly.

Maybe it was from the radiation that her hair was so red. But her freckles, her button nose, and eyes the color of a rough emerald, she had her mother to thank for that. Her condensed size, she owed her father. She was often made fun of by the other settlers, but it made her the perfect scavenger and in truth, only added to her beauty.

She caught her sash from flying off with the wind and wrapped it back around her once-white dress. Neither did much to protect her from the sun but this time, she didn't care. She knew exactly why she had stolen these from the pawn shop the day before.

The power plant came into view as she reached the top of the last dune. Bent cranes rusted dryly in the sand, and solar panels stood useless and forgotten, at an angle someone long ago had calculated meticulously. At least, most of them did. A large section of them were wrought or broken.

The hole in the fence was wide enough for her to walk through with open arms. Still, she had to be careful, sneaking from panel to panel towards the control building. When she finally peeked down the maintenance shaft, the coast seemed clear. With an agile jump, she twisted herself into a horizontal cable tunnel.

She knew her way here, this wasn't her first visit. Wasting no time, she made her way into cooler areas of the facility, descending further until shadows merged into a complete black.

But there, in the distance, she found it: A light, guiding her forward. One foot in front of the other in the pitch black, fingertips grazing the wall on either side. Awkward steps, to avoid tripping over cables.

Once she had reached the unimpressive little light bulb, she took a right and followed the string of LEDs. More and more signs of inhabitants became obvious. But not all of them knew her, and it wouldn't be the first time if she was scared away. What a night that was.

She was nearing her destination, and her heart pounded. She heard voices in the distance, a couple fighting. A strong buzz masked her footsteps, "The sound of cancer" her friends liked to call it. But there was no fallout here. Only-

"They looked upon her, but couldn't say a word."

Tessa startled violently, jumping to the side, into the wall. She rolled her eyes.

"Was this a guppy... Or was it a bird?"

A hand pawed at her, pulling at her clothes, her hair.

"She had a beak, and feathers and things, but one thing she didn't..."

A young man appeared from the shadows, and took hold of her hand by the pinky, bringing it up to inspect it.

"She didn't have wings."

-"Damn you, Corvus. You scared the hell out of me."

-"Good, I intended to. Welcome home, Tessa."

He walked on in front of her, and she soon followed. Even under the dim light, he was easy to recognize, with his jet black hair around a handsome face. They were what gave him his nickname, that and his size: He wasn't much bigger than Tessa, and from what they could guess, only days older than her. He was fully dressed for a change, in simple black pants and a longsleeve shirt.

She didn't even know his real name, she realized, as they made their way to condenser 37K, his room. She had to admit, she liked what he had done with the place. He was very clever with electricity so he could make pretty much anything work, buzzing little black boxes powering all sorts of light strings lining the corners of the room. The radio he liked to play with was opened up on the table.

The walls were covered with rags, some in a better state than others. There was even a camouflage net by his bed. It looked messy but it sure beat the sight of concrete, copper and broken dials.

"How are you doing, Corvus?" She hung in the door as he threw back the last of some cup and went to sit on the corner of the table. In this light, she could see he had been in a fight. He shrugged.

"Same old. Making progress with the tower, though. You should come check it out some time."

-"I will. It's pretty impressive, what you guys are doing. If you could get power going again, it would make a huge difference for nearby settlements." She broke from the door and closed it behind her with a clang, before coming forward.

His eyes followed her every move, squinting slightly as he drank in the sight. She knew all too well what this dress was doing to him. "Yes..." he said. "They will have to trust us first, though. Not something we're particularly good at. You seem to have no problem, however..."

She grinned. "I know you. I know not to trust you. It wouldn't be long before you start taking advantage of you position of power." She put her hands on his chest and slid them down slowly, feeling every ripple under the fabric.

He set his hands down on the table behind him, looking her in the eye with an arrogant grin. "You got that right," he said. "I would demand a virgin sacrifice every night, or else."

She breathed his scent. No one but Corvus had this effect on her, and she blamed his smell. If anything, it had conditioned her brain to throw any inhibitions aside and indulge. And she intended to, her hand slipping down to feel his erection building inside his pants.

"I bet they think you still are. I will demand you, first," he went on while she kneeled and hurried to free his cock before it reached its fully aroused state. It would appear that tonight, she felt like feeling him swell on her tongue. "In a pretty white dress," he said, helping her a little. "And her red hair in a pony tail."

He grabbed her hair in demonstration, holding her head still while he pushed his semi-erect member fully into her mouth. She let it happen, closing her eyes and sighing. How she wished she didn't need this so much, but she did.

Like the color of her hair, it was a mystery where she got her libido from. Maybe from an ancestor, or maybe the doctor was wrong and something in her head had mutated with radiation sickness. All she knew is that she wanted this, had to have it, at least once a month or she would go crazy. It was hell keeping it secret in her settlement, but here, in this room with Corvus, she felt she was finally free.

Corvus could be arrogant and childish and she knew it, but God blessed him with an endlessly kinky imagination. He would do anything for or to her that she wished, and in turn, demanded filthy things from her that she gladly gave. On their first meeting near the city, he had her right there on the concrete. It took some creative thinking to explain why her protective suit was torn in some embarrassing places.

His member swelled to the point where she could no longer breathe, but he held her in place until she nearly panicked. He undid his pants and she took the cue, sinking lower to lap at his balls. He had taken the effort of trimming the hairs, she noticed, but she refrained from asking, knowing she would only get a smug reference to his other escapades.

His fist slowly stroked his cock while she serviced him, and she heard a deep moan from him. But it wasn't enough.

She put a hand on his chest and he followed suit, shoving a few things around so he could lay down on the table. Breaking contact for a few short moments, Tessa took his boots off and disposed of his pants, so he could spread his legs and she could push her face between.

Corvus groaned again, masturbating while she bathed his scrotum with her warm mouth and tongue. She nipped and licked, and made sure to keep up the pressure, well aware how much he loved it. Above her, he sighed and picked up speed on his own cock.

Tessa almost jumped at how sensitive she was when she reached down and touched herself. Her pussy was swollen and needy, and she figured it was her turn now. Wordlessly, she stood and crawled on the table, over Corvus, and leaned down to kiss him sloppily. Despite her face being wet with both their juices, he kissed her back without hesitation, trying to grind his cock up into her.

She continued her crawl, her hands grabbing a piece of net on the wall as she straddled his head, and without so much as taking her clothes off, sank down onto his waiting mouth, pushing the wet crotch of her panties down hard on his face.

With his arms pinned under her ankles, he could hardly move. She loved to feel him squirm, mm'ing as she gyrated her hips, the sweet contact hidden under her skirt.

Eventually, he somehow managed to pull her panties to the side using his nose and mouth, and she felt the contact intensify. "Yes," she whispered, making it impossible for him to hear her with her thighs on his ears. Reaching under her dress, she found his hair and gripped it with both hands, so she could pull him into her even harder.

He licked her like a dog, for all he was worth. She felt his talented tongue worm inside her and lap broadly over her cunt, while he tried to move his face and stimulate her clitoris with his nose.

She could release her bladder like this, she knew, and he would drink her without protest. It was almost a waste that it wasn't her thing. No, she had something else in mind, scooting forward just a little. He might not have felt the shift, but he could now sense her bum in reach of his tongue.

She felt it, squirming towards the pucker of her anus, and she leaned back just a little. He knew all too well he had no choice but to lick her there, but if he disliked it, he hid it very well. She established her dominance further by helping him, pulling her panties aside and lifting her knees from the table into a squatting position, clinging on to the net for dear life.

With his face still hidden under her dress, she lifted some weight from him and slowly rocked her hips back and forth, guiding him while he tongued her slit, wetting her from her tailbone to her clitoris.

She loved the depravity of it, taking full advantage just because she could. She murmured softly to him, calling him a slut, egging him on to keep going. She could sit like this for hours, using his face, but she felt her orgasm building. She wanted to cum, she needed it desperately, but not like this. She wanted to orgasm underneath him, with his sizeable meat filling her.

So she backed away, teasing him with her sex above him. He looked funny with his shirt still on. She came down from the table but he didn't seem to feel like moving much, enjoying the afterglow of her on his wet face with a lazy, content smile. She reached for him, standing beside him, and took hold of his cock, which had lost its initial enthusiasm a little. She smeared his precum down his shaft, and squeezed him until he was fully hard once more.

"Will you fuck me, Corvus?" She asked in his ear, using her sweetest voice. "Will you put this tool between my legs? Breaking my virginity like I was payment?"

She didn't need to say more, she knew his buttons all too well. He jumped down and bullied her backwards, until her legs touched the bed. There, he kneeled and reached under her dress, to yank her panties down to her ankles.

She had suspected him of installing his shabby bed at a perfect height on purpose. When she sat down and he manhandled her onto her back, he was positioned just right for penetration, at a slightly upward angle so he would graze the oh so sensitive front wall of her pussy.

He grabbed her ankles and spread her lewdly, and she let him. He loved to look at what he was doing, teasing her slit with the head of his cock.

It hurt Tessa if she was entered too quickly, and he seemed to know that instinctively. That, or he just enjoyed the slow tease when he pressed the tip between her lips. He had shaved her there himself, only weeks before, so now she only had the softest patch of the same color as her pony tail. She could tell that he liked it.

The head disappeared inside her, stretching her. Her body was reluctant to accommodate, and he hurt her, just enough. She writhed as he pushed deeper, feeling filled up to her very limit. "God yes," she groaned as he bottomed out. "Such a good cock..." Tessa sometimes surprised herself with her own words, but Corvus seemed more than pleased.

"Such a tight cunt, as well," he hissed between his teeth, as he withdrew and slowly, began fucking her. "Pretty, tight pussy..." His fingertips explored the region around her hole, teasing her ass, tickling her thighs. She reached down too, under her leg, feeling for his testicles every time they made contact with her rump.

Corvus' eyes rolled back as he picked up the pace. She sighed and mewed for him, telling him how big he felt inside of her. Within seconds he was pounding into her. He was so easy to play.

She knew she couldn't be heard and didn't hold back, moaning freely as he held her by the hips and pulled her into him with each shove. "Fuck me. Fuck me," she told him over and over. It seemed to make him angry, as he pistoned his cock inside of her, making wet slapping sounds that resonated in the room.

She had been so close to her climax before, it didn't take long for her to reach that point again. Her hands felt his muscles flex under his skin, working to fuck her hard, as she grew increasingly incoherent. "Yes, yes," she begged airily, and when he licked his thumb and put it on her clit, her orgasm punched her violently.

With eyes wide open and a mouth frozen in an 'o', she spasmed and kicked, clutching the sheets while she came. He pinned her down and continued, as one orgasm rolled into another, his thumb crushing the button of her clitoris under his moving thumb.

He used her dress for leverage, pulling her in to meet each thrust. She didn't know how long she came, but by the end she was just barely still conscious, weeks of pent up energy and need releasing from her all at once. Her back arched one final time before she came crashing down, quite literally.

When she came to, Corvus was pulling the straps of her dress down her shoulders. Not that she would protest much, but by the time that she could, he had released her generous breasts from their confinement. Her top locked her arms in place, and there was not much she could do while he crawled on top of her and rubbed his soaked cock over her puffy nipples.

She put her head down and finally relaxed, closing her eyes and enjoying him playing with her tits while she basked in the echoes of her orgasm.

"Not too tired, I hope," He grinned down at her, and she furrowed her brow a little.

"That's okay, I can do the work." He pushed her breasts together around his meat, beginning to hump her like this. She smiled a little, and found that she had the freedom to put her hands encouragingly on his butt cheeks.

"You pretty little thing," he growled, looking down at her as he sawed his hips back and forth. She rewarded him with a soft squeeze. "With a pretty ass. And pretty tits. and a pretty face."

Tessa stretched luxuriously, fully enjoying the feeling of being used now. A single index finger ran down his butt crack, coming to rest on the muscle of his anus. Slowly turning, probing, trying the resistance. Corvus' back straightened and his head tilted back, as he lost himself in the feelings.

Ever so slowly, not letting him take control, she pushed the first knuckle into his rectum. She looked up, watching him react to every little move she made, his shallow pants revealing that he was nearing his climax.

She found that she could tease the head of his penis as it came poking from between her breasts, licking the head every time it emerged. It was pushing him over the edge, but it wasn't until his tell-tale grunt, that she curled her finger and pressed it against his favorite spot there.

She welcomed his semen with open mouth. It leaked from the vacuum between her breasts and mouth with short spurts, spilling on her skin. She relished in the feeling, stimulating him to give her more. Eventually, he shuddered and collapsed, rolling to the side in every bit of the clichéd fashion. Another spasm ran through him when she withdrew her finger and he made a little sound, as if disappointed that she was gone from there. The slut.

He draped his legs over her and she played absentmindedly with his softening member as they rested. The room was quiet now, hot, and reeked of shameless rutting. Her gaze passed over the walls and a forlorn feeling crept over her, as the image of how deep underground they were became clear. And even if she would surface, she was in the middle of nowhere.

This was a god forsaken place, a splash of civilization bordered by emptiness that kept common sense away. And that gave her comfort, knowing that no one could see them, or judge. Here, with this arrogant young fool, she was safe, free to do as she pleased and explore what pleased her the most.

They both fell asleep like this, but they would wake up in each other's arms. He would ask her to stay, and she wouldn't know what to say.

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