tagSci-Fi & FantasyCosette's Adventure Ch. 02

Cosette's Adventure Ch. 02


Goraith had already left when she woke up. Fresh anger stirred inside her: how dare he leave while she slept? After all they had done, he should have at least said good bye.

Cosette blushed just thinking about last night – and that was often. Every time she moved, fading pain echoed between her legs. Another pain that was not fading was her bottom. She could barely sit on the bed to pull up her breeches!

Clothes were another problem. She had to use a belt to keep her shirt and coat closed, so few buttons were left! They gaped open at the top, barely hiding her large breasts. She felt like she should cover the gap with her hand, so much was exposed!

No matter. She could ignore it. All she had to do was think of getting the treasure before Goraith. That would show him! As soon as she finished dressing she slipped out, exiting through the kitchens. It wasn't that she was scared of going through the common room. She just thought the back way would be quicker. That was it.

She was surprised to see the camp getting ready to move when she returned. She hadn't given any orders! What did Devrae think he was doing? She stalked through the camp, looking for her second-in-command.

When she saw him, she froze in horror. He was talking to Goraith!

She gritted her teeth, striding over to them. If Goraith had told Devrae anything about last night, she swore she would kill them both.

Devrae smiled when he saw her coming. "Captain!" he called. "Goraith has just been telling me about the plan the two of you worked out! Everything's all ready?"

"Yeah, Captain," Goraith said before she could speak. "I told Devrae why you were out so late. He understood. A good plan is essential, after all."

She gaped at the two of them. Plan? What plan?

Devrae looked concerned. "You do remember, don't you?" he asked. "You were going to disguise yourself as a lady, with us as your escort to avoid notice from the King's Guard."

"Yes, of course I remember," she snapped. What else could she say? Goraith might tell Devrae the truth if she disagreed! "Goraith," she said, "Could I have a word with you for a moment? In private?"

Goraith's smirk grew wider as Devrae walked away. "I wouldn't have thought you'd be eager for more, so soon. Aren't you a little sore from last night?"

"You pig!" she hissed. "What have you told him?"

"Nothing about your antics last night, don't worry."

"My antics...! Last night was your fault!"

"If you say so. But look, don't worry about the plan. Everything'll be fine. I've brought two maids, to help your disguise as a noble. I'm sure you'll enjoy their company. When we get to Dobami we'll start looking for information."

"We? You're not coming!"

"Of course I am. Two treasure-hunters are better than one, after all."

"My men won't accept it."

"They like me already. Even if I take some of the treasure we find, they'll still get more than if you don't find any."

"I'm the best treasure-hunter in – "

"If you say so. Why don't you run along to your tent, meet your new maids? They're getting your disguise ready!" And he strolled away, before she could reply.

She bristled with anger at being told to 'run along'. He couldn't do that! She wasn't a child! How dare he treat her like that?

She made up her mind not to go to her tent, only to remember the current state of her clothing. She couldn't wander around the camp like this! Gritting her teeth again, she walked towards her tent. She was doing it because she wanted to, she told herself. Not because he told her to.

She ducked into her tent, furious when she saw the two women inside. How dare he get maids for her? Her fury only grew when she looked at them closer.

One of them was fine, a wrinkled old women missing half her teeth. But the other...pale golden hair fell in shining waves down her back, framing a heart-shaped face with large blue eyes. A low-cut silk dress accented her breasts, which looked even larger than Cosette's! Pushing down jealousy, Cosette examined the rest of the woman. Her hips were narrower than Cosette's, and her bottom not nearly so round, Cosette saw with satisfaction.

"Cosette?" asked the old woman. "We're here to act as your maids. I'm sure Goraith told you. My name's Adele, and this is Donella," she waved a hand at the beautiful woman. "I have experience as a maid, but Donella's just here to keep you company and help with the disguise." She looked Cosette up and down with a definite look of disapproval. "Do you always dress like that, chicken?"

Cosette almost growled. Chicken! "No, I do not," she snapped.

Adele broke into a wide smile. "Good, good! We've brought along plenty of dresses for you. Donella chose them, she know much better than me what you girls like wearing!" she chuckled slightly, while Cosette looked at Donella in dismay. She wasn't wearing anything like that!

It turned out she was right. Donella's dress, while exposing half her bosom, was at least decent. Cosette felt like her breasts would come popping out any minute, once she'd put on one of the dresses! And how was she going to ride?

It's necessary, she told herself, trying to hitch up the neckline a little. The King's Guard will never think I'm a treasure-hunter dressed like this!

She shrugged her shoulders, and wailed in dismay as her breasts came popping out the top.


By the time they reached Dobami, Cosette was incandescent with fury. Everyday, the gowns seemed more and more exposing – and everyday, she found her men harder to command! Whenever she tried to give orders, they just stared at her breasts, and then went to ask Goraith what to do! It was intolerable.

She put on the sturdiest dress she could find, wishing for her old breeches and coat, and went looking for Goraith. She hoped he was somewhere private. She still didn't want her men to know what had happened between them. She didn't want anyone to know. She wished she didn't know herself!

She entered his tent, gasping at what she saw.

Goraith and Donella!

Goraith was standing, his back to Cosette. Donella knelt on the floor in front of him. Both of them were completely naked. Cosette could just see Donella's golden head bobbing back and forth...

Realising what the other woman was doing, Cosette went bright red in shock. She was...sucking...on his cock! Cosette had heard whores giggle about such things, but she never thought women actually did them! She would never!

She tried to leave, but accidentally knocked a tent pole in her haste. Goraith saw, pulling away from Donella, his eyes widening as he saw her. Horrified, her eyes automatically dropped down to his cock, erect and swollen, still shining with Donella's spit.

Goraith smirked. "Come to join us?"

"No!" Cosette gasped, horrified. "No! I would never!"

Donella stood gracefully, seeming unaware of her nudity. Not that she had anything to be embarrassed about. Her large, pert breasts were topped with pointed pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and her waist narrow, her legs long and slim. Cosette scowled.

"Perhaps I should leave you two alone together?" Donella purred. "Since you seem so eager to talk to Cosette, Goraith."

"No!" Cosette gasped again, but Donella had already picked up her robe. She sauntered out, dropping Goraith an inviting smile as she left, no doubt for the next night. Goraith smiled after her, before turning to Cosette.

"I thought you'd be back for more," he said to Cosette, "What with the way you've been parading around in those dresses all week, trying to get me to notice you."

"I have not – "

"You're not going to act like this again, are you? I thought we were past you denying you want me."

"I do not want you!"

"Well, that's a pity, since I've just sent Donella away, and I'm left with this...problem."

Cosette blushed again, keeping her eyes firmly on his face. "That's your problem."

"You're not going to run away from me again, are you?"

Cosette's eyes widened as she understood what he meant, a potent mixture of embarrassment, fear and an excitement she didn't understand pouring through her. Unconsciously, she closed her legs, rubbing them together, seeking friction.

Goraith saw her reaction, and reached out to pull her against him. She felt his erection dig into her stomach, damp through her think silk dress. Her breasts were crushed against his chest, their thighs tangled. He completed the embrace, leaning down to kiss her, devouring her mouth with his tongue.

Her lips parted willingly. She could do no more to stop him than she could an avalanche. He shifted her in his arms. Suddenly, a hard hand smacked her bottom.

"Ow!" she yelped. But at the same time, she pushed against him, knees weakening in desire. He grinned, delighted at her reaction.

She didn't resist as he pulled her over to the bed. The pulsing heat between her thighs was too great; she would have given him anything she wanted. How could one little spank drive her to this state? She didn't know, but it could. She could feel the wetness running down her thighs.

Her tugged her over his lap, his erection a hard lump under her stomach. She moaned, squirmed slightly, dreading and longing for what was to come.

"You can't do this," she whispered, making one last attempt at resisting. "I don't want this!"

Goraith just laughed. He flipped up her skirts, exposing her creamy-skinned legs and rounded bottom. "You have an ass made for spanking," he growled. "I would do this every night, if I could!"

And while she was still moaning and shivering at that thought, he brought one hand smacking down on her vulnerable flesh. She squealed, kicking her legs frantically. He ignored her, spanking her again and again. Her wriggles over his erection excited him, driving him on to hit her harder and harder.

She bucked under his hand, feeling her orgasm creep closer and closer. Despite herself, she yelled out, "Please! Harder! Harder!"

He knocked her legs apart, directing his hits between her thighs. She screeched as her hit her intimate flesh, eyes going wide in shock. Finally, he smacked her pussy, and she came, screaming out his name.

He pushed her down to kneel on the floor before him. "Suck it," he commanded hoarsely. "Now."

She was too weak to disobey. She leaned forward, taking his cock in her hand, and slowly lowering her mouth over the tip. She licked and sucked at the head, tasting the pre-come there, before slowly sliding her mouth over it.

She gagged as his fingers tangled in her hair, forcing her down further. As he let her up slightly she gasped in relief, but he started up a punishing rhythm, fucking her face without care for her comfort – or even breath!

Her hands curled round his hips as she desperately tried to steady herself. It was no use. She was helpless, unable to do anything but kneel and accept his use of her mouth.

With a loud shout, he came hard. Semen filled her mouth, overflowing and running down her chin. Instinctively, she swallowed, gulping down the thick liquid.

Eventually he drew back. Her chin and cheeks were smeared with come. Some had even dripped down onto her exposed bosom! She licked her lips, tasting it.

He leaned back with a contented sigh. It was enough to make her remember why she'd come here, and make her flush with fury and embarrassment. Why did she always give into this man? Why couldn't she stand up to him?

He noticed her growing rage. "You're going to be like that again, are you? Well, unless you're going to lie down with me, and maybe have a little more fun, go back to your tent." He smirked. "Donella could probably use a little company."

Gasping in disgust, she stormed out of his tent, only after realising how automatically she'd obeyed him.

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