Cosmic Fate Ch. 01-04


"It must be my hormones." He spoke quietly to himself. He was shocked he had done such a thing. But he now had the means of having AII with his mom if he so desired. Nobody but him would know it ever took place. Chris told his friend that he had forgotten something that he needed to take care of and then quickly left.

His youth clouded his judgment. He knew he should tell his mom that he accidentally saw her message to Mr. Rolph and that he then panicked and erased the message. But he couldn't get the words out when he got home. Then when his mom told him about Zeta9 he thought to himself that if he was to go into cryogenic sleep for a couple of centuries, then maybe he should have his fantasy first.

Christopher had many sexual fantasies. But two of his favorites involved his sister and mom. He knew many of Karen's friends and figured he could get her account information from one of them. But he was always nervous about asking a friend and revealing he had a sexual fascination revolving about his sister. He also figured that his chance of getting his mom's login was remote. But that never stopped him from thinking about it.

Now he was in his room. His mom and sister had retired to their rooms and were probably thinking through the complexities of the Zeta9 mission. Chris spoke in a quiet voice: "Server, lock door, sound dampening on high, Parallax on."

A holographic image of a cute woman appeared. It was an image he selected to be his hostess and act as an interface to Parallax. She spoke: "Your account name please."


"Password please."


"Please select a service."

Chris felt butterflies in his stomach as he said: "Single user AII" He had used this service ever since he turned 18. But tonight was very different.

"Counterparty account name please."


The cute hologram continued with the opening series of questions "Counterparty password please."

"Dollar sign TRAP999"

"Counterparty setting please."

Chris had decided the only way he could feel right about this was if his mom made the first move. He said: "Dominant". He thought that was going to ensure that he didn't take advantage of his mom. Little did he know what would be in store for him.

The hologram looked at him and said: "All codes have been accepted. Please lie down and become relaxed. The program will begin in 60 seconds. A count down clock appeared as the holographic hostess faded from sight. Chris quickly removed his clothes and reclined back into his comfortable bed. He closed his eyes just before the program started.

Chapter 4

As Chris opened his eyes he saw his mother standing before him next to his bed. She was dressed in black and in a manner that he had never seen before. Her top was very tight fitting but so sheer that her breasts and nipples were in perfect focus. Her skirt looked like it was made from a shinny soft plastic similar to latex. The hem was only down to her upper thigh level. She had thigh high hose that sparkled like diamonds against a black background. And she wore boots which came to just beneath her knees. The heels appeared to be four inch stilettos. The sight of his mother dressed that way both excited and terrified him at the same moment. Jill's arms had been behind her but as she moved them forward he saw that she was holding a riding crop in her right hand.

Jill used the crop to pull the synthetic sheet away from Chris. His muscular body came into view inch by inch. His genetically enhanced body was magnificent. And as his penis came into full view Jill could see that her son had been blessed by the miracles of genetics. His blood had rushed to his phallus causing it to swell and rise. Despite its 22 centimeter length and its 7.5 centimeter diameter, it looked perfectly proportional to his body.

A smile spread across her face as she took in the sight before her. "My, haven't you grown up into a strapping young man." She used the crop to massage his engorged cock now that it was freed from the sheet. "What should we do about this?"

Chris looked up and meekly said: "Anything you want to mom."

She chuckled and said: "You bet your ass it's anything I want. Now show me if that's its full size. Stroke it for me."

It was already fully rigid, but Chris did as his now dominant mother told him to do. He took his meat into his right hand and stroked its length several times.

"Do you want to put that inside my pussy Christopher? Is that what your sick mind has been thinking about. I don't know how you got my password. But I guess I always knew you were a pervert at heart."

Jill's son was almost crushed by what she said. And how could an AII program know that I lifted her password? Was this somehow LI mode? Was his mom really connected to the server and this is what she thought of him?

She lifted a foot to the edge of his mattress. It allowed her short skirt to ride up far enough to expose his mother's shaved pussy. His eyes were fixed on her labia. They were perfect folds of flesh which concealed everything except the tip of her clitoral hood. Her looks had not been genetically enhanced, but she was stunning in her beauty.

"Don't look at my pussy Christopher. I didn't give you permission to do that. Now kiss my boot."

Chris leaned over and kissed it on the toe.

"Again and this time suck on it."

Before he could act Jill sat down on the foot of the bed. She tucked one leg under her ass and extended the other toward her sex crazed son. Chris leaned down and kissed it again. This time he took the pointed toe into his mouth. He traced it with his tongue and looked up to see if his mother approved. She looked contented so he continued.

"Christopher, did you like looking at my pussy?"

"Yes mother."

"Do you wish to please your mother?"

"Yes, very much."

Jill scooted her ass forward a few inches and the short skirt rode right up her thighs. She looked at her son and said: "I want you to lick me Christopher. I don't want to stop until I have an orgasm. Do you understand?"

Chris nodded that he understood. But that displeased his sexy mother. The crop came down across his bare skin with a smack. "You will answer my questions Christopher. Do you understand?"

"Yes mother, I understand."

Chris repositioned his body and helped his mother pull her tight fitting skirt out of the way so he could have her spread her legs. It was happening he thought. His mother was having him eat her shaved pussy. And he believed somehow this had gone to Live Interactive mode, which meant that his mom was into it.

He licked up and down her labia before spreading them. Her warmth and aroma was intoxicating. His cock felt so hard that he was starting to think it might explode. As he tasted her feminine nectar he looked up for her approval. His mother's head was reclined. She was obviously enjoying his good work.

He alternated between his tongue and his fingers on her hard nub. It swelled with his touch and Jill began to moan in ecstasy. He knew she would cum if he persisted. He sucked her clit and elongated it in his mouth. His sucking pressure slowly increased on her clit as he slid two fingers into her hot wet glove. He was surprised how tight she was. Chris assumed after two kids that she wouldn't be as tight as some of his girlfriends. But Jill's body was exceptional. She responded to his sucking and finger fucking with a thunderous orgasm. Chris felt his head being squeezed by his mother thighs as wave after wave of electricity surged through her. Chris had been engineered for exceptional strength, but his mothers thighs held him tightly in place like a vice lock.

As Jill regained her composure she said: "Your strength and conditioning coaches say you have staying power. Does your cock have that kind of endurance my son?"

"I believe it does mother."

Jill stood and briefly walked away. When she returned she was holding two wrist restraints. "Lay back and place your hands next to the headboard."

This excited Christopher even more than licking her pussy. Being bound to the bed was exactly what he wanted. He was sure that after she restrained his wrists that she was going to fuck him. Jill positioned him in the center of the bed. His wrists were above his head. She turned and walked away once again.

Jill returned and moved beside the bed. She bent over and whispered into his left ear: "Do you trust me Christopher?"

"Yes mother"

He saw his mother pick up what looked like an old fashion remote control device. She pressed a button and his bed started to split apart. The lower half of the bed was pushed back and what looked like two stirrups appeared as extensions. Chris was suddenly very confused.

"Raise your leg and place your calf in here. Now the other leg." Chris was quickly immobilized.

Jill looked sternly at her son: "I know you got my new code from Eric. He is the only one who I have given it to."

Chris suddenly thought she was going to punish him with the crop. He knew he deserved it. But Jill had other ideas. "Did you not realize what my user name means?"

Despite being intellectually superior to virtually all humans, the term $trap had not registered. He was aware that many lesbian encounters involved the use of an artificial phallus. The ancient term was a strap-on. Now he was powerless and his mother totally dominant.

Jill returned wearing a harness and a six inch phallus. She also had lubricant for her son's virgin ass. She looked at him and said: "I'm taking pity on you tonight Christopher. This is my smallest cock."

Chris knew better than to speak. His mother had not asked a question. He was sure if he objected that she would go retrieve an even larger cock. Jill was tender as she lubed his ass. She could have been rough but she had no desire to hurt her son. Finally he felt the phallus penetrate his anal ring. Jillian implored him to relax his muscles. Finally Chris relaxed as he felt the cock's length inside him. She didn't have genetically engineered endurance like her son, but she was experienced at being dominant with both men and women. She knew how to fuck for both power and for maximum enjoyment. She mixed in a little of both for her son.

"Christopher, you must tell me in advance if you think you are getting ready to cum. Do you understand?"

Between her thrusts he grunted out: "Yes mother"

"Do you like my cock in your ass Christopher?"

He was surprised but it was actually very pleasurable. He enjoyed being submissive to her dominance and the sensation to his prostate gland was like he had never experienced. "Yes mother, please keep fucking my ass with your cock."

Despite the intense pleasure he was felling, Chris was not all that close to orgasm. Twenty minutes of straight fucking in Parallax was not going to do it. Chris wanted to pound his meat into his mother's pussy.

Almost as soon as he thought it, his mother pulled out. She unclamped the stirrups and told her son to reconnect the bed. "Now I'm going to allow you to pleasure me with that big hunk of meat between your legs. Can you make me cum Christopher?

"Yes mother."

Jill told her son to remove her top, skirt, and boots. He did so with both lust and admiration for her beauty.

"Now pick me up and lay me on the bed. I want you to fuck me with your cock and suck on my tits. You must not stop until I tell you to stop. If you are about to cum you must tell me first and wait for me to tell you where I want it. Do you understand everything Christopher?"

Chris had already swept her slim athletic body in his arms when he answered: "Yes mother."

Jill's body could have belonged to someone ten years younger. Her breasts (small c-cup or maybe large b-cup) didn't sag and her belly was flat. She reached an arm around her son's neck as he mounted her. Jill's other hand guided her son's ridged pole to her moist opening. She stroked it and then moved her hips up just as her son moved forward with a short thrust. Chris was once again inside the same place from where he was born. His mind was filled with lust as he pulled back and thrust in more deeply. He wanted as much of himself inside her as he could achieve.

Chris did as his mother had requested. He leaned down so he could suck her nipples. His cock never slowed as his rhythm matched hers. It was the best sex he had experienced and it was with his own mom. That was becoming too much for him. The pleasure his body was experiencing and the knowledge that this sex was forbidden was bringing him closer to orgasm.

"Mother, I'm going to cum soon. Is that alright?"

She looked up at him with eyes that were filled with passion. "Cum inside me Christopher. I want it deep up inside me."

That's really all it took. He increased his pace and the couple moaned in unison announcing their timed mutual orgasm. Chris felt his cock head swell inside his mom's tight vagina. And then he was past the point of no return.

"Cumming mom"

Jill's body quaked as she felt his flood of hot semen rushing up through her cervix. If this had been real sex Chris would have almost certainly made his mother pregnant with the potency of his sperm.

A standard Parallax session was two hours. Since Chris had not specified a different length he knew that his time was running out. But he wanted his mom on top. He wanted to support her light frame on his strong body. So he thought hard about his desire, after all it had worked for him before.

Jill got out of bed and looked at her handsome son. "Did you like cumming in my pussy? I bet you wish it was real so you could have knocked me up, don't you?" She smiled and said: "Roll over on your back. I want to ride that monster."

Chris complied but knew that only ten minutes remained. Jill straddled her son and eased her wet hole down on his shaft. It was a perfect fit as far as Chris was concerned. He thought his mother's weight on him was wonderful. Once again a rhythm was established. Both mother and son were lost in their reckless abandonment of morality. Lust was their only emotion as they fucked. Chris looked at his cock. There were only three minutes left.

Then he thought only one thought. He wanted another mutual orgasm. And once again Parallax came through. With a minute left the couple both achieved full climax. Then a final kiss and she was gone.

Chris opened his eyes at the program's termination and looked around. His bed was back to normal. His mom's clothes and toys were gone. All he could do is say: "Wow that was the best ever."

The sex had made him ready for sleep but he wondered about how the computer generated image of his mother knew that he had lifted her password. He was sure he had selected the artificial intelligence interactive mode. But this went so far beyond anything he had done before. So he would have to watch his mom's reactions and try and figure out if she knew.

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