Costume Party


I was sitting staring at the screen on my computer, when Lee came down the stairs. "Writing again?" she asked, looking over my shoulder.

"Nothing is really coming to mind." I told her. "I guess I have about everything that has ever happened to me already posted!"

"Why don't you write about the Halloween Party 2 years ago?" she asked.

"I don't think that really fits for an erotic site." I answered back.

"Yes, it does!" Lee told me. "Sure, there wasn't any real sex, but it would fit the Exhibition category."

We had received the invitation in the mail, I glanced at it and dropped it on the coffee table without a second thought. Lee had picked it up a few hours later, "This sounds like fun!" she said.

I took another look, one of the local car clubs was having a Halloween costume party. They mentioned it would be "A little sexy, a lot of dancing, live music, costume contests, and rooms available to stay overnight if one had a bit too much."

"But we won't know anyone!" I told her.

"We both make friends fast!" she laughed.

So we decided to give it a try, something different, why not? I didn't give it a lot of thought, trusting to Lee to figure out costumes.

In fact, I had almost forgotten about it, when the Saturday morning arrived and Lee showed me a pile of what looked like robes, and told me to put them on.

I was finished with the test scores for my students at the Massage Therapy College I taught at anyway, so I got up and started trying to figure out how to get into the costume.

In short order, with Lee's help, I looked in the mirror and a tall mid-eastern warlord in flowing robes and a smallish turban looked back at me. It was pretty good, even I couldn't tell it was me, the fake beard matched my hair perfectly.

"Cool!" I told her. "What are you going as?"

"You will see," she answered with a giggle and off she went.

While she was dressing, I fiddled with the outfit, and realized that the clothes I was wearing under the robes would melt me before the night was over. So I stripped down to just my underwear, and tried the outfit again. That was lots better. Then feeling a bit naughty, I pulled off the briefs, and pulled on a small bathing suit bottom that I sometimes wore in our hot tub, or for sunning out on the deck.

I was admiring myself in the mirror when Lee came down the stairs. I glanced over her way and my jaw dropped! Her outfit consisted of an almost sheer bodice, with a waistband of some kind of wrinkly looking material, then the bottoms flowed out in loose flowing material. As she stepped down the stairs I could see her legs clearly in flashes that would then hide as the material shifted. The color was a soft Peach mixed with White, with areas of almost complete transparency. As she crossed in front of the light from the other room I could see her bare hip, no hint of anything underneath, then as the angle changed she was covered again.

Sexy as hell, no doubt, but it was the bodice that floored me! She had this huge pair of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen, perky dark nipples almost as clear as if she was nude peeking through the material!

"What the hell!" I thought? Lee is slender, she has nice breasts but she measures a 34B cup, this was a set of 40D if not bigger!

I knew they were fake, but I couldn't tell by looking, and almost instantly I felt myself starting to fill up the pouch of the thin bottoms I wore.

Lee laughed at my expression, hell, I was getting a woody at a pair of fake titties! She showed me how they fit under the top. There was no hint of lines where a bra should be, the fake breasts were actually a top underneath. I reached out and felt one, it was even warm, and felt real! I reached underneath and touched them, they still felt real!

The long flowing red hair she wore looked real, too. I knew it was a wig, but the whole picture was perfection! My instinct was to grab her, "Whoa, big boy!" she said. "Wait until after the party!"

We climbed into my old Camaro and headed out to the hotel where the party was, running fashionably late. They even had an attendant to park the cars, he opened the door for Lee, and his eyes went big as silver dollars as she slid out.

It hit me that this was going to be fun, even I couldn't tell that her new found body was not real.

There was about 30 couples inside as we came down the short steps, and every single pair of eyes turned and stared! I looked around the room, there were a lot of dancing girl costumes, the usual pirates and ghosts, and quite a few of the ladies costumes were rather risqué.

We mingled quickly, several of the men there made comments to me about how fantastic Lee looked. I noticed that if I left her for just a few seconds, she was quickly surrounded by admirers. It was a kick watching men try to talk to her without staring at her top, every time she would glance away, their eyes would go right back to the front of her outfit!

In short order, one of the ladies in a costume I took to be a fairy was hanging on my arm. She told me her name was Trina. We danced a few numbers, I noticed on the slow songs, she would press her slim frame snugly up against me. I can't say I minded much, and a couple of lower than normal explorations convinced me she had nothing on underneath, either.

At one point, I spotted Lee dancing with one of the guys who had been a bit more aggressive, and I saw that he was holding her close, with his left hand holding her right between them. I saw him brush his fingertips across Lee's breast a few times. Of course, she couldn't really feel that, but she knew. I saw her look at me with a pixie grin, as the guy placed her hands on the back of his neck. This freed both of his hands, and he took advantage quickly to begin stroking the sides of her mounds. Getting no protest, he became emboldened, and soon had both of them cupped in his hands.

Others were beginning to notice, too. In no time at all, it was almost a riot between dances as several men vied for her attention, trying to get the next dance.

I noticed Lee shake her head when the one guy tried to interject himself into the situation, he got an angry expression on his face but stepped away. I knew right then that he had done something that bothered Lee or turned her off. But I also knew she could usually take care of herself, so I went back to what was going on around me.

Looking around, I noticed that several of the couples on the dance floor were copping feels of each other, the women, too! Trying to keep track a bit, I noticed that partners were shifting back and forth, kind of like musical chairs. This was getting to be fun!

I spotted Lee across the room dancing with a rather lanky looking young man who just could not keep his hands off of Lee's rubber boobs. She was laughing and having a ball! Then I spotted the other guy just standing off to the side watching her, his eyes were angry. I dismissed him as one of those guys who didn't handle rejection well, and went back to the lady in front of me.

Trina was doing her best to keep my attention, a couple of times I felt her hand brush across my fanny, which had to feel bare to her touch. At one point she somehow found one of the openings in my robes, and I felt her fingers brush across my bare chest. I took that as an invitation, and gathering the robes around us a bit, I rubbed the back of my right hand across her right nipple. She had both hands on my hips at the time, her groin pressed firmly against me. I was nice and hard, she let out a soft moan as we danced, her eyes closed.

Then I felt her hands on my cock, her fingers explored, reached inside the waistband, and she had me in her hands right there on the dancefloor. No one could really tell, the robes did a good job of hiding what she was doing, but some likely knew.

I slid my hand up the side of her bare leg, then around to the front. She squatted slightly to allow me access, I felt the warm slippery flesh of her, she was nude under the light outfit..

I knew we couldn't keep this up or we would end up fucking right there on the dance floor, so I looked around to find Lee, and not seeing her, I excused myself from Trina to find out what she was up to.

I found her sitting on a couch over by the bar, there was a separate section hard to see from the main floor. She had one guy on each side of her, one was the lanky guy I had spotted before, the other was the guy who had been showing quite a bit of interest. The lanky guy was looking extremely uncomfortable.

I got a drink from the bartender, looked over at Lee just in time to see her push the guy's hand away from going up her dress. He was getting a bit insistent, Lee gave me that "Help!" look, so I walked over and said, "Hi Hon, time for us to dance!"

The guy gave me a mean look, and told me to "Take off, buddy!"... Which didn't set too well with me, to be honest.

I took Lee's hand with my left hand and she stood up, the guy got off the couch to confront me, actually starting to reach for my hand to push it away from Lee's.

That was enough, I flicked my right hand out and slapped him with two fingers in the balls, his expression went to one of shock, and he sat back down on the couch.

"This one is my wife, BUDDY!" I told him. Lee and I went out on the dance floor and snuggled up.

"What was all that?" I asked her. Lee told me he had been like an Alligator all night, she kept telling him to keep his hands to himself and he wouldn't. She hadn't minded him rubbing her fake breasts, but then he had reached under her dress and when she had tried to stop him, he became forceful about it.

Then she had told him to leave her alone, and he had told her he was going to fuck her before the night was over. She had responded with "Go away!" Which seemed to piss him off. Then she had moved over the couch with the other man, thinking he would leave her alone, but the jerk had just walked over and sat down when I showed up. I felt a bit guilty because I had missed some of that when I was messing around with Trina.

Just then they announced the prizes, the ladies all lined up first, and Lee easily won with the most applause. I didn't fare so well in the men's lineup, some fellow in a Tinker Bell costume won.

I was grinning at Lee, she was holding the huge bunch of flowers that was the ladies prize when I noticed the jerk was standing off by himself shooting daggers at me.

I really didn't want to get into any fuss, so I tried to ignore him. I was keeping my eyes open, though. Lee and I danced a few more, finally I realized the guy was slowly working his way our direction!

I told Lee that I thought it was time to go, she knew, and said "Yes, let's".. So we started slipping through the crowd towards the exit.

One of the men we passed had spotted it coming, too, and whispered to me as we passed, "Watch out for that guy, he is Ray, and he is a bully!" I just nodded.

We made it to the bottom of the steps leading to the outside when he stepped in front of us. His face was screwed up in anger, as he muttered something about not liking what I did, adding "asshole"....

I started to try and tell him to let it go when I saw his body shift to take a swing. I slapped him right in the face with a backhand, then popped him in the solar plexus with another. I was about ready to give him the 3rd one when I saw there was no need, his eyes were watered and he was choking.

Lee and I stepped around him, and started up the stairs. I realized the whole room was silent, these people all knew each other and we were the strangers here.

Then Lee reached inside her outfit and tripped the hidden catch, and pulled the fake breasts out of her bodice!

She threw them at the guy, who managed to catch them even though he was still choking a bit. The whole room erupted in laughter and applause!

We went through the doors to our car, when one of the other guys came up to us.

Wary, I looked at him, he just said, "Hey, no one has ever handled Ray like that. Thanks, we are all fed up with him!"

Then he looked at Lee, her real breasts clearly visible under the parking lot lights.

"I like those lots better!" He said with a grin...

We both laughed and hopped in the car for home.

Last year when the invitation showed up for the party, we both read it and grinned. In the trash can it went...

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