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Costume Party


My wife Debbie worked at a large office complex where civilian contractors work for military weapons systems. Every year at Halloween they threw a raucous costume party with booze and dance. Debbie would tell me about all the office politics and romantic affairs. I often wondered if she was immune to those affairs she assured me were rampant in the office. We have been married just over a year.

Debbie is a plain, frizzy blonde who looks great in a skirt. Her physique isn't athletic, but she keeps trim. That gives her plenty of curves where they're needed. I've heard people describe her as having a "nice personality." She convinced me to go to her first Halloween party with her, but I'm not really sure why. I only knew one other couple there, out of some two hundred plus people.

Their party is one hundred percent costume, so we put some effort into getting some outfits. Debbie acquired a sexy gangster style outfit that consisted of a tiny pinstripe dress and gangster hat. The hemline was barely below crotch level, and she wore garters, fishnets, and knee-high boots with it. She put on black lace panties under the skirt. Just watching her put it on was exciting; any movement at all exposed her panties, but it all fit the costume. Mine was a simple gothic robe designed to make me look like a vampire figure. The medallion and satin-lined hood looked really cool.

I'm not sure what I had been expecting, but over two hundred people was certainly a surprise. There was just too many people. The buffet bar was wrecked, the punch bowl was empty, and the drink bar was the only functioning service. Debbie isn't good with booze, but there was nothing else to drink. We ordered drinks and hoped for the best, not sure we would ever get them. Our costumes fit right in, although Debbie's was pretty revealing. There were a few candy striper outfits and lingerie costumes that showed more than they should have, so Debbie wasn't too out of the park. The most revealing was worn by two of the guys, that I saw. They were naked, except for those gag elephant-nose bikini briefs where their penis is inserted into the elephant's nose. I kept waiting for them to be escorted out, but apparently they were within the bounds of reason.

I was lost right away. I had no idea who to talk to or what to do. Debbie knew everyone, and she got roped almost immediately by friends. I sighed at my wonderful fortune for the evening and just stood around like an idiot. Debbie, to her credit, came by to check on me several times, and I would hand her a fresh drink.

The band started about an hour after we got there, and I drifted closer to the dance floor. Picking my wife out of the crowd, I signaled her for a dance. The floor was so crowded, that we could barely move. We danced a full dance and a partial second. During the second dance, one of those naked guys with the elephant nose squeezed through. I watched him approach and saw what he was doing. His "nose" was sticking straight out. He had a nice erection under that nose and was busy circulating behind the women dancers. I watched him move from woman to woman and slide his erection between the legs of the dancers from behind. Just one or two pumps, and he was moving on. I suspected he would get every female on the dance floor, and he did. He pumped twice behind Debbie, and I saw his "nose" appear twice from between her thighs as she danced.

Debbie squealed and spun around. That was the end of the dance for me, because she laughed and hugged naked guy. She kept dancing, but was facing him now. He nodded and laughed at something she said and he danced close for a couple seconds. His "nose" again speared between my wife's legs, but this time from the front. She burst out laughing and grabbed his shoulders to hang on. He grabbed her hips and just started pumping his nose back and forth between her thighs. It had to be rubbing her panties. She laughed harder.

What a prick. Maybe he could have asked me before he dry-fucks my wife in front of two hundred people? And did she have to look like it was a load of fun for her?

I left the dance floor to get another drink. Tonight was just peachy; maybe the IRS would serve me with an audit to top it all off. Near the bar, I ran into the only other couple I knew there, Rick and Katy. Rick was a boisterous back-slapper who had little respect for anyone. Katy was an earnest brunette with one of those Egyptian cuts. I always had the impression she was intensely considering something. Rick was dressed as a sultan, and Katy as a sexy bride. Her white dress was as short as Debbie's. I'm sure if I watched Katy, I'd see the flash of her white panties. Her garters, white stockings and short white veil were the antithesis of Debbie's costume.

Rick glanced at me and shrugged me off. He wandered away, leaving his wife there talking to me.

"I don't know why I come to these," she said.

"Me either. Debbie doesn't need me here." I pointed to her on the dance floor. She was still getting teased by elephant nose.

"Maybe if we worked here, it would be different," she squinted around at the people.

I snorted. "Well, of course it would. Maybe then it would be me getting away with sticking my penis in between dancers legs."

"What?" She blinked at me.

I pointed to the dance floor again. "See him?"

Katy nodded.

"He poked his erection between the legs of every female dancer out there, including my wife."

"Oh, yes. He's the Lead Project Manager. Rick's told me about him." Katy folded her arms in a self-hug.

"How many of these have you come to?" I asked.

"This is my third. Everyone uses it as an excuse to flirt."

I took it that she meant Rick. But he flirted with everyone. Then again, she might have been right. I looked around the room and started studying the people. I didn't know who was who and who was attached, but there did seem to be a lot of close contact and flirting going on. I glimpsed my wife on the dance floor and strained to see her. She was dancing with some other guy now.

Katy and I had nothing else to do, so we talked while our spouses circulated. Debbie would come and go, collecting a drink each time. After her fifth drink, we noted that her dress was getting disheveled. I pulled Debbie close and told her that maybe we should go. I didn't want her doing anything she would regret.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Debbie demanded of me.

"Huh?" She never talked to me like this.

"I'm here with friends for the company party and you want to screw it up?" Her words were slightly slurred.

"I think we should go." I started to take her arm.

She pulled back sharply and glared at me. She turned to the bathrooms and stalked off.

"Gee, my newlywed bride sure loves to listen to her husband, doesn't she?" I shook my head.

"I'm sorry," Katy said. "I know exactly how you feel. Rick does that to me all the time."

We commiserated together for a few minutes until Debbie wandered back from the bathrooms. She handed me some wadded up lace. "Here, hold these, would you? They're bothering me."

I looked down as she sauntered back to the dance floor. She had taken off her panties. My eyes got big as I showed them to Katy. She just pursed her lips.

We moved to follow so I could keep an eye on my wife. Debbie was back out on the dance floor and her movements hid nothing. She was flashing with each move. She was dancing with some guy in a toga. We watched as the guy would pull her in close and she would lift her miniskirt a good five or six inches up, revealing everything while rubbing against his leg. People began to notice.

"Maybe I should drag her out of there?" I wrung my hands in frustration, and a little bit of disgust.

"I bet she'd make a scene," Katy muttered.

Elephant guy had noticed, and he passed up everyone to get behind Debbie. He made a few pumps and then grabbed her hips. Debbie pumped back against him. He began pumping slower. Debbie lifted her skirt and everyone looking could see she was naked underneath.

Agitation and anger ate at me, but as long as she was on the dance floor, she couldn't get into any trouble. She was going to get eight or nine earfuls at home, though. I know many men used this kind of thing as an excuse to wildly beat their wives and send them in a bloody mess to the emergency room, as if that really solved anything, but I wasn't one of them.

"I lost Rick." Katy craned her neck around.

We moved to the other side of the dance floor and saw him cornering a little redhead. He was leaning close and talking. I saw Katy stiffen and her jaw line twitch. Her hands made fists, but she made no move to walk over to him.

"I hate these parties," she said.

"Dance with me?" I smiled.

"Sure, why not? I can be just as lewd."

We moved to the dance floor and I pulled Katy in close. She pressed against me and we moved in a tight dance. I held her with relish; she was a pretty woman. Katy was true to her word and worked her hips against my leg, rubbing her thinly covered mound up and down against me.

"I can be just as lewd," she repeated when the dance was finishing.

We left the floor and went for more drinks. I stayed close to her, not wanting to give up the space she was allowing me into. No one seemed to care, since we were pretty tame in comparison. We looked like any other married couple, hip to hip and face to face.

"You know, I don't see Debbie anymore," she said after draining her last sip.

I looked around the dance floor. Hot flares of anger and jealousy picked at me. "Crap."

"I'll help you look," she said as she pulled me after her.

I followed and scanned the rooms as we passed them. We scoured the first floor and finally nodded at the stairs to the second floor offices. Katy made sure to go up before me on the stairs, and I knew exactly what she was doing by it. She was giving me a good view of her white panties. I was a little delirious with drink and panties when she backed up from a doorway and pushed on my chest.

"Mmm, maybe we should just go home." She glanced around.

It took me a second, but I heard voices from the room and one was Debbie's. I pushed around Katy and into the office. Katy tried to stop me by hauling on my arm, but I wasn't slowed, I just pulled her frail frame along with me. Debbie was in there. She, or someone, had removed her little mini-dress. All she had on were her garters and stockings. She was laid back on the desk as elephant guy worked his uncovered erection in and out of her vagina. Four other guys stood around her, one with his cock in her mouth.

I was blown away at the sight. Debbie had never done anything like this. Was it the booze? Was she really that pissed at me? Was she drunk and not aware of getting fucked? Or maybe she had been doing this all along, mixing with the romance of the office place like she said everyone else did? Was this an every day occurrence? Was this why she didn't wear panties to work under her dresses? How many cocks would she take before coming home every day?

As if to answer the question, elephant guy strained against my wife's hips and shot his load into her. He pulled out to show that he wasn't even wearing a condom. Debbie made no move except to open her legs wider as the next guy moved up and slid his cock into her. He pumped her forcefully, comfortably, like he had done it before. No condom on him, either. The desk shook slowly as he fucked her. Debbie put out for me twice a week. Here she was taking everyone who was waiting without complaint and we were barely married a year. I felt cheap, cheated, and disgusted.


Katy finally succeeded in pulling me away and out the door. "I'm so sorry."

I just blinked.

Katy wrapped me in a hug. After the typical "timer" on "friendly" hugs had elapsed, I grew aware of the close press of her barely covered body. I could still hear the desk rhythmically scraping along the floor behind me. The sound of the fucking - the grunts, the moans, the scraping of the desk, and my wife's muffled cries of pleasure - stirred me into passion.

I should have been in there. My penis hardened rapidly. She should have been asking me for more sex if she needed it. She should have been getting her pleasure from me rather than from some dude with whom she worked. My erection ached. It was pressed into Katy's crotch and I realized I was making movements against her that spoke of my lust.

Why was I turned on by the situation in the room behind me? Was it because my wife liked it? Whatever it takes to make her happy? Or was it more that she still loved me and stayed married to me while making sure she took care of her needs with quiet affairs? Did I somehow admire her for being so independent and yet still coming home every night? Why was I burning with lust? I hadn't gotten hard until I was out of the room, so it wasn't the sight of her getting fucked. It wasn't just some visual stimulation. No, it was much different than that. Was it some form of worship where I had a low self-esteem and viewed her as a better person? Or was I the better person but secretly admired her trashy, fuck-everyone values? Was I totally off the mark? Too deep in my thinking? Or too shallow?

I noted Katy responding against me, her crotch pressing into mine. The sounds from behind me made me dizzy. Was my lust fueled not by psychological reasons but by something as simple as the lure of the forbidden?

Nah. I had no desire to molest children, or small puppies, so it wasn't the forbidden. Katy would have been coming on to me from the start if it was about something you "couldn't have." And then it came to me. The lust and burning passion wasn't so much an indicator of some bizarre psychological problem, but rather just as simple as easy pleasure.

Behind me, Debbie was getting her pussy pleasured by a handful of willing dicks who would go back to their own wives and girlfriends and leave her with only the pleasure of having had nasty sex. She wouldn't have to argue with them afterward. She wouldn't have to do their laundry or cook for them. She wouldn't have to worry about their approval, because she had gotten their approval up front as they slid their cocks into her. Simple pleasure with no "strings" attached. She was getting satisfied and thrilled with the forbidden knowing she could come home after and resume her normal, happy life.

No strings for them or her, but all the strings for me. I was the one faced with having to address an STD result from all this. I was the one who would be expected to raise and provide for the little bastard children that could come along. Bastards.

As for me, I must have envied her. Or maybe I envied the guys doing her. I found my hands roaming over Katy and even up under her miniskirt. Her hands cupped my butt and pulled me in. My lust echoed the sounds because I was in some ways happy that she was getting her easy pleasure. At the same time, though, I was jealous on a couple of levels. What she was doing was supposed to be mine, only. The guys in there were using something of mine. I felt violated inside myself for what they were doing to her. Yet they were merely doing what she had given them permission to do.

Fine. Everyone might be the master of their own bodies, but shouldn't she have at least asked me? I can't imagine ever saying yes to her asking, but then I suppose that's why she didn't ask. She decided and opened her legs. It was up to us to deal with that rift in our marriage when we went home. Better that she had asked, I had said no, and she had done it anyway than how it had transpired. At least I would have felt respected out of it.

My fingers were reaching in between Katy's legs and she was moaning quietly against my shoulder. The silliness of my thoughts struck me as I realized that I wasn't willing to wait to see if Katy should go ask her husband. I pulled her into the adjacent office and shut the door. My lust was driving me and my passion was hot right now. No, I wouldn't be seeking to engage in passion with Katy by asking permission first. That seemed to be counter-productive. I think if we both stepped back and took the time to ask, then the moment would be lost.

I laid Katy back onto the couch and removed her panties. Passion doesn't wait for permission. When it comes, it can't be denied by logic. No, it needs satisfying the moment it arrives. With two willing people knowing there's no strings, there's no reason or time for permission. I knelt down to Katy's thighs and she opened her legs for me. I felt happy to be here lowering my face to something that belonged only to Rick. I felt no animosity towards him, or competitiveness. I didn't feel like I was stealing anything from him. As my tongue touched her lips, I felt only satisfaction that I was about to give her pleasure. If anything, I felt closer to Rick in that I can know that we've shared the same pleasure - almost thankful to him for the pleasure I was taking, even though it was without his knowledge or permission.

Katy arched her back and grabbed my head as I worked my tongue over her folds. I was rock hard. I had my face down in this married woman's pussy, licking away like I was her husband. But I would be sending her back to him after she was pleasured. Her moans sounded lusty and happy - they weren't faked. I felt honored that she had allowed me to experience this, to give her pleasure, and to satisfy her lust. I felt happy, complete. Katy's body squirmed under my tongue and her movements built in speed and urgency. Her body bucked and she started gasping.

I guess I was doing it the way she liked it.

She gripped my head and shuddered. I thought she was going to pass out. "Oh wow... I never come that fast! Mmm wow!"

She was pulling on me and I knew she wanted me in her. I quickly pulled off my costume and released my aching cock. It was smeared with pre-come from when I was out in the hall listening to my wife get fucked. She cocked one leg over the back of the couch and rested her other foot on the floor. Her sexy body was spread out beneath me as I climbed onto her. She had a huge smile on her face that lit up her features. She was so pretty. I didn't see any questions or doubts crossing her mind as I aimed my penis at her.

No, no doubts. Only eager anticipation.

"Mmm, fuck me..." Katy raised her hips and tilted her very wet pussy up at me. She looked beautiful in that wedding dress.

Was that an invitation? Permission? I laughed to myself, happy.

I gripped my penis and rubbed it around her swollen lips. I smiled at her and stared into her captivating blue eyes. There was no stopping us, I think. If the door had opened and both our spouses walked in, I think we would have kept going. They would have had to wait while we fucked. I positioned the head of my erection between her lips and teased her opening. She squirmed harder, trying to get it inside her.

Gee, no second thoughts? No wondering where your husband is? My thoughts were chasing each other around in my head. I didn't know what tomorrow or even later tonight would bring as far as how we dealt with our spouses, but for right now, all that mattered was that I slide my hardness into this willing woman. So I did. I pushed gently. The head disappeared inside her wet folds. She felt very warm and wonderful.

Katy's hips surged up to meet my gentle push. I slid in slowly, relishing the feel of my shaft sliding into her eager wetness. My cock was triumphantly penetrating the forbidden pussy of one of our friends. Katy moaned in satisfaction, relief, and lust. She wanted this fucking as much as I did. Her eyes would cross a little, then refocus. As I pulled out, her eyes closed and opened, slightly crossed, maybe even swimming. I slowly thrust back in, all the way, until our pubic bones ground gently together. This might be the only time I ever got to fuck Katy, and I was going to enjoy it.

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