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Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday, I have always loved getting dressed up in costumes, and going out in public all dressed up, this year was no different in that fact. However what was different this year was they type of costume I wore.

For years I went with simple, but kinda pretty costumes- safe costumes in other words. The cat costume- ears tail, and a outfit of black jeans and turtle neck. The witch- hat and almost ankle length black dress. The Priestess- full coverage dress and a circlet. Always I looked "nice" "cute"- safe.

This year I have decided I was going to do my costume differently. This year, if I got "cute" it would be fallowed by "but sexy." I've become more comfortable with my body, I have started to enjoy showing it off, and I was very happy with the out come.

Those that know me intimately were not too surprised by the subject matter, they however were very surprised- and happy with the manner in which I made the costume.

I was a fairy, but a very naughty fairy. The skirt of my black dress went to three inches above my knees, but it was all torn up, the rips ending a good three or four inches higher. The top of the dress I pinned to my bra so it showed maximum cleavage, and then offset that cut with a beautiful corset. Covering my legs were fishnet tights and my fuck me boots. I looked good, I looked hot, and I felt sexy as hell.

Today was the day after Halloween, but that didn't mean my enjoyment was over, for tonight I was going to a costume party.

I had been looking forward to this party for weeks, ever since I received the invitation, for a few reasons. It was a chance for me to get out of the house, out of the town and go spend time with my friends who I see so seldom due to the distance between where we live. I will not lie the other reason I was so excited about this party was because there were hopefully going to be several guys there that I have been very attracted to for a long time, one of them was even the host of the party.

My story for you is not what happened at the party, though I did enjoy myself and had a lot of fun that night, but rather what I had wished had happened at that party.


The night was just dark enough, with a slight chill, enough to send some inside, but for me it was a perfectly cool evening. I stepped out of my van and took a deep breath, excitement already pooling low in my belly. No matter how long it has been between visits it's always the same, excitement warring with nervousness and pure happiness.

I pull on my wings and walk up the short distance from where I parked to the house. Looking up on the hill I see that my friends have already started to gather and are building a small bonfire, the perfect addition to the night. I stop briefly inside to add my offerings to the party list, and then I am out at the fire.

One of the first people to catch my attention is my ex boyfriend Chris. His costume is very simple, and totally him. But what truly sparked my interest was the addition of two eyebrow rings since I had last seen him. I have always had a weakness for facial piercings and tattoos, and these added to Chris's rugged looks.

Just a few minuets after seeing him and already fantasies were playing in my mind, mixtures of memory and desire.

I was thinking of the last Halloween, when at the end of the night we curled up in my best friend Jimmy's bed and slept; until Chris decided to wake me- his hand down my panties slowly teasingly rubbing my clit until I started to wake, then faster and harder until I was cumming all over his hand. Remembering how I repaid his mischievous ways by pushing him down on his back, starting to kiss and nibble his neck, and ears, the most responsive parts of his upper body. Then I was making my way down his torso, to his pants, pulling them down just low enough to let his dick spring free. I give him a playfully evil look before I start my assault, licking his hard dick from base to tip, playfully nipping the sensitive spots, swirling my tongue over the head already leaking pre-cum. His arms are bracing the the walls trying to keep the bed from moving even as he fights to remain quiet under my ministrations. I move from my teasing onto sucking his dick hard and fast. Alternating between deep throating him, and using my hand to stroke his length as I suck and lick at the head. When he cums into my mouth with a muffled groan, I suck down every last drop giving one last lick before moving back up the bed to cuddle and kiss him, noticing that Jimmy is getting up and leaving the room....

I come out of my memories wet and horny, but join in the conversation and the party, meeting some new people, but always my eyes are seeking out Jimmy, he is dressed up as a girl this year, and a very pretty one at that. Where most people would be offset by guys in drag it doesn't bother me, and sometimes can add to the excitement. I find him and our eyes lock, as always feelings of desire run through my body, adding to the wetness between my legs. I move as close to him as I dare with all these people around. The night progresses and I stay with him for a bit moving between all the little groups that form over conversations and then drift apart. Soon it is only me and Jimmy outside in the light of the bonfire, he is sitting next to me rubbing up and down my inner thighs I'm sure he can feel the heat from my desire but he never runs his hand up high enough for any real fun to start.

But in my head I am remembering that one stolen night between us, how he showed up at my door in the middle of the night unexpectedly. We went back to my room to talk like we have so many times before, then he was climbing into bed with me. Kissing me firmly his hands were making there way under the blanket- my only covering- stroking my body to full arousal. I can only whimper and moan under his treatment before moving on to nip his neck, running my hands in turn over his body finding that he is already hard, and stroking his dick through his pants. Soon he is pulling off his shirt and then his pants, it is only moments later that he is filling me. As he is thrusting into me hard and fast we are kissing, nipping, and holding onto each other. We switch up positions, he moves me into doggy style and mounts me in a way no other ever has. Wrapping his legs around mine in an odd but delightful way, it allows him to pound into me faster and harder then before. With a quiet scream I am cumming hard around him, and hearing a grunt from him I know he has cum as well.

I focus back on the conversation and notice that people have started coming back outside. I am disappointed for I was hoping for something, maybe a quick roll in the grass even. Jimmy flashes me a smirk and I know he can read my disappointment clearly. Later on at the end of the night when every one who is staying over is finding places to crash, Jimmy tells me, that if I want to take a shower and wash off the blue hair spray and the glitter that covers my body, I am welcome to. A little while after I have climbed into the shower and am enjoying the warm spray, washing all the cosmetics off I hear the door open and pause for a minuet not sure who has entered. When I hear the rustle of clothes I blush thinking maybe some one is too drunk or too desperate to care that there is some one in the shower, and are about to relive themselves.

When the curtain pulls back and Jimmy climbs in I am pleasantly surprised, no words or time is wasted. We are kissing and rubbing at each others bodies, stroking each other to frenzy, he is pushing me against the wall and parting my legs, thrusting his length deeply into my willing wet pussy. It is amazing the feelings of him thrusting hard into me the warm water cascading over us, his lips against mine, his hands gripping my hips hard almost painfully. Soon I am cumming so hard I swear I am seeing stars and I know he is cumming with me. With one last kiss and a light rinse he is leaving the shower first. I am too dazed to say much of anything. When I have finished showering, drying off and getting dressed in my boxers and t-shirt I find that he has already gone to bed. I don't have the courage to go join him in his room.

So feeling warm and fuzzy still I make my way into the living room and find a couch to rest upon. I noticed upon entering that Chris has claimed the other couch and is apparently fast asleep. I gaze slightly longingly on him before laying down and getting comfortable on my chosen bed. Sleep has almost claimed me when I feel another body climbing over mine, lips finding my neck and working all my hot spots, when I open my eyes it is to see Chris. He slowly moves his lips to mine leaving light kisses along my jaw line. He gives me a long hard searing kiss, our tongues battling much as they used to. "One more go for old times sake?" He whispers in my ear before renewing his assault upon my neck and I am helpless to tell him No. It doesn't take us long to remove our clothing, doing the things that we know will entice the other, my biting at his ears and neck hard but careful not to leave marks, his rubbing and pulling at my breasts and nipples.

He has me move into doggy style, our favorite position, and he rubs his dick over my ass, before shifting down to enter me. I am dripping wet and I know my pussy is clenching him tightly by the hiss that leaves his mouth, after a minuet he is thrusting in and out slowly then a little faster. He never gets as rough as I like it, but he makes up for this by reaching down and massaging that spot on my lower back which always drives me crazy with desire. As he rubs it I start bucking matching him thrust for thrust. Only quiet moans and the sound of skin hitting skin fill the room. The added excitement that is in the air, the chance of getting caught spurs us on faster. All too soon he pulls out and I feel him cum over my ass, I smile knowing some things never change.

Chris has always been an ass man and enjoyed cumming on mine. I roll over and he reaches down between my legs parting my lower lips with his fingers. Finding my clit, the little bundle of nerves already sensitive to touch, he rubs around my clit brushing his finger tips over it closer and closer, harder and harder until i cum hard. My whole body bucking up and down. With one last kiss we get redressed before he moves back over to his couch and settles down to sleep, warm and fuzzy once again I roll over to do the same.

Morning comes all too soon, as I hear Chris getting up and putting on his boots. Then he leaves the house, and as I hear his truck leave the driveway I know that our actions will be a happy memory, but not something that we will talk about again. I follow his example and get ready to leave myself, I go and get my change of clothes from the van. Going into the bathroom I change quickly, when I exit I see Jimmy has woken, and is sitting at the table. I give him a warm look and greet him with a sleepy good morning, but before anything can be said his bedroom door opens and I see that his girlfriend showed up sometime last night after I fell asleep.

I have no ill feelings for her and am in fact a little bit attracted to her, and she had asked me before to sleep with her. Though I said yes nothing ever came from it. As far as I know she doesn't know about Jimmy and my actions, and it is best that way.

This just shows me that my choice was correct it was time for me to go. Telling them goodbye I take my leave, and as I drive away it is with a smile on my face. I enjoyed myself last night and have two new memories to fantasize about in the middle of the night when I am alone.

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