tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCote d'Azur Wedding Ch. 05

Cote d'Azur Wedding Ch. 05

byTravel Girl©

This is a true story which happened while on a business trip to Europe. Doing a favor for a business colleague turned into an opportunity to explore an unknown side of elegance, culture and fantasy of which I will never forget.


I was still reeling from my rendezvous with Jean-Paul, but I also knew Jurgen may have returned or would be returning soon.

When I got to his suite, I was still alone. I ran a bath and climbed in. The hot soapy water felt wonderful and I washed my hair and body and then enjoyed a long soak.

I thought about the last couple of days and realized none of it could have been anticipated. The entire wedding party had been a complete surprise and the details had been amazingly spontaneous; whether the preparations getting ready for the party, the party itself, my sexual encounters with Jurgen, Marco and Jean-Paul. My pattern had emerged again; traveling in an interesting location, being presented with opportunities for an adventure, and of course the attractiveness of the men. At the moment, I was content to enjoy the full sensations without any regrets.

I did think about how much I should tell Jurgen, if anything. I had enjoyed his generosity and hospitality, but it was not like we were now a couple. Did he deserve to know? Would it bother him?

I eventually got out of the bathtub and dried off. I had a towel around me and a smaller one on my hair as I walked out to look over the terrace at the magnificent view. I felt extremely fortunate to be in the South of France, in luxurious accommodations, being pampered, and finally how my sexual needs had been so wonderfully met. When you speak about the glass being half empty or half full, I am generally a half full person. In this case however, the glass was overflowing.

It was with these thoughts going through my head that Jurgen returned.

I heard, "Hello Beth, I see you are ready to go."

I understood he was joking and took the jab in stride, "First thing out of your mouth is to complain, huh?"

He laughed and came over to give me the European kiss greeting.

He said, "So how was your day?"

I replied, "Great, how was your visit?"

He responded, "Ah, well, long drive. But it was nice to see them."

We looked out over the view silently for a moment before Jurgen inquired, "Are you hungry yet?"

I replied, "Actually yes. How about you?"

"Yes, me too. I had a light lunch, but could be ready before too long."

We headed back in and talked about timing. My clothes and makeup were down in my room as I began to brush out my hair. Jurgen came up behind me and gave me a hug with my back against his chest.

I sank back against him and said, "So, did you miss me?"

He responded by pulling my towel off. I let it fall to the bathroom floor as he cupped my breasts in his hands.

I continued, "I thought you were hungry?"

He gave my breasts a squeeze, laughed, and said, "Ah yes, I seem to be distracted."

I reached down and felt his hard cock over his slacks, and said, "I can tell."

A lot was going through my mind. What would Jurgen think about my encounters with Marco and Jean-Paul? Did he need to know? I also realized that all the great sex of the last 24 hours had not satisfied me. No wait, that is the wrong word. I had been fully satisfied each time. A better expression would be that all the sex had fully aroused me as if I still wanted more. Not out of control, but really in a heightened state of hunger. If I could have more, I wanted it.

I turned around and we kissed. I said, "If I am going to get any food, I better get you refocused."

He laughed as I knelt down in front of him. I undid his pants and slipped them off. His hard dick was standing out straight and I pounced on it.

There are a great many times when sex is best slow and with wonderful foreplay. Other times, and I sensed this was one, a bit of fury is more in order.

I had his cock deep in my mouth as I began to hungrily suck him. I put both hands on his ass and pulled him even deeper. He was rock hard and I began to bob my head up and down on him. I think I am pretty good at sucking a guy's cock, and it has always been something I have enjoyed. In any event, I have never heard any complaints.

I knew I would get no complaints this time either and I realized I could give Jurgen a fast orgasm by continuing this way as I felt his dick harden as he groaned.

Sure enough, even though it had only been a couple of minutes since I started sucking him, his intensity increased and he pulled back. He took his cock in his hand and gave a couple of strokes before shooting off on my chest, followed by a second spurt.

I took him back in my mouth and felt a smaller spurt in my mouth. A guy tends to be very sensitive right after orgasm and as I sucked him I could sense him tense up. From previous experience and conversation, I also knew this was a great feeling too.

I gradually eased up and pulled off of him. I looked up at him and said, "Feeling better now?"

He smiled. "That was quite intense. I don't remember getting off quite that fast before."

I took a tissue and wiped off my chest. He had made quite the mess of my tits.

I laughed, "I had been already cleaned up, you rat."

He pulled me toward him and we kissed again, softly and sweetly.

He said, "You continue to surprise me."

I responded, "I hope that is a good thing."

"Beth, better than good. Quite a bit better, my dear."

I smiled in response.

I went back to the bedroom and put on my bikini and cover-up as Jurgen followed behind, now fully nude.

I mentioned I would need to continue getting ready in my room. We agreed to meet in about 30 minutes in the lobby.

I made it back to my room and took a quick shower and got ready. This was a light makeup evening for me, and I opted for a simple black skirt and a white sleeveless sweater. I had not really packed for this trip thinking I was going to the South of France. But I thought the look was fine. I wore simple black heels and my hair down. I love the summer look without having to wear stockings.

I made it down to the lobby and did not see Jurgen yet. There were a lot of people moving around. It would have been fun to just people watch for a while.

I found Jurgen in the bar with a glass of champagne. He had obviously not been there long as his glass was full.

He greeted me and asked if I wanted one too. I am a pushover for champagne, and quickly agreed. The bar was perhaps half-full.

Jurgen said, "You look great, by the way." He was dressed in tan slacks with a flowing silky white shirt.

I responded, "Thank you. You also." This was the full truth.

The bar scene was partially to enjoy our drinks and as he had been waiting for me, but I realized it also had the benefit of again showing me off as his date.

I can usually expect to draw some looks when I enter a room. I understand the male psychology well enough to know he liked showing me off. That is fine, and I did not mind. So I went along with it, by giving him a kiss on the cheek as I put my arm around his shoulder.

I did not bother looking around. I knew anyone who was paying attention would see I was not his daughter, had there been the slightest chance of that anyway.

Jurgen seemed to appreciate my cooperation as he gave me a light kiss on the lips as we then clinked our glasses and took a sip.

Jurgen asked if I had any preference for style of food. I told him I was flexible, but preferred if we could eat outside if possible.

He replied, "Perfect. I know a good place. I will be right back."

He left me at the bar as he went to the concierge, I presumed to make a reservation.

I looked around the bar and got a few smiles. Had I been alone, I had no doubt that it would not have been for long.

I sipped my champagne and Jurgen returned. "We are all set. It is not far, but we will take a taxi."

He finished his champagne in one gulp and looked at me.

I laughed, "I see you are ready to go."

He smiled in return. I got the hint and finished my glass as he signed for the drinks. We headed out through the lobby to the front entrance, got our waiting taxi, and headed off to the restaurant.

I was very pleased by his choice. Sometimes outdoor places can be a little casual. This was not. The dress of the staff, the décor, the entire look of the place was classy, and likely expensive.

They had both indoor and outdoor seating, and the place was packed. I asked how he got us a table so easily.

Jurgen replied, "I never said it was easy, but the hotel staff was glad to pull a few strings."

He was spending a few dollars at the hotel, no doubt about that.

We were right on the water. There was foot traffic as this was the main drag and there were a variety of restaurants, shops and bars nearby. It was fun to watch the people go by as we were seated at our fine table. Even the table setting and glasses were exquisite.

Our waiter came by and introduced himself, bringing menus. He asked if we wanted an aperitif to start. Jurgen asked, "Start with champagne?"

My smile alone was enough to begin, although I did ask, "Do you have a rose champagne by the glass?"

"Oui, mademoiselle."

Jurgen replied, "Two of those."

I will admit I enjoy being pampered this way. But I am always appreciative, as I don't feel entitled to such treatment. At home, I can be happy with a hamburger and a diet coke or beer, but the opportunity to indulge in the finer things life has to offer is always a pleasure.

We did a quick scan of the menu and Jurgen was also already evaluating the wine list as our waiter quickly returned with the champagne.

He asked what I was leaning toward for my meal, as I understood he wanted to select a proper wine.

I had been drinking white wine earlier, and I had hoped for a red with dinner, so I had already been looking at meat dishes.

I said to Jurgen, "How about we select something to go with a nice red wine?"

He smiled, "Thank you. I think we can handle that."

I actually already had my heart set on chateaubriand, but it was for two persons. However, I thought there was a good chance I could interest Jurgen. I had a high confidence anyway.

I knew from many times with Jurgen in business dinners that he had good taste in wine. He began looking at the menu again and I saw my chance.

I said, "Jurgen?"

He half looked up from the menu, quizzically. I just smiled at him, and then got his full attention. He put down the menu and looked at me with a puzzled smile.

I continued, "What would you think about sharing a chateaubriand?"

He gave a hearty laugh. "Ah, I am glad to see you willing to take the initiative. After our earlier episode, I would be afraid to defy you in any way."

I smiled, "Thank you Jurgen."

A good blowjob can certainly help get some nice cooperation. My own little secret of course was that I liked giving him the blowjob too. No need to make that point clearly though.

He replied, "May I select my own appetizer?"

It was my turn for a hearty laugh at his response. I smiled and nodded, "By all means."

Jurgen raised his glass, saying, "I would really like to thank you for coming here. It has been wonderful having this 'holiday' with you."

I responded, "Thank you for inviting me. I have had a thoroughly wonderful time. And I do appreciate you taking such nice care of me."

Our waiter returned and informed us of the specials and answered a couple of questions. But we were ready to order.

Jurgen ordered the entrée and wine. I also ordered truffles with noodles as an appetizer, which made Jurgen laugh as he intended to get that as well. The waiter left and Jurgen said, "I should have just left this evening in your hands."

I said, "I am glad you did not. I would never have known about this place, could never have gotten a table, and I am sure you selected a better wine than I could have. So let's say we both contributed."

We toasted to that. La dolce vita.

Jurgen inquired how my day went. I described how I had spent time on the terrace, beach and the pool. I was pretty vague about the details.

He was not interrogating me, but seemed genuinely interested. He asked if I had run into anyone from the party. I had not thought about that, but told him no.

He replied with, "Too bad, I would have enjoyed having them see you in a bathing suit and envy me even more."

I talked about the American couple I met on the beach, and her reluctance to go topless. This made him inquire as to my attire. When I mentioned I like going topless, he replied with how he would have liked to see that.

I said, "Why? You have seen a lot more than that."

He replied, "Oh, that is different of course. I would have enjoyed seeing how people look at you, and how you interact with them."

I took a chance and told him a little bit about my incident with Marco, saying, "I almost gave Marco a heart attack. I was sunning myself fully nude on the terrace when he came into the room."

He inquired more, so I told him how I had treated it casually but that Marco seemed very embarrassed.

Jurgen replied, "I would have loved seeing that interaction."

I was not sure whether to mention more had happened or not, when Jurgen continued, "So, were you tempted to do anything with him in that circumstance?"

I asked, "Why would you be interested in that?"

He clarified himself, "Oh, of course that would be none of my business if you had. I was just curious. I find it fascinating to understand you better."

I responded, "You would not have been upset if something had happened?"

He replied, "Of course not. I have thoroughly enjoyed our being together, but I have never assumed it would be any obligation in the future."

I said, "I know a lot of men who would be upset. You continue to impress me Jurgen."

"Well Beth, I think I am a bright person. You are quite an attractive woman, and you are, well, let's say, not timid when it comes to sex."

I said, "Ah, you are quite the diplomat."

He replied, "I am not implying anything. Only that I do not know your full likes and dislikes well enough yet."

I responded by telling him about my encounter with Marco, but I did not provide details.

I was worried about his reaction, but he surprised me by responding, "I would have enjoyed watching that."

Our appetizers arrived and there was also some discussion about the wine, so our discussion of me being with Marco was interrupted.

The truffles with noodles were marvelous. They shaved the truffles in front of us and the aroma filled the air. The wine was fantastic as well. Jurgen had ordered a great Bordeaux and it was so smooth.

Jurgen then asked more about my time with Marco and I gave him more details. It was clear he was not upset by it, more intrigued I would say, perhaps even something of a voyeur. As long he was not being jealous or upset, I did not mind speaking about it with him.

At one point, Jurgen asked, "Beth, do you mind discussing this?"

I replied, "No, I would not have mentioned it at all if I had that concern. Initially I did not bring it up as I did not know how you would react. But now that I see you are not upset, I don't mind."

He said, "I can understand your hesitation. I do not mean to intrude, but I do find it interesting."

That was my initial reaction to the wine, just from the tasting. It had been decanted and was now ready. As we toasted, the complexity of the wine was now fully apparent. I complimented his selection.

The entire scene was lovely. The temperature was perfect, with a soft breeze coming in from the water. We could talk freely without being overheard, although we did need to keep our voices low. The restaurant and its clientele were really high class and I was enjoying the evening.

I excused myself to use the ladies room. I enjoyed the inside atmosphere as well and did a quick scan of the room as I walked through. Many of the people were dressed very elegantly. I did not feel out of place in my simpler look, but instead noted how it is helpful to have some money. I am not motivated by money, but it is better to have some than not.

I returned to the table. But I first put my hands on Jurgen's shoulders, leaned down to kiss his cheek and then gave him a hug from behind.

As I sat down, he said, "I am not complaining, but what was that for?"

I smiled, lifted my glass, saying, "Everything."

I had enjoyed his company the last few days, not only sexually, but the whole attitude and treatment. I hate using the word 'mature' about his attitude, as a lot of mature men do not have such a thought process. Perhaps confident and progressive are better descriptive terms.

We enjoyed the rest of the meal. Jurgen gave me compliments as we savored the meat dish. Perfectly prepared, the chateaubriand and the wine were an excellent combination.

We decided against a dessert course, and finished the wine instead. I thought about coffee afterward as he got a cognac. I just took a sniff of his cognac. You can almost get drunk off the rich aroma, but while I like the taste as well, it is too strong for me.

The meal had been presented in typical European fashion, relaxed and slowly. It was not too late yet, but it was a good time to move on our way. Jurgen suggested we could have a nightcap back at the hotel.

We headed back and surprisingly found the bar to be actually quite crowded We found a place to squeeze in. Jurgen ordered another cognac and I had champagne.

I would be flying out in the morning to make my connection back home, but I was still savoring the experience. We were about ready to head back up when one of the people from the wedding recognized us and came up. It was just casual conversation, but it did cause us to stay for one more drink. I cannot say I was drunk by any means, but certainly I was feeling quite content.

There was nothing special about the man we were talking to except that he took every opportunity he could to stare at my breasts. My sweater was not too tight, and was not too low cut, but he could not seem to look enough. I was not upset by it, but he was perhaps a little too obvious about it for my taste.

We left to go back up to our rooms.

As we got to the elevator, Jurgen said, "I am sorry about the fellow. He was a little obvious in his admiration of your charms."

I pulled Jurgen to me, "Not a problem. I guess I should take it as a compliment."

He smiled.

I continued, "I would like it if you could give me a little time in my room. I would like to come up and spend the night with you, if you will have me, but I would rather pack tonight instead of in the morning."

Jurgen said, "If I will have you? Have you lost your mind?"

He smiled and told me to take my time.

I always prefer to get packed up as much as possible the night before, just a habit. So I went back and collected and organized my things. I laid out some clothes for traveling the next day. It was not long before I had done as much as possible.

I headed up to Jurgen's room where he was waiting. He met me at the door and led me in. We kissed deeply and he told me how special the weekend had been for him.

I felt the same way and frankly did not want it to end. But I realized how I would enter my 'real world' again the next day.

I kicked off my shoes and began to get undressed as Jurgen watched. I unzipped my skirt and laid it across the chair. My sweater came off next and I stood before him in my bra and panty. They were both white, not the fanciest I own, but nice.

I said, "Do you see anything you like?"

He did not say anything, but came over and unclasped my bra. As my breasts came free, he gave them a squeeze and then lowered his hands to slip off my panty.

He stood back and said, "Everything I see, I like."

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