Cottage Fun


My wife Cari is a beautiful woman. She is 5'3" with medium length brown hair and curves in all the right places. We have been married for almost 15 years and have 4 children. I am truly a blessed man. Every once in a while Cari will surprise me with something that is truly different. In the past, she has surprised me with mini holidays, shopping trips, sports events and a variety of other things as well. This past weekend she absolutely shocked me with what she did.

Like most couples we have fantasies that we talk about and have sometimes explored. A few years ago my wife fulfilled one of my fantasies when she allowed me to watch her masturbate with a rabbit vibrator that I had purchased for her a few months before that. Since that time we have had multiple incidents of mutual masturbation. We both truly enjoy watching each other in this very private act.

One of Cari's long time fantasies was to have someone watch her cum when we were having sex. We have both had many orgasms over the years while we were discussing this fantasy while making love. We both knew that it would never happen, or so we thought.

Last weekend we met with some friends of ours, Mark and Kathy, at their cottage. Mark and Kathy have a 3 bedroom family cottage and had invited our family to go with them for a few days. The plan was for the kids from both families to share one bedroom and the parents to each have bedrooms to themselves. When we arrived to the cottage Mark and Kathy were already there waiting for us. They helped us unpack and get settled.

As Cari and I were unpacking in our bedroom we realized very quickly that the walls were paper thin between the bedrooms. We could hear the kids talking like they were right in the room with us. Cari looked at me and whispered that with the kids that close there was no way that we could have sex that weekend. Cari knows that she can get loud during sex and did not want to cause an embarrassing situation. I pouted a little so she came over and gave me a quick kiss and said that she might be able to work out something for us.

We spent the rest of the day sitting at the beach with Mark and Kathy watching all of our kids play in the water. More than once Mark and I commented to each other and our wives how beautiful they looked in their bikinis. I could tell that both of the ladies appreciated the compliments as they both work very hard to stay in shape.

After swimming we went back to the cottage for a barbecue and by 8 pm the kids were all so exhausted they had already fallen asleep. Mark and I went outside on the deck of the cottage and sat down to talk for a while. We talked about some sports and some things at work. Mark then surprised me when he said that he thought that both of our wives looked really good in their bikinis. I laughed a little but told him that I completely agreed.

We then started to talk about our wives and how both of them are almost obsessive about how they look. I mentioned that sometimes my wife will stand naked in front of the mirror and look at herself and complain that her tits are too saggy or her rear end is too large. Mark laughed and said that Kathy did the same thing and by looking at both of our wives he doesn't understand how they could not find themselves beautiful.

All of a sudden I heard Cari speak up and ask Mark if he really thought that she was beautiful. Mark looked a little embarrassed and told her yes but then he noticed Kathy right behind Cari and smiled at her and said that he thought she was even more beautiful. Kathy laughed and smacked Mark in the arm telling him that it was the right answer.

Cari sat down on my lap as well and it was then that I noticed that she and Kathy were wearing their pajamas already. Both of them were wearing long pajama tops without the pants because it was so warm. The tops did not reveal too much when they were standing because they were long enough to go down to mid thigh, but when they sat down on our laps the tops rode up quite a way and showed a lot of leg on both women. Both Mark and I noticed this and smiled at each other.

All of us started to chat about some other things when Kathy asked again if we really thought that they were both beautiful. Mark and I answered immediately that we thought they not only had beautiful faces but bodies to go with it. We told them again how amazing they looked in their bikinis earlier.

Cari leaned back against me and gave me a kiss thanking me for the comment. She stayed with her back leaning against my chest after our kiss. I looked over at Kathy and Mark and she had just kissed him as well and was now leaning back against his chest. I couldn't help but notice that she was now showing a lot more of her legs and in fact the shirt had ridden up enough to show us that she was obviously not wearing any underwear as you could see her entire right hip and part of her ass.

I must have stared at Kathy for longer than I thought because I heard Matt clear his throat and as I looked at him I noticed that he was looking at Cari. I tried to look down at Cari to see what he was looking at and I noticed that her shirt had ridden up as well. She had also not done all of the buttons up on her pajama shirt and as I looked down her body I could see right down her shirt. She was not wearing a bra which was not unusual for her nightwear and I could see her tits all the way to the nipples.

I was curious as to whether or not she was wearing underwear and what exactly Mark could see but I couldn't see that part of her body to find out. By the way that Mark was staring at her legs I think Cari was showing just as much as what Kathy was showing me.

At this point I had a full erection and Cari must have felt it because she grinded against me a little bit and then quietly asked me if she or Kathy had caused it. She tilted her head back and told me to kiss her. I leaned into her and we started to seriously make out.

I think that both of us were so into our session that we had almost forgotten that our friends were only a few feet away. As we continued to kiss I moved my hand down Cari's body and opened up a few more buttons on her shirt allowing enough room for my hand to reach in and stroke her left breast. She moaned out loud when I squeezed her nipple. That's when we heard Mark cough a little bit and Kathy snicker. Cari and I both looked over at them suddenly remembering that we were not alone. I quickly took my hand out of her shirt as we both apologized to them.

Mark told Cari that although she looked beautiful with her bikini on earlier in the day she looked even better without it. Somewhat confused both Cari and I looked down and realized why Mark had said that. The way that I had my hand down her shirt had caused the shirt on her left side to gape open allowing her left breast to be fully seen. Cari quickly covered up and I apologized again to our friends. Both Mark and Kathy said that no apology was necessary as it was nice to be this open with friends and it certainly didn't hurt that my wife was so beautiful.

Although she was slightly embarrassed Cari was also very turned on. She sat up and thanked our friends for the compliments and then said that she had some needs that needed to be taken care of inside. She then stood up and took my hand and literally ran with me into the cottage and our bedroom as we heard Mark and Kathy laughing behind us.

We closed the door to the bedroom and Cari stripped off the shirt immediately and lay down on the bed asking me to fuck her. My wife never uses that type of language except for when she is extremely turned on. As I was stripping off my clothes I could hear Mark and Kathy going into their room as well. The walls were so thin we could both hear Kathy telling Mark how horny she was and asking him if he thought Cari was beautiful. I leaned down on the bed and was about to enter my wife when Cari said to me that she wasn't sure if she could do it.

Confused, I asked her why and she said that if we can hear Mark and Kathy that clearly then they will definitely be able to hear us once we get going and she also did not want the kids hearing us. Slightly frustrated she asked me what we should do. I told her that if she didn't want to have sex then we would have to wait until we got home. She said that she couldn't wait and said that she had an idea.

She stood up and put her shirt back on and told me to put my shorts on. We got dressed and she quietly opened up the bedroom door and led me back outside again. Just as we stepped outside we heard a moan come from Mark and Kathy's bedroom. Smiling at each other we closed the door and Cari led me to the picnic table. She pulled down my shorts and then licked up one side and down the other side of my erection before she sucked me into her mouth. I held on to her head as she gave me an amazing blowjob.

She continued for a few minutes before standing up and then sitting down on the top of the table spreading her legs for me. I smiled at her as I knelt on the grass in front of her and placed my tongue on her lips tasting how wet and excited she really was. Cari moaned and wrapped her legs around my head telling me how good it felt. It didn't take too long before she had her first orgasm but instead of pulling away like I normally would I continued to lick her and in a few more minutes she was cumming again. This time she screamed when she came and then I felt her body go limp.

I stood up and watched her as she lay there in orgasmic bliss. I then slowly unbuttoned her shirt completely and gently squeezed both of her nipples which caused another moan to come from her. I then lined my erection up between her wet lips and slowly entered her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me as I began to move in and out.

Cari whispered how much she loved me and how she wanted me to fuck her. I asked her if showing herself to Mark and Kathy was planned and if it turned her on. She said that she and Kathy both purposefully came out without underwear on but it was not planned to show anything to the other couple. That was an accident but it did turn her on. She asked me if I was okay with it and I responded by lifting her legs up and thrusting into her harder.

She moved back against my thrusts and reached up to pull at her own nipples knowing that it drives me crazy when she does that. We continued in that position for a few minutes before I pulled out and asked Cari to turn around. She stood up and leaned over the picnic table and spread her legs again for me as I entered her from behind. Cari loves this position and began to get very vocal.

As I continued to push into her I reached around her and squeezed her nipples which were now fully erect. Cari reached down between her own legs and furiously began to rub her clit as she continued to moan and make little screams.

The closer we both were to cumming the faster and harder we moved. In fact we were both so into what we were doing that we did not hear Mark and Kathy asking if we were okay until they were already around the corner of the cottage and standing not 5 feet away from us.

Cari and I both saw them but by that time we could not stop. Mark and Kathy stood watching us as we continued to fuck each other. I was pulling hard on Cari's nipples and she was still rubbing her clit with complete abandon. Within a minute I told Cari that I was about to cum. She said that she was almost there as well. As she said that I felt her pussy clamp down on me and I could not hold it any longer as I came inside of her.

We both must have cum for almost a minute straight. When I finally opened my eyes Mark and Kathy were still standing there with big smiles on their faces telling us how awesome that was to watch. For some reason neither Cari or I felt that embarrassed as we pulled away from each other. We just thanked our friends and reached over to where we had put our clothes and then put them on.

Kathy apologized for watching us but they had come out to look for us after they heard a lot of noise outside. They thought that something may have been wrong. When they saw us she said that she couldn't look away as she had not seen anything that sexy in her entire life. Mark agreed with her.

Cari told them that she was glad that they enjoyed the show but it was an accident and she had not planned on being such an exhibitionist on this trip and she asked them if they were planning any shows for us! Kathy laughed and said that she didn't think that she could do that but she was rather horny again and needed to take Mark inside.

On their way in Kathy looked over her shoulder and said that if we were going to bed she was sure that at least we would be able to hear them and then she proceeded to completely unbutton her shirt on the porch and then turned around and threw it at us as she walked completely naked into the house.

Cari and I couldn't help but laugh at them as we watched Kathy's beautiful ass disappear into the cottage.

Cari and I did go back into the cottage and made love quietly as we listened to our friend's frantic orgasms in the other bedroom. As we finished our lovemaking Cari said that it was a good thing that our kids were sound sleepers or we might really be in trouble trying to explain what happened that night to them!

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