Cotton Candy Pt. 04


Nothing new. I know that already yet I stretch my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Leo," I say.

"Same here, Olivia," he says as he takes my hand for a firm shake and then turns to Tina

"So, that's all you have to tell about me? I guess I should introduce myself," he says as he turns to me, again.

"I've been the Manager of this company since her grandfather used to run the business and since the death of her parents. I'm the one who literally babysat her, for years, until she became an adult and took the responsibility of the company as sole heir. I'm the only person who has to listen to all of her absurd ideas and I try my best to prevent her from making horrible decisions without any increase in my pay grade. Now that you know she's rich enough, will you do me a favor by making her spend more than usual on you? I think that would be sweet revenge," he adds.

The way he describes his position is quite funny as well as humiliates Tina at the same time and I nod, with a smile, letting him know I'll surely try to avenge him, and he turns to leave without saying another word.

Looking back at Tina, I see her face still flaming, probably with anger or humiliation or maybe both. Anyway, I'm not angry with her, not anymore, and I smile.

"Are you going to allow me inside of your flat or not?" I ask, playfully.

Tina nods her head, smiling back at me. After collecting all the scattered items from the floor, I follow her into her flat.


The first thing I notice is the simplicity. It's nothing like I was expecting it to be, according to her standards. Her flat is, obviously, bigger than mine and it has two big bedrooms, with an attached bath, a study, drawing room and an open kitchen plus dining.

The furniture is new and she also has all modern equipment but nothing looks too extravagant and no expensive paintings or statues or lamp shades, which helps me realize she actually believes in simple living and didn't fake it when she described my flat.

I continue roaming from room to room until my eyes become glued to something very familiar. She keeps it on the TV cabinet in the drawing room. It's been glued and taped all over and there are some pieces still missing. It's the same photo frame that I gave her last Saturday and then broke it into multiple pieces when I threw it onto the floor in anger.

She must have collected the pieces before she left and then glued and taped them, as much as possible, and now it's displayed on the TV cabinet as a valuable item. I know she likes the picture but she can easily replace the cheap, broken frame. But she didn't and the way it's displayed leaves no doubt in my mind that she wants to show it to others. Tina notices what I'm looking at but there's no need to ask about it.

"I collected the pieces before I left. I thought someone might get hurt if I left it scattered all over the place and, when I got back, I had nothing to do so I tried to fix it as much as possible," she says casually.

Okay. I know I might be a little dumb but not dumb enough to believe that's the only reason. Folding my arms in front, I give her a no-nonsense look, letting her know I want the truth and not a joke. Tina lowers her eyes, and blushes a little, before she replies with a whisper.

"How can I let go of the most valuable gift I've ever received in my whole life?"

I'm too stunned to answer! It's not as though I'm not expecting this answer but it's still hard to believe the cheap photo frame is so valuable to her. Not more than a few minutes ago, I was thinking she didn't love me at all. I feel like kicking myself for doubting her love. Moving towards her, I take her into my arms before lowering my lips to hers.

"Ok, I guess it must be the only good picture you have. Frankly speaking, in this picture you're looking more beautiful than you actually are, thanks to my photographical skills," I reply, playfully.

I immediately see an evil grin appear on her face. I know she's going to love this conversation.

"I think you've tried, long enough, to make me look worse than ever but my beauty is too much for you," she replies.

"Oh, really? So, you think you're beautiful! Don't you have a mirror in your flat?" I snap.

"Then why do you keep staring at me?" Tina snaps back.

I'm in trouble. I know I'm losing the debate but I'm not going to give up so easily this time.

"That's only because I love you," I answer.

"And why do you love her?"

Turning towards the third voice, we find Leo standing at the door with a smile on his face. I guess we didn't lock the door and he's been listening to our debate for some time and, according to his facial expression, he's enjoying it, too.

I can't let it pass without answering him so I look at Tina for support but she surrenders by throwing her hands up into the air, leaving me alone to face him. Obviously, it's her way to pay me back for the previous incident.

I'm more than willing to pull her skirt up and spank her jiggling ass for leaving the door open and causing me to sit on the hot seat. After giving her a dirty look, I turn towards Leo but I'm unsure about telling him that I love her because she makes me happy, especially after knowing how good he is at teasing people. It's good to be teamed with him in humiliating Tina but it would be a nightmare to have them both teasing me.

"I love her because she's beautiful, smart and rich. What more could I ask for?" I answer, trying to be scriptural rather than speaking my heart out.

But he waves it off immediately.

"Oh, come on! That's a text book answer. I can name many of our models who are more beautiful than Tina and you don't have to prove to me how smart she is. I don't think her money matters to you because you didn't know about it until recently. So tell me the exact reason why you fell for this crazy, naive, kid?" he asks again.

"I love her because she doesn't only love me, she also loves, and cares for, my family. I know she's a little crazy and sometimes she does things so insane that I can't imagine doing them, myself, but that makes me happy as well. When she teases me in front of others, I don't get angry, I feel loved, instead. She's so very opposite of me and I think that's what attracts me the most towards her," I answer, speaking from my heart.

I know he wanted to know what I actually feel and the big smile on Leo's face is confirmation that I must have done a good job.

"Now, that's the answer I'm looking for! Next time, lend this kid some brainpower whenever she needs to make a decision on anything. She doesn't listen to me so I hope she'll listen to you," he says, teasing Tina as usual.

He's about to leave but he must have remembered something important because he turns towards us again.

"By the way. Are you giving up on the hunger strike, you started Saturday, now that you have Olivia back, again?" he asks.

She hasn't had any food for the last two days? Jesus! What's she trying to do? I have no clue. I look towards Leo, completely amazed, and he nods, confirming the fact he's stated is true and then turns to leave without waiting for an answer. I guess he has fulfilled his purpose.

"What the hell are you doing, Tina? Why haven't you eaten for the last two days?" I shout as soon as Leo is out of sight.

"I wasn't hungry," Tina gives another ridiculous excuse.

"That's ridiculous. Get ready, we're going out for lunch," I reply, seriously.

"But I don't want to eat out," she complains.

I'm finding it difficult not to laugh out loud. Sometimes she really does act like a kid but I'm also feeling pity for her. I know what she wants to eat, and where she wants to eat it, but it's I who asked her to leave and now she's not sure if she can suggest it.

"We're not going to any restaurant. You're coming home with me," I reply with a smile.

I like the big smile that appears on her face just hearing me and she runs to her room to collect her belongings. She must be very eager to return to my small flat.


We're on our way to my flat when Tina remembers she didn't give me her address.

"By the way, how did you come to know about me and my address?" she asks.

I decide to tell her about the incidents since this morning but she owes me an explanation, too.

"I'll tell you about it but first, would you explain how I ended up on the cover of Fashion Today?" I question back.

"Okay, I confess it was my plan, actually. On the day of the trip, when you told me about your past, I felt that you'll always feel guilty because you couldn't fulfill your father's wish. So, I decided to feature you as the model of our brand new dress but I also knew you're very shy.

So, if I told you about the photo session, you might panic or tense, again, in front of the camera and if the pictures weren't good enough, then you'd never try, again. So, I thought it'd be better if you didn't know about it. I got the perfect opportunity to arrange an open photo shoot at the bus stop and let the photographer know about taking pictures of you, as well, the day you invited me to the party.

I parked the car far away from the mall and the bus stop, before going to the party and intentionally skipped the food so I could suggest going to a restaurant after the party. You won the contest and, after discovering I was hungry, you suggested it on your own.

When I called the cab, I switched off the navigation so he couldn't have the exact location. I didn't need to check my car but I used that as an excuse to send you to the bus stop, alone, to make the cab wait. The dress you wore, that night, is most famous for the design at the back so it wasn't tough for the photographer to take some pictures of your backside, without letting you know, while you were looking in the opposite direction. The light at the bus stop worked fine and that picture ended up on the cover."

I know I'm no good at planning anything but what I heard amazes me to the fullest and now I doubt she had anything to do with the visit from Mrs. Graham that night.

"And what about the dinner at Lover's Den and the visit from Mrs. Graham?" I ask.

"That's not my fault, actually. I planned the dinner, previously, but you suddenly decided to treat me to dinner after you won contest. When we rode the cab and you told him the name of the restaurant you were taking me, I called and booked all of the available seats, hoping we wouldn't get a seat there and you'd ask for my suggestion and I could take you to the Lover's Den. I informed Mark but had no clue about Mrs. Graham. I guess it was a coincidence or Mark let her know about the visit," she replies.

I don't think Tina is lying. She confessed everything and I don't think she knew about the relationship between Mrs. Graham and me. I think Mark can answer the remaining questions of this puzzle.

It's almost five o'clock when we reach my home. When I left for work this morning, carrying these two bags and telling mom to pick up Meg from school, she must've guessed there was something going on between Tina and me but now she looks quite happy to see us back together.

Mom has some food ready for me, as usual, and I pour most of it on Tina's plate, leaving only a bite full for me. We continue chatting at the table, as usual, but I'm still confused about telling mom about the real Tina. I'm not sure what she has told mom but I'm sure Tina must have been lying to her as well and I'm not sure how mom is going to react to that so I'll postpone it, for now.

"I can't eat anymore. My stomach will burst if I have another bite," Tina complains.

I realize I may have poured a little too much on her plate but she hasn't had any food since Saturday and must be hungry.

"It's better you die with a full stomach. I know how much I served so don't you dare waste a single bite or I'll have to punish you, again, kid," I reply.

I don't know why I keep talking about punishment or why I chose to call her kid. I guess I like the way Leo treats her and I can't resist it. Tina blushes and starts to eat her food, again. Mom looks quite amazed by the situation and I love it.

I know mom thinks Tina is more dominant but I think it's time I show her my power over Tina. I'm so excited by the proposition that my mouth runs away before I actually realize what I'm saying.

"Ok, I'm sorry. You can forget I was talking about punishing you again. I don't want you to get wet while sitting here and thinking about the possibilities of how I may punish you this time."

Tina blushes, furiously, and lowers her head. Turning to mom, I find her jaw hanging. She's been shocked, big time, and that brings a smile of satisfaction to my face but only until I realize what I had said. Putting my hands over my mouth, I try to stop myself from babbling more but it's already too late.

Jesus! I don't know what's happening to me but I should've never discussed such an intimate thing in front of my own mother under normal circumstances. Maybe I'm also becoming insane. If so, I have no one, other than Tina, to blame for it. She's like a virus and her craziness is infecting me.

It doesn't take long before mom starts to laugh, loudly, and Tina also smiles a little between blushing, heavily, but I'm still too shocked to laugh or say anything.

I leave my hands over of my mouth until mom leaves with Meg for the park. I know there are situations when I simply can't resist this crazy girl and today is one of them. I can't take another chance of babbling again and embarrass both of us.

"So, do you want to punish me, now?" Tina asks as soon as the door closes.

"More than ever!" I reply.

Pinning Tina into the corner of the couch is followed by a hot love making session. I keep my word, regarding her punishment. Her cries of pleasure fill the room and she also receives some spanking on her ass that she craves so much. Don't blame me, she's the one who asks for it.

Life's been good since then. I tell mom about the real Tina and she finds it hilarious, for some reason. I think she also understands why Tina needs her disguise. At work, Angie is the only one who knows

Tina requests I don't share her real identity. According to her, others may start behaving differently, with her, if they know who she is and she doesn't want that to happen. She prefers to be the same, simple girl.

All three of Angie's wishes get fulfilled. First, she received a picture of Tina's little vintage Beetle. Second, Tina has contacts and she made her sign on as a model for one of the most renowned model agencies and she'll be walking on the fashion ramps, soon. Third, she's dating Mark and I'm more than happy for both of them.

There isn't much of a change in our relationship. She continues to visit almost every day and we still laugh, chat and make love to each other whenever possible. My visits to her place are rare but, whenever I do visit, there's non-stop sex until one of us is so exhausted, we doze off. We don't go out on dates and I know I'm not doing justice to my promise to Leo but I have Meg doing that for me. In fact, it's Tina who starts spoiling her, big time, and I can't get between them.


"Please, come with me. I can't do it alone and your opinions do matter," Tina says after we've argued for more than ten minutes on the same topic.

"You promised Leo that you would help me, when I needed to make some decisions, and this is important so you have to come," she adds as she pushes me to accompany her to the toy store.

Not the one for kids, obviously. Today, we're standing in front of a wonderful queer-owned, sex-positive toy shop in the city and Tina is very keen to add some of them to our sexual life for more fun.

I tentatively enter the shop and, for the first time in my life, I witness sex toys for real. A cute, teenage Asian girl comes rushing to help us with the products and Tina starts bluntly enquiring about them whereas I just stand here, listening to them and blushing...heavily.

"Hey, baby, you want to have this seven inch or the ten? Or do you think both are too small for you?" Tina asks,

I feel mortified as Tina is holding both of them in her hands for me to choose from. I can imagine what the grinning teen is picturing about us in her mind. The seven inch glass dildo looks cute and okay but my eyes nearly pop out at the sight of the brown, life-like, ten inch, silicon, monster cock. It even has balls at the base end and veins on the shaft. It looks real 'bad' but, for some reason, I've become wet just looking at it.

I'm too shy, with the teen present, to suggest the big, black dildo so I stay silent. Tina understands my situation so gets both before starting to look at other toys.

"Do you want to have this cute little butt plug inside of your ass? It vibrates, too!"

"What do you think about this small fingertip vibe? I can wear it all day to give you some extra vibrations while rubbing your clit!"

I'm embarrassed, more than ever, by her frequent questions, until we leave the shop. Money isn't a concern for her so she decides to buy almost everything including harnesses, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, lubes and what not.

I know she likes teasing me and I can't deny my panty is completely drenched by her constant teasing in front of the teen. The only positive thing I can think of, for me, is she didn't opt for something like handcuffs or bondage stuff because I'm nearly cumming in my thong just looking at them. Maybe she thinks they're too much for a beginner, like me, to handle but I'll get my revenge as soon as we reach Tina's flat.


With the harness in my hand, I'm bending her over the desk and pressing myself against her, from behind, then I tangle a hand in her hair and yank her head back.

"Now, you're going to pay for all of the embarrassment you caused me during our shopping!" I say, before releasing her.

After sliding my skirt down to the floor, I mess with the harness straps for a while. I haven't a clue as to how to use this thing but I figure it out!

I pull up Tina's skirt, yank her panty off of her and see her bare pussy glistening with juices. Now I know she wants this as much as I do! I slide my fingers into her very easily as Tina's own fingers tighten on the edge of the desk and I can hear her nails pressing into the hard wood.

After fingering her already wet channel for a while, I move closer to her, putting one hand on the toy to guide it to her entrance. I thrust my hips forward slightly and press the monster against her sleek channel. Tina looks over her shoulder, pleading with her eyes to be taken, and bites her bottom lip when I push harder and feel the fake cock sinking into Tina's depths. When my thighs meet hers, Tina drops her head in ultimate surrender.

I fumble a bit, trying to get a perfect rhythm, before reaching out for her hips to stabilize myself before Tina starts to uncontrollably shake her head and dig her nails deep into the wood as soon as I find a steady, decent pace. Tina's cries make me realize I must be doing really well as she starts
thrashing her hips back to take the monster as deep as possible inside of her.

"Harder!" she pleads in ecstasy.

I'm more than happy to oblige so I start pounding her hard and fast as Tina's body becomes more rigid with every single stroke.

"Aaghhhh...cumming!" Tina cries out.

She suddenly arches her back before beginning to uncontrollably shake. Tina is cumming hard, in a way I've never witnessed before, and that arouses me more than ever. I keep on thrashing the monster deep inside of her, not giving her any time to settle down, and she keeps on squirming and shaking under my assault.

Her pussy continues to flow, drenching our thighs and the harness until she pushes me away, with all of the strength she can muster, to take the dildo out of her as she starts to piss all over my hip and thigh, loosing it completely.

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