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Cougar vs. Swede: It Was No Match


Well I am back in Sweden now after my one-year au pair job just ended. I am writing this story to let off a little steam because if I don't "tell" someone or something what happened my head is going to explode. I hope it makes sense as I write it but it might seem a bit dis-jointed. What happened to me in America wasn't the worst thing that could have happened to me but it was pretty bad.

I applied for the au pair job in America after being at University for two years thinking it would be a fun year of seeing the world and partying before life got too serious. I don't really love kids but the friends I knew who had done it and told me that you just have to put up with it until the clock reached five and then you could do what you wanted, meet with friends etc. Also weekends being free meant I could have a lot of fun.

I wasn't really worried about homesickness or anything like that because I was pretty well traveled and had traveled with boyfriends that vacationed in some of the finer European resorts. I'm not bragging but the reality is when you look like I do, a thin, blue-eyed blonde Swede, opportunities seem to turn up. In the past I have had a lot of modeling jobs but being only about 5' 9" I knew there was probably no future in it for me so I quit. (Never mind the fact all the girls I modeled with where real competitive bitches.) Just the same Sweden seemed so claustrophobic I just had to get out of there.

My host family was very nice but very strict about curfew and seeing men etc. He was a big time lawyer in Boston who was almost a partner in his firm. I am not sure what this means but they were making him jump through hoops in order to become a partner. He explained to me early on that it was very important to follow all the laws of the land now that I was in America. He said I was a reflection on him and that if I ever was even caught speeding that it would not reflect very well on him. They lived in a conservative suburban town about 20 minutes out of Boston Mass. The kids were kind of bratty but they were older and in a ton of activities so I really didn't have to do much to do other than drive them to their activities. The house was awesome as it was recently built with every modern convenience: movie room, game room, beautiful landscaped swimming pool etc.

Anyway, to get back to my story it was a Friday of a long weekend and my host parents went to visit their relatives in New York, they wouldn't be back until that Tuesday so naturally my friend Helena I decided to throw am impromptu party in my third floor au pair suite.

We were having a great time when Helena who I had met at the au pair training week took out some cocaine she brought unbeknownst to me. She was dating this guy that always had a lot of money and I suspected him of being involved with drugs etc. He was a Middle Eastern college student whose daddy was very wealthy. She drove around in his black Mercedes and was having a great time. Since she knew she was leaving within a year she was going to make the best of it. I was upset with her at first especially because it looked like a fucking pound of coke. She looked at me and said "what the fuck, I wasn't going to leave it in the car, Rodney will never know if we steal just a few lines." But after a few absolut and cranberry drinks I got over it. I really don't do drugs but I figured what the hell. I mean I am here for an adventure after all. We did a few lines of coke and that was when I saw her in the hallway outside my room videotaping us. My heart skipped a beat and I nearly dropped my glass.

Her name was Donna Gardner. I think it is important to digress here for a bit and give you some information on Donna. She was our next-door neighbor, approx 47; very pretty with strawberry blonde hair and beautiful blue green eyes. They were friendly with my host family but I could tell by what my host mom said she felt threatened by her. I mean she did have a lot going for her. She had her own business selling commercial real estate. Was very pretty even at 47, had a great figure with a flat stomach and worked out at the gym almost every day.

The one thing I thought was a little strange was that Donna's husband didn't really impress me much in the looks department but I figured to each her own and never thought about it again. Another strange occurrence took place one weekend again when my host family was visiting relatives. I was by the pool in the back yard. I remember wearing one of my tiniest European bikinis. It was a high cut bottom and I remember I hadn't trimmed in awhile so a little patch of hair was visible over the top but I felt I wasn't expecting anyone and it was very secluded in the back so why not get the best tan possible. I put on my earphones laid back in the lounge and was basking in the warm August sun when I opened my eyes and there was Donna saying something and gesturing to the measuring cup in her hand.

She could tell she had frightened me and profusely apologized for disturbing me. As I caught my breath and settled down she said she was desperate for some sugar as she was baking a cake for her son's summer camp auction and didn't have time to run across town to the store. I looked for a towel or something to put on but I forgot everything in the pool house so I proceeded to take the cup and tell her that it was no problem. I figured at least it was Mrs. Gardner and not Mr. Gardner, I mean she was a woman so what did I have to worry about.

As we were walking I noticed that she seemed kinds out of breath and flushed but she said she was just getting over a cold and that summer colds were the worst. She seemed more talkative than when I usually see her and wanted to know everything about how my year was going and if there was anything she could do etc. Well by know I am thinking to myself she could have driven to town twice to get the sugar, never mind the fact I am standing there almost naked in front of her embarrassed to death if she was noticing my lack of "grooming." I was hoping because I am blonde she wouldn't notice. I mean I'm really not that hairy anyway, but still I was self-conscious.

She continued on and wanted to know if I was related to Tiger Woods wife as she was from Sweden and we both had such pretty features and looked similar. I felt weird as she stood there saying nice things about me. She said how she loved my bathing suit and wish she had the figure to wear something so sexy. She looked down at my bottom and pointing said "now what do they call a bikini bottom like that because that is really flattering on you". Well any hopes I had of hiding my lack of grooming was over as I looked down and could see very clearly as she could that I was a little unkempt down they're at the moment. Turning beat red I said something to the effect I wasn't really sure. She continued staring and then knocking her head said oh yeah I know that must be a European cut "duh what a numbskull I am sometimes." Wearing a false smile I just nodded and agreed. Meanwhile I feel her eyes just roaming my body almost as if she is trying to find something wrong. I was thinking she was one of those ageing pretty woman trying to find fault with a prettier younger woman. I'm not too sure, but she seemed a little too passive aggressive for my liking.

I asked if she needed anything else and she said that was all and thanked me so much for helping her out. As we left the kitchen she gestured and said after you, I thanked her and stepped by her noticing a strong odor of peppermint. I guess when I turned to get the sugar she had popped a breath mint into her mouth, Wow I thought you Americans are obsessed with cleanliness and having minty fresh breath. I proceeded through the mudroom with Donna following. The whole time I felt so self conscious again because I could feel my ass jiggling as there wasn't much of a bottom on this bikini and I was sure she was looking for any imperfection, probably so she could gossip to all the desperate housewives on the block. Sure enough we passed a long mirror and as I glanced sideways I noticed she was laser focused on my ass. Did she like the suit that much!

It was when she started walking back out her house that I noticed two rather large points coming through her designer Michael Stars t-shirt. Oh my, how embarrassing for her I was thinking. The air conditioning in the house must have given her a chill because her nipples were really protruding out of her bra and t-shirt. She didn't seem to mind as she stopped again and mentioned that if I ever wanted to swim in her pool that because it was a salt-water pool it might be a little healthier for me and not so harsh on my beautiful bikinis. I thought that was a little weird but I thanked her and quickly went back to my ipod.

As I was lying there in the sun I thought about Donna and her lifestyle. Man was she a piece of work. She could have done so much better than Mr. Gardner. I mean by the looks of those tits straining through her shirt and her figure I am sure she is hit on by a lot of men. If I were Mr. Gardner I would be one jealous husband.

Donna had these really big beautiful greenish blue eyes that you couldn't help but stare into. I mean after 2 kids she was definitely what they call in America a cougar. As I am thinking this I am wondering how my body will change as I age and what I will look like when I'm 47. I mean after having two kids aren't you kind of of loose and saggy down "there". I wonder if her husband still wants to have oral sex with her, or if he was grossed out.

Okay now my mind was wandering, but I have to be honest I felt kind of bad for Donna. Here she is this beautiful 47 mom with that nerdy geek of a husband. Oh well not my problem enough of this I just got to stop thinking about this and get back to some fun, sun and relaxation, (I guess now that I'm reading this I should have suspected something. I guess I was just too naïve.)

Okay so back to the story. I am now feeling totally busted and scared, Donna was looking at both of us and she was mad as hell. She started to call someone on her cell phone when I heard the words that made my heart stop. Yes this is an emergency, 115 Hoover Circle please hurry! With that I looked at Donna and was speechless; Helena was also frozen in panic. Donna started yelling at both of us about how the hell could we bring drugs into this neighborhood and cursing about the pimp mobile my friend was driving.

She turned and walked down one flight of stairs, my life flashed quickly before my eyes. We were fucked. I could see myself in jail in America, my host family kicking me out of the house and my parents crying and outraged. Oh my God I am thinking what is happening here when my adrenaline finally kicked in and I went after Donna. I rushed down the stairs and yelled for her to stop. Pleading with her to reconsider telling the police.

We reached the front hallway she looked at me with a very calculated almost evil stare. Almost like in one of those nature movies when the lion locks onto a zebra that has fallen and is ready to devour the poor creature. In the distance I could hear sirens getting closer. She turned to me and asked me as calm as day " and what will you do for me if I do change my story to the police'? I was so in shock at that moment I said of course that I would do anything at all if she just didn't tell on us and that we would never do such a thing again. She looked at me again and said "will you do everything I ask of you until your time is up next July?" I said YES absolutely I would do anything she wants,

"OK so you will be my little slave then is that right and this goes for your friend as well, you will do anything and everything I request of you." Yes I replied 100 times yes we would do anything you request, taking liberties to speak for Helena. Remember she said, "I still have this video, in high def by the way, of both of you and I'm keeping it in case you forget your promise to me." I shook my head and could barely speak.

The police were coming up the walkway, another officer headed around back. Donna turned away from me opened the door took a deep breath and greeted the policeman with the camcorder under her arm. She gestured with a great big smile and was saying something to the effect that she is the neighbor that called thinking the house was broken into only to realize after she called that the Millers au pair had decided to stay in the house over the weekend. She told them how terrible she felt and could they please forgive her. She continued talking with them for a few minutes joking about what a ditz she is sometimes. The police swallowed it hook line and sinker, boy was she good. They wanted us to come out and tell them our story, which we did, and few minutes later the police left and everything was quit. Wow was Donna cool under pressure. I mean that didn't faze her in the least. She was a pro, no wonder she was so successful in business. (Her flirting didn't hurt either.)

Donna came back in the house turned to Helena and told her to get the fuck out and not to come back until Donna told her she could. With that Helena collected her things and left. I had never seen her move so fast. After Helena left I tried saying thank you to Donna but she told me to shut up. After a few minutes I approached Donna again but she put her finger to my lips and told me not to speak.

I stood there with Donna just staring at me until finally she spoke. She came up real close to me, her perfume was really strong and she was just a few inches from my face, I was uncomfortable with her being so close, she stared right into my eyes and said "This is what is going to happen. You are going to go upstairs, take a shower, your going to brush your teeth, put on that blue bikini you had on the other day, you are going to put one of Mrs. Higgins terry cloth bathrobes on and you are going to go out the back door and proceed over to my house." I tried to interrupt her as I was all of a sudden very confused but she pushed her finger harder keeping my mouth closed. She continued " once at my house you will proceed up the front staircase, at the top of the stairs you will turn right and follow the hallway until you take your second left into my master suite." "If you are not there within the half hour the police will be getting another call" With that she turned and walked out the front door.

My head was now spinning; I didn't know what to do. Then remembering her words about being over there in a half hour I raced up the stairs all the time trying not to think too hard about what Donna wanted me to do. It didn't make sense but my head was exploding from my near arrest. It was definitely weird but I was possibly just facing exportation and a great deal of humiliation so whatever she asked me to do couldn't possibly be worse. I quickly took a shower, brushed my teeth, used some mouthwash and put on my blue bikini. I ran to Mrs. Higgins room and took one of the terry bathrobes in the closet and ran downstairs. I am thinking at this point that she probably just wants to humiliate me making me clean her bathroom in my bikini with a toothbrush or something.

Donnas house was real quit and I slowly made my way up the stairs. I couldn't hear anyone as I continued to walk down the hall; I turned at the second left and entered Donnas bedroom. I had to pass through a small office until I finally made it into her room. Donna was lying in her bed with the sheets up to her chin, I thought that was strange. She had propped hers side of the bed up as she had one of those high-end adjustable beds. She told me to come in and to stand to the side of her bed, there was no side table and she pointed where she wanted me to stand. It was about a foot away from her. I stood there for a second when she told me to turn around and face away from her. OK this is kind of weird I'm thinking but whatever.

When she told me to drop the robe I was somewhat shocked. She yelled at me to hurry up and if I hesitated again I would be fucked for life with a criminal record. This scared me as she was talking in a real mean tone so I reluctantly dropped the robe somewhat embarrassed, as I felt so vulnerable. It was then I heard the sound that I knew where this was leading. It was the low muffled sound of a vibrator. Oh my God what did I get myself into? How could I have been so stupid? She wants me in a sexual way. Wow I am a fool.

I mean it's not like I haven't been approached by other girls, but this was a shock, just something I never expected. In Sweden girls would hit on me all the time. probably more than men. Men were intimidated while women on the other hand seemed smitten. I don't know why but I had a certain look a lot of women were turned on by. I remember being at a company outing at my old summer employer when the bosses wife, who was gorgeous came over to me just as everyone was getting ready to leave and handed me a piece of paper and whispered in my ear to call her sometime. In bars, coffee shops even at the library. Sometimes I would think there is a secret society of lesbians. One of the most beautiful girls at University got really drunk at one party and approached me in the bathroom saying she had fantasies about me and even though she had a boyfriend she would like to go down on me right there. I politely refused and took off. The girls she lived with at University would always wink at me when I passed them. It was really strange. I wasn't offended but I never was that into it. I had nothing against girls with girls but it just never did anything for me.

Now here I am a half a world away being confronted by this unwholesome situation and boy was I getting nervous. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't just run back to my house, as this would mean certain legal troubles. I swallowed hard; I am going to have to let Donna do what she wants. I often wondered how girls get themselves into situations like this and what idiots they were for doing so. I am going to kill Helena!

I felt her touch my ass very lightly; she ran her hand up the side of body around to my stomach. I noticed her breathing was very quick and shallow. I felt her hot breath on my ass; the hairs on my neck stood up and my body rode a wave of goose bumps. I'm sure she loved this, the fucking sicko! It was then I had the strangest thought, I was actually relieved I had taken a shower and that I was pretty fresh down there. At a time like this I couldn't believe that's what ran through my mind.

She rolled over on her side. She reached around and gently and softly put her hand on my stomach, I was still facing away from her and I could tell she had taken the sheets off her. The vibrator sounded louder and I could hear very faintly that kind of gross squishy fleshy sound. Oh I hope she hurries up so I can get the hell out of here. She lowered her hand and took her thumb and forefinger and started to gently pull at the hairs right above my bikini bottom below my belly button. With her other hand she grabbed the bottom part of my bikini and pushed it aside. Donna then put her nose and face right into my... I don't know how to say this, but right into my ass.

She started moaning and breathing really loud. She was pulling harder at my pubes I could feel her getting somewhat out of control. She all of a sudden ripped my bikini down to the ground, put her hand on my upper back and violently pushed me forward so I was now totally bent over, I had to adjust my legs so that I wouldn't fall over. I could see through my spread legs her face in my ass and her swollen tits, they looked obscene. It was probably the most sexual visual I had ever scene. I couldn't believe this was happening, looking further down her body I saw that she had some sort of vibrating contraption up against her pussy. She took both hands and pulled my cheeks apart and put her face directly in between my spread ass cheeks. About ten seconds passed when I heard a deep guttural wail, as she was half off the bed with her face buried in my rear. My pelvic bone vibrated as she had an orgasm right in my ass. Loosing her balance she grabbed me around the waist and collapsed onto me both of us landing on the floor.

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