tagBDSMCougarville-Bought Boy Ch. 01

Cougarville-Bought Boy Ch. 01


He was going up for auction at "The Chain Link", Katrina's favorite BDSM club... Austin's premier BDSM club. The flyer had listed him as 'sub dillon', with a picture beside his name. It was the annual 'Breast Cancer Awareness' auction, an event that raised huge amounts of money to benefit the charity. He had belonged to a little mouthy woman for the past month. Katrina had caught him stealing a glance her way one too many times now. He didn't work hard to disguise it. She knew he wanted her.

The lights went down. There he was center stage. A strapping man, over 6' of muscle. He was probably in his mid-20s. Thick black hair in a crew cut... His face had the sculpted look of Polynesian decent. High broad cheekbones, thick lashes, and full pouting lips. His skin was the color of honey. He was dressed only in a black leather g-string with a COD piece snapped over the front. Cuffs and collar had been removed. He stood there, barefoot, head bowed. Hands were clasped neatly behind his back, shoulders squared. He did not look up to show off his brilliant blue eyes. Several tribal tattoos came up his side and across his chest. The auction stand spun slowly.

The auctioneer instructed him to turn around... to display his back and ass. He turned, as instructed, hands going up behind the back of his neck. Kat felt that burning knot of lust in her stomach. There are no marks on him. That muscular back and ass were free of any welts or bruises. Strange... and exciting. A few more swirling tribal tatts adorned his shoulders and back.

The bidding was intense, but she came out on top... he cost her a pretty penny.

Katrina had reserved one of the playrooms in the basement. The auction was not over yet, but she wanted to check out her new boy. Paying the financer, she went over to claim him. He was sitting on the floor of the 'holding area', with the other subs. Leaning against the wall, arms resting against his bent knees, he looked infinitely at ease. As she walked toward him, his eyes rose to meet hers. Their eyes locked for a split second, then he dropped his gaze quickly, but a smile touched those full lips. He moved gracefully to a kneeling position, hands locked behind the small of his back, waiting. Up close, his chiseled shoulders and chest were even more impressive. Abs cut into an eight pack and formed a V that dipped into his g-string. She pulled a leash and collar out of her bag. Squatting in front of him, Kat tipped his head up, until his blue eyes met hers.

"Is this what you want, Dillon?" She asked.

"Yes, Mistress Katrina" he answered in a fervent breathy whisper. "Thank you, Ma'am!" Ah, so he knew her name. That was a good sign.... And well mannered, too. That was a bonus.

She made quick work of buckling the collar around his neck, and snapping the leash onto it. He rose quickly to his feet and moved to follow her. As they started out of the area, a tiny woman in a frilly corset outfit moved to block their path. She wore 4 inch heels that seemed to defy gravity. Kat racked her brain for the woman's name... Celeste. That was it. Katrina glanced down at her own attire... black leather pants, riding boots with a slight heel, and a tight black v-neck shirt. Her short dark hair was spiked, and dangling earrings touched her shoulders. She was punk meets Domme. Not your usual FemDom fare, but it suited her. The other woman stood in front of her, scowl on her face.

"His key" she growled, thrusting it up at Kat in her open palm. It was a locker key, surely to the locker where his clothes were stored. Katrina took it, sliding it into her pants pocket.

"Thank you, Celeste." She said with a tight smile. Celeste gave her a curt nod.

"Hope you're happy" She snarled, turning to Dillon. He bowed his head, not looking at her.

"Thank you, Mistress Celeste" he murmured, all hints of the former smile gone.

'OK, so first we talk, then we play'. Katrina decided... there was a story here that she wanted to hear.

Skipping the stairs to the dungeon, she led him up stairs to one of lounges. A quiet place with lots of private seating areas. It was almost empty, due to the auction in progress downstairs. A wingback chair was set by the fireplace. She directed him to pull an ottoman over to the chair, where she had him sit. Kat sat in the wingback. She moved in very close, face to face. Her leg was in between his. He was looking decidedly nervous. It was the first time she had seen that easy well-mannered charm undone.

"What happened?" She asked.

"I have always been a submissive...." He began. "Kind of hard to be like that, in the vanilla world... when you're a big guy like me." He was speaking in a low husky tone. "I wanted to try the scene so badly, but didn't know where to start... I answered a few personal ads... She was one of them. She had experience... and she showed me what it was like... brought me here. I loved it. But I didn't like her.... God, she's loud!" He ran his hand through his hair. "I didn't know what to do.... So I asked her to put me up for auction. She was so angry! She was furious!"

"Why didn't you just leave her, and come back here on your own" Kat asked. It would have certainly saved her some money, she thought.

"I didn't know where to start... how it all worked... she had the membership. I was just along for the ride... but I didn't want to go back to answering ads...." He took a breath. "Then this auction came up, and it seemed like the perfect chance to find a new Mistress. I was hoping you would bid..." He looked embarrassed.

"When was the last time you two played?" Katrina asked, remembering the lack of marks on his body.

"Last week" He answered. "We only played here... I never saw her outside of the club. This is where she set up our first meet." He was playing with his hands, fidgeting.

"Did you like what she did?" She asked.

"It was OK. She is good at it, I guess. There just was no connection, you know? I felt like we were going through the motions...." He looked down.

"So what makes you think things will be different between us?" Katrina nudged his chin up, so she could look him right in the eye. Blue eyes met her brown eyes and he blushed.

"Because when I look at you I get that fluttering feeling.... I know that sounds stupid..." He took a deep breath.

"That's not stupid." Kat said. "It's called chemistry... I feel it, too, Dillon." She gave him a reassuring smile. He sighed with relief and smiled back at her.

"Now we need to find out how we work together" she stated, giving him an appraising look.

"I'm really good at waiting" He said confidently.

"Waiting?" She asked. Waiting meant so many different things in the power exchange community.

"Yes, I used to wait on Mistress Celeste and her friends... you know, fetch drinks, food." Katrina chuckled at his words.

"Oh Dillon, I have much bigger plans for you than waiting! You might do that occasionally.... But I think I'll keep you too tied up to do much of that!" She laughed. "That fine ass of yours has all sorts of potential!"

"Oh" Dillon breathed, looking excited. His cock throbbed to life, tenting his leather thong.

"When do you have to be home?" She asked. It was Friday night.

"I have to be back in San Anton by Sunday evening." He said. "I have a hotel room booked for tonight."

"Play your cards right, boy, and you won't need a hotel room" she told him with a wink.

They took another 10 minutes together, sorting out Safe Words and gestures. They talked about what he had done before, what he wanted to try, and limits. Other than some flogging and spanking, Celeste had made very little use of her boy. Pressed for limits, Dillon thought that he might not be into Urethral Sounds, but even that he wasn't definitely against. He was eager to try most anything she brought up. His cock was straining against the small piece of cloth, before their talk was over.

There was a Saint Andrew's Cross in the playroom she had reserved. Katrina took her time placing cuffs on her kneeling boy. The black leather stood out against his cinnamon skin. She let her fingers brush across his neck, by his collar, feeling the rapid beat of his pulse. Heat radiated from his near naked body. Looking down, she smiled at the steady rise and fall of his chest, watching his breath quicken at her touch. Ummmm, it was fun to get Dillon worked up... Tipping his head back, she leaned down and kissed his full lips... Their first kiss. She slid her tongue across those lips, and he opened his mouth. Her tongue drove into his mouth, and he whimpered, holding very still.

"Kiss me back", she whispered into his ear, running her tongue up the outer edge of his earlobe. He shivered, and nodded. Moving back to his mouth, she kissed him again. This time his tongue eagerly tangled with hers. Head tipped back to meet her, his response was passionate and sweet. Mouth pressing down on him, she deepened the kiss. He moaned beneath her. When she pulled back, he cast his eyes down, not meeting her gaze.

"Look at me, Dillon" She commanded. He swallowed and met her gaze. He looked vulnerable and a little scared. "Not used to kissing a Domme?" She asked.

"No, Ma'am" He whispered.

"Is it scarier than the hard core stuff?" She inquired knowingly. He nodded mutely. "I don't play without emotions. Think you can handle that?" This was something she had to know.

"Yes, Ma'am", he breathed, blushing. Watching him carefully, she knew that he really wanted to try. Ok, so they would take it slow. Time to change gears, she decided. Dillon needed some action.

"Stand up, boy." She ordered. Standing, he towered above her, but she didn't feel at all intimidated. Feet spread apart, shoulders rolled back, arms at his side, he stood open to her. There was a buzzing feeling at her core. Such a rush, having this big man so willingly at her mercy. Stepping in close, she pressed an open palm against his flat stomach, pushing him back. She guided him up against the Saint Andrew's Cross and quickly attached his cuffs in place. Watching her work through lowered lids, he moved his body under her direction, his breathing heavy.

"Ever had a zipper?" She inquired, once she got him secured in place. Dillon shook his head.

"Know what it is?" She raised an eyebrow. He nodded, looking excited. His cock throbbed in his leather g-string. She paused. "What do you think about an audience?" She asked.

"Whatever you would like, Ma'am", he answered, looking more excited than ever. Katrina chuckled and went to open the door.

A small group of people gathered in the room. Katrina had a basket of clothes pins in hand, and strips of rope in another. She set the items on a stool near Dillon. Leaning in, she took one of his brown nipples into her mouth, and sucked it up into a tight bud. Flicking it with her tongue, she bit down. He hissed and arched his back. The audience watched, enraptured. Mistress Katrina was a favorite, well known for her sensual play. It had been several months since they had seen her play with a sub of her own. Recently, she had toyed with some of the subs who frequented the club, but she was far more electric with her own boys. The crowd sensed the attraction between these two, and the room hummed with excitement. She gave the moist nipple several hard slaps, leaving the area reddened. Next she turned her attention on the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. Dillon sucked in ragged breaths, writhing in the restraints. Once the nipples were reddened and slightly swollen, she fastened a clothes pin around the base of each one. She grinned happily and flicked them hard. He gasped and flinched.

Reaching for more pins and a two foot length of thin rope, she set to work clipping the clothes pins to his skin down the right side of his chest and abdomen. The rope was caught neatly in the space between the pins and his skin. That completed, she moved to the left side of his chest, pinching the skin and clipping another length of rope in place. By the time she had finished, he was shaking and whimpering. His eyes were glazed.

"How are you doing, baby boy?" She reached up and rubbed a hand through his hair. He closed his eyes and turned his face into her hand, nodding. "Too much?" She asked. A slight head shake 'no' came in response.

"Good boy" She praised him, leaning forward to lap a clamped nipple with her tongue. He moaned blissfully. She licked the other one. Reaching a hand forward, she massaged his tight leather package, rewarded with another moan. She leaned in close, so that only he could hear her.

"What about clothes pins down here, babe?" She asked, hand still cupping his sack.

"S'Okay..." he murmured, eyes closed, rocking his hips into her hand.

"Dillon!" she said sharply, bringing her hands up to press hard against his clamped nipples.

"Uhhhhh" he groaned, eyes opened quickly to look down at her. "Yes, Ma'am?"

"Can you handle pins on your cock?" She asked, looking him in the eye.

"Yes, Ma'am", he said softly, but clearly. He looked slightly nervous, but not panicked. Katrina reached down and unsnapped the COD piece from the front of his leather thong. A thick uncut cock sprang out, released from constraint. A string of pre-cum dangled from the tip. 'Well, that's a good sign' she thought with a chuckle.

"Been pinned here before?" she looked up at him again. Eyes wide, he shook his head 'no'. She couldn't stop the big grin that spread across her face. She laughed softly. "Ready for a treat?"

She pulled loose skin from his ball sack, and clipped a pin in place. He let out a little cry. Another pin to the other side of his sack. He whimpered. His cock was so ridged that she had to go to the underside of his shaft to find any loose skin. She pinched it up, clipping three pins in a row along his length. She took one last pin and clipped it over the foreskin on the tip of his dick. He was hissing and panting when she was done. His cock continued to pulse and bob. Pre-cum leaked around the pin over his slit.

"Oh, yes!" Katrina exclaimed with joy, as she stood back to look at him. "I have bought myself a pain slut!" She said with delight. There was a collective chuckle of appreciation in the room. Dillon rolled his head to the side and stared at her with his big blue eyes. His arms hung loosely, held up by the restraints. His chest and tight belly rose and fell rapidly with his breathing. Kat stepped back up to him and rubbed his nipple tips under her thumbs. He moaned.

"Are you ready?" She asked, stepping away again. He nodded. She took the tail of the rope clipped to his right side. With a rapid yank, she ripped the rope away from his skin, sending the clothes pins flying. Dillon let out a ragged cry of pain. She had gotten all of them in the line with that one pull. She moved to the other side, taking the next rope tail in her hand. She braced a hand against his hip.

"Ready?" She asked him again, this time with a sadistic grin. Now that he knew what was coming, he hesitated for a second. Then, clenching his teeth, he nodded 'yes'. She ripped the second line off, clothes pins going everywhere.

"Ahhhhhhh" He cried, back arched, chest thrust forward.

"So pretty", Katrina purred, reaching up to stroke his face. He relaxed back, eyes glazed again, as he hung there panting. Beads of sweat lined his brow, and dampened his hair. His chest glistened. Slowly, Kat began removing the clothes pins from his nipples, cock and balls. He whimpered and jerked as they came off one by one. Once she had them all removed, Katrina unsnapped her boy from the cross. She pointed him over to a bench by the wall, and watched carefully as he walked over to it. Someone passed her a water bottle and a damp cloth. She popped the bottle top and pushed it into his hands, then ran the cloth across his forehead. He smiled up at her appreciatively and leaned his head against her side. She stroked his damp hair. They stayed like that for a few minutes, until Dillon's breathing was back to normal.

"I'm going to mark you, now" Katrina murmured down to him. He looked up slowly, and nodded, waiting for her directions. She took his hand and led him to a padded spanking horse. Several of the on-lookers helped to strap him in place. His cock had stiffened again, as she got him positioned. She flipped it down over end of the bench, so it was exposed. The skin of his dick was reddened from the clothes pins. She rubbed it firmly under her palm with downward strokes. Dillon shifted and humped the bench in response.

"Stop" She said, spanking his cock with her open palm. He groaned in frustration. Ah, so her boy did get needy... that was good! She grinned. Some muffled chuckles came from the crowd.

Katrina went over to her toy bag and pulled out her flogger. Dillon shivered at the sight of it. She began lightly slapping the flogger across his ass and back. He flexed his back muscles, enjoying the light sting. Working her way up and down his body, she started to lie down an occasional harder stroke. He moaned, writhing over the horse. The harder strokes picked up in frequency. His broad back and muscled ass turned a light red. Suddenly, Kat snapped the flogger down on his ass hard, the ends curling around the outside of his cheeks. Dillon cried out. Welts rose where she had struck him. She swung on the other cheek, hard. Then she moved to his upper back. He was crying out with each blow. Once she had both cheeks and his upper back welted, she eased up on the intensity. But now, even the light strokes against the punished skin had him whimpering and moaning. Moving down, she laid some strokes on the back of his thighs, careful to avoid his balls. Light at first, then growing harder. He cried out again as she welted his thighs. Returning to lighter strokes, she listened to the guttural quality of his moans.... Her boy had hit sub-space! She gave him a few more light strokes, letting him ride the pain. This one was definitely worth the cost!

Striding back to her toy bag, Katrina retrieved a slender case. Inside lay a rattan cane. She pulled it out, sliding it lovingly across her hand. It was light, whippy, and smooth. Dillon made a small noise from his position on the spanking horse. She turned to see him staring at her. His face was awash with fear and desire. Kat strutted back over to him slowly, letting her hips sway a little. She held the cane up, arching a brow. Dillon licked his lips.

"Do you think you can take three?" She asked. He nodded quickly. Too quickly. "No one has ever used a cane on you before" She stated.

"No, Ma'am" He agreed, and then hurriedly added, "But I can take it. I can take more than that." Kat's mind went back to last weekend. She had caned a man in the main room of the dungeon. She had given him six, but he was an experienced player. Dillon had been there in the crowd, with Mistress Celeste. 'Hum, so he is competitive too', she thought, amused. Best nip this in the bud.

"Are you trying to tell me how to be your Domme?" She growled at him. "Trying to top from the bottom, boy?" He swallowed hard, looking startled and nervous.

"No, Ma'am" He whispered.

"Who decides how many strokes you'll receive?" She asked, moving in close to his face.

"You do, Ma'am" He looked like he wanted to cry.

"That's right" she said, running a hand over his cheek. "Trust me, babe, I've got it covered.... Now, this is going to hurt. It's going to hurt a lot. But when it's done, you will be wearing my marks, OK?" Dillon nodded his understanding, looking relieved that her anger had passed.

Katrina moved down along her prone boy, running her nails lightly along his welted back and ass. He shivered at the contact, hissing lightly. The crowd formed a semi-circle around them, giving Katrina room to swing. She rested the cane against the tender skin where his ass met his thighs. He trembled. She let it sit there for a full 6 second count, then raised it up and snapped it down hard, in the same spot. It whistled through the air and landed with a satisfying THWACK. Dillon wailed, shuttering under the agonizing burn. A nice fat red and purple welt formed. She had not hit him hard enough to blister. He rocked and hissed. She laid the cane against his skin, three inches above the first mark. He began to shake. She waited four seconds this time, then snapped it down again. He hollered, clutching at the bench rails by his hands. His whole body curled around spanking horse, as he tried to absorb the pain. Another beautiful long horizontal welt marked his ass.

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