tagInterracial LoveCould It Be? Ch. 04

Could It Be? Ch. 04


*The following morning.*

"Thina. Thina, wake up."


"Hey sleepy. Wake up. Hey, good morning...afternoon," Erik said.

"Oh crap...what time is it?" Thina asked, frantically sitting up.

"About noon," Erik replied with a kiss on the forehead.

"Noon! Why didn't you wake me up? Thina screamed, jumping out of the bed, "I missed class!"

She was frantically picking up and trying to put her clothes on

"I didn't know...Thina, wait...can you just slow down for a second." Erik grabbed her arm gently.

"Erik, I was supposed to be at class at 9am."

"Babe just calm down for a second."

Once she's stopped her fussing, Erik continued...

"I didn't know you had to be in class this morning. You didn't mention it last night.' He said the last part with a smile, then added "I understand you're upset but you're about three hours late now, so please just calm down."

"Erik, I have to go."

"Ok, but let me finish, please. I'm sorry you missed class. I honestly didn't know you had to be up early, ok." Erik continued, "Look, you ARE three hours late. What time do your Saturday classes end?'

"At 1pm," Thina replied quietly.

"Well there's less than an hour left of class. Which WITS campus"

"Braamfontein," she replied.

"Ok, that's about a good 15 minutes away. You also need time to shower..."

"Erik..." Thina loosened herself from his grip and tried putting her clothes again.

"Let me finish please. Again, I'm sorry you missed class. But you're not going to make it today. OK. Maybe you can call a friend for notes or whatever...but just don't leave like this..."

"Like what Erik?" she asked.

"Like this..." he gestured wildly. "You got up, got mad and are about to fly out of here."

"Well, what do you expect?"

"I understand you're a bit mad. But think about it, you've missed class already. If you still want to leave, fine. But just not like this, in a cloud of anger and clothes. Can you at least slow down...I'll get you something to eat or drink while you take a shower. Then I'll go drop you off at your car. If you still want to leave."

"Ok, you're right. I'm sorry. I should have said something last night. And I shouldn't be angry at you," Thina said sheepishly.

"It's ok," Erik smiled. "Can we start all over again please?"

Thina covered her face with both hands, "Yes, we can."

"Good morning...afternoon Thina."

"Good afternoon Erik," Thina uncovered her face

"Slept well?"

"Yes, I did, thanks. You?"

"I slept well. Didn't sleep much because you kept me busy. But I am not complaining," Erik smiled and gently brushed Thina's cheek. "I figured I wore you out and that's why I didn't wake you up."

"Wore me out? You're funny Bekker, but I'm a deep sleeper."

"Deep sleeper my ass! I wore you out sexy."

By now they were both seated on Erik's bed and he was nuzzling her neck.

He straightened himself, "Look, I actually woke you up to tell you that I need to step out for a while, should be less than an hour. We can go grab your car when I get back, and...come back here?" He asked, hopeful.

"Erik, I already missed class and I also need to get a few other things done today," Thina replied.

"Like?" he asked.

"I have stuff to do, errands to run. Plus I need fresh clothes..." Thina protested.

"Ok, so can I run out to the office quickly while you shower and eat. I'll come back, go drop you off at your car, you do what you need to and come back here?" He was really hoping that she'd agree to spending the day with him.

"Sure, sounds like a plan," Thina agreed.

Erik got up, "Good, I'll be back soon. Shower's over there. There's breakfast in the fridge, just needs warming up. Lizzy's down stairs, try to stay out of her way..." And he was out the door.

Thina was worn out and welcomed the hot shower. Stepping out, she encountered an older woman in Erik's bedroom, busy examining Thina's skirt with a disgusted look on her face. Both were shocked to see each other.

Dropping the skirt, the woman took a step back. Thina self-consciously made sure the towel around her body was fastened. The woman was old enough to be Thina's mother. The woman tilted her head to the side a bit, squinted and mumbled something to herself while shaking her head. All Thina caught was the word "Erik".

Thina was still holding on to the towel when it occurred to her that she ought to greet the woman.

"Uhm, molo ma (hello, mother)," she sheepishly said, her eyes trying to locate the rest of her clothing around the bedroom. (Thina is speaking her home language, Xhosa)

(In the ethnic South African cultures, to show respect, you always refer to strangers old enough to be either of your parents as ma/mama or papa/tata/baba/nthate—depending on the language that person speaks. Those slightly older than you are referred to as sisi/ousi (female) or bhuti (male)-both signs of respect. You do not call a person older than you by name, unless they give you permission to).

"Dumela ngwana ka, o kae? (Hello my child, how are you?)" The woman replied in her language, Tswana.

Ndiphilile ma, enkosi. Wena unjani? (I'm fine, thank you. How are you?). Thina was starting to feel a bit awkward as the woman was scrutinizing her, from head to toe.

"Ke teng," (I'm fine) came the abrupt answer. "Bitso la hao ke mang?" (Your name?)

"Ndi ngu Thina. (I'm Thina).

"O mo Xhosa?" (Are you Xhosa?), the woman asked.

"Ewe ma." (Yes, ma)

"Le na ke Lizzy. A kesi buwi hantle si Xhosa sa gago, o was se bua se Tswana?" the woman said. (I am Lizzy. I do not speak your language, Xhosa, well. Do you speak Tswana?)

"A ke se bua hantle ma Lizzy." (I don't speak it well ma Lizzy) Thina replied.

"SiZulu sona?" (Do you speak Zulu?)

"Ewe ma, sona ndi yasazi." (Yes, ma, I know Zulu).

"Ok ke ngwana ka, asikhulume sona sizo zwana kakuhle." (Ok my child, let's speak Zulu so that we can understand each other).

(South Africa has 11 official languages, 9 of these are ethnic. Because Johannesburg is the melting pot of South Africa, you find different ethnic groups from both within the country and neighboring countries—different people speaking different languages. However, most Johannesburg dwellers try to learn and speak Zulu - it's the most common ethnic language in the country and is regarded as the middle-ground of languages in Johannesburg. Thina speaks Xhosa and the woman, Tswana. The woman is suggesting that they switch to Zulu so that they can understand each other.)

The woman eventually put Thina's skirt down on the bed. Looking at the bed then back at Thina, she said "UErik ungitshelile ukuthi unesivakashi. Angiwenzi umandlalo wakhe uma enezivakashi, uyayazi loko. Ngiqoqa nje. Phela sengikhulile, uErik lo ngingu mama kuye." the woman said as a matter-of-fact while eying the bed. (Erik told me he had a guest. I don't make his bed when he has guests. He knows that. I'm an old woman - I could be his mother.)

What the woman said stung Thina a bit. She knew that she couldn't possibly been the first woman to sleep in Erik's bed but she still felt not only a pang of pain but also sensed the woman's disapproval.

Not minding Thina, the woman continued, "Ngizoqoqa ngishanyele la. So, ngicela ugqoke uye ezantsi uyokudla, mina ngizosala ngiqoqa." (I'm here to clean and vacuum this room. So can you please get dressed and go downstairs, there's food - you can eat. I'll stay here and tidy up.)

By now Thina just wanted to be out of Lizzy's sight, so she quickly grabbed and put on her clothes and was out the door in no time. She headed downstairs, went to the kitchen and grabbed a plate of eggs and sausage from the fridge, and popped it in the microwave oven. Then she called Erik.

"Hey babe, everything ok?" he asked.

"Uhmm, yeah, kinda. I just met mama Lizzy," Thina whispered.

"Ha ha ha, why are you whispering? He laughed.

"Erik, it's not funny. She's -"

"Her bark is worse than her bite. Don't' mind her. Lizzy's actually the sweetest person I know. As long as everyone stays out of her way and lets her get on with her work. She's harmless," Erik continued.

"She's old enough to be my mother. I was so embarrassed. I walked out of the shower...and there she was...then she made some comment about not making your bed," Thina said rapidly.

"Oh, I see." Erik wasn't laughing any more. "Don't mind her. She's probably in a bit of shock. But let's talk when I get home ok? I should be there in the next 20 minutes of so."

"Ok, see you in a bit."

They hung up and Thina dialed one of her classmates to ask about the work covered in the class she missed. She was doing her postgrad studies part time, two evening classes during the week and every other Saturday. The classmate, Lebo, agreed to email Thina his notes and assignment topic. Thina was more than grateful. She regarded herself a diligent student, and given the amount of money and time she was investing in her studies while also juggling a full-time job, she only missed class if she was sick.

Thina finished her breakfast and washed the plate and cutlery she had been using. After settling down to check messages on her phone, Lizzy walked into the kitchen and said "Hayi ke, sengiqedile. Phele ngifike ekuseni kakhulu, mele ngi hambe manje." (I'm done. I'm going to leave soon, I've been here since early morning).

She headed over to the sink and saw the plate that Thina had just washed. She turned to Thina and told her she shouldn't have bothered washing the plate, she was going to wash it. She smiled. She opened one of the kitchen drawers, took out a notepad and pen and started scribbling something.

When she was done, she came over to Thina and stood in front her, on the other side of the counter.

"Ngiyahamba manje. Ngicela unike uErik le list. Angenge ngilokhe noma ngingafake i-alarm ngoba kukho wena. Asithembe so phinda sibonane futhi Thina...konje isibongo? (I'm leaving now. Please give Erik this list. I'm not going to lock or set the alarm, because you're here. I hope to see you again Thina...what's your last name?)

"Thina Kana,"

"Kulungile ke, usale kakuhle Thina Kana (Ok, goodbye Thina Kana)," said Lizzy, grabbing her bag which was also sitting on the counter.

Ten minutes later, Erik came back. Thina was in the lounge, watching tv. Erik came and sat next to her, pulled her legs towards him and put them on his lap. He started rubbing her feet.

"You good?" he asked.


"I probably should have warned you about Lizzy. She CAN be scary. But she's harmless. She's been my cleaning lady for over 10 years. I hope she didn't give you much of a hard time," Erik smiled.

"Nah, she didn't. Just mentioned that she won't make the bed - that she never does when you have a guest," Thina said slowly, emphasizing each word.


"Thina, ..." Erik started.

Thina interrupted him, "But I think she and I are cool, sort of - she even smiled at me just before she left. And she left a list of things you need to buy," Thina said.

"Okkkkk, maybe I need to have a chat with Lizzy about boundaries," Erik said.


"You mad at me? At Lizzy?"

"No, Erik don't be silly."

"Well, you seem a bit pissed off by what Lizzy said..."

"I'm not. Why should I?" Thina retorted

"I don't know...maybe you think that I...Look she definitely shouldn't have said that to you and I'm going to talk to her about it. As for what's implied by what she said, well as I told you I'm not seeing anyone else so she's talking about past girlfriends. Past...that's all there is, a past."

Erik trailed off.

"Ok. Can we go get my car now? I really need to get out of these clothes," Thina said.

"Yeah, I think so too." Erik smiled, his hands going up her legs.

"Erik, stop it," she smiled.

"Really? You want me to stop?

Thina was now flat on her back on the couch, and Erik turned his entire body towards her, got on his knees on the couch and pulled Thina by her legs towards him. He tugged at her skirt.

"You did say you need to get out of these clothes," he said.

"You know that's not what I meant." Thina lifted her ass off the couch so that Erik could slide the skirt down her hips.

"You're not wearing panties Thina."

"I couldn't find them. You wouldn't by any chance know where they are, would you?"

"Nope." Erik laughed. He was now taking off her top. The bra followed.

When she was completely naked, Erik took a moment to admire her body.

She tried sitting up, "Let's get you out of these." She gestured at his clothed body.

In a second Erik's tshirt was off, he grabbed his wallet from his jean's pocket and took out a condom. He then stood up and took his pants off and quickly got back on the couch. Kneeling on the couch and facing Thina he put the condom on. The lowered himself on her warm body and they kissed. Thina raised one leg to better accommodate him, moaning as he ground himself against her.

"Turn around for me baby," he breathed.

Not exactly what Thina was expected as she was eagerly wanting to feel him inside her.

Erik got back up on his knees on the couch and watched as Thina got up and turned over on her knees, her back to Erik.

He caressed her back for a while and moved closer to her. His one hand reached under her, to feel her heat and wetness. He brought the hand back and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, separating them. He leaned down and licked her ass. Thina went crazy.

"Erik," she purred.


She responded by pushing her ass back towards him.

"Baby, don't torture me," she breathed.

"Tell me what you want Thina," Erik said.

"I want you."

"I'm here."


"Tell me what you want."

"I want you inside me Erik."

In a second, Erik's dick was inside Thina to the hilt. Erik had her by the waist, tight. He held her, not moving nor thrusting. Unable to take it any longer, Thina rotated her hips against him. Erik watched her ass, still holding on to her waist.

Thina turned her head back to look at him, and found him staring at her ass.

"Erik..." she parted her legs a little more and rotated her ass on his dick. He had her waist firm and tight.

"Tell me what you want Thina."

"I want you to fuck me."

And Erik did just that. His thrusts were hard and fast, her ass slapping hard against his thighs. Thina was purring, in heaven. He was deep inside her. She leaned down on the couch and balanced on her elbows, pushing her ass upwards. Erik was unrelenting. Thina just kept pushing her ass out to him. Now she was panting and he was grunting. He removed his hands from her hips and separated her ass cheeks so he could watch his dick thrusting in and out of her pussy. The sight drove him crazy. She drove him crazy. She was now screaming and he could feel her pussy pulsating crazily on his dick. She screamed louder and was frantically moving her ass and gyrating on his dick. Erik could feel his balls tightening. Hands back on her waist as he thrust deeper, if that was possible. Faster, faster. Thina has lost all control by now, and her climax want not ending. She truly had never experienced anything like this before. Erik's release was just as frantic, accompanied by his loud groans. It was so good he felt pausing the moment and re-living it.

Spent. They both has a still moment, catching their breaths. Erik then collapsed on Thina's back. He was heavy but she didn't mind. After a couple of minutes, he lifted his body up and helped her stretch out on the couch, he then lay on top of her. Only sweat separating them.

"You can't leave Thina."

She let out a lazy laugh. "I have to. I'll be back."



"Ok, let's lay here for a while, then we'll shower and I'll drop you off at your car."


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