tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCould It Be Love Pt. 03

Could It Be Love Pt. 03


This story is fiction; it contains depictions of sexual acts between a transgendered woman and a male. If any of this bothers you please feel free to NOT READ IT. With that said, if you are still interested please enjoy.

Chapter Five

For the first time in almost a year I felt truly happy. After our first date I saw Gwen on a nearly daily basis, or at least as often as work permitted. Sometimes we just talked; sometimes we watched TV and movies together. It turned out she and I had a common love for zombie films, and we watched as every single one we could find. Most of our dates ended with Gwen on her knees between my legs. Gwen's gifted mouth never ceased to amaze me, although it sometimes bothered me that she would not allow me to return the favor. My every attempt was met with resistance, and I never wanted her to feel pressured so I always folded. I really felt like I was falling for her. I loved the time we spent together, and not just the attention she was giving me. Feeling her cuddled up next to me as we sat on her couch, just one look at the smile on her face made me warm and satisfied inside.

The traffic was nearly bumper to bumper as we headed back to my house from the local steak house, and although I was hoping that tonight was the night I still would not pass up more of her oral attention if that was all to come. Gwen was quiet and I could see she had something on her mind.

"What's wrong?"

"Hmm, oh nothing." She replied.


"Pete, do you like me?"

"What kind of a question is that? Of course I like you; you're the best thing to ever happen to me. I've never been with a woman who treated me as good as you do." I countered.

"Oh." Was all she said, as she looked down and the quiet set in again.

The traffic hadn't let up in the least and we were stuck almost ten miles from the turn off. I really wanted her to finish the conversation; I knew there was something she wasn't saying.

"Oh? What oh?" I asked.

"Well, when you were with your ex, you were only with that guy because she wanted you to be right?"

"Oh, wow. Uh well. Gwen I'm bi. I liked being with him, but..." I trailed off while trying to focus on the car ahead of me.

"So, was it him you liked or was it the sex you liked?" she asked.

"It's kind of complicated, I'm attracted to women, but I really enjoy being with a man. Where is all this coming from? What's the real question on your mind?"

"Ah, uh..." she hesitated, "Pete, I'm not a girl."

"Yeah I know."

Pete's response stunned her. "How could he know?" she thought, "Am I that obvious?" Gwen sat silently with her lips parted, unsure how to continue.

"Well, I didn't KNOW, but I had a pretty strong suspicion." He said.

"My god, how? Am I ugly? Do I really look like a guy?"

"What! No! You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met."

"Then how could you tell?" She insisted.

"Well... I have dated a transgendered woman before, and there were a few little tell tale signals."

"Like what?"

"Like, never wanting me to touch you, down there." He paused, "And well, it's just a bunch of small things that by themselves mean nothing but when added up just kinda hinted to it."

Gwen remained silent with her hands on her knees. She had no idea what to say or how to proceed. She had been figured out for the first time since she began her transition. She wanted to cry, but as she looked sheepishly over at this man she had grown to love she realized that there was no need for fear or sadness. The expressions of love and kindness in Pete's eyes put her at ease, and the smile on his face brought a realization that he didn't care about gender or labels, he only cared about her.

"You know, you are the first guy in years to not get mad about it and to figure it out."

"Gwen, I don't care what is or isn't between your legs, you're the best thing that's ever happen to me. I love you and that's all that matters."

Her eyes swelled with tears as her emotions overwhelmed her. Never before had she felt so happy, so loved, so cared for. She loved him too, and now that she knew she would never have to hide anything from him again she felt complete and whole. Gwen wiped away the tears of joy as she looked for the right words to say.

"So, you really don't care?" she asked.

"Oh I care, I care about you. I want you to be happy. I want you to stop trying to hide it from me."

"I will, er I mean I won't hide anything from you anymore." She replied, still dabbing at her eyes with the backs of her hands, "God, I love you."

The conversation lightened as they finally broke free of the heavy traffic. Now only minutes from his house Gwen was looking forward to finally making love to him, completely and wholly. Her feelings for him and her fears of losing him had kept her unfulfilled for far too long and now she was free, free to love him fully. Her mind raced, and filled with thoughts of what she wanted to do to him now that she could. All of her fantasies and daydreams, all the images that she masturbated to while thinking of Pete, she soon hoped to see come to fruition. As they arrived home, Pete held the door open for her. She had seen his house before yet now it seemed to shine in a warm receiving light; it felt brighter and more welcoming like perhaps this could someday be her home as well.

Once inside Gwen wasted little time and quickly embraced Pete, pressing her lips to his and parted them with her tongue. Passionately she filled his mouth with an aggression he had not seen before. With his hands on her hips Pete gave in to the passion, pulling her close to him. He longed for her touch, to feel her pressed against him. With their lips locked together they began to massage their hands over each other's bodies. Pete brought one hand up behind her head, running his fingers through her silky red hair and the other went lower grabbing her ass and squeezing hard pulling her up onto her toes causing a moan to escape her and enter into him. Gwen had been rubbing his back but now dropped both hands to his firm rear and in a swiftly she clutched him and ground his hips against hers.

It was far more obvious to him now, how much she wanted him. As their bodies rubbed together he knew she could feel his hardness, but it surprised him by just how much of her he could feel straining against him. Slowly her released her beautiful soft behind from his grip and worked his hand between them to get a better feel of what now knew he craved more than any other soul could provide. Encasing her bulge he massaged her through the tight confines of her skin tight jeans. Gwen's object of lust felt powerful in his hand, he knew it must be huge. The more attention he paid it, the more she moaned in approval. Pete filled with a sense of happiness knowing that he would finally have a chance to please her after all she had done for him. Gwen finally broke the kiss and pulled back with a devious smile stretched across her face.

"You like?" she asked.

"Mmm, baby. I like."

Swiftly she dropped to her knees and with expert hands she freed his engorged manhood from its denim prison. With a tight grip and a loving kiss to the head she worked his shaft before encasing his within the welcoming warmth and wetness of her mouth. Her loving efforts sent waves of lust though him; ever motion pushed a favorable sound from his lips. With one hand still locked tightly around him she worked her jeans open with the other stopping just shy of releasing herself.

"Do you mind?" she asked, with this tip of his cock at her lower lip.

It took a moment for him to return from his cloud before her comprehended the question, "Hmm, mind what?"

"Can I play with myself?" she asked, expecting no arguments.

"Su..." he paused in mid word as a thought entered his mind, "No, don't."

A little disappointed she sucked him back into her lips once before pulling back and asking 'please'. Pete reached down and grabbed her under the arms, pulling her to her feet. Hastily he brought her to the couch and pushed her back letting her fall into the cushy leather. Within seconds he was on his knees between her spread legs. Pete rubbed his cheek against her thigh as his hand worked diligently to free her large object of desire. It took some effort but with her help he finally freed her from the painfully tight confines of her skin tight jeans.

Pete was in awe of her large sexual flesh that proudly stood before him, pointing out from her body with a slight upward curve. Even with his hand wrapped firmly around it there was still plenty that extended past his last knuckle.

"It's about nine." Gwen said smiling down at him.

His eyes tore free from their fixation and looked up to meet hers; "Huh?" was all he could say.

"Nine inches," She replied, "What do you think?"

"It's so beautiful, sexy. It suits you perfectly."

Gwen blushed slightly and let a giggle slip from her, "I'm glad you like it, I really want the two of you to get well acquainted."

"Oh, we will." Pete said, as he brought his lips to meet the swollen mushroom shaped head.

Pete brushed her proud member across his lips and let it slip over his face. There was nothing, well almost nothing, manly about her cock he thought. Aside from its length, it suited her well. With its pink head and pale smooth shaft it seemed the perfect extension of her body. Her length was impressive, wrapping one hand around it still left several inches free. Even more so was the large, slightly wrinkled sack that hung at the base. Pete wondered how she could hide those large balls so well all this time. As he savored the feel of it against the skin of his face he could feel it getting slippery. He pulled back to only find a large dollop of pre-cum hanging from the tip and it was growing fast. Pete stuck his tongue out and licked softly from just under the head up past her slit, tasting and enjoying her fluids.

"Mmm, god you're making me wet Pete." Gwen groaned.

"Baby, you taste so good." He said, as he moved forward and lightly kissed her love muscle.

"I hope you don't mind, I pre-cum a lot."

"God, you're so wonderful." Was all he said before he leaned in and parting his lips, enveloping her.

"Oh god baby, that feels so good."

She was in heaven as Pete slowly slid forward until his lips met his hand. He pulled back while applying as much suction as he could muster until only her head remained, then repeated the motion and gained speed with each pass. Moans and groans escaped Gwen as he lovingly worked her lustful flesh. Each sound from her drove him on, finally he was giving her the pleasure she had given him. Pete was filled with passion; this was no longer just about pleasing her, he craved her orgasm. Thoughts of her tight feminine body writhing in pleasure filled him with ecstasy. Pete now craved her orgasm; he needed it, to hear her scream his name in her release.

Gwen's moans and gasps were coming faster now as she could feel her imminent climax approaching. She needed to stop; she didn't want it to end this way. Images of Pete on his back with his legs spread wide, beckoning her entrance raced through her mind.

"Oh god, Pete. I'm... I'm gonna..." she tried to warn.

Her warnings only caused him to press on as he was now a man on a mission. He had to have this, and his efforts were soon rewarded. Gwen's back arched and Pete felt her thighs tense as her body bucked upward. The beautiful mushroom shaped head of her passionate flesh swelled in his mouth, and he knew what was soon to follow.

"Uh, uh, god I'm cumming!" Gwen screamed, as she grasped at the leather trying to push her flesh deeper into his loving mouth.

With an unexpected amount of pressure she filled his mouth with her salty liquid. Pete was caught off guard by both the force and the volume at which she was cumming. Within seconds he felt that she was filling him faster than he could swallow, and could feel small amounts of her fluids of passion escaping from his lips. He could help but wonder how much longer this would go on, with such large balls surely she could produce a lot of cum. Gwen collapsed into the couch, feeling completely spent. For a moment she felt that all was right with the world, that for the first time in her life she was truly satisfied.

An overwhelming shock of pleasure shot through Gwen forcing a moan from her. She looked down to find Pete still between her legs, his lips still firmly wrapped around her. With their eyes locked she became conscious of Pete's love for her, and the sight of a small trail of her juices streaming down his cheek filled her with a sense of pride and appreciation. A smile crept across her face, a smile so sweet and loving. Pete saw it as his reward for a job well done, and though it was, it was so much more.

"Come here." Gwen seductively said as she motioned with one finger.

"Mmm" he replied.

Gwen moaned as she felt his lips leaving her, the cool air surrounding her now slowly deflating member. As Pete moved up beside her, Gwen brushed a finger across his face, collecting the trail of her seed from his cheek. As she pulled the finger into view they smiled to each other. Pete leaned in and enveloped her finger into his mouth, cleaning all of the creamy white love liquid from it as he pulled back.

"Mmm, so you like?" She asked.

"Love it." His response made her blush slightly.

"Glad you like it, cause I'm gonna want to give you more."

"Mmm, oh yeah?" he replied.

"Oh yeah, and often."

Chapter Six

So there I was, lying in bed, my fiery goddess of sexual desire standing in my doorway. Her red silk gown revealed every exquisite curve of her body, especially the large protrusion leading her way. Gwen stepped forward from the threshold of the master bath. With her hands together she stretched her arms far above her head, arching her back, displaying the perfection of her perk breasts. Her nipples standing firm and clearly visible through the sheer fabric all but made my mouth water. As she stretched the gown lifted, revealing the large swollen head of her sexuality. Now my mouth truly was watering in anticipation.

"Are you ready for this?" she asked in a low, seductive voice.

"God, you are beautiful." I replied.

Slowly she bent down, slyly creeping onto the bed and over me. As she reached my ridged manhood she smiled up at me. With a devilish grin she lowered her head, breathing deep the slightly musk scent of my maleness. As her head rose, I felt the loving manipulate of her tongue sliding up my shaft.

"Mmm" was the only sound that filled the room.

In one smooth motion she engulfed my rod halfway into her warm, inviting mouth.

"Oh, god baby." I said.

"You like that?" She asked between strokes.

"Yeah baby. Feels so good."

As her succulent lips worked me she wrapped an arm around my leg, working and kneading my ass. In only a short moment her fingers found their target, and began massaging my tight hole. Alone her mouth would have been more than enough to satisfy any man, but the gentle, loving attention she paid my puckered opening was what was really driving me over the edge. I had been fucked in the past, but this was different, she wasn't trying to just get in me, she was making love to me.

"Ooh, oh god!" I gasped as her finger invaded me.

Rising and dropping a few more times, Gwen pulled herself free of me. It was evident to her now that I had prepared for her already. My pre-lubed love canal, although tight, offered little resistance to the petite finger working its way inside.

"Mmm, someone's prepared."

"Yeah, just for you." I replied.

"Good, but let's get one thing straight..." she said, as she withdrew her finger from me.

"Oh? What's that?" I asked as Gwen slowly slid up face to face with me. I could feel the thick head of love flesh at my rear, and she was adjusting it so as to be firmly pressed at the opening.

"Ooh!" I gasped as she thrust in, only a few inches but forcefully.

"I'm the top in this relationship baby." She whispered in my ear.

Again Gwen thrust forward, driving another few inches into me. With her assault on my canal another gasp was driven from my lips, and quickly a long deep moan followed it. As I came back around to reality, the look on Gwen's face told me everything. Her gaze was piercing me, she was in control and she loved it. She could see the pleasures her passion was inflicting on me, and her face glowed with pride and love from of it.

"Oh, Gwen. Baby you're so big." I cooed.

"Mmm yeah, and you're so tight," she said, "but you'll get accustomed to having me inside you."

"Oh Yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah, cause I'm gonna be there a lot, almost every night, and morning." She whispered while driving into me again.

"Ooh god baby, yes." I moaned, "Yes, I want it. I want you in me always."

Again she pushed, and I felt her inside me, deep. It was slightly painful, but only slightly. The burning however was almost more than I could bear. Gwen held fast in the tight warmth of my bowels. The connection I felt with her that moment was stronger than with anyone I had ever felt before. With her breast pressed against my chest and her large cock buried deep within, I could sense her heartbeat transferring into me through her flesh, and into mine. Her every breath sent waves of pleasure through my skin as the passed my neck.

"Tell me." She spoke softly to me.

"I want it."

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I want you. I wanta feel you deep inside of me baby."

"Mmm, good," she said as she pushed again, sliding further into the tight warmth of me. "God, I've wanted you like this since we first met."

"Yeah baby, I want it. I want all of you."

Gwen was losing herself in the lust of the moment, she had never felt so passionate with another person before. There had been men in the past that let her penetrate them, some that even wanted it, but this was the first time that it felt like more. This was more than just sex, more than just one night of lustful fantasy fulfillment, this was a connection of both the physical flesh and the mind. The desire in his eyes with her every movement inside him told the story of what they had, and what was to come.

All of the sensations filling her head were finally taking their toll on her as Gwen's thrusting quickened. Laying there overwhelmed with the waves of pleasure that were flowing through him, spreading from his loins through his body, Pete's words were incoherent now, reduced to moans and grunts. The slapping of flesh on flesh as her balls slammed against his cheeks were becoming more than he could bare. One more thrust and Pete was beyond the point of no return, his body tensed, his back arched, and his dick spraying his cum between them splashing the bottom of her breasts as well as some landing on his chest and face. The spasms and contractions of his body on her ridged womanhood was more than Gwen could take sending her to climax.

"OH! OH GOD! YES! Oh baby, I'm cumming!" She screamed out.

"Uh, Oh! Uh yeah!" was all he could muster as he felt the warmth of her filling his insides.

"Oh baby, you were wonderful. I don't think even cum so hard or so much in my life." Gwen whispered.

"Mmm, I can tell. I can feel it." he said with a big smile.

Gwen sank down, collapsing onto his chest. Their cum covered bodies pressing together as they wrapped their arms around each other. With her perky breasts pressed to his chest and half of her slowly softening member still inside him Pete was on cloud nine. It was far and away the most passionate and loving sex he had ever had, and he knew then that he would never want to be with another.

"Oh Pete, I love you so much." Gwen said, whispering in his ear.

"Gwen, stay with me." He replied.



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