tagLesbian SexCould This Be Wrong

Could This Be Wrong


Sidney laid her head over on Mariam’s shoulder as they lay in bed reading Rolling Stone Magazine together. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sweet smell of Mariam's strawberry blonde curls. They had been friends for a long time. Through school and often now going on double dates.

Mariam looked down at Sidney brushing her dark brown hair out of her eyes. "What is wrong girl?" She asked. Sidney replied, "Just enjoying the quiet." Mariam put her arm around Sidney. Sidney looked up into her big dark blue eyes and brushed her lips against hers. Mariam answered by kissing her back. Sidney stopped and pulled away. "Could this be wrong? I'm not sure we should do this" She said looking at Mariam wantingly.

Mariam took her hand and responded. "Why not know one will know but you and me, besides how could it be wrong?" Mariam laid down on the bed pulling Sidney on top of her. They kissed feverishly while removing each others clothes. Mariam squeezed Sidney's breast as she sat across her thighs. Her moans were exciting to her and made her wet. Sidney pushed her hands away and bent down and began licking at her nipples. Mariam gasped. She kissed down her belly and slid her hand between her legs, rubbing her nether region with the palm of her hand. To Sidney the smell was as sweet at the smell of her hair. She rubbed her palm around her pussy till it was nice and wet. Then went down and licked at her lips and slid her fingers into her tight sleeve while she sucked at her clit. Making Mariam moan louder. Mariam pusher her away.

“No Sidney, Lets so it this way" Pushing Sidney down on the bed. Mariam put her knees on either side of Sidney's head and put her pussy over her mouth. "Let's eat each other." he said as she went to licking and sucking Sidney's aching pussy. Sidney gave out a loud moan. As she licked the juice out of Mariam's hole and pushed a finger slowly into her ass, This excite Mariam even more and she began pushing back on it.

They worked each other over for a long time. Mariam dipping her fingers in and out of Sidney's pussy, licking at her clit and her lips to suck up her sap and Sidney fingering Mariam’s sweet ass and sucking her juicy clit till they came hard together. Then laid back in each others arms, kissing and tasting themselves on each others lips. "Do you still think is was wrong?" Mariam asked. Sidney kissed her long and hard. "If it was wrong how could it of felt so right?" They snuggled together against each others naked bodies an fell fast asleep.

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