tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCouldn't Help Myself Ch. 1

Couldn't Help Myself Ch. 1


Her pussy was soaking wet. She told me so as she grabbed me around my neck.

My lips were aching and I'd been kissing this fine young thing ever since she plucked up the courage at last orders. Slippery lips and duelling tongues, from the dance floor to the cloakroom to the cab. I pawed at her firm ass and her very sexy golden thighs. She seemed hesitant in touching me, but I just couldn't help myself as we headed back to my place.

My palm skated along her hamstring and as we remained lip/tongue locked, I stroked her pussy lips through her damp, cum-soaked knickers. Finger tips over her puffy swollen outer-labia, the cotton clinging, wet-through and sticky.

She was melting, skin glowing from the humid night air and the disco sweat. I could still smell the flowers of her perfume beyond the musty scent of her lust. She groaned as I hooked the crotch of her knickers aside. I could feel little hairs around her lips, matted to her skin with thick girl-cum.

Her kisses faded and I split her cunt with my middle finger. She hugged me tight, allowing a small moan. As I touched her clit I felt her petite frame spasm in my embrace. She hugged me tighter and I ran my finger back down to her hole. Her cunt clenched and her round bottom instinctively pushed down. My finger slid in her and her tight little vagina bit it hard. Her cunthole was full of cream, chewing at my finger, all juicy and cumming again.

The girl's stranglehold on my neck eased and her hands sank to my chest as her sweet, wasted expression gazed up at me. She looked into my eyes, to my lips and back again. Then as she looked at my lips again, she licked hers and started planting soft kisses to mine, licking the length of each. I pulled my cum-soaked finger from her and she slid down into the seat, hooking her underwear back into place. She sat there limply, looking at me, her wasted expression growing a smile that got wider and wider, until she giggled. She was probably the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen....she made not just my mouth water, but my aching cock, too.

I moved to her, giving her a hard, flat kiss. I used the finger I'd taken from her, painting her lips, making them sticky and extra kissable. She looked into my eyes and began sucking and licking the tip of my finger, like it was a little cock.

I felt the cab slow, pulling to the curb.

She straightened her skirt and I paid the driver. I held her hand as we walked the path. It seemed small in my palm, like the rest of her, except those long, long legs that grew her to my chin. Nineteen, she'd said, although I assumed she'd added a year or so. Still a girl, not quite a woman. I was old enough to be her father, but I couldn't help myself, and I couldn't wait to play with her.

As soon as we were in my apartment I was all over her.

"Come here," I said, pulling her to me.

I took the drunken girl in my arms and we began right away.

Coffee could wait, but my cock was screaming at me to fuck her, and my balls were aching to cum all over her. I pushed the girl against the wall and assaulted her mouth with my tongue as she hung onto me. Her kisses were frantic and I undid my tie. I slid it from my neck and took both of her hands. As I pulled her arms down, her mouth tore from mine. She gasped excitedly as I lifted her bottom from the wall and swung her arms behind her back. I sank my tongue into her mouth again as I drew her wrists together....pushing my chest against her little breasts as I tied her.

I stroked her slender neck and whispered as I kissed/sucked/licked the length of it up to her jaw. I told the girl that I was going to fuck her and she started to tremble. I stroked her little tits, and began unbuttoning her. She was shivering, but it wasn't cold. It was close and humid and the lashing rain seemed to turn the air to steam. The girl was absolutely glowing, her head swimming.

"D'you have a tight pussy, sweetheart?"

I opened her blouse and her chest was heaving, the skin shiny and perspiring...slick and delicious. There was a submissive look of fright in her eyes that made my dick throb. She nervously said that her pussy was very tight and I told her that was good, and kissed her tenderly on her quivering lips.

The girl shuddered as I pulled her bra down, spilling her small round breasts. I sucked on one of her hard nipples and asked her if she wanted me to fuck her. I asked her if she'd like my stiff cock deep inside her.

My vocabulary shocked her and she nodded, tensing a little as I stroked her crotch and sank a kiss on her mouth. I pushed my fingers between her thighs and she blurted out that I should just do what I want.

"......anything....you want."

I pushed the crotch of her knickers between her cunt lips and told her that I wanted her over by the sofa, kneeling and facing the cushions. The girl obeyed me and I told her she was a good girl and that I liked a girl who did as she was told......in the bedroom, anyway.

I knelt behind her, her bound hands against the swelling in my pants. I undid my belt and told her to put her legs together, and as her hot thighs melted into one another, I slid the belt from around my waist. The girl's eyes were closed and she licked her lips when I swing the belt around her thighs. She then looked at me over her shoulder and kissed me as I pulled it tight, sinking a tongue into my mouth as I buckled it.

I unclipped her bra and dragged it with her blouse over her shoulders and down her arms. then kissed her soft silken skin and took a small breast in either palm, squeezing them as I licked her between her shoulder blades. My hand slid up her neck and I squeezed her throat a little, before sliding it down her burning skin, down between her breast and over her belly. I felt her softness and her hard thighs as I pulled up her skirt. Very sexy thighs. Very damp knickers and the soft fur I can feel under the material.

I kissed her behind the ear.

"Bend over...."

The girl bent over and my hands slid up the back of her thighs. I pushed her skirt up, exposing her round bum. She groaned as I started to roll down her knickers, her thighs tugging at my belt, wanting to spread. She moaned as the sticky gusset ripped from her pussy lips, and I rolled her knickers down just enough to expose her aching twat to the soggy air. She squealed as I parted her bottom and licked her anus, then groaned with great satisfaction as I licked her spread crack with a fat, wet tongue.

Silence followed, just the rain outside, and her desperate breaths. The girl lay still as my thumbs rubbed her puffy mound. She turned her head and was breathing hard when I opened her sweltering young cunt. Her pink flower bloomed and her glistening hole presented itself to me. I told her that her pussy looked delicious and I licked the slippery hood of her clit and pressed the tip of my tongue against her swollen, greasy cherry. She cried and when she heard the zip of my pants, her eyes opened. Her back arched so she could see, but my hand at the back of her neck persuaded her to stay down.

I took my stiff, thick prick out of my shorts. The head was almost pulsating now, oozing pre-cum, which I rubbed against her anus. She tensed a little, wrists tugging at my tie, thighs naturally wanted to open. I ran my cock over her puffy mound and heard the girl moan as I pressed my cockhead between her thighs, fucking her clenched legs. I slowly pulled my cock upward and against her clit. Pushing in and up, my head began splaying her labia, slippery against the inside. I held the girl down by her neck and felt my dick sink toward her little fuckhole. I told her she felt good and her tight cunt stretched as my belt bit her thighs. My swollen cockhead vanished between her puffy lips, straining to get inside her tender young pussy.

When there was resistance I pushed, and her cunt swallowed, and again and again until it's unwillingness faded and her strong little pussy surrendered to another fat inch. She was so tight I was sure I was going cum right away. I could only get half my cock inside her and her moans of sympathy were growing louder as I increased the force.

As her cunthole surrendered a little more, the girl sensed she was finally going to concede and started to encourage me.

"Come on, fuck me," she snapped, "fuck me!"

I pushed her head down into the cushion and pulled open a cheek so I could see. Her snatch was stretched wide open to accommodate me. Glistening skin and slippery juice and her tough pussy-muscle straining open. I pushed and pulled her ass toward me and with each thrust of my cock I felt her hole give in some more. I could tell how deep I was by the tide mark of pussy juice on my shaft.

Each time I fucked her harder, and harder....until I was fucking her freely and quickly with two thirds of my cock, then three-quarters, until she cried out and I had to push her down. Then, with a painful, powerful stroke, my cockhead sank deep inside her, and my balls brushed her thighs. I held myself right there, crunching her against the sofa, grinding her broken pussy with deep, thick dick.

She was still, soaking up the intrusion, panting feverishly. I asked her whether that was what she wanted. To be full of cock. I started rocking my dick in and out of her, just withdrawing an inch or so, then grinding down in her, until the depth of her cunthole bit my throbbing head.

When I asked her again she moaned how good it felt, how deep I was. How big I was. I told her that it wasn't so, that it was how tight her young pussy was that made me feel so enormous inside her.

I began longer strokes and took hold of her ass with both hands. The girl's wrists twisted and turned. I started screwing her beautiful lean body, fawning over how soft she was and how sexy her contours were. She clenched her fists and her shoulder blades drew together as her back arched. Her moans were in rhythm with each rough down stroke of my cock, becoming increasingly desperate as her cum began lathering my pumping prick. I encouraged her and just before she started to climax, I took hold of her shoulders and banged her. Being fucked like a whore made her cum so hard.

I fucked her smoothly and deeply as she came and her moans sounded like begging, like pleading, like this is what she imagined to be enough, but there was more. More than she bargained for. The girl started to wane, her orgasm throbbing in waves through her, and as she clenched her teeth and scrunched her eyes shut I told her I was going to cum.

I slipped my cock from her and it began jerking, my cum exploding over her ass cheeks. With each aftershock I splashed her crack and the back of her thighs and her pussy hole that was still gaping from my dick. The girl was groaning and I was squeezing spunk onto her anus, rubbing it in with head of my cock She fell forward in exhaustion as I smeared her perfect round cheeks with my semen. I rubbed it into her hot skin and into her quivering thighs.

Before I unbuckled her I rolled her knickers back up, covering her dripping snatch and sticky ass. I wiped my dick on her skirt and freed her thighs. The girl's knees spread and her bottom sank. As I undid her wrists, she climbed onto the sofa and rolled over, collapsing backward, her legs spreading wide open. Her thighs would not stop trembling, which she found amusing and innocently apologized for.

I kissed her shaking knees and rose between her legs. Her long lashes blinked over chocolate brown eyes and her bee-stung lips were dry, her forehead shining, sweat-soaked hair stuck to her skin. The girl's face glowed and her thighs kept quaking and she seemed so sober, still feeling a medley of waves lapping through her throbbing, fucked vagina.

"What's your name?"

"Lisa," she said.

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