tagLoving WivesCounseled to be a Cuckold

Counseled to be a Cuckold


First of all I am not a sex therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. But I do deal with couples who are unhappy, mostly wives whose husbands don't cut it in bed. My only advice to couples is what might benefit them the most sexually. I first spoke to John online and after a few days of chatting, convinced him to bring his wife, Tina, to speak to me in person. John was 32, a clean cut professional looking guy, about 5' 9" with an average build. Tina was 28, brunette, 5'6", long flowing hair past her shoulders, a sexy figure with long gorgeous legs and pert breasts. I knew immediately that Tina was the more dominant person in there marriage and probably could get any man she wanted if she so choose. They had been married for seven years. After talking with both parties for an extended period I asked John to wait in the outer office while I could talk more in depth with Tina.

Like most women interviewed in this situation what Tina told me didn't shock me. She still loved him dearly but had become rather bored in bed with John; his cock as she put it wasn't doing the job. It finally got to the point that her vibrator felt better than John's penis. She did confess they had been fantasizing together for over a year about her enjoying another man but couldn't seem to make the leap to doing it. They would role play using different scenarios of all types. I then asked her if John was willing to be a cuckold husband to her. She nodded her head yes but still wasn't sure and definitely didn't want to hurt him. Her eyes told me she was ready to take the next step. Then she did say something that surprised me. She honestly said if John said no to cuckolding she was going to have an affair anyway behind his back.

Over the next few weeks I talked with both John and Tina and they seemed ready for what I call a test run. I told them when they came Tina was wear what she thought was her sexiest outfit and have John just dress casual. Tina didn't disappoint. When she walked into my office she looked classy with her hair up off her shoulders. A black strapless cocktail dress that accentuated her 36c breasts and black 4 inch pumps made her legs look terrific. Her make-up was flawless as was her choice of ruby red lipstick. I could see she felt confidant. I sat her down on my couch and when she crossed her legs she got my attention. John on the other hand looked nervous as I sat him in the chair opposite my desk.

I stood up from my desk and walked over to John and said, "Just watch and learn how a real man turn's on your wife. This will tell you what to expect when your wife brings home another man."

I should note that I'm well over 6 foot tall and by hovering over John as he sat it intimidated him totally. I wanted him to feel as submissive as possible that moment.

I then walked over and sat on the couch next to Tina and smiled in her direction. After a short minute of chatting I gently put my arm around her and moved closer. She retaliated to my advances as I softly stroked her bare shoulders as her eyes slightly closed. We kissed for the first time in front of John. She responded quickly to my advances and we locked tongues. She was a good kisser and I could tell she was turned on. Our bodies became entwined as our hands roamed each other's bodies if only for a brief moment.

John looked and appeared speechless but didn't utter a word.

After another five minutes of embracing each other I broke our hold and sat up. I could tell John was squirming seeing his beautiful wife in the arms of another man. I looked over at Tina and she looked over at her husband and let out a little giggle.

Glancing over to John I said, "Like what I'm doing to your wife so far?"

John slowly spoke then nodded a yes.

"Well what is it, yes or no?" I retorted. "Now tell me you like what I'm doing to your wife."

"Yes, I like what you're doing to my wife." John shyly said.

"Good, then you'll love what happens next." I said.

I took Tina's hand and had her get up off the couch, turned her around unzipped her dress. Slowly it slipped down first exposing her bare breasts then past her waist until it pooled around her ankles. She looked stunning standing with her arms crossed around her bosoms in her black lace garter belt, stockings and sheer black panties. I continued to kiss and fondle her. She responded by wrapping her arms around me gently nudging her pussy towards my now hardened cock.

John didn't move an inch as he patiently watched his wife be taken by another man. As I put my hand inside Tina's panties I heard John's zipper open. Tina let out a moan as I slipped one finger down her panties into her now moist cunt. As I touched her g-spot Tina's hips grinded into my hand as I fingered her to orgasm. John let out a grunt and came hard when he heard Tina moan with pleasure.

I held Tina close as I felt her entire body shaking coming down from her high. John was a mess with cum all over his pants and legs. Finally, I unzipped my fly and had her take a look at what a real man's cock looked like.

She looked down and let out an "Oh my, it looks delicious, I want it!"

"This John boy is what you'll experience if you're lucky enough to watch when your wife is with another man!" I coolly said turning to him.

We repeated this scene the next week and the next only this time Tina and I actually fucked. Within a month, John was a cuckold.

I came to learn that sexy Tina had a thing for a man who worked in the same building. His name was Stephen, Italian, 29 years old and 6'2" with rugged good looks. Tina confessed to me she loved tall men. Stephen worked with Tina's best friend Becky and Tina had even shared her interest of Stephen with her. This seemed an obvious place to start and I encouraged Tina to flirt more overtly and ask Becky to casually mention to Stephen that she would certainly agree to going out with him. It took Stephen one day after Becky spoke to him the he asked Tina out.

I personally chose Tina's outfit for her first date with Stephen. I wanted them to take it slow and specifically told her there would be no sex, but she was encouraged to kiss, make out and allow Stephen to fondle her as she wished.

Just the idea of being on a date with another man in public was very exciting for her and even though she didn't have experience showing off in public, the submissive in her reacted very strongly to the sheer silk camisole top I chose for her to wear as outerwear with a tight pencil skirt. She had never worn something like this without a bra and not only did the outfit have her husband aching for her, but she was very wet well before even leaving the house in the little panties she had just bought for her date.

On their first date Tina met Stephen at an upscale club. I told Tina to be fashionable late and when she finally walked into the club from the outside heat the air conditioning made her nipples standout through her silk top. Stephen sitting in a nearby booth took notice quickly and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. They sat down and were immediately smitten with each other. By the second drink Stephen's hand was on her thigh and they were kissing. They slow danced and held each other tight grinding to the music. When it was time to leave Stephen's hands and lips had been all over Tina.

When she arrived home John was an emotional mess. He was sitting in the living room trying to be calm and collected but it wasn't working. Tina entered the room she smiled at John and went upstairs. John followed her upstairs like a puppy wanting attention. As Tina undressed she could tell John was aching to hear what happened.

She smiled and told him, "All in good time baby, I need a shower now," and quickly walked into the bathroom wearing now in only her panties shutting the door behind her. Waiting a few seconds then on cue opened the door and tossed her panties in the direction of her husband. John quickly grabbed them and felt they were very wet.

She completed her shower and toweled off walking into the bedroom now completely naked. It shocked John to see that earlier Tina had shaven her pubic hair down to just a 'landing strip'. John had always wanted Tina to be bare but she would never do it for him.

"So when did this happen?" John pointed down to his lovely wife's pussy and quizzically asked.

"Oh you mean my shaving my pussy for my date?" Tina said. "Well I thought I might feel sexier if I did and you know what I was right." And she added, "It made me feel a little naughty too!"

"Okay so now will you at least tell me about your evening? I felt your panties and they were very moist, did he turn you on?" John exclaimed.

Coyly Tina said, "Well maybe Stephen turned me on, maybe just a little. I suppose you want details. He's very handsome and romantic and he kisses great. I guess my panties gave me away."

Then she went on to describe in detail her first date with Stephen. Tina could see John was getting very jealous but surprisingly even more turned on. His cock was tented in his pajama bottoms. As Tina went on John took out his cock and started to jack off. When Tina told him Stephen's cock felt huge when they were dancing close he lost it. Suddenly John couldn't take it anymore squirting cum all over himself. Tina looked down at his now flaccid cock and could only smirk.

The next week Tina made dinner plans with Stephen for that Saturday night. Fucking Stephen that night was not an option it was a given. John could tell Tina was excited. This time Stephen would pick up Tina at there house. John knew his pretty wife wouldn't be coming home that night and his stomach was churning when he saw how lovely Tina looked as she emerged from the bedroom. His thoughts were many. Was she wearing a garter belt and panties under that dress? How big was Stephen's dick? Would he fill her up with his cum? I advised Tina to especially get as dolled up as she could; again she didn't disappoint.

By the time they had dinner and got back to Stephen's place, Tina was ready and very willing. They had a glass of wine and sat on the couch talking. Stephen quickly took charge and started to nibble on her neck as he was undressing her. She had worn her panties over her garter belt so that if Stephen wanted it to stay on her panties would be removed easily. Tina had the pleasure of undressing Stephen and when she first saw his cock she wasn't disappointed one bit.

Tina took his tool in her hands and marveled at how large he was. Stephen was well hung and when he entered Tina she let out a little yelp. She was tight but so turned on he eased his cock into her well lubricated pussy slowly. She had never felt anything like it and there bodies rocked together before she exploded with an earth shattering orgasm.

They fucked though the night into morning and all told Tina came four times. When they awoke the next morning Stephen fucked her again to another fantastic orgasm. Her pussy was sore but well satisfied.

While Tina and Stephen's continued to date, I was also working on Tina and John's relationship, further defining their roles as cuckoldress and cuckold. To deepen his sense of submission, I required him to give up more control of his smaller penis, which had been the primary motivation for her to take a lover.

Because of the warm Florida weather, John was required to be naked at home when Tina was present. Furthermore, he was required to wear a cock ring that fit very snugly around both his testicles and the base of his penis. Included was small ring for attaching a leash. The rubber cock ring helped keep his penis and balls where Tina could easily tease them; something I encouraged her to do.

Because she could control his sexual access to her -- something they both had agreed to as necessary for this to work, she felt much more at ease teasing his penis and not having to worry about offering him sex or even relief from the teasing. She, as most wives do, came to truly adore the sight and feel of her husband erection for long durations of time.

To help her achieve this perspective, I demoted his penis to 'toy', something I do frequently for husbands who lack a penis capable of bringing their wife to orgasm simply through the use of what should be their primary sexual organ. I actually had her write 'toy' on his penis to remind him and would often simply write 'no' on the swollen head.

In furtherance of his submission, I decided that Tina's best friend should be included in John's training. He has always found Becky attractive and sexy. She had been somewhat instrumental in helping Tina find her first boyfriend.

Following some frank discussions, including with John present, Tina's best friend came over to find John already naked, his genitals bound and kept swollen by the rubber cock rings.

Even though she had already been told, it was quite a sight, as you can imagine. Tina had her boy fetch a drink for their guest and of course bringing it to her gave her a very close look at Tina's boy. As coached, Tina began a discussion of why his penis was bound in those rings and how long her boy had been swollen like that for her already. To help her feel included and empowered, I asked Tina to have Becky add a pretty pink bow to his toy as well.

She reached out and ran a fingernail across the head of his cock, making it twitch as Becky giggled herself silly. After that, it became quite normal for John to serve both women naked and he would also sometimes be loaned to Becky to clean her home while dressed a sexy, sheer French maid's costume.

I encouraged Tina to let her friend at least make use of John's tongue, since there really wasn't much penis to enjoy; not mentioning his penis was restrained when at her home.

The restraint was a homemade creation that John worked for some weeks on to perfect. My addition to the design was the 'portholes' on the side so we could all easily see the status of his small cock while stuffed into the tube of the restraint.

John was required to be wearing his chastity whenever he was out of Tina's direct supervision, which primarily meant when he visited Becky or while she was out on a date with Stephen.

As Tina's relationship with Stephen became more intense and she shared more about her lifestyle with him, I found it increasingly necessary to provide more structure for John at home. I couldn't have him pestering Tina for sex, so other than knowing he had to wait for my permission; I decided to give him a goal to shoot for.

I told Tina to find a crystal jar with a lid that suited my needs. The jar was to hold about fifty marbles for John. Each marble represented Tina being fucked by Stephen's much larger cock. Once the jar was full, I told John he could once again enter his sexy little wife.

The jar lid was used to catch John's spurts when he was allowed to masturbate, which was almost exclusively only after he got to put a marble in the jar.

Stephen used a condom when exercising Tina's cunt for the first couple months, but once they became comfortable in the relationship and Stephen took on the role of her boyfriend, we decided that he should have natural access to her pussy and began to finish inside her where her husband had then been denied for months.

Tina would clean herself after fucking Stephen, but as you can imagine, John would gladly do that for her and we began to prepare Stephen for that. He had only recently become comfortable with having her cuckold in the corner of the room while fucking Tina.

It ultimately took eight months, I believe, before John had enough marbles to fill his little jar. It would have happened much sooner, but I had enforced a rule which allowed Tina to remove marbles should John disappoint her or fail in any of his duties.

As his reward for being a good cuckold approached, Tina and I discussed how to move forward. We both knew John loved being her cuckold and had come to both appreciate and be aroused by his own denial. I knew what he needed was to be cut off for good. I also knew that it wouldn't be appropriate to simply decide that for him. Rather, I wanted him to be responsible for his own denial. I arranged a test for John we both knew he would fail.

On the evening of his reward, Becky was invited to watch and record John's attempt to not spurt for at least ten minutes while inside his wife's hot pussy. We both knew that the first thing he'd feel was how Tina's twat had become fitted to Stephen's larger cock. She had been enjoying him inside her 2-3 times a week on average and her pussy was no longer as snug on his little penis as it had once been.

I had guessed he would make it perhaps five minutes, but alas, he didn't even reach that mark and by so doing, sealed his fate. Tina was prepared.

Once he was finished cleaning her with his tongue as he'd been trained to do she told him, "You are my special little cuck, and I'll always love you and that little penis. But now sweetie, I need a real lover, who can please and satisfy me. You are to call Stephen immediately on his cell phone. He is waiting in his car down the street. You will then read him what this note says."

John agreed and was ready to give up his wife to Stephen.

He slowly dialed the number and read the note word for word, "Stephen, its Tina's little cuckold John calling. I was just given my reward, but as Tina expected I failed. I need a real lover to come and satisfy her in the way I never will. Please hurry!"

As John hung up Tina looked into his eyes and said, "From now on John, as we agreed, there will be no more reward marbles and your cock will never be allowed inside my vagina again. Your jar lid will now be used solely to collect your cum when you are given permission to spurt. If you are good Stephen may let you spurt tonight, while you watch him fuck me."

John looked in the mirror and smiled. Tina was already undressing for her lover and just then there was a knock at the front door, it was Stephen. Tina rushed downstairs wearing only a sheer pair of panties and heels to greet her guest.

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by Anonymous11/25/18

As he closed the door...

"Tina rushed downstairs wearing only a sheer pair of panties and heels to greet her guest." As Stephen walked in and closed the door, John - the hapless cuckold husband - walked up to Stephen and shotmore...

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by Mauser4511/12/18

What the fuck?

The cuckold is a strange and unnecessay species. They contribute nothing but filth to the world. Let's hope none of them ever get the chance to breed...it can't be difficult as most of them are lockedmore...

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All these cucks

What a joke, all these simpletons claiming to be cucks, and how very happy they are. Such pathetic losers.

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get your balls together and get the hell out you don't need her

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by Anonymous05/25/18

She rushed downstairs in her panties

He walked out the backdoor and got into his car that had all his things packed into it. She got the divorce papers the next day. Stupid, unfinished story.

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