tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCounseling Ch. 02

Counseling Ch. 02


Counseling, Chapter 2,

an erotic tale by AchtungNight.

Celebs: Evan Rachel Wood.

Codes: F-solo, toys, romance.

Standard disclaimer- This story is a satirical fantasy. It is fictional, even though its plot and characters are based on real events and people. All characters based on real people are fictionalized. All celebrities in the story are impersonated — poorly. I, the author, have no actual connection to any celebrity mentioned in this story other than being their fan, and I acknowledge that they do not act in real life the way my characters based on them do. I did not write this tale for financial profit and I expect none from it. This story contains controversial adult themes and situations, so it should not be read by those who are close-minded or under age 18.

Intro: Hello, readers. This tale is my tribute to celebrities and other people who need to get their minds fixed up, and their lives straightened out. It is a satire, like all my stories. All opinions expressed by the themes are mine. If you disagree, that is your right and I hope you will excuse me. If I am not as familiar with my subjects as I should be, please correct me if you are more knowledgeable. Any mistakes in this story that were not caught by my editor and other advisors are my responsibility.

There are references to other art in the story. The mentions of the nudist camp "The Pines" and its patrons appear with permission from author Nick Scipio. Writer KMB allowed me to include a nod to his "Harem" series (which takes place in a separate but connected universe from my own celebrity fanfiction). I give my thanks to these great artists for letting me plug their writings. I also credit Greg Weisman, John Kovalic and the creators of all the other works mentioned in the text. I don't own any of these people's conceptions and I did not contact any artist other than KMB and Nick Scipio for prior advertising assent. However, all these artisans' labors inspire me. I hope they and their fans will appreciate the ways I have paid them homage here.

In my series timeline, you can consider this tale the bridge between "Passion of Erika Christensen" Chapters 4 and 5. I would call it a "Passion" chapter, but Erika is not the lead of the story. She's just one of many important characters. I also want to do a sweeping summary to bring her into the present. Therefore, I have put this story outside the main "Passion" arc. You can call it "Passion 4.75" ("The Rendezvous" being 4.25 and "Rekindled" being 4.5) if you must. No other text should be required reading, though as usual my other stories are connected to this. "Counseling" is also one of my longer works, so I have broken it into four chapters for reader convenience. I recommend everyone read the chapters in order.

One additional note — the villain in this tale is a character I have tried to introduce before. She can be held in check no longer and my heroes need to face her. People like this woman and her associates exist and are the reason certain celebrities are distrusted by their potential fans. I feel this needs depiction. The villain in question has been retooled for her role. If all goes well, we will be seeing her again for further conflicts. She is a figure whom I believe fits the part I have given her, like all my characters. I'll let the tale itself speak further as to whom she is.

Please let me know if you like or dislike this story. I appreciate any feedback I am sent. I haven't been getting nearly enough feedback of late and would like that to change.


Counseling, Chapter 2.

Los Angeles, California. November 30, 2008.

"It's not true!"

"What's not true?" the frumpy woman reporter asked, leaning close to the burly middle-aged actor she was interviewing on the TV screen.

"Evan Rachel Wood and I are not dating!" Mickey Rourke snarled. The former boxer's brown hair was sparse and disheveled. He wore a black leather jacket, white T-shirt and denim jeans. "Evan's a good friend, that's it. Tell that [bleep] wit who wrote that [bleep] in the paper I'd like to break his [bleep]-ing legs."

The well-dressed man seated behind the office desk clicked off the television. He then turned to the blond weasel-faced man in the gray suit in front of him. "Well, Gary, do you want to explain yourself?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Pink," Gary Parker replied carefully. "I forgot Mickey Rourke had emotional problems. The source who told me about him and Evan Rachel Wood seemed plausible. I guess they weren't speaking truthfully."

"Maybe they were," Ted Pinkerton said with a shrug. His long curly black mullet shook as he laughed. "I've been a celebrity tabloid editor five years now, Gary. These people lie about their relationships all the time. Did you forget? You've been doing this longer than I have."

"I guess I did forget, T.P.," Gary answered, smiling. "Thanks for reminding me."

"No problem. Nadine, did you think Mickey Rourke was lying?"

"Maybe," said the plain brunette woman in the tan cardigan and slacks sitting next to Gary. Nadine Holliday pushed up her glasses and looked at the middle-aged hippie leaning against the wall beside her chair. "I really couldn't tell, though. Baxter, what about you?"

"Don't ask me," Baxter Page said. "You know I don't like to speculate about celebrities' personal lives."

"Come on, Nadine," Ted said. "You used to work for Weekly World News. Baxter, you were an embedded photographer for the military. I know you've both dealt with false stories."

"Yes," Baxter agreed. "I couldn't tell whether Mickey Rourke was telling the truth or not, though. I guess I'm out of practice."

"I never made up any of my reports for WWN," Nadine answered Ted's inquiry. "I checked my sources and avoided liars."

Gary frowned. "Nadine, I've read some of your articles. 'Benevolent Secret Society Runs the World'?"

"The Friendship doesn't run the world, Gary. They just try to influence it and inspire people to share knowledge, charity and freedom. They have members who are politicians, teachers, priests, doctors, even celebrities. There may be one of them sitting in this room right now."

"Nadine, your other stories can't be real," Baxter said. "What about your series on 'Living Stone Gargoyles'? Living stone gargoyles fight crime in London, Austin, San Francisco, Tokyo and New York City? Yeah right."

"They do. They're also hunting pirates in Southeast Asia."

"Why didn't you add that they were guarding the Amazon rain forests?"

"I heard rumors about the Amazon. I couldn't verify them."

"You want to believe that, fine. I don't though." Baxter hoped she would not catch the lie in his voice. "What about the story you did right before WWN went out of print? 'Descendants of Ancient Chinese Heroes Re-enact their Ancestors' Greatest Deeds'. Are you sure that wasn't just live action role-playing?"

"Yes. I've also interviewed aliens, Bigfoot, Bat Boy and the Loch Ness Monster. They're all real. I get my copy by letting controversial figures sell themselves and being nice."

"Wow," Gary said. "Hard to believe WWN folded with all your intrepid journalism."

"The other reporters used to call me 'Nutso Nadine'," his opposite replied with another sigh and adjustment to her spectacles. "They preferred to make up their articles. I have to say, though, that I've encountered more phony stories since I got into celebrity tabloids than in all my seven years at WWN."

"They could be true," Ted said. "They attract readers. That's why we print them. Whether they are real or not doesn't matter. Do you actually think Mickey Rourke should be seeing someone like Evan Rachel Wood?"

"No! He's almost three times her age! I agree we should discourage them. Is it real, though? I know Evan and Mickey just did a movie together called 'The Wrestler' but I thought Evan was dating Marilyn Manson!"

"She was until a week or two ago," Ted replied. "Our agency has heard conflicting rumors about their split. Some say Evan's brother Ira was living with them but Manson kicked him out for rent delinquency. Others say Manson was abusive towards Evan and tried to get her hooked on crack and heroin. Then there's this Rourke thing. Evan herself says the breakup was amicable, but is that going to sell?"

"I believe Evan, not the gossip," Nadine said. "Unlike Mickey Rourke, Marilyn Manson has never been in jail for intoxication or assault. Manson lives the role of a Satanic cardinal, but it's all an act to get attention. He's really an okay person."

"That's not what I've heard," Gary countered. "Manson has had two divorces and most of his fans' parents hate him. Religions dislike him also. Even I can't stand the man."

"Well, too bad," Ted inserted himself. "I have a new job for the three of you. Gary, TMZ loved the series you did on Evan and Manson. Nadine, they think the way you got Rourke to deny Gary's story about him and Evan was great too. I'm putting both of you on the Evan-Manson breakup. Find out what's really going on with that couple. Baxter, you're their chaperone."

"Excuse me, sir, but I don't think this is a good idea," Baxter said. "Manson doesn't like speaking to the press. We've handled his divorces very badly. Evan may not talk to us either. She's been saying she and Manson are taking some time apart to concentrate on their work. Gary's source was no longer an insider in Evan's life and he was very bitter. Evan described him as desperate and selfish. I think we should back off from her. She deserves her privacy."

"The heck with that!" Gary said. "This story is great! Baxter, tell Ted who our source on Manson and Evan was."

"I can't, Gary. Remember how he asked us not to identify him?"

"Come on, Baxter, we're free agent tabloid reporters! Who says we have to be ethical?"

"Why don't you do it then?" Baxter glared at Gary and mouthed the words "Eliza Dushku".

"Never mind," Gary said. He turned from Baxter and looked towards Ted. "What do you want us to do, Mr. Pink?"

"Manson is having a party at his Beverly Hills home tonight," the editor answered. "Evan should be there. The three of you will infiltrate and get some footage with these hidden cameras." He took three small devices out of a drawer and put them on the desk. They consisted of tiny microphones and lenses disguised as mirrored buttons. Hair thin wires connected them to small batteries and flash memory drives.

"Whoa," Nadine said. "Spying on people like this is illegal."

"We do it all the time, Nadine. I used to work with the Pelican before I started this agency. He was the famous private investigator who covered tabloid stories and celebrity divorces."

"Yes, and now Anthony Pellicano is in federal prison."

"So don't get caught," Ted told her with a shrug. "You do want to keep your job, right? You need more seasoning, Nadine. You can't get celebrities to give you the real dirt by being nice to them. Right, Gary?"

"Hell no, boss," Gary replied. "I've been trying to teach Nadine that. She disagrees, though."

"Is this true, Nadine?"

"Yes. I've found that people treat you better if you're respectful and don't put words in their mouths. I acted that way with WWN and it got me many good contacts."

"Well, I need you to tone it down some. You're going to work with Gary and learn to be different."

"On this Manson thing? Ted, are you sure it will profit? The print tabloids are sick of Manson and they think the Evan Rachel Wood story is over for now."

"Well, TMZ thinks otherwise. Harvey Levin wants us to examine it further."

"May I interject?" Baxter asked. "I read the Enquirer a few days ago that Evan is dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt now."

The editor shook his head. "I checked into that. They're just friends, it's not yet serious. You know how the Enquirer likes to amp things out of proportion. Can the complaints, people. If you don't want to do this, I'm getting someone else." Ted made an odd gesture at Baxter and then waved at the microphones. "Sound department assures me that these work fine. If the worst should happen, you can press this button here and erase all data recorded on the flash drives. I trust that won't be necessary. I have arranged for you all to have invitations with phony names and costumes so you can enter the party. I'll pay double your usual fee if you grab something good."

"That would be great, Ted," said Baxter, who had recognized the gesture. "But what if the wrong person spots us? Mickey Rourke knows Gary's face and byline."

"If he's there, you better avoid him. I don't want any confrontations. Get one on tape if you can't get out."

"What about Manson?" Nadine asked. "I tried to interview him last Monday and he started lecturing me before I could ask the first question."

"Let Gary coach you on that. He's great with religious nut-balls. Did you see him interview Kirk Cameron on Friday's TMZ?"

"Yes, but..."

"Nadine, loosen up," Gary said. "These guys make it so easy for you to crucify them before the world it's laughable. I could feel Kirk handing me the hammer and putting his hands in place on the cross while I pounded in holes."

"Gary, I don't like being mean to people."

"Get to like it," Ted ordered. "You're in a different industry now. Are you all free tonight? Can you do this?"

Baxter frowned. "Um, yeah. I just need to make one phone call."

"Gary? Nadine?"

"Sure, T.P.," Gary said. "You had me at 'well, too bad'."

"I guess I'll do it too," Nadine said. "It's not like I have a date or anything." She sighed, hoping more than she bargained for in getting into celebrity journalism was not waiting in the wings.


"Oh yeah," Evan Rachel Wood moaned, pushing her plastic stake harder into her loins. "Oh!"

The actress was tossing and turning on a bed, her nude body the one spot of color against the black sheets. Her pale skin and pink nipples shone in the room's dim light. Evan's limbs were long and firm, her muscles tight after the years of martial arts training she had undergone in adolescence. She still practiced and kept herself fit in the present. A scar on her belly was the one obvious flaw in Evan's perfection. Her pussy was shaven with a very prominent clitoris. Long waves of ash blonde hair fell about her beautiful face.

"Oh!" Evan hissed again as she jilled herself with the stake. Her other hand was roaming over her torso in pattern, pinching her nipples and tracing spirals on her chest and belly. Just over twenty years of age, exercise and experience showed in her movements. Evan's pale blue eyes stood wide open in her cherub's face as she approached orgasm. Her mind ran rampant, meditating on her past and current circumstances.

Since age twelve, Evan had slept naked and masturbated to orgasm upon awakening almost every morning. She liked to get up in the early afternoon now but there was no other difference in her resting and rising practices. Her ritual helped Evan steel her heart for the challenges she faced each day and remind herself that life was not all about pain. There was so much agony in Evan's world.

Evan had been involved in acting since childhood. Her parents owned a theater and she found her career there watching the people on stage. When she joined the theater's casts and Hollywood talent scouts in the audience noticed, a stream of film roles soon followed for Evan. She wowed fans and critics alike in movies including "Thirteen" and TV shows such as "Once and Again". It was known in the film industry that if you wanted a beautiful troubled teenager with a twist, Evan Rachel Wood was among your best cast choices. Evan took to her roles with relish, not caring about their repetitive nature. Performing was something she wanted to do.

Sex was also something she wanted to do. Her parents had grown up during the sexual revolution and continued it into the modern day. The Woods took Evan to a private camp called "The Pines" every summer where nudity and swinging were very much in evidence. Evan watched the people there with fascination, feeling both thankful and jealous as they left her out of their tantalizing activities because of her youth. At age twelve, things altered when all of a sudden Evan's newly awakened hormones overwhelmed her. Now she was clearly able to identify what she wanted from the gorgeous naked bodies she saw around her each day. However, she still could not achieve it.

People avoided Evan because her body was not yet fully developed and they were intimidated by her movie star status and precocious wisdom. Evan was attracted to a pair of Pines regular families named Hughes and Coulter, but all their interesting boys and girls failed to notice her attraction. They were too busy settling each other's urges. The same was true of all the other Pines patrons. Evan's adolescent yearnings constantly lit a fire under her loins and she was forced to satisfy it herself. She also researched sex heavily at libraries, wanting to know as much about it as possible when her time to have it came.

When she was cast in the TV drama "Once and Again", Evan was exposed to many concepts most shows about teens deemed too radical to explore. Divorce, sex, drugs — "Once and Again" depicted everything. Evan longed for real experiences to mirror her character's scripts and was frustrated when no one wanted to help her out. Then the third season arrived.

Mischa Barton, another young actress, arrived on the show to play a new love interest for Evan's character. The network executives wanted a ratings rise and figured putting in a bisexual teenage relationship was a good idea. The stunt did not work as well as hoped. Even so, Evan and Mischa still found themselves fascinated by the concept. Mischa had enjoyed a childhood like Evan's and starred in three foreign films that explored sexuality among teens. She was not innocent with either sex and was ready to show Evan all she knew. Evan was a very eager pupil.

Evan continued to find lovers among her co-stars as her career progressed. "Once and Again" was canceled and she split from Mischa, but then came "Thirteen" and Nikki Reed took over. Evan was shocked by the depths of the other teenage actress's fetishes and depraved mind. Soon she was open to and captivated by almost any sort of sex. The fact that she had yet to lose her heterosexual virginity was no concern. Evan knew she wanted boys as well as girls. Her role in "Pretty Persuasion" taught her much about manipulation and she entered her next film intent on seducing very cast member who drew her eye.

After an intense day of getting to know her and each other, Evan's fellow "Upside of Anger" actresses Keri Russell, Alicia Witt and Erika Christensen succumbed to Evan's advances. Their male co-star Dane Christensen followed a few weeks later. The discoveries that Alicia was holding back her own bisexual desires and that Erika and Dane were both flexible swingers despite being part of a controversial repressive religion added spice. Keri also taught Evan many new fucking techniques, learned through a maturing process similar to Evan's own.

Erika introduced Evan to a London nightclub called "Inside Out" and it was there that Evan met her first serious boyfriend. Jamie Bell was a young English actor who starred in the dance drama "Billy Elliot" and several other films. Evan already had a huge crush on him before they met. Finding out Jamie had a similar attraction to her incited their relationship. Erika and Inside Out's owner Doug Ramsay tried but failed to keep Evan and Jamie from taking things too far too fast. Both were over-eager, Jamie in particular since he was still a virgin. He was scouting the Soho dating scene trying to find someone worthy of being his first sexual partner. Evan was thrilled at Jamie's choice of her and gave him her heterosexual virginity in exchange.

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