tagLoving WivesCounseling Ch. 2

Counseling Ch. 2


Nice Christmas present. Really. And to think that I only got you a necklace. You certainly got my attention, Love. I did not think that you were serious when you said that you would put your "confessions" on-line. I guess that I was wrong. AND, I had no idea that your Back to College went on any longer than you had told me. Obviously, I had no reason to distrust you since you knew how much I loved the idea of your affair. I sort of understand your logic in not telling me because you didn't want to give me an excuse to fool around, but I don't think that you needed to worry. I told you about each of the three brief affairs that I had back then … they were short and they satisfied my curiosity. AND, I found that I got more of a sexual thrill out of your affairs than I did of my own. The sex with you during the telling of the affair was fabulous, unlike the OK sex of my brief affairs. Have I told you every thing? Almost. Years after that first affair I did have a one-niter for nostalgia with my friend in Chicago … and haven't seen her since. I didn't tell you at the time for fear of a jealous reaction. I hope that we are way past that now.

Your trip down memory lane via the Literotica stories was fun though. I had neglected to record that second adventure with Ken, obviously you had not forgotten … lol. Yes, I remember you "slipping into something more comfortable" that night … that very revealing blue nightgown. While you were gone, Ken confided that while he had dated only guys since our first adventure two years earlier, he often fantasized about that night and still wished that he could find someone as sexual and adventuresome as you! I asked if that meant that he masturbated to the memory of that night and he said not more than a couple of times a day since than…

When you returned in that filmy, blue nightgown, you took my breath away, for I than knew that this was going to be a very exciting night. You positively glowed with excitement. While I couldn't see though the gown when you first entered the room, I could see very clearly those gorgeous nipples pushing out. Apparently it was no accident when you stood between the lamp and us … god, what a beautiful sight. As you faced us, we could see your silhouette perfectly. The curve of you waist and hips, the light shining through your hair and the "V" of your legs. I remember Ken asking you to turn around very, very slowly. With that impish smile on your face, you did. And stopped in profile. "Like this?" you asked innocently. Wow. A perfect view of your body. Those wonderful, heavy breasts, with the hardest nipples that you have ever had, poking way out! And, your red bush caught the light so well and was so prominent. We just sat there watching, until you completed your turn and asked if we liked what we saw? My heart was just pounding and could hardly breath; I was so turned on, as I know we all were. You jumped at my suggestion that you show him the rest of the house while I cleaned up in the kitchen. And he followed like a little puppy dog.

You actually did give him a tour of the rest of the house before you headed down the hall to our bedroom! You spent some time in the living room and den … I could only imagine what you were doing until you reappeared in the dining room. Lol. He said "Nice house, and even nicer tour guide." Your blush nearly lit up the room and then you said, "that is only half the tour, the best half is still to come." I could tell that the tour was a success by your missing lipstick and the bulge in his pants. I can still see you leading him down the hallway by the hand. I took a little time in the kitchen, imagining what had happened in the living room and what might be happening down the hall in our bedroom. After a while, I quietly slipped down the hallway myself, stopping partway there to listen to your soft sounds.

When the sounds made it clear that you guys had gone way past any stopping point, I moved up to the doorway. I could hear your urging him on as I approached. Did you know how long I stood there in the doorway watching? You were on your back, with the gown still on (sort of) and had your legs wrapped around his waist with your ankles hooked together. You were controlling the pace by pushing his ass down with your heels. Incredibly erotic to watch his bare bottom going up and down with your legs completely wrapped around him and you urging him on faster and faster. At some point, he pulled out and said that if he didn't stop he would cum … and he wanted it to last. So you guys lay side-by-side kissing, him sucking your breasts, you moaning, yes, yes, yes.

You finally said "My turn!" and pushed him onto his back, mounting him. You still had your gown on and I found it very sensual to watch you ride his cock while wearing it. I quietly moved over to the bench at the end of the bed and watched from just a couple of feet away … you guys still gave no indication that you knew that I was there. I loved it when you reached around and pulled the gown over your head, tossing it aside, and all the time thrusting up and down on him. Your back arched so nicely and I could finally see your totally naked body riding up and down and up and down on his cock. His hands reaching up to cup your breasts. I had never watched sex up that closely before … in our first adventure I was so intent on the fucking that I don't remember much of the visual … Lol.

I slipped out of the room to get a ….. are you ready for this? Camera. Yep, I took some available light black and white from the back view while you guys were getting it on. Never knew that did you? And, yes, I still have the prints and negatives … a little dark, but you did look good! I left the room again, as he was cumming and came back in nude to join in the fun .. But you know the rest. You were so ready to cum, that I put your legs over my shoulders and slowly stroked your G spot with the head of my cock … and you came so hard and often that you were shaking for minutes afterwards. Ken loved that and tried that same thing with much success. So you thought that "only a couple of hours" wasn't enough that time? Too bad we haven't had the opportunity since then to improve on it.

So, I almost caught you a couple of times during that last affair? That would have been fun. Catching that old man with his pants down … Darn, wish that I had dropped by more often. Oh, well. That visual of you over the table looking down on the parking lot is a great one. And, as if you didn't know, is part of the reason that the sex was so good last night. Too bad you have moved to another office building. I would like to have duplicated that myself.

Yes, Toni, I have told you about all of my indiscretions, but have you told me? Clearly you have had a couple of long lasting ones. Any short ones? And how about the son of your old employer Fred? The married one? I know that he turned you on and you both loved to flirt. You denied it at the time, but ….? I love your sexual appetite. And with my approval all of these years, have you really only had these 4 other guys? If so, what a waste. Lol. Looking forward to your response.

PS Are you really not involved with anyone else now?

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