tagLesbian SexCountess Larissa Leverrier

Countess Larissa Leverrier

byBrandy Chase©

"I don't like this place. It gives me the creeps. Let's get outta here," Daphne whispered, panning the dark room with her flashlight.

"That don't sound like the Dodie I know," I replied. "I'm usually the one having to drag you outta places like this."

"Keep your voice down," Dodie shushed me. "I feel something in here I don't like and you're gonna wake it up."

Dodie's real name was Daphne La Troy, but I had been calling her Dodie since our high-school days. That was when we began our adventures together in search of ghosts. We have been roaming old southern plantation homes and manor houses, armed only with flashlights, together for seven years now.

I have always thought Dodie to be pretty much fearless, except for snakes; she didn't have much use for those critters. But something about the old abandoned Delta Hotel made her as nervous as a whore in church. I can always tell when she's upset or nervous; she pulls a handful of her long straight, glossy-black hair over her shoulder and starts twirling it between her little short fingers, and at that moment she had it twisted tighter than the drawstrings on a fat-lady's corset.

"I'm serious, I'm outta here," Dodie whispered, heading for the window we had slipped in through.

She was about to climb out the open window, but froze in position, with one leg raised into the air and her hand on the windowsill, when the window loudly slammed shut. The heavy window narrowly missed her fingers. It took Dodie less then a second to unfreeze and cover the fifteen or so feet back to where I stood. I don't believe her pretty little feet even touched the floor. Even when she got to me, she didn't touch the floor, her arms shot around my neck and her legs wound tight around my hips.

"I knew it, I knew it, I knew it," she kept whispering in my ear.

Of course, I didn't mind having her wrapped around me like that, but I usually preferred for her to be naked when she was.

Thank goodness, I was considerably larger than Dodie and was able to stand there holding her because she was stuck to me like a leech and seemed to have no intention of releasing her death grip on me.

"Get us outta here," she whispered.

"That might be a little easier if you were to get down," I suggested.

"Na huh," she whispered, shaking her pretty little head no.

I started toward the door with Dodie still wrapped around me like a python on its next dinner. I had carried her like that many times before, but it was usually towards our bed, not attempting to escape a haunted house. Plus, Dodie was usually whispering sweet-nothings in my ear instead of whimpering like she was at that moment.

That was when She showed up. One second, the path to the door was clear, the next, She was standing between the front door and us.

"I was delighted when you pretty ladies came through the window. It has been a long while since I have had any company," she said with a polite smile. "I can not believe you were going to leave so quickly, and without even a goodbye kiss." Her smile faded to a sinister glare. Her long tongue seductively glided over her bright-red upper lip. "I do so enjoy the companionship of beautiful young ladies such as yourselves. You would not want to sneak away and break an old woman's heart, now would you?"

"Ah, no, no, of course not," I finally managed to stutter.

"Well good. I would not be very happy if you did," she said, her smile returning.

She was quite an attractive woman, tall, curvy, and sensual. Her face was slender and framed with heaping tresses of long wavy hair. That was the weird looking thing about her; her hair was as white as cotton. It actually glowed a little. She was wearing a long, black-velveteen dress, low cut at the top, revealing her ample cleavage. The skirt part of the dress had a side slit reaching her upper thigh, flashing a glimpse of her long slim leg, showing the top of her black-silk nylon and a hint of her creamy-white thigh above it when she moved.

Her face was ashen, but her finesse with makeup accented her gentle narrow features. That was except for her lips, which were a pair of bold-red, full things surrounding two rows of pearl-white, perfect teeth. Those lips seemed to have a life of their own, appearing to beckon to anyone looking at them with a permanent, take-me-I'm-yours look.

The really funny thing about her was her age; I couldn't even attempt a decent guess at it. One minute she looked to be in her mid-twenties like Dodie and me, the next she looked forty or even older. I just didn't seem to be able to focus on her well enough to determine her age.

"Why don't you put your little friend down?" she asked in a voice as silky as the stockings covering her beautiful legs.

"I would love to, but at the moment, she seems to be rather attached to me," I tried to smile, but I was sure it hadn't been a very convincing attempt. I tried to pull Dodie off of me, but she clung to me like a second skin.

Dodie just kept whispering in my ear, "Don't talk to her. Don't look at her." Over and over, "Don't talk to her. Don't look at her."

I was starting to get really scared. I had never seen Dodie like that. The poor girl was absolutely terrified. "Are you all right?" I whispered, kissing her ear lightly.

"Don't talk to her. Don't look at her," her chant went on.

I doubt you could have pulled her from around me with a tow truck. It was getting a little hard to breathe because she was holding on so damn tight. I don't know what she expected me to do; I was as frightened as she was. Well, almost as frightened.

The beautiful white-haired woman walked up to us. No, not actually walk, like we do, she seemed to glide over the old marble floor without moving her feet. She placed her long slender hand on Dodie's shoulder and Dodie immediately began to sag from around me. It was like Dodie's body had suddenly become like Jell-O. I tried to hang on to her, but she just flowed from my body until she was standing, weak-kneed, on her own feet. Her eyes were closed, her head hung down, and her breathing was shallow. She was standing there in the middle of the floor, sound asleep.

I shook her shoulders. "Dodie, wake up!"

She continued sleeping and making a soft sound. I immediately recognized the sound as the cute little snore I hear nearly every night when Dodie enters deep sleep. She always did it when she was sleeping contently after we had enjoyed a long evening of beautiful sex together.

I shook her again. "Wake up!"

"She is resting. You can shake her all you wish, but she will continue resting until I tell her to awaken and not before," the strange woman said.

"What did you do to her?" I yelled stepping toward the taller woman. But I couldn't get to her. I ran into a wall of some kind. It felt like I was suddenly under water, I had to step back in order to breathe. The image of the woman had become blurry, like she was under water when I reached for her.

After I stepped back, everything went back to normal. I even looked at myself to see if I was soaked, but I wasn't.

"What was that?" I asked

"A little trick I've learned over the years to protect myself. It has a rather surprising effect, don't you think?" she smiled.

"No shit," I replied. "I thought I was drowning."

"Had you continued your attack on my person, you would have," she said, pulling her upward-sweeping, white eyebrows nearly together over her narrow nose.

"I wouldn't have tried to attack you if you hadn't done this to Dodie," I said, putting my arms back around Dodie.

"She's fine. She sleeps. Her senses are much too strong. If I awaken her now, she will go into sensory overload and right back into the same panic condition she was in when I put her to sleep," the woman said. "I will awaken her when I feel she is ready to deal with me and not before."

"What are you gonna do, just let her stand there like this all day?" I asked, not really wanting to hear her answer.

"If I so choose," she replied. "Do you wish to join her?"

"No," I answered. "I have to protect her."

"She needs no protection. She is perfectly safe as she is. A lot safer than you, I might add. If I wished to do her harm, there would be absolutely nothing you could do to prevent it. You could not even protect yourself should I decide to harm you. But why should I? You are both lovely young ladies and I wish to enjoy your company, not do battle with you."

"Then wake her up," I ordered.

"I will not. I told you why. I will not change my mind simply to please you. You are being selfish. You only want her awake so you won't have to deal with me alone," the woman glared at me. "Besides, you will learn; I give the orders around here, and I'm not very good at taking them from someone else."

"I just want to be sure she's all right," I said.

"Take my word for it, she's fine," she replied.

"Why should I take your word for anything? You're the one who made her like this," I said.

"You should take my word because I have given you it. Had she not required rest, I would not have administered it unto her. She is calming down somewhat. I shall awaken her shortly. You will see I am being truthful. My word is more binding than a blood-oath," she stated, then giggled. "Sometimes it is a blood-oath."

"Who are you?" Where'd you come from?" I asked.

"I am Countess Larissa Leverrier," she replied.

"Liver what?" I asked.

That time, her eyebrows touched when she glared at me.

"I'm sorry," I quickly apologized. "I didn't mean for that to come out sounding so rude. I just didn't understand the pronunciation of your last name."

"It is pronounced La ver ya. Never mind; you could not pronounce it properly anyway. Just leave it at Countess," she said, letting her eyebrows return to where they belonged.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Where did you come from?"


"No, I mean just now. You weren't standing here, then all the sudden you were," I explained.

"Oh, I was here. You just could not see me," she replied. "It was I who closed the window as you tried to leave by it."

"Why couldn't we see you?" I asked.

"Because I did not wish it at that point," she replied.

"What are you?" I asked, fearing what her answer might be.

"What am I? I am a sexy lady who has been lonely for a very long time," the Countess answered.

"You know what I mean. I don't think you're any ordinary person, or any ordinary ghost for that matter," I said.

"Ghost? No, not hardly," she grinned.

She was right, the more I looked at her the sexier she appeared. Even with my arms around the love of my life, Dodie, I found myself desiring this strange woman I didn't even know.

"Would you please wake Dodie up for me?" I asked.

The Countess eased up close to me, looked down at me with the sexiest, hottest look I had ever seen. "Are you positive you wish me to awaken her just yet? Would you not wish to get to know me a little better first?" she purred with a voice so sexy, it made me want to reach up and kiss her right then. I had never experienced such desire before; not even for Dodie, who I loved more than my very life.

My lips were within an inch of hers before I regained enough strength to resist her allure. I snapped my face away from hers. "No! I want you to wake her up," I replied through clinched teeth.

The Countess shot several feet away from me, glaring at me with a look of total frustration on her pretty face. "You reject me?" she yelled, her voice suddenly very harsh.

"I ain't rejecting you. I just want you to wake Dodie up. Don't get your panties all in a wad," I said.

"I am not wearing any, see!" she barked, pulling her dress completely open from the long slit up the side.

I was totally mesmerized by the beautiful vision she had presented me. She had the most exquisite legs I had ever laid my eyes on. They were long, shapely, silk-clad monuments to the beauty of all women, topped by a delicious looking pair of smooth, creamy-white thighs with a crown of snow-white, neatly trimmed fur amid the point of their juncture. She was wearing a black-lace garter and long spiked heels. Like I said, she was one sexy lady, and she knew exactly how to exploit it.

"Are you certain you want me to awaken your little cream puff already?" she asked in that silky, sultry voice, gliding her way up back close to me, still holding her dress open.

It was apparent I could not pry my gaze away from the delightful vision under her skirt. When she had come to within only two feet of me, I was still staring down at her splendid thighs and their adjoining gorgeous accessories.

"I see I have your interest," the Countess grinned.

"Oh, yeah. I'd be lying if I tried to deny that," I said after finally managing to find my voice. "But I love Dodie. I have for years."

"I do not recall asking you to stop loving her. I can see why you love her; she's a cute little piece of fluff," the Countess said. "But, I am offering you a night you will never forget. And perhaps in the process, show you how to love her in ways you have never even dreamed of."

With the mesmerizing sound of the Countess' intoxicating voice still ringing in my ears and echoing though my body, I was powerless to fight off her advances when she placed her long sensuous arms around my neck and pressed that sexy body against me. Actually, I didn't want to stop her. I found myself ablaze with desire for this exciting strange woman.

I didn't resist when she pressed those blood-red lips to mine either. I was eager to taste them and they tasted every bit as delicious as they looked. I opened my mouth, inviting her tongue inside. Without hesitation, her long, succulent tongue snaked its slippery way deep inside. It slithered around my delighted mouth like the few cubic inches of space inside my mouth were all the space in the world and it wanted to explore every millimeter of it intimately.

After she had set every nerve in my mouth on edge with an excitement like they had never experienced before, her wonderful tongue slipped gently into my throat. It slid in and out, over and over, creating sensations totally foreign to me. I tried to open my mouth wider, begging for more of her incredible tongue, desperately desiring its deep probes to go deeper.

Oh God, what a feeling that was! I know it's impossible, but I could have sworn my throat went into the throes of ecstasy, contracting tight around her stroking tongue. I found myself frantically trying to suck her sensuous tongue further down my throat, actually attempting to swallow it, and moaning for more. I believe at that point, had her sexy tongue suddenly exploded, blasting her hot juices down my quivering throat, I would have gone insane with overwhelming delight. My own juices were already streaming down my thighs and she hadn't even touched me down there.

The Countess pulled my trembling body closer, if that were possible. Her soft body molded to me smoother than a brand-new pair of pantyhose. Every inch of my body, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, could feel her closeness. It felt like she was actually inside my skin with me. I have had Dodie tightly wrapped around me, both of us nude, and not felt as close as I did to the Countess right then.

The most sensuous part of the whole thing was the way her hips seemed to be reaching around my hips and trying to pull me into her body. The only way I can describe this wonderful sensation is to compare it to how the boys say it felt to slow dance with a sexy young thing back in the days when girls had worn layer upon layer of crinolines under their puffy skirts. The boys say they loved that feeling. It was as if the crinolines and skirt would wrap around the boy's legs and hips and try to pull him inside the skirt. That's how the Countess' hug felt, like she was trying to encourage my body to enter hers.

I don't believe my womanhood could have been any closer to hers even had we been naked. I couldn't help but to press it tighter against hers. The Countess responded in kind. I couldn't stop; I kept pressing my enraged womanhood against hers, over and over.

I nearly screamed into her mouth with her long hot tongue still squirming in and out of my throat to the steady rhythm of our grinding hips as my body began uncontrollably shaking. Moments later, I couldn't breath as my ravaged body sent an apocalyptic orgasm quaking throughout my very being, hitting somewhere around fifteen on the Richter scale.

Suddenly, the warm metallic taste of blood filled my mouth. It wasn't my blood; it was the Countess'. In my convulsions I had apparently bitten her tongue while it was still lodged in my throat. I knew it must have hurt badly, but she didn't even flinch at the pain. In fact, it seemed to delight her.

With a dull thud, it hit me; I had received my unspoken wish. Her succulent tongue had indeed, exploded in my throat, sending its hot juices pulsing down my hungry throat. The Countess' pounding heart was pumping her life's-blood into my mouth. It was delicious. I swallowed and gently sucked her squirming tongue as it pumped more of her life-giving fluid in to my mouth and down my open throat.

Gradually, her splendid tongue slipped from my throat and disappeared back into her smiling face. I was weak and spent when I looked deep into her steel-gray eyes. A warm, contented feeling drifted over me. A small trickle of blood seeped from the corner of her mouth. My tongue slid up her chin, cleansing the warm red stream from her beautiful face.

The Countess gently picked me up in her arms and carried me into another, darker room where she laid me on a huge bed. As we left the front room, I had glanced over her shoulder at my beloved Dodie who still stood where she had been all the while, still fast asleep.

I was vaguely aware, in my foggy state of mind that the room was completely furnished, even though the old hotel had been vacant for many years.

As the Countess laid me down, I licked the final trickle of blood from her face.

"You like that, don't you?" she asked so softly I could barely hear her voice. It was more like I heard her from inside my head.

"Delicious," was all I could say to her.

"Wonderful," she purred inside my head again. "I can see we're going to get along splendidly."

Moments later, she was lying on the bed beside me. We were both naked. I couldn't remember undressing, nor could I remember her undressing me. For that matter, I couldn't remember her undressing herself, which was something I am sure I would have very much enjoyed watching. But nonetheless, we were naked, snuggled in the most wonderful embrace I had ever known.

Her hands roamed over my body at will, sending chills of pleasure dancing all over me. Her wonderful lips glided up and down my neck, covering it with delicious little kisses. I felt her long sensuous fingers tenderly probing their way between my thighs, which I spread in acceptance of their intentions.

Moments later, I felt her probing fingers slip deep inside of my wetness and her thumb playing over the pearl of my sexuality.

Once again, my body was racked in the ecstasy of another mind-numbing orgasm. Reaching the crest of the waves of pleasure coursing through my body, I felt a brief but sharp pain in the curve of my neck where it joins my shoulder.

I felt something warm flowing over my shoulder. I heard a sweet moan from the Countess and I thought I could hear a slurping sound beside my ear. A peaceful, relaxed feeling flooded over my entire being. All I wanted to do at that point was to sleep.

"Aren't you supposed to sleep in a coffin full of dirt from your homeland or something like that?" I mumbled.

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