Countess Larissa Leverrier

byBrandy Chase©

The sound of her laugh was almost musical. "You watch too much television."

The dim light of the candle-lit room slowly faded out of existence. The last thing I remembered was the Countess kissing me softly on my cheek and saying, "You rest, My Pet. I will go see how your little cream puff tastes.


When I awoke, I lay there a few minutes trying to clear my head of a weird fog. If I hadn't known better, I would have sworn I had a hangover. Realizing I hadn't drank anything in several weeks; I eliminated that possibility. Nope, I don't do the drug thing either; couldn't have been that.

I continued lying there for several more minutes trying to analyze my situation. I remembered nothing of the night before. I couldn't open my eyes because of the intense pain caused by the dim early morning sunlight seeping around the heavy drapes.

I could feel Dodie's warm body snuggled up behind me. I always love waking up in the morning to the feel of her soft breasts pressed against my back. That was when I would normally hear her cute little snoring, but I couldn't hear it at that moment. Dodie must have experienced a poor night's sleep too.

I snuggled back tighter against her, trying to get comfortable. We're gonna have to get a new mattress, I thought to myself, this old thing is starting to get uncomfortable. As I snuggled back, Dodie's arm came up around my waist. I took her hand and snuggled it between my breasts, holding it tight just as I have done every morning over the last several years.

Suddenly my mind snapped to attention and out of its blinding fog when I realized the hand I had snuggled between my breasts seemed considerably larger than Dodie's and Dodie's nails have never been that long either. And the two soft breasts pressing against my back felt larger than Dodie's. The epiphany was slow in coming, but it finally managed to beat its way through my thick skull; that wasn't Dodie's hand and they weren't Dodie's boobs either!

I jumped from the bed, ripping the blanket off with me as I went ballistic. I forced my eyes open despite the pain. When I saw the beautiful Larissa Liver-Whatever lying there with my Dodie all snuggled up on the other side of her, the events of the night before suddenly raged in my mind.

"Oh my God! What have you done to her?" I screamed when I saw a red stripe of dried blood across Dodie's small shoulder.

Dodie didn't budge an inch at my loud outburst. The Countess merely yawned a little and said, "Stop that insane caterwauling. Get your pretty little ass back in this bed and do not ever use that word in my presence again."

"What have you done to her?" I yelled again, running around the bed to take Dodie in my arms.

"The same thing I did to you," she said. "Now, would you mind terribly putting the blanket back where you found it, at least until the sun goes down the rest of the way?"

"Yes, I would mind!" I barked, shaking Dodie in an attempt to awaken her.

"Okay, have it your way then," the Countess replied, waving her smooth hand in the air and pointing her long ruby-red tipped finger toward the blanket lying on the floor. Instantly the crumpled blanket leaped from the floor, landing on the bed, in perfect order, as if it had never been disturbed.

I flipped the blanket toward the center of the bed, uncovering Dodie so I could lift her from the bed and get the hell outta there.

"I would strongly advise you not to attempt that. You can not pick her up anyhow," the Countess said without even bothering to look in our direction.

I slid my arms under Dodie and tried to stand up with her. I couldn't budge her. It felt like she had suddenly gained several hundred pounds.

"I told you that you could not lift her," the Countess said. "I advise you to get back in bed and pull the blanket up over you. That sunlight will do some very distressful things to that peaches and cream complexion of yours. Once that happens, I will be powerless to do anything about it and believe me, they don't make enough makeup to cover a blemish like that."

The place on my shoulder, where the sun had briefly reached it through the narrow gap in the drapes, was burning like I had a bad sunburn.

"It would be prudent of you to heed my advice," the Countess said from under the blanket she had pulled up over her head. "The sun will be gone down in another thirty minutes or so. It will be safe to get up at that time. But until then, the only safe place for you is in this bed and under the blanket with us."

Sensing the pain on my shoulder intensifying, I decided to obey her. We could fight later. I slipped back into the bed beside the Countess and pulled the blanket over myself, including my head. "Isn't the sun just coming up?" I asked.

"No My Pet. We have slept all day. The sun is just going down," she replied.

"God, what have we gotten ourselves into?" I mumbled.

"I will ask you one last time not use that word in my presence," the Countess said, her voice had changed to the harsher sound I had heard earlier that evening, or was it the day before? I was no longer sure about much of anything.

"What word?" I asked, just to be sure.

"You know what word. It ought to burn your mouth every time you utter it," she snapped. "That damn "G" word. Don't use it around me! Period!"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied, snuggling down into the bed to await the approaching darkness.

Her arm snaked its way around my waist again, but this time, I didn't snuggle it between my breasts. Well, not right away, anyhow.


Lying there next to the Countess, I tried to figure out exactly what had transpired over the last twenty-four hours. I must say, I had very little success, if any, in that matter. I also came up with a blank when I tried to figure out what it was about the Countess that made her so damn irresistible. Nobody had ever had that much power over me, not even Dodie.

Within only a few minutes after getting back into the bed, I found myself scooting back, trying to get closer to her. She obligingly helped as I snuggled in tighter. Not only could I feel her soft breasts against my back, I could also feel the firmness of her womanhood pressing against my behind. I found I wasn't satisfied with her hand between my breasts any longer, I wanted that hand on my breasts. I gently moved her hand to a more pleasant position over my right breast, which she promptly began to tenderly massage in her sleep. Much better, I thought.

My mind began racing at that point. What had caused me to feel the way I felt? Why had we slept all the way through the whole day? What had the Countess done to Dodie, and to me, for that matter? Why was I allowing this woman to lay in a bed between Dodie and me? And more surprising than that, why didn't I seem to mind? Who was the Countess? Better yet, what was the Countess? Why was I falling so deeply in love with someone I didn't know? Why did I desire her touch so desperately?

I guess my biggest concern at that moment was what was going to happen next? It took only a few more minutes to find out. As soon as the sun set, the Countess began to stir around a bit.

The hand that had been absent-mindedly massaging my breast, reminiscent of a cat in slumber, became more active. It sent charges of delight sparkling through me when she began to gently pinch my growing nipple. Moments later, that same hand was gliding up and down my stomach, then over my thigh.

Finally, it stopped its up and down motion when it parked itself over the patch of hair between my thighs. There it remained as its wonderful long digits worked their way between my thighs and between the moist folds of my womanhood. I was fairly certain this beautiful creature was still in the misty fog of near sleep, but her delightful hand was most definitely awake and ready for another night's action and excitement. A quiet moan slipped from my throat as her tantalizing finger rhythmically circled my clit. Chills ran up my spine when I felt the Countess' wet lips prance across my shoulder and her sensuous tongue glide over my neck.

I finally hit the boiling point; I had to hold her in my arms. I rolled over, wrapped my arms around her neck, and pressed my lips to hers. Immediately, her wonderful tongue darted passed my lips and began a meticulous search of my mouth.

Flashes of memory started coming back to me. My throat, that long succulent tongue of hers had actually been in my throat last night, and I desperately wanted it there again. Such a kiss, I had never before received. I opened my mouth wide. She knew what I wanted and sent her hot tongue searing its way deep into my throat again. I began sucking it, just like the night before. And again I tasted blood; her blood, and I loved it. I sucked harder for more, swallowing again and again as more warm blood trickled down my hungry throat.

The Countess pulled back from our kiss. "Easy now, My Pet. Don't over do it so soon," she spoke softly.

I licked frantically at the small trail of blood that trickled from the corner of her mouth as she spoke.

"You really like that, don't you?" she purred.

I looked deep into her steel-gray eyes. I couldn't answer her; I just shook my head yes and smiled up at her. I couldn't figure out why I could see her so well in the dark room. The moonlight only faintly shined through the narrow gap in the drapes. Surely that wasn't providing enough light for me to see her so well.

The Countess gently forced me over on my back and slid her hand between my thighs again. Within moments, she had me steaming with desire. I wanted three things at that moment. I wanted her hand to bring me relief, her marvelous tongue back in my mouth, and her delicious blood running down my throat again.

"Does that feel good?" she whispered, slipping a second finger inside of me.

My gasp for breath must have answered her question. She smiled and began sliding her tongue over my lips, allowing me to taste the tiny droplets of blood still seeping from the small cut on the tip of it.

"Is My Pet hungry?" she whispered.

"Oh yes," I gasped. "Yes, please give me more," I begged.

"I will when the moment is right," she whispered. "Just a few more minutes and you'll be ready."

Her fingers moved inside me at a slow, maddening pace, holding me right at the edge of rapture, but not quite allowing me to slip over that line into ecstasy. My body was trembling, on fire, ready to ignite from inside. I was helpless and near madness with the need for sexual release, but the Countess held my tension level right there.

"Are you ready now, My Pet?" she whispered.

"Please, please, please," I begged, tears welling up in my eyes.

A big smile spread across her beautiful pale face. The anemic light of the moon gleamed off of two long, sharp fangs as her lip slid up exposing them. Her fingers began dancing faster and deeper inside of me. Just before the rapture of womanly delight crashed through my over-excited body, she whispered, "Get ready, My Pet, it's breakfast time."

She flicked the tip of her tongue across one of the gleaming fangs, cutting a long, deep gash in it. Her warm, delicious blood spurted into my mouth. I drank deeply.

My body rocked from the intense waves of pleasure surging through me. The more blood her tongue pumped down my throat the more my juices flooded down over her magnificent hand. I had never dreamed such a wondrous orgasm were possible. I just kept cuming, and so did her delectable blood.

Finally, the raging waves of delight crashing from shore to shore throughout my body began to ebb into smaller, gentler waves washing softly against the beaches of my soul.

My raging hunger for her blood had waned to that of a small kitten sleepily still suckling its mother's nipple after a full meal. Lying there, totally satisfied in every respect, letting the last few precious drops of the Countess' blood trickle down my throat, I heard Dodie's soft voice.

"Don't forget me," she said, sounding like a child who was afraid she wasn't going to get to have her turn in a game.

"I could never forget you, Dodie," I fought for enough strength to utter the words.

"I'm hungry too," she said in a sad voice.

"Come on, Little One, snuggle down here in between us," the Countess said. "It's your turn."

Dodie crawled over the Countess and squirmed her way in. It felt wonderful to have her tiny naked body against me again.

I scooted over enough for Dodie to lie flat on her back and snuggling up close to her once she had stopped her squirming.

The Countess slid her wonderful fingers between Dodie's thighs. I had always thought it would enrage me to see someone else touch her like that. But instead, I found myself excited for her; just knowing she was about to experience the same wondrous delights I had just enjoyed so much myself.

I leaned over and softly circled Dodie's nipples with my tongue, while the Countess brought her to the edge of ecstasy with her marvelous fingers. Dodie's quiet moans rapidly grew in volume as she came closer to the moment of the little death.

"I think my Little One is ready," I heard the Countess whisper.

I looked up in time to see her flick the tip of her tongue across the same sharp fang, reopening the same, nearly healed wound to her tongue. Her rich dark blood sprang forth. Dodie eagerly drank of it as I had done only moments earlier.

I couldn't pull my eyes from the beautiful sight of the Countess' blood flowing into Dodie's open mouth. Dodie reeled in the arms of rapture as both her sexual and feeding appetites were simultaneously satisfied.

I watched with delight as her small body relaxed into absolute satisfaction. I lay down beside her, pulling her into my arms and holding her tight. I kissed her lips, still red with the Countess' blood. Our tongues swirled around each other, searching for any drops of the Countess' blood that might have been hiding somewhere in the other's mouth.

While we lay there, embracing each other, the Countess rose over top of us and settled down on her hands and knees, straddling both of our hips. Leaning forward, she gently kissed my neck and shoulder.

"Now that my babies are fed, it is time for me to feast," the Countess whispered.

I felt the same brief, sharp pain in the curve of my neck I had felt the night before. I heard the same soft moans and the same slurping sound. But I didn't mind, in fact, I loved it.

After several minutes, the Countess raised her head from my neck. "Drink Little One. It's time for you to taste the soul of your lover."

Dodie raised up enough to place her sweet mouth over the two small puncture wounds in my neck. A warm, lovely feeling washed over me as I realized that my Dodie was now drinking my blood, just as the Countess had done.

"That's enough, Little One," the Countess said. "Don't take too much at once. It is not good for either of you to over do it in the beginning.

Dodie lay back down beside me. We kissed again, but this time, I tasted my own blood in her mouth.

The Countess touched her finger to the gash in her tongue, getting a small drop of her blood on it. She touched the droplet to the two small wounds in my neck. "That will heal them quickly and prevent them from scaring," she said.

Her deep-red lips moved to Dodie's slender neck. It excited me when I heard a soft gasp from Dodie, and watched a tiny crimson ribbon of blood snake its way down her neck as the Countess sank her long glistening fangs into her throat and fed. Moments later, I too drank from the same open wounds in Dodie's delicate neck before the Countess touched them with a droplet of her own marvelous blood, stemming the scarlet flow.

The Countess wiggled her way between us. Lying on her back, she slid an arm under each of us, hugging us close. "Now that everyone has fed, it is time for you to return a few favors to me," the Countess smiled. "I await your attention."

She didn't have to wait long. We were all over her like fleas on a hound dog. While I tormented one of her hard, pale-pink nipples, Dodie delighted the other. We kissed and licked our way up and down the Countess' ashen-white beautiful body. Carefully, I crawled over one of her legs and lay between her long slender thighs. A sweet, almost song-like, moan escaped from her throat when my tongue slithered between the delicate moist folds of her flesh and inside her warm velvety tunnel.

Dodie fought for enough room to get her head between the Countess' thighs too. With my tongue inside of her and Dodie's fantastic tongue dancing over the pearl of her sexuality, it didn't take us long to have the beautiful Countess screaming as waves of womanly delight raced through her. Her long white hair thrashed about as her head tossed back and forth on the black satin-covered pillow.

Her body gradually floated back to reality with a little gentle persuasion from Dodie and me. But we weren't done with her yet. Together, we drove the Countess through a second, less intensive, but longer lasting bout of ecstasy.


Several hours later, the three of us awoke. The sweet scent of female sex still heavily permeated the air. The moon rode high in the dark sky. Our passions rode even higher.

This time, it was the Countess and I, together driving the sweet Little One crazy with pleasure. Hopefully, my turn would come shortly.

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