tagSci-Fi & FantasyCountess of Blood Ch. 01

Countess of Blood Ch. 01


Part 1: Prologue

Light flooded the inside of the dark tent. Livia blushed as she turned away from Jared. It had been a while since she felt like this. She sneaked a smile as her fingers gently touched her lips. The lips which a moment ago were locked in tender embrace with gallant knight of Zakarum. Jared cleared his throat and look through the opening of the tent to see who the unwanted visitor was.

Haligor attempted to excuse himself as he had just realized that he caught the couple on an awkward moment. His pale white skin and black dead eyes didn't flicker, even a little, with emotion. Jared halted the necromancer's retreat and questioned of what news he brings.

He informed Jared that he procured all the supplies needed for their journey. He also wanted to let them know that the sisterhood had prepared a feast. Dinner and entertainment would commence at sunset. "Jared. Livia. See you at the banquet hall." Lifting his cap and bowed as he turned and left the couple be. Laughter ensued inside the tent. Both Livia and Jared never expected this to happen.

The defeat of Blood Raven had not been easy. Livia relentlessly cast fireballs at Blood Raven, ignoring the pain that the zombies were causing as they ripped through her flesh. However, Livia weakened the wicked archer to a point wherein Haligor's minions and Jared's sword finally put an end to the evil that plague the town.

As the corrupted rogue wailed her last scream, Livia collapsed from her injuries only to awaken in the encampment being healed by the handsome paladin. Maybe due to embarrassment or maybe just due to her petulant nature (unbecoming of a well-educated sorceress), she tried to storm out of the tent while not completely healed. She had only but taken two steps before her knees buckled. Fortunately for her, the agile and powerful arms of the healer were able to catch her and help her stand.

She lifted her gaze to meet his to make known her appreciation. But as her brown irises made contact with his blue ones, they both fell silent and their lips found one another like magnets. They have been companions for a while, but never liked each other at all. He hated her wild reckless ways and she gets irritated by his "holier than thou" speeches.

After Livia allowed Jared to finish performing his craft, they exited the tent to join Haligor.

Earlier, while the couple was getting re-acquainted after his intrusion, Haligor interrogated the townspeople about the Countess of Blood. At the same time, doing some flirting of his own. He realized that he never had the looks. Being undead doesn't add to his charm either. But after proving that he is not a monster, people accepted him into their homes. He had to admit that he took a fancy at the shapely sorceress but he didn't see a future with her.

The town celebrated the defeat of Blood Raven but at the same time prayed that her soul can finally find peace. She had been one of their sisters after all. The festivities continued until midnight. When it is all over, the trio went into their separate tents – even Livia and Jared.

Part 2: Forgotten Tower

Haligor's skeleton archers put down monster after monster while Jared protected the necromancer's flank running his blade through the slimy flesh of zombies as they clumsily trudged towards them. Livia took up the rear sending balls of flame to the remaining undead creatures. Room after room they cleared the level. Sooner than later the once infested floor of the forgotten tower was silent less for the crackling torches and their own heavy breathing.

The party decided to rest for awhile. They also needed to replenish supplies before proceeding to the next level. Haligor, all the while letting his minions do the dirty work for him, didn't feel a bit tired at all. Eyeing Livia and managing a smirk from his chapped lips, he excused himself and volunteered to get the potions and check out the new shipment of weapons and armors. He opened a portal. As quickly as he stepped into it, the portal closed and left the pair for some time of privacy.

They didn't know how to act around one another. Ever since their newly discovered affection, both have been timid to make the first move. Jared invited the sorceress into one of the rooms where there would be a place to sit and relax. The attempted small talk didn't last very long before they found themselves ripping each other's clothes off.

Their mouths latched together like suction cups. Their tongues intertwined and roughly flicked against each other like serpents. Every piece of clothing that they had on were skillfully removed and was now lying in puddles on the floor beneath them. The heat of passion was intense. The slender sorceress wrapped her arms around the paladin's neck, while her body pressed closely against his. Jared's kisses moved downwards, upon her chin and linger at her neck. Livia moaned in excitement. The stubbles of Jared's moustache sent shivers down her spine as it scuffed against her tender flesh. He gently squeezed her breast with his rough hands. Livia held on the back of his head and guided his mouth to her sensitive nipple. Jared readily obliged. He twirled his tongue around the areolas and flicked her nipples. Livia let out a groan of approval.

She replaced the hand on to his shoulder, the other on the table and hooked one of her legs around his muscular thighs. She leaned back acrobatically to give him more access to her aching tits. Jared suckled on it like a baby. She cannot recall being so aroused - ever. She pulled him closer with her toned legs and felt his warm manhood upon her thigh. Her vaginal juices started flowing. The tiny movement of their bodies influenced her cunt lips to rub together. The unmistaken stirring she felt in her nether regions propagated throughout her body. Her pulse sky-rocketed to new heights.

She pulled Jared out of his slavering and looked into his bright eyes. Like a magnet, their lips closed on each other. Her heart felt like bursting from the joy and love she felt for her brave knight. She disentangled herself and climbed on top of the thick wooden table. She never thought that she would feel this way again after the horrible tragedy that befell her former lover. That was 5 years ago. She held out her hand and called for Jared to join her. For so long, she never felt so alive.

Jared didn't need to be asked twice. He climbed onto the table and laid on his side next to Livia. He slipped one of his arms under her neck. Livia did the same. She rolled to her side, rest her head on his muscular arms and faced him. They looked into each others eyes. Livia pursed and licked her lips. Jared brushed the stray hair from the sorceress lovely face and caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. Livia purred from his touch. She placed her hand on his, kissed it and looked at him with longing eyes.

Jared leaned forward to catch her lips. He closed his eyes to savor the sweetness of her breathe and the tenderness of her lips. He moved on top of her, mouth interlocked, slipped both of his arms under her and cradled her head. It felt so natural to be with her. His mouth glided to her cheek and neck and then to her shoulder blades.

Livia lifted her legs and caressed Jared's behind. She moaned upon his ear as he worshiped her body. She wrapped her arms around the man and pulled him closer. She felt his raging organ prodding her vaginal opening. Through ragged breath she whispered to him, "I want to feel you in me." To emphasize the point, she raised her hips, sliding his cock between her cunt lips.

Not wanting to disappoint the writhing woman under him, he shifted his weight and repositioned his arms and legs to balance himself. He looked down at his penis and dexterously guided it to her opening. She spread her legs more to open up her petals. She moaned as she felt the bulbous tip upon her vagina. Even though she was already very wet, his penis struggled in its path. Her pussy was tight and he didn't want to hurt her. He looked at her to get her affirmation to continue. The lust in her eyes said it for her. He pushed forward sternly but slowly. Little by little he managed to sink the head into her. He looked at her again. She was facing to the side and biting her lower lip. He can see the veins on her neck strain.

Inch by inch his majestic cock disappeared into her. The muscles of her forearms rippled as she gripped the edge of the table with all her might. Finally, he stopped when he felt her soft bush entangle with his. He waited until she faced him. Looking into her eyes, he slowly withdraws his sword. She gasped as his man-meat slowly slides out of her hyper-stretched cunt. He let her rest and took in two deep breaths as he drove in again. This time in went in easier. As he continued the slow rhythm, her arms gradually relaxed. Her whimpers of agony were replaced with moans of pleasure.

She opened her eyes and saw the man staring adoringly at her. She put her hand on the back of his neck and drew him closer. She slightly lifted her head and allowed their lips to meet. She covered his mouth with hers and opened it to his flicking tongue. She sucked on it and pushed her own into his mouth. Soon, their tongues twirled and danced around each other. She moaned into his mouth as his pace hastened. She let go and the heart-felt kiss ended.

His lips traveled to her cheeks and rested at her neck. He gently let down his weight on her as his pumping acquired new ferocity. She wrapped her legs around him and then her arms too. She felt her back rub against the table with each undulation. The table creaked in rhythm of their lovemaking.

She felt the familiar tingle that she had not felt for a long time. She clung tighter as her orgasm was quickly building. The sensation she felt in her groin was growing exponentially. It was spreading tiny shockwaves throughout her body. Her sharp nails were making visible welt on the paladin's back. She cried as the overflowing ecstasy finally ripped through her. She convulsed and gripped the man's cock tighter within her vagina.

Jared kissed her lips as her cries died down. He continued penetrating her. Her juices provided more lubrication for him. He was fucking her with the full length of his cock. He heard her pants as he pounced on her cunt with more force and speed. He felt his balls begin to tighten.

She matched every heave with equal force. Her cries echoed loudly around the room. Tears formed on her eyes as the seemingly endless ecstasy continued to wrack her body. Her world was eclipsed by the enormous pleasure emanating from her pussy. When she realized that it was all over, she let her body fall on the table. She bit and licked her lips savoring the delicious orgasm she had.

Jared withdrew his softening tool out of her and stood up. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled while watching the sated sorceress falls asleep. He leaned down and kissed her of the cheek. Livia managed a groan and fell back to slumber.

Part 3: Haligor went shopping

As he stepped out of the blue portal, the dank stench of the monastery was replaced by the scent of fresh cut grass. He squinted as the rays of the bright sun strike his eyes. After a few second, his sight adjusted. He was surprised in seeing children offering him flowers and cups of water. He gladly accepted and thanked them for their kindness. He never knew doing something good can be rewarding. He never planned to be a hero. He just wanted the buried treasures in that sunken tower.

He walked up to Gheed's shack. Gheed was a local shop owner that sells some rather unique items. He had been warned by the townsfolk that he is sleazy. The town elder received numerous complaints about his unfair trading practices. Threats had been made to shut him down. But threats were all the town can do. The sly old man makes sure that he doesn't violate any laws and he always has the paperwork to prove it.

Gheed welcomed Haligor with opened arms and a lively greeting. He led the customer into his store and showed him (he claimed) the finest merchandize. The necromancer shunned at the items. He was selling him junk. "Are these all you have? I heard that you have a lot of special weapons and armor." He queried.

Gheed pretended to be shocked that a stranger knew about his secret collection. "Be quiet my friend, Lest you want others to hear. I do have some rather special items. But they are for my own collection only. They are priceless."

Haligor raised his voice at the seedy merchant. "I have been warned about you and I am not going to play your game. Show them to me now or I am taking my business elsewhere."

Gheed apologized immediately and try to calm down his client. "Dear Sir, I don't want to lose a valuable client. Please peruse the items." Gheed drew open a curtain to reveal several enchanted items. He sneered at the client ogling at his wares.

Haligor requested a closer look at a pair of heavy gloves but Gheed kindly rejected. "Sir, these items are precious. I am afraid that this as far as you can go - unless you purchase it. Based on what I can tell, you don't have enough gold to buy this item anyway. However, I am willing to hold the item for 24 hours – free of charge. Maybe you might gather enough gold by that time." Haligor glared at Gheed. "Or maybe I can interest you in some of our more affordable items?" Haligor found it insulting and stormed out of the shack.

He thought about just taking the item by force. Although the townsfolk didn't particularly like Gheed, he was sure that they will go to his aid instead of an outsider like him. He concluded that it is better just to hold off and gather some more gold, first. He thought it was ridiculous that a person had to buy the item first before knowing what it is. Maybe it was indeed precious. However, he wanted to make sure about the item before he handed the gold over to the dealer. Since Gheed won't show it to him, he decided to sneak around the back and check out the item.

He stealthily staggered through the tall reeds towards the back of the hut, leaving a trail of imprints from his bony foot on the mud. He felt around the rotten wooden walls hoping for a loose or crumbling panel. What he found was much better – a hidden lever buried under the wet soil just below the bottom of the wall. He tried shifting it left and right but to no avail. He almost gave up thinking that it might not have been a lever at all. Finally, he pulled the rod down and effectively detached it from its holster. He heard a small creak. And sure enough, a camouflaged door opened. Since it was getting dark, he was able to see the faint light flickering inside.

He quickly moved inside the hut and shut the door behind him. He was expecting the stench of mildew seeping to the stale air. Instead, he inhaled the fragrant fumes of candles. He looked around the room. The flickering spears danced to the gentle breeze coming from an adjacent room. The room was essentially empty aside from the padded seat or table to one side. He figured that the furniture might be a chest and contains the precious items that Gheed as selling. He tiptoed across the room hoping that his weight won't cause the floor to creak. He, but, have taken two steps before he heard rustling behind the wall. He immediately froze in his tracks hoping that the shadows would conceal his presence. The sounds of human talk got louder until the wall opened and light shined through it. Haligor jumped backwards into an alcove behind a dark curtain.

Gheed went in and held the door as another man followed. Gheed requested the man to sit on the sole furniture. "Sir. Please have a seat and Demona will be with you shortly. I hope your experience will be a memorable one. After you're done, knock at the door and I will let you out. If you would excuse me, I shall tend to my other customers. Enjoy." Gheed walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

The man nervously sat down of the on the bench. He had dark-circles around his eyes and stomach hanging down his sash. His hands trembled as he balanced himself while he sat down. However, to his credit, he was clean-shaven and neatly dressed. He looked around the room while grabbing his knees. His arms shook in rhythm with his fidgeting leg.

Behind the curtain, Haligor observed a small glowing dot in the middle of the room. The man's eyes as focused on that luminescent orb as well. Slowly, the sphere flatten and stretched – forming a small circle. When it reached to about 4 feet in diameter, a cloud of smoke started to rise from its center. The radiance from the circle started pulsating as more clouds builds up. Soon the billowing mass began to take shape. The cycle of the pulsating light slows down as the image materialized. Finally, the room darkened again save for the swaying candlelights. While audience's eyes adjusted, the floor creaked as a foot step on one of the loose floor board. Both men shifted their eyes towards the source of the sound.

"Hello K'lanos. Welcome back. I'm glad that you've requested my services again." The low sultry voice belonged to the enchanting creature posing in the middle of the room. Both men ogled at her beauty. Her skin was a very light hue of blue. She was wearing a loose sheer robe exposing her arms and legs. Her fiery red hair cascaded down her back.

She gracefully strode towards the shivering man. K'Lanos gazed up at her bright red eyes as she ran her hands through his hair and licked her lips. His eyes fluttered with excitement by her touch. She kicked his legs apart and positioned herself between him. She slowly moved down. Her nose touching his; her warm breath upon his lips. K'Lanos opened his mouth hoping to taste the lips of this creature. However, she didn't oblige him. She moved back, placed her hands on his knees and she sat down in front on him. She firmly rubbed his thighs. The man groaned in anticipation.

"What have you done to me, my precious demoness? I dream about you day and night. Every fiber of my being yearns for your touch. "

She ignored him and glided her hands along his thighs towards his crotch. He twitched at the electricity of her caress. She grabbed his engorged member with both hands and pumped it twice through his breaches. He tightly grabbed the end of the bench and groaned. Her fingers found his balls and squeezed it lightly while the other hand continued caressing his shaft. The poor man felt like he is going to cream in his pants.

She slipped a hand inside his pant and took his organ out. While one hand stayed on his scrotum, the other slipped under his shirt. Her silky fingers smoothed through his stomach and found his nipple. She pinches on it and elicited a yelp from the man. Her beautiful face moved onto his crotch. Her lips parted and clamped onto his penis. She gripped on his engorged muscle feeling it throb on her lips. She then started moving up and down the shaft like playing a harmonica. The man was breathing hard as the creature works her magic. He was now entirely under her spell. The world doesn't seem to exist anymore – just the pleasure and ecstasy Demona was providing.

She sensed that K'Lanos was about to lose it. She sat back and extended her forked-tongue barely touching his manhood. The man shivered at the sight. After giving his cock another squeeze, she stood up and undress in front of him.

Meanwhile, Haligor was watching the action unfold with fiery lust in his eyes. His right hand was busy kneading his penis that was poking out of his trousers while his left tries to hold the curtain open. Haligor traced back the path of the last piece of cloth that glided down the demoness body. He sighed in awe at the perfect figure of the woman. She gathered her lustrous hair and rested it on one side of her shoulder. The smooth skin of her neck and shoulders shimmers in the dim light of the room. Haligor lick his lips aching to enclose her pert and pointy tits in his mouth.

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