tagRomanceCountry Boys Don't Lie Ch. 01-04

Country Boys Don't Lie Ch. 01-04


Chapter 1

Sweat poured down his back as Luc pounded the head of the pick-axe deep into the clay and soil mixed ground. Over and over he did this as his white tee, now slightly brown from the clay and soil, had a rather large sweat spot on it. The sun was playing hell on him, but he didn't seem to notice, as he continued to toll away at the days chores. "What the hell am I doing?" he thought as he replaced the bandana back into his butt pocket of his blue jeans, after having wiping his face free of sweat, and spitting the juice of his favorite flavored snuff pouches, Grizzle Wintergreen.

Looking up towards the farmhouse, off in the distance, he spotted his father arriving home from town. He had been gone since early this morning, having taken the freshly butchered cow to the market. Setting the handle of the pick-axe on his massive shoulder Luc starts off for the house, having decided that the rest of the trench could wait until tomorrow.

As he approached the front porch of the farmhouse, he noticed a dust cloud, heading towards the house and he paused and watched. A moment later a black Ford came to a stop, just a few feet from where he stood. A woman dressed in faded blue jeans hopped out of the driver's seat and stood there looking at Luc.

"Can I help you, ma'am?" Luc asked as he looked at the woman for a moment.

"Yes... well not really." she said as she looked at Luc, "You see me and my Ma, just moved into the farm just down the road and well she was just curious if you and your family would like to join us for dinner?"

Luc stood there for a moment and was suddenly startled by his father's voice, "Who is that, Luc?"

"Um, I don't know.." he stammered as his eyes looked at this gorgeous young woman before them both.

"Oh where are my manner's" she said, "My name is Mallory."

Just then the porch screen door opened up and Luc's father stood there. He looked at Luc with a curious look in his eyes.

"Her mother has invited us to dinner, Sir." he stated as, Luc looked up at his father, "I was about to tell her we accept, that is unless you have any objections?"

"No not at all, it would be good for us to introduce ourselves." his father states as he nods his head towards Mallory.

Luc then looks to her, "What time shall we come over, Mallory?" he asks her as his light brown almost golden eyes meet her light blue eyes.

"Well, Ma, should have everything ready, say by 5pm. So say around 4:30 would work I'm sure." she states as she looks back into Luc's eyes.

"Is there anything we can bring?" Luc asks

"No, nothing that I can think of, but feel free to bring something if you must." she says

"All right then." Luc's father says from where he stood.

They all say their goodbyes and Mallory slips back into the truck, and a short while later everything is back to normal.

Chapter 2

Everyone has their heads bowed as Mallory's mom says grace over the home cooked meal that lay before them. Steam poured from every morsel of food that lay before them. Smells mixed with smells and caused Luc and his father to have to swallow a few times at the intense smells of the home cooked meal. It had been a while since they both had had a decent meal, since Luc's mother had died a few years back, from a heart attack, at the young age of 35. It had been hard on both Luc and his father but they had survived, but barely.

Now they were all sitting down and enjoying a feast with newly acquired friends. And boy did everyone eat; Luc and his father eat the most, which the two women did not mind. For them it just meant less for them to have to package up into containers and place into their rather small refrigerator, which they had purchased earlier that morning after finishing unpacking.

Standing up, Luc excused himself from the table, "Pardon me ma'am but this young man needs some air." to which he left the group seated.

Shortly after Luc left, Mallory stood up and gave her mom a kiss on the cheek and shook Luc's fathers hand as he stood there. Walking through the kitchen she moved out on to the porch where Luc was standing.

"Nice night isn't it?" she asks as she wraps her left arm around one of the pillars that held the upper floor. Her eyes, looking at the young man standing out in the yard looking up at the stars, took in every detail of him. From the smoothly shaven face, that held an average look to it, sexy but average, down to the broad chest and shoulders that caused the black dress shirt to strain against its buttons. Her eyes then ventured lower to his well-toned ass, hidden under the black wranglers he wore.

"Yes it is a nice night, and by the way do you enjoy the view." his eyes still gazing up at the stars as he asked her that question. Her eyes instantly rocket up to his face, and a red blush tickled her cheeks with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry just that you are a very attractive man and I couldn't help myself but admire you." she states as she now looks off into the distance of the field that lined the road to the farmhouse. "I hope you're not mad at me for checking you out." she says as she continues to look out into the field.

"What makes you think that I would be mad, Mallory?" he asks her as he lowers his now golden eyes to look into hers. "Because to let you know, I'm flattered by how you commented me with your eyes."

Mallory smiled softly as he said this to her, which caused the red blush to return to her cheeks again.

"Well, Luc, I'm used to men that just have one thing on their minds." she replied, to which she was glad that she didn't need to explain what she meant. As she caught Luc nod in acknowledgment to what she meant. "As for the flattering portion, your very welcome." to which she thought to herself, "God I so wish I had to courage to ask him out."

Luc then turned and moved up to her side and looked down at her. His golden eyes looked into her beautiful light blue eyes and then ventured over her, to him at least, perfectly shaped and sized breasts. Which they were nicely conformed by a 36B sized bra, which was slightly hidden, behind the white laced button down shirt, that she wore very nicely. His eyes then looked over her legs and gathered from what he could tell, that they were nicely, and well-toned, even though he could not see them under a pair of black colored blue jeans that she had worn to the dinner.

Luc's father then walked out onto the porch, and behind him was Mallory's own mother. She moved over to her daughter's side and placed her hands gently on her child's shoulders as both Luc and his father disappeared into the truck in which they had brought to the dinner.

Now at home Luc sat in his chair looking at the screen on his laptop. Though he was his father's child and was raised up as a farmer, he still had his head in the clouds with the technology of the modern age. His eyes, half closed, looked at the screen that shown the image of Mallory, and all the information about her. Though he had all the information about her, he could not take his eyes from her picture. A soft sigh would escape his lips as he would finally remove his eyes from the picture, and press the power button of the laptop, placing it in a sleep mode.

Rubbing his eyes, Luc would rise to his feet and move to his closet and strip down to just his boxer briefs. He would then move to his bed and slip into the coolness of the sheets, and allow sleep to overtake him. While he slept his dreams were filled with images of Mallory, most with her clothes on, and a few without.

Chapter 3

A bolt of sunlight filtered into Luc's room and shinned into his closed eyes. A soft groan would escape his lips as he would roll over to the other side of the bed. His eyes then would open and come to rest on the bedside table, and the clock that resided there. "10:30." he would think to himself as his leg would come to rest on the slightly cool wood floor. Sitting on the edge of the bed Luc would roll his neck and shoulders in an attempt to pop and stretch them out. Standing up he would move from the bed to the adjoined bathroom and clean up before heading up to join his father, or so he thought.

Come up the stairs from the converted basement to the kitchen his eyes would come to rest on Mallory and her light blue eyes.

"Good morning Luc." she says as she looks up at the man standing before her dressed in a pair of faded light jeans.

"Hello, Mallory, what brings you here this morning, and where is my father?" he asked her looking around the kitchen not seeing him. His eyes then come to rest on a coffee cup that was extended out to him.

"He's with my mother in town, and they said that they wouldn't be back until late tonight." she says as he takes the cup from her and places it to his lips. Taking a deep swallow of the hot liquid, that slightly burns his throat as he swallows.

"So, Luc, what's on the to-do-list?" she asks as she takes a drink of her coffee and keeps her eyes on him.

"Well, I was going to finish the trench out by the lake," he says as he sets down his now empty cup and leans against the counter top, his arms crossed over his chest as he looks at her, "but seeing as how my father isn't going to be here to help finish it I guess I'll just take the day off."

Mallory nods and then perks up at the sound of the lake. "Well since you're taking the day off, how about you take me home so that I can pick up my bathing suit, and then bring me back here and we head to this lake and go for a swim." she states as she sets down her cup and looks at him. To which he nods and reaches behind him and grabs the keys to his car, and leads her to the garage, which is a converted barn.

Pulling back the faded tan tarp like cover, a black 1967 Shelby Cobra GT 500 emerges from under it. Slipping into the black crushed leather seat, he reaches over and grabs the handle on the passenger door and the interior lock disengages. Slipping into the passenger seat Mallory looks at the interior and whistles. "Damn this is a nicely restored Mustang." she says as she closes the door and then looks at Luc.

"Thank you." he responds as he turns the car over and it growls to life. "I found it in a junkyard down on Coorers Road." he says as he puts it in 1st and heads towards her place.

Sitting on the couch he waits for her to come down from the upstairs floor. As soon as she does his jaw hits the floor, as she is wearing a dark blue two piece bikini style swim suit, and in her arm is a light blue beach towel. Standing up he looks at her now and a smile crosses his lips.

"What?" she asks him as she walks over and spins around in a circle. "Like what you see, Luc." she then takes his hand and leads him back to his car.

Chapter 4

Standing waist deep in the cool water Mallory turns and looks at Luc, who is now dressed in a pair of Marine Corps standard issue shorts, which no shirt on. Her eyes coming to rest on well-defined abs to which a few had scars covering them. A country music station was now blaring out the custom sound system that was in the Mustang, which was parked by the lake.

"Are, you coming in?" Mallory asks as she treads water.

Walking into the water, Luc dives under the water and disappears. Looking around Mallory starts to get worried, only to yelp a moment later, as he surfaces' right in front of her. Which she then glares at him, and then dunks him, under the water.

Several hours pass and the sun is starting to set as they start to head towards the shore, Luc moves from the water over to his Shelby and starts it. He then cranks the music to max and switches over to his MP3 player which blares out his Skrillex playlist.

Moments later they are laying down on the edge of the lake, and a small camp fire is going. Luc places his hands behind his head and closes his eyes. Mallory sits beside him and moves his hair from his face and looks down at his now glowing face. She then notices a scar over his left eyebrow and gently traces it. A soft sigh escapes his lips as he feels her touch his eyebrow.

"How did you get this?" she asked him as she continued to trace it with her finger. He shrugs, "I can't remember to tell you the truth." his eyes now open and looking at her.

Reaching up he gently traces her lips as he smiles softly at her. "You know I am glad that our parents did leave for the day, and that you suggested we go for a swim." his thumb gently caresses her cheek as he continues to smile. "So am I." she agrees, and then lies down next to him.

Propping up onto his side he reaches down and runs his fingers over her shoulder a smile on his lips. "Mallory, I know we just met and all, but I feel as if I've known you for a life time." Looking up at him, Mallory smiles and reaches up and circles his neck with her arms. "I feel the same way." She then pulls him down onto her and kisses him deeply. Their lips meet and for the first time, they kissed and knew that they were made for each other.

As their mouths fought over the others, and their tongues twisted and turned in the others, a soft moan would escape Mallory's mouth as she came up for air. Luc places his open mouth on the side of her neck and gently kisses and tongues at her throat. More moans would escape Mallory's lips as she closes her eyes and enjoys his touches. Breaking the touches Luc looks into her eyes and gently slides over her body so that he is between her now open legs. His mouth finds hers again as he gently grinds his hips against hers.

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