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Country Club Initiation


I have always preferred the company of women to that of men. It blossomed into a sexual preference. My first experience was at the tender age of 19 during the summer after high school.

I was the only female caddy at the Brentwood Country Club, a premier golf course in my town. I continually felt the stares of the boys all over my body and it angered me to no ends. On what I vowed to be my last day working there a woman gave me a new perspective. Her name was Cassandra Moss and she spoke her name in the stereotypical snobby pronunciation. Cass-on-dra. She was neither from the America northeast or Europe but she spoke like Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island, only she was much younger. Her clothing was always upscale and her look was well tailored and never hinted at sexuality. Cassandra had short blond hair that was well maintained. I had never thought of her in any other way than that of a golfer and an employer.

On a cool Saturday, the day I expected to be my last at Brentwood, she asked me to be her caddy. I submitted to her request and thought of her generous tipping. I was beyond words with frustration at the boys and their cat calls which were heard by Cassandra. I wasn't aware of that fact and neither were the boys. I am not good at hiding my feelings and every emotion is broadcast by my facial expressions. Before we left the patio of the clubhouse Cassandra reacted to the look on my face. She took my hand and walked me inside. She told me to go wait by the party room as she approached the front desk. The attendant listened to her, looked in my direction and then produced a key which he handed to Cassandra. She made her way back to me and unlocked the heavy oak door to the party room. We stepped inside and she shut the door behind us.

I thought I was in trouble but I could think of nothing I did that would elicit a scolding. Cassandra's green eyes locked into mine as she stepped closer. I finally eked out an, "Is everything okay, Mrs. Moss?"

"Oh, everything is fine. I just noticed the way those boys were upsetting you. I think it is time we had a talk." She took my hand again and moved us to the edge of the pool table.

"God!" the word came out in a big breath. "I get in trouble for everything!" I exclaimed in exasperation.

"Beth you are not in hot water. I know what you are going through, with the boys and other girls, and I want to give you some guidance." A soft smile now was stretching across her face and she took my other hand. Cassandra slid her butt off the lip of the pool table and turned so she was now facing me. "I know why those boys don't interest you."

I just stared at her quizzically and let her continue.

"They don't know and even you, yourself, may not fully understand that you are different." I began to see where she was heading with this. The rumor around the club was that after her husband died she finally could "love" her maid. I tend not to put much stock in rumors but now I wasn't so sure. I had never thought of myself as a dyke but I do spend a considerable amount of time thinking about women. She noticed the expression on my face and made a comment about a light bulb. "I want to introduce you to my," she paused and momentarily reflected, "no, our world."

My first thought was a world of money and power until her lips pressed against mine. She slid her tongue into my mouth and fished around for my tongue. I openly greeted it with much wrestling and sucking. She was still holding my hands in hers which she placed onto her ass. The firmness of her ass was a testament to her athletic lifestyle and I began massaging it harder the wetter I got. I have never had this feeling before. I have never been with a man or a women. I feel as if I am at home, there is a certain level of comfort with Cassandra. I was now being accepted into a group that I wasn't even sure I belonged to.

I didn't know what to do next. I continued kissing her passionately and forcefully with my tongue. She withdrew her tongue and moved her head away from mine while keeping eye contact. A twinkle shimmered in her eye before she blinked.

"I am going to bring you into womanhood," she spoke softly and deliberately. "You need to lift your bottom but don't get off the table. Okay?"

I could do only what she asked in a demanding tone. Her voice and the sheer anticipation of the unknown had hypnotized me. I rested my small frame onto my palms and lifted my rear end off the lacquered wood as she had said. Cassandra grabbed the small button holding my shorts around my hips and slid the tab through the button hole. In one quick motion she had my white khaki shorts to my knees then slowly sliding them past until they were all the way off. Being in a submissive role I held my body off the wood, my arms were getting shaky and Cassandra noticed this. She wrapped her hands around my hips and pushed me to the pool table. In a breathy whisper she instructed me to lay back. She folded my shorts and placed them behind my head on the green felt. My skin was textured by thousands of goose bumps now which she took advantage of by rubbing her hands up and down my thighs.

Looking up at the ceiling I had no idea of what was coming next. I had imagined something horrible but what I heard next was Cassandra complimenting me on my beautiful bush. Her mouth was silenced by the flesh of my inner thigh. Her tongue running over the goose bumps that decorated my tanned skin. I could feel wetness dripping out of my slit and into my ass crack. I became embarrassed but figured this was normal. It seemed to take for ever for my lesbian mentor to reach my pussy but that was ok.

I felt her getting closer to my crotch and then she moaned in approval. I could hear her sniffing and felt the smile on her mouth against my thigh. For some reason I applied FDS spray this morning. The flower scent mixing with my own odor triggered her suck in my labia. It was the most exquisite feeling I have ever felt. There was nothing that has been better... then her mouth, with her soft round lips, found my clit. I thought nothing could out do the labia sucking but I was wrong. I have masturbated plenty in the past but as I have explained never has a mouth or another person touched me so erotically. Cassandra's tongue made rounds about my clit and then licked the length of my pussy. She found the juices I had been leaking and slurped them with out hesitation. Her tongue now penetrated me. She rolled it into a firm implement which she used to explore the inside of my cunt. Subconsciously I moved my fingers over my clit and began teasing it. Apparently Cassandra didn't like this because she grabbed my wrist and placed my hand on top of her head. I worked my fingers through her hair and instinctively pushed her face deeper into my twat. Her moaning vibrated my pussy. I was now bucking my hips and my stomach was quivering in response to her well exercised mouth.

So much ooze had built up in my vault that when Cassandra moved her face a sloppy sound was made. She couldn't lick it up fast enough but she gave it her best try. She concentrated once again upon my clit lifting the hood with her tongue and then applying suction to the whole area. I couldn't hold back any longer. My come burst forth with reckless abandon coating my inner thighs, her face and the wood I had perched my ass on. Even though I had reached orgasm she inserted two fingers massaging my velvet walls. I was now in full blown, back arching, screaming, quivering ecstasy. I came again. I produced so much come that each insertion of her fingers caused my hot juice to squirt out. I tried to sit up but was spent. She kissed my cunt one last time and stood up.

I watched Cassandra walk over to the wet bar and dampen a paper towel. She had managed to squirt my come into her bangs and onto her forehead. I could not get up, I merely lay there with my head turned to the side watching her as she cleaned up. Eventually she came back to me and held her hands out to help me back to a sitting position. She kissed me on the lips. There was still a hint of my odor on her lips that mingled with the taste of her lipstick. God I know I am definitely a lesbian now.

"You had better clean up now Beth." She maintained a demanding but pleasant voice. "I still need to get in 17 more holes." Obviously jokingly referring to my gaping and wet hole.

I slipped on my shorts after wiping my legs with a paper towel. I attended to the pool table which was left a bit discolored from my come. Years later I will become a member of the country club and while attending functions I will see the slight discrepancy in stain. It will make me reminisce of the day I was welcomed into the sisterhood of lesbianism. Cassandra and I will have had many more encounters. As I said earlier her tipping is generous.

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