Country Girl


Sarah had let her posture slip a little, so I pressed firmly down on her lower back to fix this, and run my palm over her throat, lifting her face, the tendons in her neck hard and straining. With my left palm I caressed the smooth, soft skin of her back, and shoulders, and, skipping over her still-panty-clad bottom, the backs of her thighs. She tenses, but remains still.

What a good girl.

I stroked the backs of her thighs, and gripped her calves as my hand passed over them, felt the tight little muscles there, the smooth, flawless flesh. With my right hand, I released her throat, slid my palm upwards, until I'm gripping her chin, then tap my fore and middle fingers agains Sarah's lips, and say "open." When she does, I slip my two fingers into her mouth.

"Suck my fingers Sarah. Gently and softly. It will help keep you quiet."

Her mouth is warm and wet, and yes, okay, fine, of course, I'm thinking about her sucking my cock. Thinking about pressing my cock to her mouth and into her mouth, and moving her mouth on me until I come, because I'm so hard right now that it hurts, and my balls are drawn up and tight aching, and I totally want to fuck this submissive, mostly-naked girl draped over my lap waiting with some anxiety for me to spank her.

For a moment I just stay there; stroking my fingers in her warm mouth a little, enjoying it, feeling her adjust to them, feeling her trying to do it well, to do what I told her; softly and gently.

She's doing very well.

I stroke her back a little bit more with my free hand, my left hand, and then move over her ribs, and invert my hand, so that my palm is facing up, and lay it on her flat little belly, tight and tense, and caress her there, swirling, find her bellybutton and explore it a little with my finger. When my hand brushes the hem of her panties she freezes, so I push my fingers a little more deeply into her mouth, and she isn't ready, and chokes a little, her tummy bucking slightly, and she has to make a slurping, sucking little effort to control the saliva flooding her mouth, and I feel my fingers get wet as she works at it. I leave her panties alone then, and glide my hand up over her belly, and without any warning at all, cup her left breast in my palm, gently but firmly.

She bucks at this, and I have to grip her cheeks hard with my hand, my fingers still in her mouth, and hold her hard until she stops struggling, which takes a few moments. Her breasts are small and firm and lovely, tight little globes capped with a stiff little nipple that right now is pressing into the center of my palm. Delightful. They're hanging free and slightly forward as she rests on knees and elbows, and I'm completely free and unimpeded in my exploration. I weigh the breast I've already captured, and shake it a little, then draw my palm away so that my fingers come together and close on her nipple which is delightfully hard and tight and pulsing and sensitive. I can tell the latter by her squirms and gasps -- as best she can around the fingers I'm still working in and out of her mouth -- and writhing. I move my hand to her other breast, and subject it to the same treatment, until both bouncy little mounds are warm and flushed, and both pink little nipples are tight and puckered and straining. I keep my fingers moving in her mouth, and Sarah finds a rhythm, drawing and sucking as I slide them in and out, her chin still resting on my palm, and I keep manipulating her breasts until she's wincing slightly and moaning around my fingers in her mouth from over-stimulation.

"Sarah" I say, quietly, fingers still moving in her mouth, hand still caressing her breasts. When she doesn't respond, I say her name again, then shake her chin, my fingers still sliding. Her eyes open, and she becomes still, and she tries to turn her head to look at me, but I keep her facing forward, but now I know she's listening.

"I want you to be very still Sarah," I say then, "I don't want you to move at all, just be perfectly still, do you understand?"

She gives a very slight nod, and I press my fingers further into her mouth, enough to make her eyes water, and her tummy clench, and squeeze her cheeks harder. I lean forward and put my mouth very near her ear.

"Don't move." A growl.

She tries to nod, but can't move her head, and a tear slips from her over-brimming eye.

I take my hand from her breast, I can't resist smoothing my palm over her flat little belly, then rest my hand on the back of her thigh, low down, where the tendons behind her knee are tight. I grip her slender thigh there for a moment, then slide it up, and up, over her little bottom, which makes her tense up, but she fights it, and I grip the hem of her panties, just at the small of her back. I pinch the hem between two fingers and my thumb, and in one deliberate motion, pull them out, and down over her butt, to about mid-thigh. Sarah trembles, but remains still. She does squeeze her eyes shut, but that's okay. I do have to lay my left palm on her lower back and press, but Sarah knows what this means now, and arches her back, presses out her bottom, and holds it.

"Good girl."

I smooth my hand over her lower back a couple of times, in a circle, then, watching her face, and let my hand move lower down, over her buttocks. She tenses again, and I stop moving, but she stills, and I resume my motion, and swirl my hand over her bottom, over both firm little globes, smooth and tight, and grip her tense little butt cheeks in my hand, hard, one, then the other, enjoying the sensation. I bounce them a little in my hand, feel their resistance and spring. I do this until I feel her begin to relax a little, then I stroke the inside of her thigh, the little I can reach, down until my hand is just above her right knee, and then force my fingers between her knees, and tug a little, pull her right knee towards me, tap with my fingers to communicate my intention, until she gets it, and, reluctantly, parts her legs, back still arched, rocking from knee to knee a little, until her knees are as wide apart as they can go on the bench; her left knee right on the far edge, her right knee jammed right up against the footboard of the bed, settled in the angle between the padded bench seat and the wood against which I'm also leaning.

Moving her thighs apart also brought her tummy lower as she knelt over my lap, which had the unexpected, but pleasant, benefit of bringing the tips of her breasts just into contact with my right thigh, her hard nipples brushing the rough canvas, dragging back and forth with her little movements, so stiff that I can feel them pressing into my leg.

I can reach the inside of her thighs now, and take advantage of the opportunity; stroking my fingertips up and down the flawless smooth skin there, up and down, from just inside her knee, all the way up, almost to the apex, and Sarah tenses up each time, holding her breath, tightening her tummy as I approach her center, then breathing out as I let my fingers trail back down.

I do this for a long time, sometimes stroking her bottom, and her tummy, and occasionally her lovely little breasts too, giving them a little squeeze, and bouncing them in my palm. Sometimes I have to press gently on Sarah's lower back to press her bottom out, but not often, she seems to have found a good position, and she's sucking on my fingers now without my moving much, sliding her lips up and down, and occasionally licking the undersides, perhaps involuntarily, when she needs to swallow. She's also not tensing up much when my hand passes over her breasts, or over her bottom, in fact, she even seems to press back into my touch at times.

I pull my fingers from her mouth, and find one hot, stiff little nipple with my cool, wet fingers, which makes Sarah gasp, and I tug and massage the hard little point for just a moment, watching Sarah's face, her mouth wet and open, eyes closed, before sliding my hand up the inside of her thigh slowly but deliberately, until the edge of my hand is pressed firmly against her pussy.

Sarah's whole body gives a jolt; her head comes up, and she gasps, and she tries to rise up, but I have her nipple, and tightly, so she can't really get away, and I don't move, gripping her inner thigh, as high up as my hand will go, the edge of my forefinger pressed right up against her pussy, and I keep it there, and let her settle for a moment as her writhing slows, then stops.

When she quiets somewhat, I can't resist pressing my hand harder against her, twisting my palm inward around the inside of her thigh, which pushes the edge of my finger all along her center, which opens easily, soft and bare, very smooth, and I find my finger is sliding easily as her juices coat my finger where it's touching her and her slit parts, and I feel heat, and she's wet, her pussy is wet, and open, and Sarah moans, and though she's blushing, she pushes against my hand, and I tease her a little, don't give her more pressure, move away, then back again, my right hand still on her breasts, and Sarah moans, and I turn my left hand, palm in, towards Sarah's body, and slide it up until I'm fully cupping her slippery wet pulsing little pussy in my palm.

Sarah jumps, but then gives a lascivious moan, and presses her cunt back against my hand, and moans again as I give her bare pussy a little squeeze, then slide my two middle fingers up her slit, opening her delicate little cunt, swirl the pads of my fingers over the impossibly smooth inner lips of her pussy, then up, to the apex of her, and press on her piping little clit, and at that, she gave a high, wordless little cry, which I cut off by clamping my hand hard over her mouth, and pulling her head back into my shoulder, straining her neck, my fingers still pressing her clit, her hips rolling helplessly, moaning into my hand.

"Be quiet," I said into her ear, roughly, jerked her head hard into my chest, my hand tight on her mouth, then said it again, but I kept my fingers moving on her clit, dipping into her pussy, swirling the little nub, making her buck and writhe, and give muffled little moans against my palm. Very sweet. She's twisted now, fairly strenuously, her neck torqued around so I can keep my palm clapped over her mouth, and she's uncomfortable, but pliable and flexible, and she's humping her ass back into my hand to make me press my fingers harder against her clit. My fingers are well and truly slippery now, and she's a little lost in the sensation as I delve and stroke and swirl and pet and press. I think about making her come, but decide to wait, to hold her here for a while, and plus, it'll be more fun to spank her while she's all wet and squirmy.

I stopped stroking her clit, but slid my two middle fingers deeply into her pussy which made Sarah gasp, and it's from the side, so that I ended up with my left palm gripping her tight little right butt cheek, fingers shoved in her leaky pussy, but still, and my right hand over her mouth. I let her mouth go after a moment, when she settled down, and sort of maneuvered her back into the position I wanted; on her knees and elbows, draped over my lap, back arched, bottom up, knees still apart -- I want to retain access to her cunny of course -- and hands gripping the bench. This time though, I pressed down on her lower back enough that her tummy was actually resting on the bench, reducing the angle of her hips, her bottom kind of centered over my thighs.

I caressed her back for a little while, in big swirls, just touching lightly, passed my palm over her neck, and shoulders and bottom. I kept the two middle fingers on my left hand in her pussy while I did this, and she didn't seem to mind, and she even let out little pleasure sounds as I rubbed her back. I did want to keep her, well, up, if you know what I mean, so I moved my fingers in her pussy a little too; stroking and petting sometimes, and passing the pads of my fingers over her clit just occasionally, which always made her squirm. At one point -- and I knew this would make her jump, so I pressed my right hand down harder on her lower back -- I drew my fingers out of her pussy, and stroked them just lightly over the tight little rosebud of her ass, all exposed and vulnerable there. She jumped like I'd shocked her, but I held her down, and when she'd settled, I gathered a little more of her own juices, and stroked the pad of just my middle finger over her ass hole again, holding her firmly, and she wiggled, but I just pressed, and stroked in a little circle, and my finger penetrated her ass just enough to make her gasp, and freeze, and goosebumps to break out on her shoulders and the backs of her thighs, but I didn't proceed, although I really wanted to.

"Sarah" I said, after a while.

"Mmm..." she was distracted because I moved my fingers in her pussy just as she started to speak, but "what?" she finally managed.

"Sarah, do you feel this?" I knew she did, she was squirming enough.

"Um hmm...oh!" The oh! was when my fingers passed over her clit.

"Sarah, I think you should answer me 'yes sir' or 'no sir', don't you?"

"Um," I could tell she was having some trouble maintaining coherency here, but she tried. She was a good girl, I could tell.



"Yes sir."

"Oh, oh, um, yes sir."

"Better. Now, do you feel...this?" and pressed my fingers rights against her clit.

"Yes sir!"

I smiled a little. "I bet you do. What do you call this Sarah? Where are my fingers right now, hmm?"

"My, my cunny, sir."

"Your cunny? That's very sweet. Do you like my fingers in your cunny Sarah?"

"Yes sir, oh!, yes..."

"And this?"

Sarah moaned, and gasped as I stroked her clit harder than I had before, my fingers slipping easily.

"Oh, god, my clitty sir, my clitty, I...I..."

I stopped, and she moaned, and tried to press her ass back harder into my hand. I didn't let her. I kept my fingers away from where she wanted them, but close, so she could seek. It was fetching, the way she wiggled her little ass and hips, trying desperately to get my fingers back on her bits.


Her eyes were closed, pressed hard closed, and she was breathing deeply, she'd really let go, forgotten herself. It was sweet.

"Sarah, listen to me."

"Yes, ah, yes sir?"

"Do you want me to spank you?"

Sarah nodded. "I'm bad" she said.

"You're bad?"

She nodded, her hips still moving, wanting my fingers back where they were. I obliged, and slid my two middle fingers back into her slick little cunt, pulling a moan from her, so I pressed them deeper, then out, over her clit, and over her lubricated little cunny lips, and even ran the ball of my thumb over her ass hole as I slid my fingers back inside of her. She moaned again.

"I'm bad. You need to spank me, because I'm bad, and I need it, I need it sir."

I had to smile at that. I'm not sure she meant to say that out loud. It was just a whisper, like a sigh made into words.

I set my fingers to work on her clit, her clitty as she called it, working the sensitive little bud in a rhythm now, pressing and stroking. Sarah pressed her ass back into my hand, but held still so I could do her, so my fingers could reach her pulsy little spot, and rub her like she wanted.

"Your cunny is all wet, Sarah."

She didn't answer, but I could see blushes bloom on her cheek.

"It's okay Sarah. You're doing very well."

She didn't answer, but nodded.

"I'm going to spank you now" I said, and she didn't answer, or try to answer, but only bit her bottom lip a little, and produced the tiniest little nod.

I put my right hand on her lower back, and pressed down. "Raise your ass" I told her, and she blushed more furiously, but did it, and gripped the edge of the bench harder, and clenched her butt.

"Sarah, you stay right like this, okay? Be as quiet as you can, and don't move."

She nodded, and I gripped her pony tail in my right hand, and jerked her head back until she gasped.

"Answer me correctly."

"Yes sir!"

"Don't move."

"Yes sir!"

"Keep your thighs apart."

"Yes sir." Calming just a little.

I brought my left hand down on her ass so hard that for a moment she couldn't even cry out; her mouth opened wide in a silent gasp, and her eyes too, wide and staring up, and filling with tears. Her legs gave a great jerk, and straightened out, so that for a moment she was perfectly rigid over my lap, her breasts up off of the bench as her back arched strenuously, her knuckles white where they gripped the bench. I clapped my hand over her mouth just in time to stifle a loud cry. I pulled her head into my chest, and held her tightly.

"Be quiet!" I whispered fiercely into her ear, "right now. Be quiet."

While she settled, I pressed and stroked her stinging left buttock, impressed with a vivid, perfect hand print. Given the way she winced and squirmed, it apparently still hurt. Poor thing.

The next smack, if anything, was harder, on the right this time, and she jumped again, and her reaction was so violent that my hand slipped from her mouth and so allowed the high-pitched squeal to escape, but just the one, and then I had her mouth again, firmly, and treated her to a few more hard smacks, until both bottom cheeks were thoroughly pink, and I could feel the heat rising from them, and my hand stung and throbbed. It was hard to hold her over my lap with just my hand on her mouth, she was squirming so much, and wiggling her butt to escape punishment. Finally I had enough, and had to stop.

"Get up."

When she was standing in front of me, bouncing a little on the balls of her feet, which moved her round little breasts quite fetchingly, rubbing her bottom with both hands to take away the sting of the spanking, I shook my head in disappointment.

"Sarah this isn't working, let's just go tell them and get it over with."

I could see the shock and dismay contort her features, even through the tears.

"Wha...nooo!!!" she started to wail, but I grabbed her wrist, and pulled her to her knees in front of me, pointed my finger into her face.

"Be quiet," I said, in a calm, but serious voice that seemed to penetrate her distress.

"You're making far too much noise, and squirming way too much."

"I'm sorry."

"Are you going to do better?"

"I am! I'll be good!"

"I'm going to have to use my belt, because you were so much trouble."

She started to protest, her eyes filling again, then, with an effort, stopped herself.

"Very good" I said, then, "take your panties off and hand them to me."

She did; balancing on one knee then the other, reaching back to slip them over her slim ankles before handing them to me with downcast eyes. I took the panties in my right hand, and balled them up, fit my foot between her knees and pushed her thighs further apart, then reached down between her legs with my left, and cupped her bare pussy. She jumped, but before she could move, I found her little slit, and opened her up -- not difficult; her little cunt was drenched and open and quivery -- and slid my two middle fingers right up inside her. She gasped and lightly gripped my wrist in both hands; not resisting, but trying to maintain some sense of control over the proceedings. I stroked my fingers in and out of her delightfully snug little tunnel once or twice, then swirled them over her clit, which made her buck and convulse a little, and pressed the little button, rubbed it in a little circle, until she was gasping, then stopped, my fingers sunk deeply into her pussy, her clit pressed and pulsing against my palm.

Sarah moaned, and another tear leaked from her eye. I couldn't resist any longer, and I leaned forward, and put my mouth on hers, her soft, heated lips opening at once, accepting and pliant and wet, and I kissed her, my tongue passing over her bottom lip, our teeth clicking once as I pressed into her, plundering her mouth, sucking her lip between mine as she swayed into me, leaned into the kiss. She tasted sweet, tempered with salt from her helpless little tears.

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