tagRomanceCountry Girl Ch. 04

Country Girl Ch. 04


She had wanted to take my clothes off, but in the bedroom I changed the plan. "How about you take off your clothes, then I can watch every move you make."

She smiled, pushed me back on the bed, unsnapped my jeans, pulled the zipper down and started tugging them off. I protested saying she was supposed to be undressing for me. She slapped my thigh, "Are you being naughty and sassing your fiance? Get your underwear and that shirt off." She scolded as she wiggled her ring finger at me.

For a tiny woman she was quickly taking control of this 5'11" Norwegian boy. I outweighed her by nearly a hundred pounds, but she had a tendency too get big when she needed to. I'm still riding my trusty old Scwinn most days, and there's plenty of activity on the farm to help keep me fit. In fact, I've lost 12 pounds since moving home and my muscles are beginning to harden again. I'm feeling more like I'm 21 than 31. Britt teases me because I don't have dirty blond hair like most of the Norski guys do, mine is a deep brown. I know, I know, blame my parents. Other than that, I'm like any other hairy chested guy of Scandinavian descent.

As she took control I was thinking, she's learning this little game we play all too quickly, and she loves it. Now that I was fully nude, we kissed and played, running her hands through my chest hair & pushing me backward onto the bed. I scooted up on the bed to watch her. She began by slowly unbuttoning her blouse, opening it seductively, showing me a glimpse of her pretty red bra. Then she raised her skirt an inch at a time until the red with silver brocade stockings stopped, I could see the red garter straps.

My cock was so hard it ached, "Damn woman, you're driving me insane, take those clothes off before my balls explode."

"Hmm, mama was right, an instant hardon."

She unzipped her skirt, opened the button and let it fall, followed by her blouse, both in a puddle at her feet. Next the bra, I reached forward for her breasts and she slapped my hands. "You're being naughty, I may have to punish you." Removing the garter belt and stockings, her sheer red panties were all that remained, I could see her bush and I noticed the crotch was quite wet."

"Here's how it works big boy, you get to take my panties off, with your teeth, no hands. The article I read said it was erotic." I wondered what the hell kind of magazines she had been reading.

As she lay down we kissed deeply, whispering I love you back and forth. It was time to take back control, I slid down her torso and grabbed the elastic waistband with my teeth. It turned out to be more difficult than we thought it would be. We laughed and giggled and had lots of fun getting her panties off, and not just below her crotch, they had to be off her body.

When the task was accomplished I lay down to catch my breath. She had her face in my neck, right by ear. "Nils, tonight is going to be two firsts for me. I want to sit on your face before I sit on your cock. Will that be alright with you? It was in an article I read. Have you eaten a girl like that before?"

"Oooohhhhh ya, more than once."

I had her straddle my chest, then knee walk her way over my arms, positioning her little pink slit right above my mouth.

"Honey, I want you to spread your knees a little so your pussy lowers onto my mouth, hold on to the headboard if you need support."

As her slit touched my lips I injected my tongue through the labia, finding the entrance to her vagina I started tongue fucking her. She yelped and ground against my face. My nose was pressed against her clit as she moved her hips back and forth. She was making noises I'd never heard before, as I moved onto her clit I began to feel her shake mildly. It soon became convulsive, ending with her jamming her pussy against my mouth as hard as she could. The juice flowed, I lapped up as much as I could, it was all over my face, running down my chin onto my neck.

She slid back, looking in my eyes, "My god Nils, it just keeps getting better each time. I'm not sure how married people have energy to do anything after stuff like this. I know I said I wasn't going to cum, are you upset with me?"

"Baby, you can ride my face anytime you want, I can't get enough of your tasty little cunt. Scoot off and spin around, I'll show you how to get started for Wednesdays blow job, and it will get me wet enough to start poking fun at you."

Britt didn't have a very big mouth, so it took her a little time to get the head in comfortably. Once inside her mouth I had her slide up and down a few times for her mouth to get used to my thickness. She was doing a good job, taking 2 to 3" in her mouth when I pulled her off.

"Straddle my waist, stand up and squat over my cock, I'll point it up, you use your hand to guide it inside. Once I'm in you can stay as you are, moving up and down, or you can drop to your knees and stroke me that way. Whichever you choose."

With my cock at the entrance to her pussy she slowly dropped down, with around 4" in she stopped, bracing herself with her hands on my stomach. After about 15 seconds she wiggled her hips and sank all the way down, her ass hitting my scrotum. She looked so damn proud of herself, smiling, breathing hard, moving ever so slightly. She'd slid up and down the full length a dozen times or so and then dropped to her knees, riding hard against my dick and pelvis. In this position she could lean over my body, kissing me, whispering in my face.

"Fuck me Nils, ram your cock in me, cum in my pussy. I know you're worried about hurting me, don't be, do me hard, I want it hard."

I held her hips in place, slamming up into her hungry love canal, we made love like this until I brought her to a climax. As hers was subsiding I went off, which caused her to have another smaller orgasm. Have you ever noticed when making love, it feels like you've gone on forever, as I looked the clock, it was only 9:45. We'd been at it about 35 minutes, but it felt like 2 hours. She was looking at her ring again when I set the alarm on my phone for 11 and we slept.

Not wanting her driving alone so late and as sleepy as she was, I drove her home. Bjorge was still up and met us at the door, smiling, asking if I wanted coffee. I explained Britt was so tired I didn't want her driving. I told her I'd swing by in the morning after chores to get Britt, she could bring the car back then.

In the morning I texted that I'd pick her up after chores for lunch together at the Dog and Suds. She was ready to go when I arrived at 11, hair done nicely, a yellow and red sun dress that ended a few inches below mid-thigh, white thigh highs, a string of pearl like jewelry around her neck, make up was perfect, a lovely shade of red lipstick, and a glittering engagement ring. No sneaks today, she had on a pair of red pumps. Seemed as time went on she kept finding ways of being more pretty. Was she trophy wife material, not by the worlds standards, but she was mine, that's all that mattered to me.

We quickly drove her mother's car home and headed into town.

"Hon, can we change plans?" Britt asked.

"What do you have in mind?"

"I looked on Bonnies web site and her special today is stuffed pork chops, with mashed potatoes and a vegetable. Could we go there instead? I want to let Todd know this weekend will be my last."

"So ... it has nothing to do with showing the girls your ring huh?"

She blushed and laughed softly, "Well, maybe, just a little. You don't mind, do you?"

"Bonnies it is princess."

As we walked in the entire diner stopped talking, all heads were toward us, not a word was being said. Britt was walking on air at that moment, people started talking again, mostly aimed at her. How was she doing, missed you last Saturday, somebody told me you were engaged, not a dissenting word in the place. The other waitresses saw her and let out a squeal, rushing to her, holding her hand up showing the grill cooks her ring. Todd came out from behind the counter and shook my hand. She told him about leaving, he said that worked out fine. He had a niece who wanted to find a job, he could bring her in without hurting anyone's hours. The meal was great, everyone was congratulating us, we had a piece of pie and left.

In the truck Britt was beside herself with glee, she was on cloud nine. As we sat there I asked if she wanted to really set the town on its ear. She wondered what I had in mind.

"Since you're soon to be my wife, I think it's time to add your name to one of my accounts. We'll use your maiden name now, then change it as soon as we're married. They can issue debit cards onsite now, so we'll get you a debit card right away. I'm going to wait with a credit card until you're my wife, they'll screw it up for sure if your name and mine aren't the same."

"Oh my gosh Nils, I've never felt so overwhelmed in all my life. I know you trust me, but I never expected this."

At the bank the manager wasn't sure it was a good idea adding Britt's name before we were married. I told him I was adding Britt's name and that's all there was to it. As he frowned I said to him, "You're not being very smart Tom, either comply with my wishes, or I can bank on the other side of town. What's it going to be?"

He quickly backed down, ushering us into the office for accounts, where we added Britt's name to my checking account, and made up a debit for her. Britt had graduated with the lady who took care of the changes, she wanted to see Britt's ring. I swear she choked as she looked at it, as if she was expecting some tiny little thing. Britt had a lot of money on her left hand, and that broad knew it.

Walking out of the bank we were arm and arm, her little hips just a swishing, a slight bounce in her stride that she didn't normally have make her little tits jiggle ever so slightly. I ask if she was happy, she replied "over the moon."

"Should we really go overboard today Britt? Should we tell the naysayers in town to stuff it without saying a word?"

She just smiled and nodded, "you're my husband, I go where you go."

We drove over to the local Ford dealership. Britt looked at me with a puzzled look. "We're going to buy you a car today, then you can stop borrowing your mom's." She threw her arms around me, kissing me, thanking me.

We looked at new and used Fords without any satisfaction. There were certain things we wanted in the car, the sales gal finally asked if we might be interested in a Hyundai. She led us to a Sonata that was only two years old. The sucker was loaded with everything Britt wanted, including heated seats. A welcomed luxury in the cold winters of the upper Midwest. She wanted a blue car and the Sonata was red, she was okay with that. It had less than 20,000 miles, so the remainder of a 100,000 mile warranty came with it. I put a $5000 down payment on it and financed the rest. I'd pay it off at the first payment date anyway. As I was finishing up the paper work she was pressing her tit into my free arm, she leaned so her mouth was right on my ear whispering, "I'm gonna fuck your brains out tonight. I'm so horny my panties are soaked." Then sat back as a prim and proper wife would.

I called my insurance agency to have the car and Britt's name added to the policy, slapped on the temporary plates and my bride to be drove her new car to our farm. She called her dad and told him she'd be home in time to milk at 4:30. At the farm she played with all the bells and whistles, set her favorite radio stations, programmed the seat for herself and for me, figured out how to use the remote start and hung her fuzzy dice on the rearview mirror. She'd had the damn things since high school, I couldn't very well tell her no.

I was sitting in the passenger seat through most of this. As she finished up she went around to my side of the car, as she pulled me up with one hand, she lifted her dress with the other. Using the hand she'd pulled me up with, she placed my hand between her legs. They were parted slightly, and the crotch was soaking wet. I snaked a finger in the leg opening, brushing it against her hot little snatch. She slammed our mouths together, broke off, looked at me wild eyed and said, "We've got 45 minutes before I have to be home, fuck me Nils, right now, right here on the hood of the car."

The garage door was at the back of the house, there was no way of being seen from the road, but the thought of fucking outside really had us turned on. Her panties were off in a flash, I had the dress around her waist, her little ass on the hood and my cock inside her in less than a minute. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me into her steamy cunt with every thrust, her thigh highs glimmering in the late afternoon sun, our breathing was heavy, our focus was to satisfy each other.

It didn't take long until she was moaning in orgasm, and I was grunting like a pig as I shot my load into her hungry pussy. We stood like that for at least a minute, I ask if she was ready. She nodded, and I pulled my dick out, she quickly put her panties between her legs so the jizz didn't run down her legs as we ran into the house. There's a half bath right off the garage entrance, she plunked her tiny ass on the toilet just as she started leaking around the panties.

I asked how she'd drive home without ruining her dress or her new car seats. Sitting on the potty she told me to bring in her purse. In it was a pair of clean panties, smiling she said, "A girl needs to be prepared when she goes out with a pussy hound like you."

We quickly washed our sex juices off the hood before going to her folk's place. They were all gaga over the car, how could I afford such a nice new car, weren't we moving fast and reckless. It was mostly Ole, Bjorge smiled and hugged her baby a lot. I helped with milking and chores, we were done in no time at all. Bjorge cooked Italian sausages on the grill, we had fried potatoes and sweet corn to go with the sausages.

Getting ready to leave I was leaning against the truck, Britt leaned against me with a full body press, periodically pushing her hips forward into mine. We kissed a little but mostly talked about the day. I reiterated how important it was to not talk about our finances with her folks or anyone else. She wondered if I might not trust her.

"Honey, I trust you implicitly or your name wouldn't be on that account. I also know how family and friends can wear us down with their incessant questions. If you aren't used to keeping all that info private, it's easy to slip. Britt, you have access to over $30,000 right now, it would be pretty easy to brag about that, for any human. I just want you to be careful."

"I won't slip, or forget, this my future, our future, I've never had anybody love me like you do. Not in my wildest dreams did I think an honest to goodness handsome millionaire would sweep me off my feet and marry me."

"Use the debit card for anything you need. When we say I Do, my money will become our money, I don't believe I'm marrying a ditsy broad. I believe I'm marrying an intelligent woman, one who will make wise decisions and weigh the costs before doing something."

Her arms were around my neck, holding me tight, pushing those hard nipples into my chest, rubbing her pussy against me, giggling, knowing her dad might be watching, but would see nothing. It was time for me to go to bed and her to take a shower and wash away the smell of sex. I knew Ole didn't notice it, but her mother surely did.

We texted and talked on the phone the next day, not seeing each other. I called the credit card company, paying off the ring and what we'd bought shopping. I had to wait for the first car payment before I could pay it off in full, so I transferred enough money into my local account to cover the car and hold a balance at $45,000. A payment of $52,000 was due to be transferred to that account this week from the upgrade package I had finished last week. Until I saw the deposit I wasn't going to count my chickens before they hatched.

Wednesday Britt was wound up tight as a drum and giddy as hell. I had lunch with Britt and her folks, as we were saying goodbye at the truck I ask what she was so wound up about.

"It's Wednesday, I started my period. I get to give you a blow job tonight, I'm so excited. I told dad I wasn't going to be home for morning milking."

As I drove home I was thinking to myself I'd never known a girl so excited about giving me head, but I sure as hell wasn't complaining.

That night when she arrived she was in jeans and a flannel shirt. She told me she wasn't wearing anything sexy, she always wore cotton panties during her period, so she wouldn't ruin her nice ones. She wanted me to hold her, we were on the couch making out a bit, her hand alternated between rubbing my chest and stroking my dick.

"Nils, the other day when I was sucking you, I liked it, and I'm excited for tonight, truth is, I'm scared. I talk brave, but I'm so afraid I won't do it right, I don't want to disappoint you."

"You aren't going to fail princess. You're learning, and the learning process takes time. I'll tell you what I do and don't like, just like you do when I'm making love to you. I don't want to do it here though, we should go into the bedroom, we'll be more comfortable."

We sat on the bed kissing, I was caressing her. Not trying to arouse, rather attempting to ease her fears.

"How do I do it Nils, should I get on my knees, do you lay down, do you sit up? You need to tell me."

"You can kneel if you want, but it gets hard on the knees if I don't cum quickly. I can lay down with you over the top of me, or I can sit against the headboard. It might be better tonight for me to sit, I will be able to see you, as well as guide you with my hands."

That was all it took, she grabbed my sweats, pulling them off along with my underwear. I sat with my back against the headboard, Britt laying on her stomach between my legs. She held my dick in her hands a minute or so, seeming to be examine it. As she bent it down away from my body, I stopped her.

"No baby, you need to get your head above it, that hurts when you pull it down like that."

She scooted forward a little and was in position. She sniffed it, there was pre-cum on the tip, she wondered about that, after I told her what it was she tentatively licked it off.

"Nils, I can't put all of this in my mouth. What should I do?"

"Put in as much as you can and still enjoy the experience. If you're choking and gagging on my cock, you aren't going to like it, and neither am I. The most sensitive part is just below the head, put as much in your mouth as you can beyond the head, and we'll both be happy. Once you've developed a comfortable rhythm just keep at it. I'll let you know when I'm going to cum."

"Should I use my hand too? I saw a porn flick once where she used her hands below her mouth. What happens when you cum, do I swallow it?"

"No hands baby, hand jobs are hand jobs, a blow job should be hands free in my book. As for swallowing, it is ultimately what I want from you, but the first few times you might not be able to take it all. I'll let you know when I'm there, at that point slide your lips back to the head, lock them tight around my cock and try to swallow as I cum in your mouth. If it's too much open your mouth and let it run out."

She instinctively put her hand under my balls, cupping and gently rolling them in her soft hands. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and slipped the head in, licking it a little before putting more into her mouth. When about 3" was inside her mouth I put my hands on the sides of her head, moving it up and down. I told her to pout her lips out and to run her tongue along the bottom of my cock. When she had that down I told her to suck as she moved on the up and down stroke, keeping her lips against my cock as much as possible.

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