tagRomanceCountry Girl Ch. 05

Country Girl Ch. 05


Monday we drove to Minneapolis. I ask Britt if she'd like to drive since we were taking her car.

"Nope, I get to sit in the wifey seat while my hubby drives, just like I always dreamed it would be."

We checked into the airport Hilton. Britt was blown away by the luxury of the room. For supper I took Britt to a restaurant in the downtown area of Minneapolis, a steak house called Murrays. I'd been taken there by a client a few years back. The food was outstanding, I ordered the filet for both, it was so tender we cut it with a fork. Britt got to have her hotel sex, deciding she wanted to be bent over the back of a stuffed chair. I obliged, bringing her to a screaming climax. I was right behind her with my own, grunting, groaning, damn near falling over from exhaustion.

Early Tuesday morning we drove to a park and ride lot, checked our car, and caught a shuttle to the airport. Our flight landed mid-afternoon, plenty of time to pick up the rental car, check into the hotel and find somewhere decent for supper. After looking around Britt decided on a most unlikely place, a Steak and Shake. A cheeseburger, onion rings, and a malt made her think of home.

More hotel sex was on the menu, tonight it was me who picked the position. With Britt on her hands and knees I squatted over her butt, plunged my cock into her pussy, and hammered away flat footed on the bed. The penetration was unbelievable, Britt loved it, throwing herself back onto my cock. I had my hands on her rib cage and felt what I knew was her permission to pound her for all I was worth. Penny would do the same thing when I fucked her like this. Britt dropped her tummy, arching her back and pointing her pussy right into my cock. Her pussy was as open and wide as it could get.

"Oh Nils, how deep are you baby? I swear you're in my stomach, oh my, that is so deep. Pound baby, pound, I love this."

Britt's little tits were swinging back and forth, her breathing labored, tiny eep sounds and uhh, uhh between gasps for air. She began to convulse, buck, and throw herself against me. Suddenly she pulled off my dick, still on her hands and knees, her body was shaking and humping the air as the magnitude of her orgasm hit. I dropped to my knees, when her body stopped undulating and shaking, I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back, putting my cock back into her smoldering caldron, and rested.

I waited then softly spoke, "Did you cum good baby, it seemed like you were consumed by it."

Britt tried talking through labored breath, "Oh Nils, I have never felt anything like that in my life. It was so strong I had to get off your cock, I just knew I'd pass out if I didn't."

"I have never seen a woman cum that hard, you continue to amaze me Mrs. Johanssen. I could become addicted to you."

"You damn well better be addicted to me, I have all the pussy you will ever need. It's always going to be yours, you can have all you want, anytime you want. Now, it's time we got your balls churning so you can put another batch of baby batter into my tummy. Maybe a few of those soldiers will get through my cervix and start a baby."

I started slow, nice and deep, enjoying the way her vagina walls contracted around my dick with every stroke. I was reaching under feeling her tits, squeezing them lightly, pinching the nipples and gently tugging on them. They were such appreciative nipples, always responding with an immediate hardness.

Britt was rocking in rhythm with me, enjoying a nice slow fuck, I decided to pick up the pace a little.

"Mm Hmm baby, a little harder, I like it hard, I like it when I feel your balls slapping against my clit. Fill me honey, mark me with your seed, splash your sperm against my cervix, make me yours."

"Whos pussy is this Britt?"

"Oh my god Nils, it's yours, it will always be yours. You own it baby, you own it."

As I arched my back slamming my dick in as deep as possible I went over the edge saying "mine" again and again. My seed filled her up to the point of overflowing, cum was oozing out around my cock, dripping from her pussy, making a puddle on the sheet.

Britt had cum again, but not nearly as intense as before. She was pleased she had made her man cum inside her. If there wasn't a baby in her tummy, it wouldn't be for lack of trying. It was still early, all of that rooting around left us hungry, we ordered a pizza through room service. While I was showering Britt called her mom, talking mother/daughter talk. A conversation with her dad might last 5 minutes on a good day, but when she and her mom talked it was always at least a half hour. I was watching the news when Britt emerged from the bathroom in her nightie and a pair of panties that said, "it won't lick itself" across the front.

"Britt honey, did you wear those panties before bed as a hint? Because sweetheart, you've drained my balls dry and worn out my body already. I just don't have any more tonight princess."

"Turn the light out and hold me you horny bastard. Do you think you're the only one who's tired? I don't have enough strength left to wiggle my ass, much less having you wash your face in my muff."

Throughout the next week we drove through parts of Vermont and New Hampshire, wherever the fall colors were the most vibrant. The following week we meandered along the Maine coastline, most of the little fishing villages had been bypassed by the interstate. We drove on the small mostly unused roads from long ago, only being used by locals now, it was some of the most beautiful scenery we had ever seen. Britt enjoyed fresh lobster on two different occasions, having never had it before she wasn't sure she would like it. After the first meal, she was hooked. Sex was enjoyed nearly every night, we had determined we were going to christen every motel we stayed in.

On Friday we flew out of Montpelier headed for Minneapolis. We'd shopped along the way, whenever we found a large city with shopping we made it a point to find nicer shops. We had found a specific shop in Portland, Maine that specializing in French lingerie. Britt went crazy in that shop. She asked if she could buy some stuff, I told her it was her card, just spend wisely. I was more than happy to spend the money on high quality items, after all, I'd be the one getting to remove them. As planned, we'd purchased an extra suitcase to bring home the clothing we bought.

With luggage in hand we caught a shuttle to the car, settled the lot fees and pulled onto 494 heading west until we picked up 35 south. It was late afternoon, I asked Britt if she wanted to stay the night in the twin cities, or go home. It would be about a four hour drive, we both wanted to go home.

Even stopping for supper at an IHOP we pulled into the driveway just after ten. As much fun as our trip had been, we were anxious to be in our own bed again.

There were no romps in the hay for a few days after getting home, as much as we hated to admit it, both of us were literally too tired. We kissed, petted and fooled around, allowing our bodies to heal from two weeks of fucking nearly every day. I had lots of emails to answer, new proposals to finalize and send out. Our saved mail would be delivered on Monday. Britt wanted to see if anything was addressed to Mrs. Britt Johanssen, even if it was junk mail. Our new checks had arrived with her name on them, she was more than a little excited."

On Thursday Britt asked if we could go dancing on Saturday night. The VFW was having a live band playing mostly old rock and some country. It was a fund raiser for a family in town, husband/dad had died unexpectedly, with no life insurance. Sounded good to me. Saturday afternoon Britt was a bundle of nerves. Sitting her down I asked her was going on to make her so nervous.

"I'm afraid you won't like my outfit tonight, I don't want you upset with me."

"Why don't you show me, I'll be in my office."

Britt entered in a red dress, midthigh, sheer red stockings, I assumed a red garter belt, panties and bra. The dress had a pleated bottom and flared out away from her hips gently, it buttoned from the waist up to a low neckline, and though Britt wasn't big, with the top button open there was still cleavage to be seen. She topped it off with 4" red heels.

"You look beautiful, you do realize it says "take me home and fuck me" don't you?"

'I know it says that, but you're the only one who can do that to me. I've been laughed at and ridiculed all my life. I wanted to show all of them I can be sexy. I want every woman to be jealous I clean up good, and every guy jealous that it's you who gets to take me home and undress me. I want to dance with you and you alone, if it's a slow one I'm going to ride your thigh, I'm going to press my little tits into you and let you put your hands on my ass." Then she said oh so softly, "I just want to be yours, your little slut wife, the one you take care of and protect, the girl who gets to screw you at the end of the night."

"I noticed the top button was open, you don't have big tits, but those tits are mine, I don't want some perv looking down the front of my wifes dress. So, button that top button, okay? Oh, and white stockings will look better than red with that dress, just sayin."

"Just so we're clear on all this Nils, I dance with you and you only. If someone else asks to dance with me, DO NOT say it's okay. That will piss me off. Agreed?"

"You're my date, I'll be dancing with you and you alone."

Britt wondered about supper, "They'll be serving bbq chicken, as well as Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes with gravy, we could do one of those. The money will go to a good cause. My understanding is that the grocery stores donated all the chicken, Mrs. Hansen and her husband are donating the meat balls, Petersen's hardware has paid for the potatoes and other veggies. Desserts are being brought by people all over town, it will be a feast. What do you think?"

"Meat balls for me Britt, Mrs. Hansen makes the best meatballs I've ever eaten, including my mom's."

Time was of the essence, we decided to shower together, though we kept the kissing and feeling to a minimum, I still stepped out of the shower with a hardon. Britt hugged my neck and rubbed her naked little body against my hairy chest, trapping my cock between our bodies, just above her bush. She told me she'd take care of that hardon if we had more time.

I picked her up, laid her on the bed and started to open her legs, Britt tried pushing me off, I swatted her ass lovingly and told her to lay down. She had a scowl on her face. I pulled her across my lap and gave her 5 good swats on her shiny little ass.

I pulled her into my arms and held her tight, "Britt, you need to not be a naughty girl in our bedroom, I won't tolerate it, okay?"

I'm not one to dominate or degrade, but I can't have her rejecting me as her husband. I'm smart enough to know if she isn't feeling well or uncomfortable, but to simply decide she wasn't gonna fuck ... not a chance.

"I'll be good Nils. Please sweetheart, put another load of your sperm deep in my tummy."

Yup, we were late getting to the cake auction, there was one white cake left. Being my favorite I was determined to have it. I was bidding against some old bird I'd never seen before. She wasn't from town so I decided that cake was mine, I bid the price up to $60 before she finally dropped out. As I paid an older gal from town told me no cake was worth $60.

"It is to me Mrs. Filbright, besides, I thought this was a fund raiser to help Betty and her kids." She just walked away. I took the cake out to the truck and headed back in to be with my bride.

While enjoying supper we noticed an awful lot of folks looking toward our table, some pointing, some only talking. Two of Britt's classmates sauntered over greeting and congratulating us on our wedding.

Janice was the first to be honest in why they approached, "Britt, you look lovely tonight, and your husband is so handsome, maybe you'll let me dance with him later."

"I don't think so Janice, his card is already full for the night, he'll be dancing with me."

I looked at them and flashed my "you've just been had" smile, "Fraid so ladies, these arms will be around one gal, and one gal only, my bride. You have a great night. Bye."

Britt smiled at me, "You are so good to me. They are pissed, I remember those looks from our school

days, they've always thought they ran the entire school, thanks for calling me your bride."

"Britt baby, you are, and always will be, my bride. Doesn't matter how long we live, you are my bride, and I'll always refer to you as my bride if I'm talking about you. Better get used to it."

The band had started playing, no one was doing much dancing though. Britt had wisely chosen to wear her white rose patterned thigh highs instead of stockings and garters. When the band got to a slow song Britt pulled me up by my hand, leading me to the dance floor. Soon others joined. We were dancing in traditional dance form, Britt let go of my left hand, put hers around my neck with the other. She moved her body in tight, resting her head on my chest. With my hands on her hips, Britt shifted to my right as I pulled her in tight, she slid my leg between hers. Not grinding, but it was obvious her pussy was up against my thigh.

"Mmm, I like this Nils, put your hands on my ass so my dress doesn't ride up. I hope those two bitches are watching, I hope it makes them jealous I'm the one who makes love with you, I'm the one who will have your babies, I'm the one who signs my name Mrs. Nils Johanssen."

"Your little beaver is feeling awfully warm against my leg, do I need to take you to the truck and hose you down? By the way, do you know how horny it makes me when you're riding my leg?" She gave an extra little push into my leg.

"Let's stay here" Britt said, "if you take me to the truck there will be no hosing down, there will be hot and heavy screwing, and I want that at home tonight. Besides, that truck is too small for screwing."

We had danced most of the night away, guys kept asking Britt for a dance, women were approaching me. We danced with no one else, we were a couple. Sitting at the table contemplating going home Britt held my hand and looked at me seriously.

"Nils, Mom told me that Betty is behind on all of her utilities and mortgage. This fundraiser is supposed to help with that, but if all the money raised tonight goes to pay those things, she'll still have nothing. I want to do more, can we give at least $1000? That should help her a little while longer."

"I've done some philanthropic things in the past Britt, if we're going to give, let's give enough to really help her get on her feet. I think you should write a check for $10,000 and drop it in that box. The $52,000 payment was deposited while we were out east, two of the three proposals I've been working on since we got home have been accepted. The one in Brazil will bring in $385,000, the one for Israel will be just under $300,000, I have PO's for both of those and their down payments should be deposited within a week. The only one I'm waiting on a confirmation is from Japan, that one is only $110,000, it has tentatively been accepted, it needs to go before the board for final approval. $10,000 will not hurt us at all."

"You said I should write a check, are you sure?"

"Britt, I just told you about the money I'll be making over the next 120 days. I want you to write the check because WE have the money in OUR account. Your name is on that check as well as mine, right? You have much better penmanship than me, and it will mean more to your friend to know you wrote and signed the check. Just do it princess."

"OMG, I've never written a check that big, this is so awesome."

"While you're writing the check, I'm going to go over and talk to the city administrator. Let's see if we can't eliminate those utility bills."

The administrator was a city punk who got hired out of college, being less expensive than someone qualified. He wasn't sure he could go along with my paying her back due bills, she would need to go through the proper channels.

"Tell me if I'm correct. You work for the mayor, right? He nodded yes. "What you need to understand sunshine is that Paul and I grew up together from first grade on, we were thick as thieves in high school. One phone call from me and you'll be in his office Monday morning."

The guy got all puffed up, "Are you trying to threaten me?"

"No dipshit, I'm trying to tell you this is little town USA, not Madison. Leave your supposedly progressive ideas there. I'm trying to tell you I'll pay all her back bills, any interest or late fees owed, and she doesn't need to know who did it."

Before he could answer Paul stepped from behind the young man and said, "That'll be fine Nils. Thank you for your generosity, I'm sure Betty will be happy all of that is over." Looking at the young man he said, "I'll see you in my office Monday morning, 8 sharp, time for you make an attitude adjustment or start looking for another position."

Walking back toward the table I couldn't see Britt, I was beginning to panic, I'd promised I would protect her. Walking past her mom's table Bjorge took my hand and told me Britt had gone to the ladies room. I sat waiting at our table. A few minutes later Britt slipped in next to me, big grin on her face.

The music was pretty loud, in a voice just above a whisper she told me, "your little slut wife has a surprise for you on the way home. Open your hand under the table." She put her red lace panties in my hand and kept her hand on my thigh. I groaned as my cock stiffened.

Grinning wickedly she said, "Does my little sweetums have a problem in his slacks, oh my, there's a tree trunk in there. I'm going over to talk with mom, when that tree trunk is a twig again, come take my hand so you can claim your reward. You get to take me home and fuck me."

As soon as we were out of the parking lot Britt lifted her dress above her waist, in the moonlight I could see her hairy uncovered pussy. She leaned over the console, unbuttoned my slacks, lowered the zipper and told me to pull into the first corn field I found. I knew what she meant, kids would pull into a corn field, drive far enough back so no one could see from the road, and screw. Britt had never done it, but she certainly knew about it.

Just before Thompson valley the road made an S turn, at the first turn of that S was a corn field, I drove straight off across the access from the road into the field, made a sharp left in the field and stopped the car. By this time Britt had my cock out, slurping on it like an oversized sucker.

Britt spoke in a commanding voice, "Back seat, now, take those pants off. I want that cock in my mouth and this damn console is in the way."

Britt took almost the whole thing in her mouth, only to come up coughing and sputtering. She then took a more logical approach and sucked me as I had taught her to do. I was so horny and worked up it didn't take me long to explode. Britt took every bit of it in her mouth, not losing a drop. Licking her lips she smiled, scooted against the door with her dress up and her legs spread, "my turn."

I wasted no time burying my face in her cunt, it took her no time to cum either. We got back in the front, smiling as we kissed, Britt told me to take her home and finish the job.

In the house we were sharing a beer. "Nils, you know when you slapped my ass earlier today, I kind of liked that. I don't mean the kind of stuff where people get hurt, I liked how you took control and spanked your naughty little girl, then you fucked me. I was so turned on by that."

"We'll have to see if we can work that into our love making some night." I commented.

I had undressed and was waiting for Britt. I walked in the bathroom to find her peeing. When she reached for her panties I said, "Uhn,Uh, step out of your panties."

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