tagIllustratedCountry House Ch. 01

Country House Ch. 01


Story & drawings are the creation & copyright of the author. All rights reserved.

Saya’s most wild fantasy came true when her ex boy friend called to ask for a favor. They decided to meet at a bar for a drink and discussed a lot. The discussion came to their sexual fantasies and talked like they didn’t have while they were together.

Saya told him that always fantasized about having sex with two men but always afraid to make her fantasy come true. Steve told her that he could arrange something with one of his friends at his country house next weekend. Saya couldn’t believe that agreed to that even if the thought made her very wet and horny like never before.

She took care of her underwear and clothes very carefully, felt very sexy and ready for the adventure wearing lace stockings and high heels.

It was evening when they arrived at the country house; Steve’s friend Mike was waiting watching a porn film on video. When he first shows Saya felt that this would be his lucky night.

Button by button both men undid her blouse revealing a wonderful pair of tits begging to be released from the restraining bra, and very quickly they were released and they were a sight to behold.

"Right guys now its up to you two to decide who gets me first," said Saya as she laid on the couch and opened her legs wide ready for the onslaught that was to come. The two men had different opinion, they wanted both to taste the beautiful woman with all means, and they couldn’t wait a single second.

“Girl, I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." Steve said. Saya found that hard to imagine that her ex boyfriend could ever be violent.

Steve placed his hands on Saya's shoulders pushing her down onto the floor. Then he pulled her face to his cock. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened. The head of Steve's cock pushed between her lips. She was lightly sucking and licking his massive tool.

"Oh fuck, honey. What a hot little mouth you got."

He proceeded to fuck her face. His cock was quite thick. The corners of her mouth stretched to accommodate it.

At the same time Mike reached behind and grabbed for Saya's breasts. With one of her tits in each hand he took her nipples between two fingers and began squeezing. He wasn't being gentle about it either. He had her nipples firmly between his fingers and was pinching them hard with just about all his might sending waves of pain through her.

After Saya sucked Steve’s cock for awhile, he picked her up and pressed her against the wall as he fucked her standing up. His thick dick impaling her and the wall giving her back burns as he pumped her fiercely in her pussy. He grunted & moaned with pleasure as he drilled her. Saya gasped & moaned too & was bewildered at her own excitement.

"Turn around," he ordered.


"Your are going to take it up the ass."

"Ohhh, No..."

He guided the tip of his cock to the entrance of Saya's asshole, then shoved it right in. Saya gulped and her body heaved upward at the sudden pain. Steve started pumping his cock into her faster and faster, ramming into her harder with every thrust.

"Please.." Saya screamed. Her tightly closed anus began stretching. He was splitting her ass open to get his huge cockhead in. He pushed more with force. She screamed, "Noooooo...."

He proceeded to slide it into Saya's ass and bury the full length of his cock all the way inside her rectum.



Saya began to moan every time he pumped himself into her. She was beginning to like, it was better than she thought it would be. Steve started to grind his cock into her with a circular motion and lifting her body up until her feet kept getting off the ground. Saya was moaning much more and louder now, she was at the brink of an orgasm.

Suddenly Steve stopped the ass fucking and started to spank her!

Saya screamed out and said, “STOP IT! You’re hurting me!”

“You haven’t seen hurt yet. The more you scream and squirm, the harder I’m going to spank!” He began slapping her bare ass much harder than he had been. SMACK! SLAP! SMACK! SMACK! SLAP! SMACK! SMACK!

She cried out, “Please stop! Pleeeeease! It HURTS!” He kept on. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Her ass was on fire now. The pain was so intense she thought she’d pass out. Then suddenly, he stopped spanking her

“What? She said between sobs.

The rough hands of the two men gripped her underarms, holding her immobile between them, brushing against the sides of her naked breasts Steve grabbed her head and began forcing her mouth harder onto his cock. The lipstick she had put on only an hour earlier was a mere memory now, the large dick fucking her mouth was the cause, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Saya opens her lips and slides along the shaft to the point of the pubic hair and then mounts Steve’s cock and consumes the entire length to the point where she has to open her throat to take the head and tickle with her vocal chords and begins to try and hum sliding up and down. Steve grabbed her head holding her still, fucking her face. She did not cheat using her hand she continued to suck lick and build his cock up to a tremendous orgasm which he felt building in his balls she looks forward to spewing his cum in the back of her throat.

Saya’s cheek were burning red her mouth filled with pre-cum, she was so wet in her pussy, she deepthroated him time and time again, tasting him in her mouth, she moaned as she looked up at him. He told her

"I'm going to shoot my load all over your face and in your mouth"

Saya moaned in response to that and lusciously closed her eyes while looking at him.

He took his member out of her mouth and started jacking it off, she looked at him with her mouth open, he slapped her a couple of times with his cock, and told her:

"Are you ready for this load slut? are you ready to receive it all?"

"Yes give it to me, give it all to me all over my face"

"Here it goes"


She continued licking and sucking all round the bell end then the shaft and his balls, finally taken all his cock in and sucking hard until he shot his load deep into her throat, then pulling out and shooting his second load over her lips and face.

At the same Mike was fucking her hard right to the hilt, stretching her cunt wide with his large cock filling her completely. He rode her steadily & hard, slamming into the back of her pussy each time as she moaned with pain, still sucking the last drops of cum from Steve's dick.

“Did I mention her cunt, did I, you okay if we do your ass now Saya?" said Mike not waiting for a reply as he turned her over and with the same aplomb slipped his cock into her ass and once again started fucking her.

"Unnnggghhhhh..." she groaned, the tight ring stinging and burning as it stretched against her will, the thought of what was happening causing her pussy to leak and throb. "Noooo, please...."

She felt his cock filling her ass as his hands pressed on her back. She started moving her ass, taking him all in as he pumps harder, filling her over and over. She felt his balls as they slap her pussy. Her body started to burn again as he continues to fuck her ass harder.

"Hold your head up, dear," she heard Steve tell her. "So that I can see you." She knew what a spectacle she was: ass cheeks and pussy lips gaping open from behind, bare tits standing out proudly in front, nipples sore and hard. She knew that Steve was ready again to go on with her once more.

Mike pushed forward filling her ass with cock, as she turned back Steve’s cock was offered again to her mouth. The sensation of both cocks was almost more than she could bear. Taking a deep breath, Mike dove farther into the depths of her ass and slowly, inch by inch he pushed in.

He buried his cock in her as deeply as possible, impaling her, she squealing in pain and pleasure, her belly burning and cramping as his cock expanded and he withdrew a few inches then thrust in again, forcing her entire body. She whimpered and cried as he began to increase the tempo and depth of the thrusts, watching as his outward tug dragged the protesting ring out, then disappeared in as he pushed into her, fascinated by how tremendous his cock looked as it invaded this little, tiny hole of hers.

When his hips were up against hers again he pulled out a little, then pushed in, repeated, and then ground his hips against hers. Her tears were staining in front of her but when he just stopped moving and held himself there the pain diminished rapidly. She began to feel full and exited at the same time and when he pulled about halfway out, her asshole stretching towards him, not wanting to give up it's prize and then pushed back in she started feeling some pleasure from it.

He felt himself growing between her ass cheeks, and squeezed her breast more forcefully.

Ohhhh.. ohh... " Saya lamented as Mike lasted longer than Steve. After about ten minutes, Mike ultimately came. She thought his constant issue of load of cum would never stop. When he took his dick out of her hole, her ass felt like it was on fire.

Then Steve with his cock hard like a rock again started his turn. Another enormous cock almost like Mike's wiggled it's way into her still resisting asshole. Saya felt it's head pop into her asshole & make it's way deep into her. She let out another wail again as she begged him to stop but he commenced his fucking by shoving his dick in even further & rhythmically worked a fast, hard pace. And Steve did fucked her for second time, brutally and without any hesitation.

“I just always wanted to use you like a SLUT!”

Steve rammed her and filled her ass with meat as she screamed and screamed. He began pumping, loosening and pushing apart her insides, her head spun. Every move of his hips in any direction translated directly down into her ass. There was no chance for the slightest relief as he leaned into her again, his cock pierced easily, deeply. He was as hard as a steel pole and Saya was being used like she had never imagined in her wildest dreams.

Steve groaned in satisfaction as she screamed, her ass tightening around his shaft.

Saya thought that she could barely stand nor could she sit on her sore ass.

To be continued...

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