tagErotic CouplingsCountry Store Ch. 14

Country Store Ch. 14


(This is chapter 14 of a series, it will make a lot more sense if you read them in order)


I woke up and my face was throbbing. I tried to focus but I was really groggy and I couldn't see out of my left eye. I raised my hand to touch it and it was really swollen. Fuck! I am fucking so tired of hurting. I closed my eyes and I heard voices. I had to really concentrate.

"She'll be ok baby. The doctor said nothing was broken, it is just really bruised." I think it was Ken's voice.

I got sad, is he here again having to take care of me? This has to be getting old for him. I thought about him for a minute and the anger seemed to be gone. Maybe Samantha beat it out of me? Regardless, I felt sadness when I thought about Ken's reaction when he walked into the country store and saw me getting raped by Frank. Sadness, but not anger.

"But look at her eye, it looks so bad. What if she has trouble seeing? Oh Ken, I don't know what to do." I heard Tracy's voice and it cracked at the end.

That did it, I felt my sob start in my chest and erupt out of my mouth. I tried to not cry because I knew it would hurt but that wasn't going to happen. A small sob escaped my lips and then the pain hit and I was crying now.

"Ken, she's awake." I heard Tracy and felt her warm hand on my shoulder.

"Baby, it's ok. We are here. You are going to be ok." Tracy said and rubbed my shoulder.

I reached up and she took my hand and held it to her chest.

"Ken, get some more of her medicine." She said.

I opened my right eye and looked at her. She had been crying, her cheeks were wet. She was looking at me and her eyes were scared. I squeezed her hand and tried to talk.

"Sorry about the concert." I mumbled and tried not to show how much it hurt to talk.

"Kim, no, no, don't be silly. I don't care about the concert, you goofy girl." She said laughing and crying at the same time.

I smiled and she smiled back. I felt her hand touch the left side of my face. Hey, that didn't hurt, that was good. I put my hand over hers.

"Here Tracy, have her take two more." I heard Ken .

Tracy's hands left me and then I felt Ken lifting me up into a sitting position. Tracy put a pill in my mouth and held a cup to my lips. I swallowed a little water and felt the pill slide down my throat. I swallowed a second and then Ken lowered me back to the bed.

"Those will make you feel better." She said and touched my face again.

I closed my eyes. I was so mad. I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to go to class, have fun with my friends, and love my girlfriend. Was that too much to ask? I was tired of getting beat up. I took a deep breath. Tracy ran her soft hand over my face and shoulders until I went back to sleep.

The next time I woke up I felt much better. There was some sort of cold, wet thing on my face. I could see out of my right eye and I saw Ken sleeping in the chair. I watched him for a minute. He had not shaved, his face was a little scruffy. He did look kind of cute when he was scruffy, it made him look more like a man instead of the little boy I used to punch on the playground.

He moved a little and then sat up and opened his eyes. He looked at me and jumped up.

"Kim, how are you feeling?" He said and pulled the cold wet thing off of my face.

My face was cold but it didn't hurt. I lifted my hand and touched my face. My cheek felt ok, my nose was a little tender and my eye was still a little swollen. Nothing hurt though and that was a good thing.

"Ok." I said.

"You look a lot better than yesterday." He said and smiled.

"What day is it?" I asked.

"It is Monday morning." He said.

"Fuck, I have to get to class." I said and sat up.

He put his hands on my arms.

"Hold on Rocky. You are not ok to go to class yet. Relax, Scott has note takers in all of your classes today." He said.

I leaned back and sighed. Will I ever get to actually go to class on a consistent basis and take my own notes? I turned my head and the other bed was empty.

"Where's Tracy?" I asked.

"She is in class. It took a lot of convincing but I was able to get her out of here. She wouldn't admit it but she needed a break." He said.

I looked at him and he was smiling a little.

"Thank you again for taking care of me but I really hope this is the last time." I said.

"What, you don't like my nursing skills?" He said with a smirk.

I laughed a little and it didn't hurt. Yippee!!

"You aren't dressed as a nurse." I said.

He opened his mouth to say something and then closed it. He didn't have a comeback and I chuckled again.

"It is nice to see you laugh. You have such a wonderful laugh." He said.

I took his hand and pulled it to my mouth and kissed it. I did love this boy. I figured that out finally. Now what do I do? I loved a boy and a girl. Fuck!!

I closed my eyes for a second and then took a deep breath. I decided I would just have to let it play itself out and go with the flow. I opened my eyes.

"Hold me." I whispered.

He took both of my hands. I shook my head and scooted over in the bed. He got the idea and slid into the bed next to me. I snuggled up to him and put my head on his chest. He put his arm around me and it felt nice. I felt safe and warm.

We lay together and I slipped in and out of sleep. Finally my eyes popped open and I was tired of lying around. I needed to take a shower and brush my teeth, my teeth felt like they had little sweaters on them. I looked at Ken and he was sleeping. He looked like he needed it. I lifted his arm slowly and slid off the bed. I was naked. God Dammit, I was also tired of being naked all the time.

I stood up and grabbed the dresser. I was a little dizzy. It didn't feel like it was from my injuries, just lying down for two days. My head cleared right away and I grabbed my robe. I wrapped it around me and looked in the mirror. There was a little discoloration around my nose and left eye but I looked pretty normal. I turned my head and my face seemed to be ok. A little smile came to my lips when I thought of Samantha, I wondered what she looked like? I so hoped somebody took pictures.

I grabbed my shower bag and a towel and walked to the showers. I was moving slow but I could feel my strength returning. I was going to fucking class tomorrow, that was all there was to it. I stepped under the warm water and my body tingled. God, this felt good. It even felt good on my face. I ran a thick layer of soap all over my body, I needed to wash a lot of crap off of me. Then I washed my hair twice. It felt so nice to be clean. I felt energized.

I dried off and wrapped the towel around my head. I wrapped myself in my robe and walked back to my room with a little pep in my step. I looked at Ken and he was so out. His mouth was hanging open. I snickered and took a quick picture. My hero. He was wearing an old tshirt and it was all twisted around him. He must have moved around a little when I was in the shower. He was wearing jeans and I could see a little of his belly over his jeans. It was a masculine belly, he had dark hair running into his pants. I looked at his crotch and my pussy tingled a little.

I turned to get some underwear and clothes out of my drawers. I pulled them all out and then I heard him moan. I looked back and his left leg was now hanging off the bed. He was talking. I moved closer.

"Oh Kim, yes, I love you." He mumbled and my heart did a flip.

I sat on the bed.

"Yes, please, oh yes." He said and he took a deep breath.

He was having a dream about me and if I wasn't mistaken it sounded like we were having sex. I looked at his crotch and sure enough he had an erection. I had to smile a little, he sounded like he was enjoying it. I touched his leg.

"It's ok baby, whatever you want." He mumbled again.

I ran my hand up his leg and touched his skin between his shirt and pants. He flinched.

"Yes, oh yes, that feels so good." He said.

I looked at him closely, he was definitely still sleeping. I ran my hand down and slowly undid the button of his jeans. It popped free and he didn't respond. I grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled it down. He moaned a little.

"Oh Kim." He whispered but his eyes did not open.

I pulled his underwear up slightly and reached my hand inside. I felt his warm cock and it was hard. I pulled it out slowly. It was definitely hard as I held it in my hand. I ran my hand up and down slowly.

"Kim, baby, yes, yes." He said.

I leaned over and kissed the top of his cock. I looked at him and he didn't respond. I licked around the top and his cock flinched.

"Yes, yes." He mumbled.

I slid my mouth over him. He felt good in my mouth. It felt good to take a cock in my mouth on my own terms for a change. I licked back up the shaft slowly. I kept my eyes on his and I saw them flutter. I kept the head in my mouth and watched his eyes open. He looked happy for a second and then terrified. He jumped up.

"What, Kim. Wait, what...." He stammered.

"Just shut up and be still." I said.

"Are you sure? How do you feel?" He said.

"How does this feel?" I said and wrapped my tongue around the head of his cock.

He closed his eyes and moaned.

"Wait." He said.

"Listen, are you going to shut up and be still or am I going to have to kick your ass?" I said.

He smiled and laid back. I swallowed his cock and then slid back up slowly. He was moaning softly. My pussy was tingling and I slipped a hand between my legs. I was soaked, my finger slid between my lips and then to my clit. I rubbed it and then I stood up. He looked up at me and I dropped my towel and robe. I climbed on top of him and straddled his body. He looked like a scared kitten. I leaned over and put my hands on either side of him. I felt my boobs hanging.

"Well?" I said.

He raised his arms and touched my boobs. His hands were warm and soft. They felt nice on my tits and they were not sore. He squeezed them gently and I wiggled my hips. I felt his cock under me and I lifted off of him and grabbed it. I held it up and then slid down over it easily. He slid up inside me and it felt wonderful. I felt full and complete. I did like a cock in my pussy, that much became clear. I lifted up and then slid down. He groaned.

I took his hand and pulled it between my legs. He got the hint and rubbed my clit. I gasped and started moving up and down faster. He was rubbing my boob and my clit and I was on fire. I raised my head and closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of my pussy again. It didn't hurt and I was glad about that. It felt so good. I sat down and wiggled a little, feeling him inch farther up into my belly. He was still rubbing me and I felt my orgasm start in my toes. It was like it ran up my legs. I stayed on him and came hard. I felt my pussy contract around his cock, that had to feel good to him.

I finished cumming and then started moving up and down on him again. He didn't take long and shot his cum up into me. I leaned over and laid my head on his chest, his cock still pulsing in me.

"Thank you." I said softly.

He wrapped his arms around my head and hugged me. What the fuck was I going to do now?

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