tagInterracial LoveCountry Wife Ch. 02

Country Wife Ch. 02


I couldn't tell you how many times I've popped my baloney the past few days when Darlene wasn't around to catch me. Kept thinking of that old black man she was supposed to call for some advice on having kids. I'm not so sure what kind of advice he could tell my wife anyhow.

I mean. What's the old man going to say? "Put that dick in her deep and fuck like hell?" Steve laughed at himself.

That night after dinner, Darlene was playing the radio out on the porch listening to some country music station when I sat down on the other rocking chair with a beer in my hand.

"You want one baby?"

Darlene shook her head, no. She certainly looking like she was thinking about something as she murmured words from the song that was playing on the radio. She was rocking in her chair and suddenly stopped cold and looked over at Steve and said.

"I called him."

I took a sip of my beer than replied. "Called who?'

Darlene replied. "Called Chet!"

I stopped rockin and replied back. "You mean that old black man that owns the motel?"

"Yep. Called him this afternoon while you were out."

I was anxious to know what he said and put my beer down on the porch deck. "What he say? What he tell you baby?"

"He told me lots of things."

Fuck! I thought. "What kind of things? Tell me what he said."

Darlene reached over and turned off the radio that was playing. She stood up and wiggled her gorgeous little ass as she walked over and sat on my lap putting her arm around my shoulder.

"Chet wants to help us have a baby."

"Watcha mean he wants to help us have a baby? What's he gonna do?"

"Well, first of all he was glad to hear from me. Said he thought about me now and than and wondered how I was doin."

"What the hell did he say about having a baby?"

Darlene got a little angry at me saying. "Will you let me talk and I'll explain everything to yah."

I somewhat relaxed and listened.

"Chet told me he recently closed down the motel. Said some big company bought out the land and was going to bulldoze the place to the ground and put in one of those new big fancy hotels. Said he got some money. Enough to travel a bit."

"What else did he say?"

"Said he'd like to help out with our problem. Said he'd never been to Kentucky so I invited him to come stay here a bit."

My eyes got real wide as I looked at Darlene's face. "You mean he's coming here? To Kentucky?"

"Yep. Leaving in the morning in fact. Bought him a nice new truck and everything. Going to drive down her bright and early tomorrow morning."

"Fuck baby! Where the fuck is he gonna stay?"

"In our spare bedroom. We do have three bedrooms you know!"

I replied. "Yeah but one's for our baby whenever it comes and the other room is empty."

Darlene quickly responded saying. "Your Daddy's bring' in an extra bed down in the morning for us to use. I told him we had a friend comin to stay for a while and we needed something for him to sleep on."

"You told my Daddy we had a black man come' in to stay with us?"

Darlene replied. "I didn't tell your Daddy what color he was, just told him he was a friend is all."

"Well, what's he gonna do when he gets here? He don't have no education on baby makin!"

"Don't need none. Got that big dick and I know he can make us one with it."

I was without words but I spoke anyhow. "Baby doll! That' not right! How my gonna let some old Nigga man put his dick in my wife."

Darlene got much more cozy with me wiggling her little ass on my lap giving my little kisses on my neck as she hugged and cuddled with me.

"It's alright Steve. You know I love you. You're my husband for Pete's sake. Not gonna run off with no black man."

I hugged Darlene back and gave her a little kiss as I pleaded with her. "Please baby. Don't know if I can stand watching some old black man putting his big black dick in your pussy."

Darlene kept giving me these little pecks on my neck making my skin tingle.

"I remember watchin Chet bred that white woman that night. Got a clear vision of his big dick slicing in and out of her pussy that night. The way she hollered and screamed almost sounding like one of those coyote's we sometimes hear out in the woods at night. Always wondered how that thing would feel in me."

I put my hand down between Darlene's legs. She spread her legs open for me so I rubbed my fingers over her pussy mound. Darlene sort of bucked up against them as she held onto my neck.

"You wet down there?" I asked her.

"Been wet all day thinking about that big black dick."

I was getting hard and I knew Darlene could feel it on her ass. She playfully reached down rubbing my crotch laughing a bit and said.

"Your getting turned on thinking about Chet fucking my pussy."

I didn't want to admit it but I was and replied. "I guess I'm a little turned on by it, baby."

"Just what I thought. Jenna told me her husband watches interracial porn all the time and loves it. Tried to get her to fuck a nigger a while back."

"You told your friend Jenna about Chet?"

Darlene replied. "Don't get mad. I've known Jenna since I was a toddler. We tell each other everything that's goin on in our lives."

"Jenna's got a big mouth. Gonna blab all over town about us having a black man stay here."

"No. I trust Jenna. Not gonna say a word about nothing."

Darlene was still rubbing my crotch. I was rock solid hard and wanted to fuck so I told her. "Keep rubbing my dick and I'm gonna take you in there and fuck the shit out of you."

Darlene quickly replied. "No. Not tonight. Want to wait until Chet gets here."

Darlene kissed me on the lips and replied. "Jenna told me it's called cuckolding." She kissed me a second time and than said. "Gonna make you my little cuckold. You see. Your gonna love it."

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