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Jack and Jill packed their camping things like every Saturday afternoon. Because of their jobs, they had to live in the city, but they loved the countryside so much, that they escaped every seven days to spend a night surrounded by nothing but nature. Summer or winter, sunny or rainy, they didn't mind. They had everything they might need for any kind of weather or temperatures. They even spent one New Year's Eve at their favourite place in the world. Some called them crazy. They called themselves "nature-lovers".

That afternoon was a clear one, so they just packed their super small tent, an airbed, some blankets and a couple of sandwiches. Sometimes they prepared wonderful dinners they took with them. But today they decided to keep it simple.

Soon they were riding on their motorbike outside the city, up the near mountain. Just half an hour trip and there were no people, no cars, no electricity around them. Just simple pure nature. They stopped the motorbike, unpacked their things and got prepared for another half an hour walk. It was totally worth the trip.

Once they entered the clearing in the forest, they sighed at the magnificent view. To their right, the city they had just left an hour ago. To their left, the vast blue ocean, already starting to gulp the sparkling dying sun.

Jack started unpacking their things as Jill assembled the tent. Soon they were lying on one of the blankets Jack had spread out at the entrance of the tent.

They spent some time relaxing, watching the clouds being pulled by some unseen force, as the blue sky around them turned darker and darker. Then they ate the sandwiches before the sun went completely down. They hadn't brought any lights with them, or any technological object. Just an old mobile phone they kept for these special days, just so they could call in case of an emergency. But no internet connection, no calls from their bosses, no troubles. Just them, alone and peaceful.

"Listen," said Jack suddenly. "Nothing! This is so great...."

"Just the crickets and their lovely lullaby," Jill added. "Shall we go to sleep?" she said as she started to get up.

"Wait!" Jack grabbed her wrist. "You look lovely under the moonlight. Let me amaze at your beauty for a little more time..."

Jill sat closer to him.

"You are such a poet," she smiled. "No wonder you had all the girls going crazy for you in college."

"Poor girls... and they had to suffer every day my only having eyes for the most beautiful woman around," he added, as he slowly approached her face and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

The soft kiss became a French kiss. The French kissing turned into passionate snogging. And soon their clothes were scattered on the blanket.

The air was a bit chilly, but they didn't care. Their hands were all around their bodies, and because of their rolling around, they had got partly wrapped around by the blanket on the ground.

Jack stopped for a second to admire her wife's body under the moonlight. It was a delightful view. The sweat drops on her skin twinkled all over her body, and her fast and strong breathing made Jack want her even more.

He put aside a corner of the blanket that had wound around his right leg, and went down to her slit. It was completely soaked. He put his face between his lady's legs and started licking.

Jill shivered at the pleasure and moaned louder and louder. When they made love in their bedroom they were always very quiet, afraid to be heard or to disturb the neighbours. But there, in the middle of nowhere, they could let their passion run free.

As Jack moved his tongue faster and faster around Jill's pea, her body got tenser and tenser. Her hands got hold of the blanket under her and she held it so strongly that she started to be afraid of tearing it apart. But as her body finally exploded in pleasure, she forgot about everything.

"Je-sus Christ!" she screamed.

Jack started going slower as he felt his wife come off.

He left her a couple of minutes to get her strength back, on his fours on top of her.

"You've scared the crickets," he noticed smiling.

There was much more silence now.

"I wonder what will you scare now..." she replied as she slowly moved downwards, lining her shoulders with his knees.

Jill didn't usually like sucking him from below, it was less easy and she got tired sooner. But her husband loved pinning her that way, and she thought it was a good reward for what he had just done to her. So she got as comfortable as she could and started licking the tip of his dick with her spreading tongue.

Soon she felt him craving to have her mouth surrounding his dick, and she couldn't make him wait any longer, she didn't like to make him long for her too much. Slowly but surely, she started embracing its head with her lips, going up his shaft little by little, licking it with her tongue inside her mouth. He was making a great effort to restrain his desire to thrust into her, but he knew that if he pressured her too much, she would stop it immediately. So there he stood, still as he could, enjoying her wife's caresses.

Jill really appreciate it, so she tried her best. Her pace up and down his shaft became quicker and she ended up placing her hands around his asscheeks, sinking her nails a little in its cold skin. It made her remember they were in the outside and that they should get into the tent soon, so she hurried up.

The haste and the excitement made her go up and deep, too far, a couple of times and she had a hard time trying not to gag.

Jack noticed and finally made her stop, getting his member out of her mouth.

"That was such a nice job, dear," he said, reaching down for her, caressing her face. "But now I'm going to fuck you. Hard. I want you to scream for me again," he continued, as he started introducing his stick on her wet slit.

Shortly, he was pumping her hole in the way they both enjoyed so much. They were a bit classic in sexual positions. No matter how they tried, they would always end up with the missionary one.

It didn't take long before Jack was warning her that he was going to explode, and with a final shove, she could soon feel his juice dripping out her cave. With a huge sigh, his body collapsed by her side.

"We should get inside before we get cold," Jill said getting up. Jack followed her inside some seconds after.

Soon they were wrapped in the warm blanket inside the tent, falling asleep after another wonderful evening outside in the countryside.

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