tagLoving WivesCouple Dating Service Ch. 03

Couple Dating Service Ch. 03


Note from Slickman: I got quite a few messages to keep this series going. Make sure you are at least 18 and enjoy.


It was almost a week later when John came home to find Ann sitting at the computer desk.

“Hurry. Come here.” She said excited.

John moved into the room still holding his briefcase as he looked over her shoulder to see an older naked man and woman.

“You're looking at porno now?” He laughed. The couple seemed to be in their fifties. Both had grey hair and both were about 20 pounds overweight. The woman’s breasts sagged down onto the top of her stomach with both nipples pointing downward. Both had patches of grey pubic hair.

“Recognize the office?” She asked.

John looked around at the furniture, books and a neat world globe. “It was taken at The Couple Dating Service office.”

“Yep. And, this couple put us down as a possible date.” She laughed. The older man’s penis was hard and sticking about five inches outward. She laughed again. “Want to?”

“You’re serious?” He asked shocked.

“No of course not. But, I didn’t know we could do nude photos.”

“You would consider doing a nude photo?” He asked shocked again.

“Maybe?” She said.

“What if someone got a hold of our naked pictures and put them on the net?” He asked.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen.” She said. It was strange she was trying to convince him to do nude shots.

“Hey. If you do it I will too.” He challenged back at her.

“OK. I call tomorrow morning and see what we have to do.” Ann said as she erased the naked elderly couple.

The next morning around 9:00AM she called the dating service office. Bob answered.

“Bob. This is Ann.” She said hoping he would remember.

He did. “Ann. How nice it is to hear from you. What can I help you with?”

“John and I saw a naked photo of another couple last night on the Dating Service.” She said. “We didn’t know we could do nudes?”

“Sure.” He said quickly. “A few of the couples have done them. Carol and I do them here in the office. In private of course and I’ll be happy to do yours.”

Ann smiled. He had said yours like he meant hers. “Mine or both of us?”

“It’s better if I do the woman and Carol does the man.” Bob lied. “It usually produces better photos.”

“I’ll bet.” She laughed.

“Carol is out of town until tomorrow morning. If you want to stop by this morning around 10:00AM I’ll have some time.” He said hoping she would bite.

“I guess that’s OK.” She said. “I’ll see you then.” She hung up the phone and felt her heart beating rapidly.

Ann took a quick shower and called John’s office. She knew he was normally in a long staff meeting so when she got his voice mail she told him she was heading over to the agency office to get her photos made. She did not tell him only Bob would be there. The drive to the place was a blur as she pulled in front of the building. She noticed a “Closed” sign on the front door. She tried the door and it opened.

The front office was empty so she yelled, “HELLO.” A few seconds later Bob came out from the back with a big smile on his face.

“Ann. How nice to see you again.” He said as he walked over to give her a hug. Ann smiled as he pulled her soft body into his. He held her for quite a long time. Finally she moved her head back and looked into his eyes.

“Photo’s remember?” She laughed.

“Sure. I’ve set up the area in the back.” He said as he moved away to allow her to pass him. He was like a dog in heat as he followed her into the back room. He forgot to lock the front door.

“I’ve never did this before so please go slow with me.” Ann said somewhat nervous. She knew Bob had a thing for her and she didn’t want to give him the impression she was his for the taking.

“We’ve only did a few nudes before but lately it seems there are more couples who want them done. Don’t worry I will take my time.” He said.

“Is there any specific type of pose you want?” He asked while he set up the camera on the tripod.

“Well, I don’t want it to look too suggestive and I would rather my ass doesn’t show that much.” She said blushing.

“Why not? You have a lovely ass if you don’t mind me saying.”

“Thanks. But not really. I need to lose a few inches. Besides you have not really seen it.” She laughed.

“I’ll do whatever pleases you.” He said hoping she would get the double meaning.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

“Sit on the sofa and let me first take some general shots.” He said. He watched as she sat down and pulled her skirt down to her knees. He smiled.

Bob snapped some photos and told her to smile and loosen up. He could see she was still nervous and tight. As she relaxed he knew she was ready for the next step.

“Why don’t you sit back and pull up your skirt some.” He said as he took the camera from the tripod. He played with the camera as he waited for her to do as he asked. He turned and smiled when he saw her skirt high on her muscular thighs. Her legs were pressed tightly together to keep him from seeing up her skirt.

“Nice.” He commented as he aimed the camera and moved around to get a few shots. “You have beautiful legs.” Ann blushed as the man she had only met once before took photos of her. She could feel stickiness between her thighs.

“Part your legs for me.” Bob directed. He aimed the camera at her knees as he waited for her mind to send down an open signal. He didn’t have to wait long. Girls have always been told not to let boys look up their dress. From an early age on they were taught how to sit in various poses and to always be on the alert for a male’s eyes trying to violate her girly secrets. That part of Ann’s mind said stop he can see your panties. The other part said yes let him look. She smiled as her legs opened to allow him a direct view to her sheer panties.

“Wow.” Bob said as he took a few shots. He moved down on his knees and got as close as he could. He could see a few dark tendrils of pubic hair escaping out the sides of the skimpy covering. Flash.

“Unbutton your blouse.” He said breathing more rapidly. He stayed on his knees as she slowly teased him. She pulled the blouse slightly apart to show him the inside valley of her white breasts hidden poorly by her matching sheer bra. Flash.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Bob ordered. She did as he asked.

Her blouse fell open as she moved into a doggie position on the sofa. She glanced under her to see her dark nipples pointing downward under the almost transparent material. “Look at me.” Bob said. She looked up and smiled. Flash.

“Do you mind if I pull up your skirt in the back?” Bob asked as he moved behind her.

“No.” Ann said softly. Her legs were shaking as he took hold of the hem and pulled it up over her nearly bare ass. The thong strap was the only thing covering her and it was deeply pulled down between her creamy buttocks.

“You have a wonderful ass.” He said. Flash.

“Open your legs for me.” He almost begged.

Ann knew he would be seeing everything if she did as he asked. Her dripping pussy would be on display and he would know how excited she was.

“Can I have a drink first?” She asked as she moved to sit back down on the sofa.

Shit. Bob thought. He had gone too fast. “Sure. He grabbed a paper cup and filled it at the nearby water cooler. He turned to see her sitting with her skirt still up around her waist. Her dark bush rested under the sheer panties at the junction of her thighs.

“Thanks.” She said as she swallowed the whole cup. She smiled as she saw his large bulge pushing out the front of his pants.

“Stay like that.” Bob said as he aimed the camera. Flash.

“You OK?” He asked.

“Yes. I’m ready.” She smiled. She moved back to her doggie position and opened her legs. She knew he was behind her but he did not take the photo. “Is this OK?”

“God yes.” He muttered. Her dark forest was opened to show her pink and damp pussy folds. Flash.

John excused himself from the staff meeting to call Ann to see if she had set up a photo appointment. He quickly checked his voice mail. Damn he thought after he heard her message. She was going to do it without him. He moved back into the meeting and told his boss he had an emergency at home and left. He arrived at the agency and saw the closed sign on the door. He started to knock but the door opened when he turned the knob. “Can I adjust your panties?” Bob asked. He wanted to wedge them between her pussy lips.

“What do you mean?” She asked looking back at him staring between her exposed legs.

“Trust me.” He said.

Ann really didn’t trust him but she was too excited to say no.


Bob moved his fingers to the inside of her thigh and felt the hot dampness. Her legs opened wider to allow him access to the silky material stretched over her pink slit. His fingers pulled the edge of the panties out so he could slide his middle finger under them.

John started to yell when he found the front office empty but decided to play the voyeur again. He tiptoed over to the door and peeked in the small gap. He almost gave himself away when he saw Ann on her hands and knees on the sofa. Her blouse was open and her skirt was wrapped around her waist. Bob was directly behind her with his hand up between her thighs. It looked as if he was fingering her pussy. He looked around the rear room to find Carol but she was not there.

“OH!” Ann moaned as Bob’s middle finger dove deep into her warm depths. She was not expecting him to invade her like this. Her body moved forward to escape the insertion.

“Sorry. It slipped.” Bob said as his dripping finger popped out of her hot oven.

“Yeah sure.” She laughed. It did feel good.

“I’ll just do the panties.” Bob said happy she was not upset.

“I know Trust Me.” She laughed as she moved her ass back towards him.

John was ready to burst into the room when he saw Bob jab his finger deep inside his wife’s hole. But, when she took it all in stride he waited and watched.

Bob took his time as he gently pulled her panties into the moist valley in her love nest. He made sure the material was pressed hard on her pink clit. He thought he heard her moan again as his fingers pressed the thin garment deep into her womanly slit.

“Just like that. Now hold it.” He announced as he took the camera. Flash.

“Can I see it?” Ann asked wondering how nasty it would be. Bob moved the small screen to her face.

“Oh my God. That is terrible.” She said with her hands over her mouth. “I can’t show that to anyone.” The photo focused on her hairy slit. The beige panty strip was so small you could still see the darker opening of her hole as well as her swollen knob. Dark pubic hair framed the photo.

“You get to pick the photos you want on the profile.” Bob said. “We can take as many as you want in anyway you want.”

“Why don’t we try some in the nude now?” He asked.

“Why not? After that photo there are not many secrets left.” She laughed. She thought she would be calm stripping naked but her fingers shook as she pulled off her blouse and skirt. She looked away as she unsnapped her bra. She stopped when she noticed a figure looking into the gap of the door. She smiled because it had to be John. If he wanted a show she would give it to him and tease the dickens out of Bob at the same time.

Ann dropped the bra from her white mounds onto the sofa. She moved her hands up to gently rub them. “Sometimes a bra is so rough on my delicate skin.”

Bob and John watched as she caressed and touched her naked breasts. She toyed with her nipples. “It’s better if they are hard right?” She saw Bob’s hard-on and tried not to laugh.

“Er…yes. Hard is good.” He stuttered as he wished it was his fingers making them hard. She must have read his mind.

“Would you like to make them harder for me?” She giggled as she stuck her full orbs out for him.

Bob couldn’t answer. His fingers moved on their own will to gently flick across both already rigid nips. His pants were ready to burst. He had not expected Ann to be so easy.

John watched as another man played with his wife’s chest. He knew he should stop it now before it went any further. Swapping with Teresa and Glen was different because he was there and nothing was sneaky. Now his wife was allowing another man to touch her without his approval. He tried to open the door but his hands would not move. He continued to watch.

“I think they are hard enough don’t you?” Ann giggled as she moved her chest back from his pawing.

“Yes.” He said smiling. He looked down at her last item of clothing.

“You want to take them off of me?” She asked in a little girl’s voice.

Bob shook his head yes and leaned forward to grasp the waistband. As he pushed down his body moved down to pull them off her feet. He looked forward to see her hairy nest in front of his face.

“I should have trimmed this morning.” She said as she put her hands on his shoulders to hold him down. “I’m not too hairy am I?”

Bob shook his head no. His wife’s pussy was blonde and she normally kept it trimmed into a fine patch above her slit. He had always been excited when he saw hairy bushes in photos. Now he had one only inches from his face. His head moved slowly forward. He wondered if she would stop him. She didn’t.

“Bob. What are you doing?” She asked innocently. She smiled when his nose sank into her thick forest. His tongue moved out and flicked where he thought her clit would be. He was right on the money.

“Now now.” She said as she pushed him back. “Be good.” She was beginning to like teasing and realized how much in control she now was. He would do just about anything to fuck her.

John watched Bob kiss her pussy and be pushed away. He realized she was teasing him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard-on. His fingers slowly stroked it as he watched this woman who he could not believe was his conservative wife.

“How do you want me to pose?” She said as she lay back on the sofa. She could see he was well endowed as he aimed the camera at her naked body. Flash.

“Want me like this?” She giggled as she slowly opened her legs. Flash.

“Or even like this?” She laughed as she moved one leg over the top of the sofa. She knew her pink pussy folds were completely open. Flash.

“Or how about like this?” Her fingers moved off her hip to spread apart her outer lips. She could feel the juices dripping out onto her thighs. She waited for the flash but Bob was frozen.

Bob was hypnotized by the site in front of him. He placed the camera on the table and released his belt. His body unzipped his fly and he dropped his pants to his ankles. He pushed his boxers over his massive prick and walked up to the sofa. He had to fuck her.

John knew it was time to stop things. He moved back to the front door and opened it. He slammed it shut and yelled. “Anyone here?”

Ann’s eyes were locked onto Bob’s enormous penis when she heard the door close and her husband yell. She grabbed her skirt and pulled it up over her naked pussy. She left the panties, bra and blouse on the floor. “Back here honey.” She yelled back.

Bob somehow managed to squeeze his long sausage back into his pants and buckle up before John stuck his head in the door. “Hi John.” He said trying to act innocent.

“I see you started without me.” John said smiling. He made eye contact with his wife who winked at him. Shit. She had known he was watching.

“Bob was just finishing up my photos. The last one I’ll be completely naked.” She said as she stood and released her skirt. She smiled as it fell at her ankles.

“How do you want me Bob?” She asked.

“Just like that.” Bob said feeling uncomfortable John was standing next to him while he took naked snapshots of his wife.

“Is that all?” She said as she watched Bob put the camera back in it’s little black case.

“Yes. That should do it.” He said. “I think it would be better if Carol did yours.” He directed at John.

“Me too.” John agreed. “How about lunch?” He asked. Bob said he had work to do so Ann dressed and they headed to their favorite pub.

After the waitress took their order Ann put her hand on her husband’s thigh. “I knew you were watching.”

“I realized that later.” He said as her fingers moved up to pump up his manhood.

“Did you like it?” She said as she gently squeezed and let go of his bulge.

“Definitely.” He moaned. “Don’t make a mess in my pants.”

“Well. Take it out.” She whispered. She noticed a young couple looking their way and the girl whispering to her boyfriend.

“They are watching.” John whispered back.

“I know.” She giggled softly. John looked in her eyes as he unzipped his pants. “Let me.” She whispered as her fingers searched and pulled out his hard-on.

“They can’t really see IT.” She chuckled.

“No but they can see your arm moving.” He whispered back.

“Good. It won’t take long.” She laughed. It didn’t. John grabbed the white cloth napkin to catch his ranch dressing.

“I hate to be the one washing this one.” He said as he neatly folded the napkin and placed it back on the table.

The girl at the table smiled and winked at him. He smiled back.

Carol made it back early the next morning. She was surprised when Bob told her he had taken nude photos of Ann since they had always been together when they took those types of photos.

“And all you did was take the photos?” She asked suspiciously.

“Of course.” He lied. He didn’t want to tell her about shoving his finger up her pussy or licking her clit.

“John wants you to take his.” Bob knew Carol had taken a liking to John. She had mentioned him a few times when they had talked about who they were going to date next. “Why don’t we invite them for a date and you can take the photos at that time?”

Carol knew Bob was trying to set her up for a sensual date. Up until John she had not met anyone who she was interested in having sex with. The chemistry between them overflowed the first time they met. “OK.” Was all she said as she took the camera to look at the photos he had taken. She gasped when she saw the one with the panties wedged between Ann’s pussy lips. “You are so bad.” She said to her husband. Bob just smiled.

Bob couldn’t wait to put the date invitation on the computer. He dialed the phone and was happy to hear Ann’s voice.

“Ann. It’s Bob. I spoke with Carol and she has agreed to a date with you and John if you agree.” He said waiting to hear her reply.

“A date?” She repeated. “With you and Carol?”

“Yes. Carol thought that she could take John’s photos during the date. How about coming to our house this Saturday?”

Ann right away thought about the large size of Bob’s equipment. Compared to her husband and Glen he was definitely longer. “I would love too but I’ll have to run it by John first. He’s out right now but will be back shortly.”

She hung up the phone and waited impatiently for his return. She met him at the door. “You won’t believe who has invited us on a date.”

“I have no idea.”

“Bob and Carol.” She said knowing how taken he was with Carol.


“Yes. They want us to come to their home on Saturday and Carol also wants to take your photos at that time.”

“What did you tell them?”

“I said I had to get your agreement.” “Let me think.” He said smiling. “OK.”

Ann called Bob back and gave him the good news. They set the time and while hanging up he said, “Don’t trim.” She knew what he was referring to.

Carol tried to concentrate on her job the following day. She knew this day would come but now that it has she was like a virgin again. She wondered how it would be to be kissed, touched and even fucked by another man. Her husband was more than enough in the size department but his lovemaking techniques needed some work.

Saturday morning came and the two couples were overly excited about their date. Neither had any doubt that a full swing would take place but no one talked about it. The only questions were how it would occur.

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