tagGroup SexCouple Does Bi Guy

Couple Does Bi Guy


I had a uneasy feeling in my stomach. While I was excited, I was also very nervous about what was to take place on this night. To understand, you have to go back a few months.

My wife Misty and I were discussing different sexual life styles we had heard of, when Misty mentioned MMF relationships. The conversation turned into a discussion of Misty's fantasy to see me with another guy. This made me a little uneasy, but at the same time, somewhat excited. I had messed around with another guy in college, but made sure it remained a secret. I could not say I did not enjoy it, but I also felt ashamed of it.

With some reluctance, I told my beautiful wife about the incident in college, and she seemed to get very excited. She had asked me if I would ever do it again, and which I basically replied, why would I want to.

Fast forward a month, and my wife had invited a guy from work over. She introduced him to me, and we got along pretty well. Brian was a man's man, everything you would expect too, sports, fishing, woman, etc. We started hanging out, playing cards, drinking, going out to dinner, etc. For awhile, I began wondering if Misty had a thing for Brian, but I shrugged it off as paranoia.

Well about a week ago, Misty told me that Brian was bi, and that she wanted me and Brian to get together with her. She said that she had told Brian about my experience in college, and it perked his interest. I had a hard time dealing with the fact that she told him, and also that Brian was bi, I never imagined him to be that way. I thought about the proposition for a couple of days, and agreed to go out and have a date with both of them. I told her I was not promising that I would go through with it, but secretly in my mind, I was very excited.

I don't know why, but for some reason thinking about a big cock, has always excited me. Ever since my experience in college, I could image holding it and sucking it. I never wanted to really do it again, but I always thought about how fun it just might be to do it with my wife. We agreed to meet for dinner on a Saturday night, and from there head back to our house with Brian.

As we sat at dinner with Brian, I sat next to him on one side, and Misty sat next to him on the other side. I did not really know how to act, in one sense I wanted to act normal, and not let on to anybody what was going on. On the other hand, I wanted to see what I was getting into, and reach down and feel Brian's package. Brian made the decision a little easier, by taking control and reaching his hand under the table to my dick. He started squeezing it, which caused me to get rock hard, almost instantly.

I looked under the table and seen he had his other hand under Misty's skirt, and by the look on her face, was really getting her excited and wet.

We finished dinner in a quick hurry and all piled in Misty's car for the short ride home. While Misty was driving, and me and Brian were in the backseat, I reached over and started grouping Brian's package. As it got hard, I realized he was hung. It was hard to tell in the car, but when I was squeezing it through his pants, it felt like it must have been 10 inches, and very think. I started thinking I was no where near ready to handle it.

We arrived at home, and gathered in the living room. Misty went to get us all some drinks, which of course was her idea. Brian and I sat next to each other on the couch. He made the first move and undid the button and unzipped my jeans. He pulled them down and off of my legs. He reached under my underwear and starts playing with my cock. I quickly turned hard again, and he proceeded to pull my underwear off of me. There I was wearing nothing but a t-shirt, with my cock pointing straight up in the air, when Misty came in. She set the drinks down on the table, and came over to Brian, where she wasted no time taking all his clothes off. I proceeded by taking my shirt off. Misty then stripped down to nothing, showing her well fit slightly tan body.

Misty told us she just wants to watch for now, so she sat on the chair across from the couch. While I was still nervous, at this point I considered myself committed, and started rubbing Brian's dick. As he started to get hard, I realized I was not mistaken by the size. I got on my knee's in front of him, and start masturbating it like I would my own. I really was loving the feeling of his big hard cock in my hand. As I was jerking off his cock, he slowly, but gently started pushing my head down towards it. I knew what he wanted, and started to lick the front of his cock up and down the shaft. I then started to suck the top, but could not get very far down before gagging. I started taking it more and more until I had about 8 inches in my eager mouth.

As I was sucking him, I would stop and jerk him off. Every time I stopped, and started jerking, I noticed more and more pre-cum, which I would lick off the tip of his cock. Brian suggested we get on the floor, which we did, and switched to a 69 position. He started sucking my cock, as I was sucking his. I have to admit, I was loving it all. I had almost forgot about Misty, when she started moaning and screaming in ecstasy. She had been masturbating, and could not handle it anymore.

When her orgasm succeeded, she came over and joined me in sucking Brian's cock. She then said she wanted to fuck him. Brian got on his back, and Misty slowly lowered herself onto his massive member. She fucked him fast and hard as he suckled her nipples. She then had a massive orgasm, and I could see her cum squirting all over his impressive cock. She pulled off of him, and told me to clean him up, which I did without further instruction.

She then demanded that Brian fuck me. I started to worry, I had never been screwed in the ass before, and his cock was massive. But I agreed, as I was excited. Misty turned me over to my knee's and lubed my asshole up with her spit. She told me to keep sucking Brian's cock, which I did very happily. She then proceeded to stick a finger in my ass, and after she got it in, started to move it in and out. After a few moments, she inserted another, and then another, and finally a fourth. While a bit uncomfortable, I was enjoying it. After a little bit of that, she told me I was ready.

Brian walked around to the back of me and positioned himself between my legs. Misty got off to the side of me, and started jerking off my cock. I soon felt something at my asshole, and Brian slowly started easing his massive cock into my ass. When he first got the head in, I was about to scream with pain, but as he got further along, it become more and more pleasurably, and less painful. After a few minutes, I started to enjoy it, and felt my cock get harder then I think it ever has before. Misty continued to jerk me off, until she got her head under me, and started sucking my cock, while Brian fucked my ass. After about 10 minutes, I was about ready to blow, when I heard Brian grunt, and unleash what felt like a massive load of cum into my ass. At that point Misty gets behind me, moves Brian out of the way and started licking his cum from my asshole.

When she felt I was good and clean, she told me its my time to cum, and turned me around. Brian then started sucking my cock, until I blew a load all over his face. Misty cleaned that up too.

At this point Brian is ready to go again, and Misty demanded that's he fuck her until he cums inside of her. He fucked her for 20 minutes, until he blew a massive load deep inside of her. I am hoping she does not get pregnant, as she was not on birth control.

We all got cleaned up, Brian went home, and we passed out from sexual exhaustion. But I knew, this will not be the end of our sexual deviations, maybe next time, we can get more than one guy.

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by zazrix907/13/17

I'd luv

to have a woman watch me bottoming another cock. specially my stuck-up prudish, priggish shrew of a wife.THat'd get revenge on her for the shit she's dumped on me. Plus it would feel awesome

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