tagFetishCouples Ch. 01

Couples Ch. 01


Hi, I'm Rochelle.

We were definitely the two hottest women at the bar that night. Our boys wanted to watch some UFC fights and we were happy to go along and enjoy the drunken ogling of the other men there and the jealous stares of the women and staff at the mediocre wing joint. Hailey is really pretty. She's not me, but she's really pretty compared to normal women. I was happy when my husband, Kevin, first suggested we go out with his best friend from work, Darren, and his wife. When you look like me, and you know it, it can be hard to have girlfriends. Fine, since you'll probably ask anyways, I'm the classic hot blonde. 5'9", 135, 36DD, blue eyes, and perfect tan. I've almost got a 6 pack, my tits are firm and high, and my ass is tight and perfect. Nobody in the bar was in my league and it's only on extremely rare occasions that I have any competition at all.

Like I said, Hailey's really pretty as well. She's a pale redhead, with some freckles, but they actually enhance her cuteness. I bet when I'm not with her she gets all the stares. She's an inch or so shorter than me, more hippy than I am and probably 10 pounds heavier, with hazel eyes and a bust that is probably a cup smaller than mine. She's not bad at all, she's just not me. I've asked Kevin before, and he says he doesn't know, but I'm pretty sure she either wears a pushup bra or has had her boobs done. They line up at the same height as mine even though I'm clearly taller and I'm unusually firm for my size. I really do like her, I guess because she knows she's second place and doesn't seem like she's trying to compete with me the way most inferior women do.

We had gone out several times at this point, and seemed to get along even better every time. My perfect cleavage was showing just enough to allow everyone to see that I had the goods and they were real. Our waitress almost physically covered her little C cups when she first saw me at the table. Hailey was looking particularly good tonight and we had a little giggle every time some guy tried to slide by our table on his way to unload a few beers and nearly fell over or bumped into someone while staring. Everything was going swimmingly as a women's fight came up and Kevin commented on how surprising it was to see women that fit who still had sizable tits.

"I know, I've had a few women at the gym ask me if mine are real because they've never seen someone as fit as me with boobs as big and firm as mine."

What the hell? Did Hailey just say that? She knows I'm at the table, right? My tits are bigger than hers and I'm definitely more fit. I agreed with her, but reminded her of her place by saying, "Yeah, and if you have that problem imagine what it's like for me." I didn't mean for it to sound as bitchy as it did, but I was caught off guard and had a few drinks in me. Nobody said anything else about it, as we all went back to watching the fight, but I did notice both Hailey and Darren giving me a once over with their eyes. I can't blame them, Hailey probably hasn't been so clearly outclassed before and maybe Darren is so satisfied with her that he hadn't fully taken in just how hot I am.

I can't believe I'm standing here, topless, facing Hailey in our basement. The discussion at the bar, and especially the discussion after the fights, went back to the comments about fit women with big boobs. Hailey and I both said some things I'm sure we wouldn't when we were sober, but she was under the illusion that her tits and body were in my league and I wasn't going to let that kind of nonsense go unchallenged. Everything probably would have calmed down, with nothing but some bruised egos and a text or two the next day with everyone apologizing and life moving on as normal. Instead, someone stupidly made a comment about whose tits were better and the guys decided it could only be determined with a titfight. Neither of us had any idea what one was but the horndogs did and they talked us into doing it at our place.

Okay, fine, I'm the one who said I have better tits. I meant to say bigger, but I was a bit drunk and that's an honest mistake. Actually, it was only a mistaken choice of words as my tits are bigger and better. I'm surprised that her tits are real and they weren't being pushed up. They're damn near perky at her size, which is pretty impressive, but I've got more up top and I'm sure I'll figure out how to use it quickly enough to make her realize she has no chance and quit before she gets embarrassed. Who the fuck names a redhead Hailey, anyways? She looks like a Maude or a Claire, or some other housewife name from the 50s compared to me.

One of the guys, or maybe both of them, come up with an idea for stakes for the fight. They want the loser to suck the winner's tits and then suck the dick of the winner's husband. I barely even register it before Hailey eagerly agrees. I can't blame her, I'm sure she wants a taste of the kind of man that only a woman like me can get. I agree also, and decide I'm done not being bitchy. "Did you see that Kevin, this small titted fat bitch wants your dick so much more than her own husband's that she couldn't wait to get a chance at it. That's okay honey, once we're done here tonight you'll know for sure that my tits and my mouth are better than hers."

I've got to say, her body is better than I thought. She's not as defined as I am, and not as muscular overall, but she looks strong. My abs are a tight six pack while her stomach is more flat, but there's no fat on it. Her arms look solid and her legs are actually pretty nice. Her tits aren't quite as small as I thought, but I'm sure I've got a cup on her and I'll wear those things down pretty quickly. The real surprise is her nipples. They're as close to mine in size as I've ever seen. I'm still better, but it's going to be worth it to beat her boobs.

Hailey's face isn't showing any emotion as we walk towards each other until our nipples touch. The gasps are unavoidable as we've never felt anything like this before. I react more quickly and start shoving my perfect tits into hers while she seems content to stare at the battle. Holy shit her tits are firm. It's okay though, I'm already starting to push them around her chest with my bigger ones and she's gritting her teeth in response. I'm already whispering some shit talk to her, letting her know that I won't hurt them too much if she gives up quickly.

I can hear Kevin cheering me on. Darren isn't saying anything anymore, especially now that I've got his wife up against a wall and am bombing my tits into hers. I'm sore, for sure, but I can feel her perky boobs softening and opening up to mine. Hailey's expression hasn't changed, and she's not making much noise even though I'm beating her tits up pretty easily, but I decide to try and up the ante to end things now. I lean and press my bigger girls into hers and start whispering in her ear while I pour on the pressure. "Just give up now before I do some real damage, Hailey. We both know I'm better. My boobs, and everything else, are better than yours. I'm the woman men want, you're the one they settle for."

I guess I pissed the bitch off with that. She moved a little more quickly than I expected and slapped a bearhug on me. She's actually trying to grind out my tits even though I'm bigger and have been smacking hers around since we started. With no real need to do anything else, I decided to return the hug and let my girls finish things. Darren started to cheer his wife on when she made her move, but now that I've returned the favor he's shut up again. I wonder if he thought she really had a chance or if he's just a hornball who was willing to let his spouse get humiliated just for the chance to see my rack in all its glory. Either way, I can't wait for our next night out after I beat the bitch.

"Darren, honey, whip out that monster so miss tits here can see what she's going to be sucking on when my rack breaks her fat boobs."

OMG, is this bitch actually shit talking me? Does she really think her smaller boobs are going to beat mine? I dominated at the start and even now I can feel her softening with each squeeze. Just when I decided I was going to break the bearhug and get back to pushing her titties all over her chest, I spied Darren's cock. Holy shit he's hung. Kevin's the biggest I've ever had and Darren's definitely bigger. I may have to give him a pity blowjob after I'm done with Hailey just so I can taste that schlong.

Before I knew what was happening she had me turned against the wall and was shoving her tits in with little punches and I was yelping. I got so distracted by the freaking anaconda living in my husband's best friend's pants that I forgot where I was for a second and the little bitch took advantage of it. Her tits are hard as fuck and she's strong. I've tried for several minutes now to get my arms loose but the whore is strong enough to keep them pinned against the wall. I can't get any leverage and I'm starting to feel desperate. Worst of all, now Kevin's the one being quite while Darren's almost frothing at the mouth cheering Hailey on and his cock is almost at full attention.

This shit isn't fair. My tits are obviously better, but the bitch had a trick that worked and got me into a bad position. I'm actually considering quitting, sucking that monster cock isn't the worst thing I've ever done, but I don't want to give plane Jane the satisfaction. Maybe I could take the loss this time, and next time I'll beat her tits senseless since she won't have the element of surprise of a gigantic cock to throw me off? Yeah, my tits are starting to really hurt and her nipples are stinging my areola with each contact. I looked over at Kevin, but he's barely able to watch us as he seems as stunned as I am about his friend's enormous dick.

"Don't shut your mouth yet blondie, my man's 9 inch nail needs a second rate BJ after my tits finish grinding yours into mush. All that attitude and shit talking, and all you are is another pumped up blonde whore whose body can't compare to a real woman. Maybe now you'll know your place and stop dressing like a prostitute every time we go out together."

Fuck, the last thing I want is the mousy little cunt to have this over me but my tits are aching now and I can hear the grunts and gasps escaping my mouth with every blow. She tells me to look down and pushes her tits in and I can barely hold back the tears when I see it. My boobs are caving in, giving up the space between us as her pale orbs push them out of the way like they're nothing. Fucking bitch, I'm going to get her for this and no dirty tricks or distractions are going to help her next time but I can't take anymore tonight. "Okay Hailey, I quit."

The slut actually jumps up and down as she backs away from me, doing some shitty little victory dance. Even worse, other than her skin being red from the contact, her tits look almost as firm and high as they were when we started. I really fucked up, but I'll have to get my revenge next time. She hugs her husband and immediately comes back to me after he whispers something in her ear. The bitch doesn't even bother with saying anything, she just pulls my head down to her tits and tells me to suck the best tits in the room. She even smiles, and giggles a bit, when I glare up at her with a mouth full of her big, perky boob.

Thankfully she ended my tit sucking pretty quickly. I'll give her credit, her tits taste and feel great, and I can see why guys would like them. They're not as good as mine, but for the time being she can go ahead and think whatever she wants. I think my eyes actually lit up when I remembered that part of losing was getting that big dick of Darren's between my lips. I started towards him when he held up his hand signaling that he wanted me to stay where I was.

I was trying to think of a way to complain about not getting to suck on that monster without letting Kevin know how much I wanted it when that bitch hopped up on a table, completely nude now, and spread her legs like the whore she is. Darren pumped all the way to the hilt inside of her two or three times, then turned to me with his huge erection covered in Hailey's pussy juice. I was about to protest when he grabbed my hair and gently pushed me down to my knees. Seeing that thing at eye level was an almost religious experience. I swear Kevin's junk is awesome, but Darren might as well be another species. It's too bad he settled for his whore before he met me, because I'm about to rock his world.

I've never had any problem deepthroating Kevin, and despite Darren being bigger I thought for sure I would be able to handle him as well. I gagged and coughed for the first time ever while giving a BJ and heard that redheaded bitch laugh. The worst part was not only that his dick was too big for my mouth, but also her pussy juices tasted like heaven. Her scent and taste were all over him and they might be even better than my own. I bobbed down on him a couple of more times but still couldn't take him all the way.

"Here blondie, let me show you how it's done."

I was about to protest her pulling me off by the hair, but I couldn't get any words out when she effortlessly deepthroated him all the way and went to work on him with her tongue. When she pulled off, and let me go back to it, I couldn't help but notice she had already coaxed some precum out of her man and his breathing was getting ragged. I went at it as fervently as I could, hoping to get him to come quickly, but he was able to hold out for a couple of minutes. I think I even started crying with his dick in my mouth as both of them taunted me. The bitch kept mocking me for not being able to get him all in my mouth while he kept telling her how a stuck up barbie doll could never compare to his queen.

When he finally came, he pulled out and completely covered my tits with his goo. Kevin kneeled beside me as I started to sob at the humiliation of losing this titfight. When I finally composed myself, I realized that Darren and Hailey had gotten dressed but were still hanging around. Darren said their goodbyes and suggested that Hailey and I have a sexfight next time and also told Kevin they could have a cockfight if we wanted to confirm what everybody knew about who the better couple was. Kevin held me that night and fucked me as passionately as he ever has, telling me that it was a fluke and they used a trick to get Hailey the win, and after we were done he started explaining what a sexfight was and just how I should go about fucking Hailey's brains out.

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