tagFetishCouples Ch. 02

Couples Ch. 02


The bitch actually called me two days later to apologize, saying that she was sorry things got out of hand and wanted to put things behind us. I don't know if she was baiting me into being the one to push for a rematch or more, but I don't care. After all the humiliating shit she and Darren did, there was no way I was letting things slide. The pasty little slut needs her tits whipped, but Darren opened his mouth and went beyond that after the titfight and Kevin and I were going to show them who was the hottest before I slap her tits silly in a rematch. I told her to keep her bullshit apology to herself and get ready for Kevin to pop Darren's over inflated cock and then have me fuck her second rate body senseless.

The trash talking got more intense all week long. She actually texted me pictures of her bare tits and her hairy pussy, lips spread with her clit protruding. It wasn't as big as mine, but like everything else about her it's as close to mine as I've seen. Darren and Kevin were less graphic, but each was bragging about how good it would feel to have two women as hot as their wives know which man had the better cock. They requested the proceedings take place in our basement because we wouldn't be in shape to leave under our own strength after they beat us both. The rules were simple, the guys would do whatever they could to make the other cum first with only punches, kicks, submissions, and chokes against the rules. Hailey and I would have the same rules except that it was a sexfight to submission with a 5 minute break between each orgasm.

The fuckers started taunting us, saying how they were defending their home field even though it was our basement. They started saying shit about how they were going to plant a flag in the basement with their name on it and how they were going to leave us lying on the floor while they went upstairs and had the best sex anyone had ever had on our bed. Kevin seemed to get quieter all week long, the way he does when he's angry and has to fight to keep himself under control. I responded the way the hotter woman always does and sent both Hailey and Darren pics like the one she sent me with some of my best shit talk about how my pussy was going to wear her second rate fuckhole out. Kevin and I were having our best sex ever, just fucking ravaging each other every night, telling each other what we were going to do to those losers in as graphic of detail as we could. It was fucking fantastic.

You wouldn't believe this shit even if you saw it. Kevin was walking around in a pair of boxers and I had on a sports bra and some panties when they showed up on fight night. The doorbell rang and Kevin yelled to them that it was open. They walked in and both of them were wearing raincoats and flip flops, with Darren carrying a bag. Hailey's was so short it barely went below her crotch. I just stared for a minute wondering if these two actually did what I was thinking and drove here naked. It would be easy enough for them to get to their car in their garage without going outside and it might take 30 seconds to get from our driveway to our front door, so anything was possible. Kevin walked in, snorted when he saw them, and told them to head downstairs and we would join them in a minute.

We talked our strategy over again quickly, Kevin focusing on keeping away from cock to cock contact if he thought he needed to since they didn't specify it had to be that way and me trying to get the bitch worked up with my fingers for a couple of orgasms before finishing her off with clit to clit. When we walked downstairs they had actually put a small flag in a base on the floor that said D & H on it. As soon as we turned into the rec room, there they both stood. Darren was completely naked, his monster cock pointing at us like it wanted to attack on his own. Hailey, on the other hand, had her hairy snatched teased like she was is a damn Russ Meyer film and she was wearing one of those wrestling replica belts. Before I could even say anything about it, the cocky bitch started running her trap.

"It says Titfight Champion on top and says Hailey on the nameplate. I figured after I whipped your fat tits I deserved it. After tonight Darren's going to get one that says Cockfight Champion and I'm going to add a Sexfight Champion belt to my collection."

I just let the little bitch have her moment. We both know her tits were getting the shit kicked out of them before the stunt with Darren, and we'll settle that issue later. Right now, it's time for my man to take down that huge cock and show these losers what a real man can do. Taking my eyes off Hailey, I spend a minute drinking in Darren. It's pretty much the same situation with him and Kevin as it is between us girls. Kevin is more handsome, has a better tan, is more cut, and other than that ridiculous prick he's bigger than Darren everywhere. Darren, like his milktoast wife, is solidly built and looks strong, but doesn't have the body to deal with my man. Hailey and I sat down, her in an armchair and me on our couch, as the guys finally got down to the opening bout of the evening.

Much like Hailey and I, the guys walked forward, Darren's dick still pointing straight forward, until their cocks made contact. I could see their profiles as they moved together and barely stifled a gasp as Darren's monster buried Kevin's and it looked like my man's dick actually shrunk a bit at the contact. Hailey's asshole husband actually grinned at Kevin and offered to let him keep his dignity if he quit right away. Kevin stepped back, with his head down like he was ashamed, and then struck just like we talked about. He tackled Darren around the waist and took him down with ease. Once they were on the ground, he was able to lay across the chest of the other man and grab the giant cock with his right hand.

"That's fucking cheating!"

I'm the blonde and she's the stupid one. "Shut up bitch, we didn't say anything about wrestling. It's not our fault that your man's brain is half the size of his cock." I didn't even hide my laugh as Hailey glared at me and loved it when she looked away knowing I was right. I couldn't have been happier when I looked at the guys again. Kevin was pumping Darren like an old school well in the desert. You could already see the other man squirming and he was gasping and moaning after every 2nd or 3rd stroke. I knew he was starting to feel good when he started taunting Darren with stupid puns like "not so cocky now, are you?" I love my guy but his sense of humor is ridiculous.

I don't know what Kevin was thinking, but it looked like he was trying to move into a different position and Darren was able to slide away and scramble to his feet. Kevin followed him up quickly, but before he had his feet completely under him, Darren speared his balls with that monster cock and Kevin screamed and crumpled to the ground, holding his boys. Darren stood with his feet straddling each side of my man, grabbed Kevin's hands to pull them away from his balls, and dropped straight down slamming his junk right on top of the smaller set. Kevin's face was a mask of agony. Darren was lifting up slightly and bombing down with his cock over and over again, crushing the opposing equipment while Kevin silently gasped in pain.

"Babe, give him a good look like you did his barbie bitch last week."

I shot another glare over at Hailey and she responded by shaking her tits at me and sticking her tongue out. Real mature. I can't wait to fuck her up and restore the natural order of things. I looked at the boys just in time to see Darren pin Kevin's arms under his knees, resting his junk on Kevin's face. He started slapping Kevin in the face with his giant prick, just swinging it up and down and back and forth, not even using his hands. The bastard then slid back a little and grabbed Kevin's cock in his hand and started stroking while mocking Kevin's size, his strategy, and his lack of brains for giving up a dominant position.

My husband was trying anything he could to get loose. He would swing his legs up to try and get some leverage to pull Darren off, but the other man would just lean forward enough to fight it off and then go right back to stroking. Kevin would try to twist his body and get his arms loose, but Darren would just shift his weight slightly to flatten my man back out. It looked like Kevin tried to bite Darren's cock since it was so close to his face, and that's when it went from bad to worse.

"It looks like Kevin wants Darren's cock almost as much as you did, bitch. Get him honey, give him a taste of what the real man in this room is packing."

I hoped she wasn't serious, but Darren didn't need any more encouragement. He let go of Kevin's dick and used his other hand to grab my husband's hair and pull his head up off the floor. He then started a verbal barrage that would make a sailor blush while he slowly moved his cock towards Kevin's mouth. Then the threats ensued, telling Kevin that he either opened his mouth now, or after the fight Darren was going to jack himself off all over Kevin's face and teabag him to rub the cum in. I saw the anger, fear, and hesitation in my husband all at once, and then he did it. He parted his lips slightly and Darren slid his monster slowly into Kevin's mouth. The other man basically face fucked my husband in our basement for a minute before he went back to the hand job that he had been using before. This time, there was no fight and Kevin gushed after a half dozen strokes of so. It was almost as if being dominated by someone with a cock that size excited him enough to go off more quickly than usual.

Darren spun around to face Kevin's feet, pinned his now flaccid cock with his winning schlong, and struck a muscle pose while staring right at me.

"The winner, and new cockfighting champion of the basement. It's the 'Cock Monster' Darren!"

The bitch was announcing it like some shitty UFC or WWE announcer. She could barely even contain her giggling as she said it with obvious glee. Before I even had a chance to respond to her, Darren actually joined in the bullshit.

"And if you're not down with that, I've got two words for ya. Suck it! No, wait, not you Rochelle. You're fucking terrible at giving head. Hailey could get me off ten times with her mouth before you could once. Pick your little man up off the floor and then get your pussy whipped by my queen."

That asshole. I'm so pissed off I'm shaking. I'm going to fuck this skanks weak pussy until she begs me to stop and keep going at the same time, but first I've got to get Kevin up and try to repair his pride quickly. I did everything I could while I walked him over to the couch and helped him slide his shorts back on. When I turned around, Darren was in the armchair with his giant dick still fully engorged and pointing at the ceiling, and Hailey was in the middle of the floor with that stupid wrestling belt around her waist. I really did like her at first, but sometimes you've just got to fuck a ho. The second I stood up, the idiots started their shit again.

"And now, for the main event of the evening." Is this asshole really going to do this?

"Ladies and gentlemen. Introducing first, the challenger, it's 'The Overrated Barbie Bitch" Rochelle!" I swear I'm going to cut his dick off Lorena Bobbitt style if he doesn't shut up.

"And, her opponent. She's the undefeated, undisputed, titfighting champion of the basement, 'Heavy Tits' Hailey!"

I'm going to cut both their throats in their sleep. She took the belt off, walked over and handed it to Darren, then turned and walked over to me.

"Remember these?"

The little bitch chest bumped me. She's so fucking full of herself off of a fluke titfight where she and her horse cock husband tricked me to give her an unfair advantage and then Kevin making a mistake when he was dominating Darren that led to him getting humiliated. "Yeah, you two bit whore, I do remember those. I was beating the shit out of them with my bigger, better ones until you and your fat dick husband distracted me to give you an unfair advantage. I don't even really want that belt, but I'm going to fuck your Blue Light Special body into submission tonight and then I'm going to whip your tits in a rematch and take that belt just because I can."

"Whatever barbie slut. We both saw how much better I am with my mouth last week, let's start with some kissing so you can feel the pleasure that Darren gets from a real woman. Maybe you'll even learn a thing or two."

I'm not letting some nothing happening bitch shit talk me like that. I'm a better woman and without her husband helping her out there's no way she can beat me. I looked her over once, just to see if there was anything I wanted to focus on, and there was her pussy already wet from watching the cockfight. We locked lips and I knew immediately I would have to avoid her mouth as much as possible. It felt like a vacuum seal and her tongue was so long and strong that it pinned mine while nearly reaching my throat. The little bitch grabbed my ass and tried to pull me in close, but I wasn't having that shit. I got my hand between her legs and two fingers slid right inside her with no problem. The cockfight had her primed and the moment my thumb hit her clit she sighed into my mouth and stopped aggressively kissing me. Just like the start of the titfight, I took control and had her backed up to the wall, my fingers banging her twat and my mouth sucking her tongue like a small cock, trying not to smile too much at how dominant I was.

Less than two minutes after we started, she screamed and gushed all over my hand. I pushed into Hailey and kept pumping her, riding her with my hand until the orgasm stopped. I pulled out and saw her eyes flutter as she slid down the wall. I knew there was a 5 minute break between orgasm, but I couldn't help myself and decided to assert my dominance even more by rubbing my clean shaven crotch all over her face before finally turning around and joining Kevin on the couch. I spent my time telling Kevin that just like my titfight with Hailey, he only lost because of a fluke and he would get his revenge on Darren the way I was going to dominate Hailey tonight and whenever we had our titfight rematch. I noticed Darren consoling his wife as she sat against the wall, still clearly rocked by my fingering.

At the end of the 5 minutes the redhead had barely gotten to her feet, her eyes still a bit glazed, back still against the wall. I knew not to get cocky, but I confidently strode over to the wall and latched onto one of her tits with my mouth, started kneading the other with one hand, and went back to fingering her with the other. Again, she started gushing in no time, her body only staying upright because I held her there through the orgasm before lowering her to the ground. At the end of the next 5 minutes the bitch was still on her back, so I carefully got between her legs and let my mouth do the work. Still overheated, she seemed like she was trying to fight it, but the moment I got my teeth on her clit and lightly bit down, she went off again. "Want to give up yet bitch? Or am I giving you so much more pleasure than Darren that you hope this sexfight never ends?" I had the bitch now, it was just a matter of time.

Or maybe it wasn't. I figured this was the time to put an end to things and teach this bitch what it's like to be beaten by a better woman. Just like Kevin and I had discussed during the week, I wore her down and then went to finish her off by bashing her clit with my bigger love bud. What I didn't realize was how worked up I had gotten from forcing 3 orgasms out of her and how differently her clit would react to contact with mine than it had from my mouth working on it. As soon and we went clit to clit it seemed like it woke her up. The pale bitch's eyes were suddenly focused and she was rolling her hips to match my thrusts by the third or fourth bash. I felt the orgasm building inside me, and the second I started to try and withdraw from the pussy to pussy action Hailey grabbed my hair, pulled my face to her tits, and then wrapped her hands behind my head to effectively cut off my air. The combination of asphyxiation and tribbing was too much and I screamed into her bosomy prison while she rode me clit to clit all the way through the orgasm.

"You got too cocky again barbie. Girls like you never have to learn how to fuck because guys are falling all over themselves for a chance with you. Girls like me have to be so much better than you just because guys prefer you just because you're a blonde bimbo with slightly bigger tits. Now that you've had your fun, I'm going to fuck your weak slut pussy into the ground."

She finished whispering into my ear and laid my body out on the ground before jumping up and joining Darren by the armchair. Kevin was by my side immediately, telling me that she got lucky and the only reason she could hold out clit to clit was because I had already forced 3 orgasms out of her. I really hoped he was right, but my body felt like it was never going to recover and she looked like she couldn't be any fresher even after multiple orgasms.

As soon as the time was up, which didn't feel like 1 minute much less 5, she was right there sitting on my stomach and facing my feet. She grabbed my legs, hooking her arms behind my knees, and pulled back enough to lift my pussy off the ground towards her face. She put that obscene mouth to use immediately, alternating between sucking my clit and licking deep into my love hole with that huge tongue. I started to think she had been with a woman before when things started getting hazy. I could feel my hips pumping, and hear what sounded like my voice panting and moaning, but I have no idea what was going on or how long it lasted, only that her ass covered my face for a while and then she got off me and walked away. I assume it was another orgasm, but I didn't even feel it.

5 minutes is way too short a time to recover from a good orgasm. I vaguely remember Kevin by my side, but don't even know if he said anything. The next thing I know there was a tingling between my thighs and I could see Hailey's face down there. I guess she ate me out again because she crawled on top of me and spit a load of cum on my face. I'm not a gusher or squirter most of the time, but the bitch's mouth was so good that I guess she got me to blow. I guess the time was up again because someone picked me up by the hair and walked me over to the wall. I felt my tits compress against it and then felt a couple of fingers pumping independent of each other in my twat to what felt like no particular rhythm.

"I used to play clarinet, bitch, and my fingers are playing a tune on your sorry pussy right now. Oh, and I also used to bowl."

I didn't even have time to comprehend what that could mean before I felt something penetrate my asshole and starting cumming again and she worked her fingers inside my twat and thumb inside my ass. She held me there this time, leaning into my back and crushing me against the wall, telling me how she hoped I would act like a blonde bimbo and not quit because she was having too much fun. I don't know if 5 minutes passed, if Kevin came to help me, or if she just went to work on me again with no break, but pretty quickly I was on the ground while she fucked me pussy to pussy again. Those solid legs and strong ass of hers were working in a way that my more muscular, toned ones could never do. The bitch could really fuck and I hated that I was gaining respect for her skills while she dominated me. As soon as it came down to pussy on pussy action, she was so much better than me that it was laughable. "You win, Hailey. You're the better fucker. Your pussy is much better than mine."

She didn't even have to ask for the submission. I knew I was beat and there was nothing I could do to compete with her this way. My tits are better, and she'll learn that soon enough, but she might be right about how easy it was for me to get laid meaning I didn't need to have the skills in bed that she does. I'm going to fuck her tits up though, I know I'm better there.

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