tagFetishCouples Ch. 03

Couples Ch. 03


Over the days after their cockfight, Darren and Kevin actually patched things up a bit. Me and that bitch though, we've still got an issue to settle. I sent her a text admitting it was my mistake to try and beat someone with so much more experience than I had and how it must feel satisfying to know that giving it away so often to so many guys finally paid off for her. I reminded her of how my tits were beating the shit out of hers before her dick showed his dick and distracted me and how she said I could challenge her for that stupid titfight belt. She reminded me that the titfight was when she said so and then said that she and her husband were going to take a week and enjoy being better than us sexually. Her final text to me was short and sweet. It simply said titfight for the belt, your basement, Saturday after this one, same stakes as the first time.

I was on edge for the whole two weeks, waiting to get my tits on hers so I could set the record straight. I would have won the sexfight if I had stayed away from going pussy to pussy and I had her tits on the run before monster cock interfered. She can have the sexfight title, I don't really care about that, but I'll take that stupid toy titfight belt after my tits beat hers just to make sure she knows her place. I'm better and she will learn that or else. I actually did some shoulder and arm work hoping to strengthen my tit control and the force I could put into hitting with them leading up to the rematch. I'm going to fuck this smaller titted bitch up.

I was waiting in the basement rec room with Kevin. The assholes texted us and said to leave the front door open and wait down there so the champs could make their triumphant entrance. They told us to both be dressed before the fight. That fucking stupid flag was against the wall where they could see it so the pasty little redhead bitch couldn't pull some bullshit reason to back out of her beating. 7:30 rolled around and we heard the door open and close upstairs. Darren yelled down and said Hailey was going to change in the bathroom up there and they would be down in a couple of minutes. Just more stupid mind games from the whore. The longer she delays the more I'm going to pound her tits flat before I let her go. Darren strolled confidently into the room less than 2 minutes later, actually wearing clothes this time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!"

Oh shit, he's going to do this again. And there's the slut wearing that stupid, way too short raincoat again.

"Making her first defense of her title. Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall. Weighing a fit, strong, and sexy 148 pounds with perfect 36D tits. She is the undefeated, undisputed, titfight champion of the basement! 'Heavy Tits' Hailey!"

The bitch slipped out of the raincoat and faced me wearing nothing but a skimpy green thong and that stupid fucking toy belt.

"And her opponent."

I stood up and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. I'm ready to pop her hard little titties and beat some respect into her. It's going to be nice to have that mouth and tongue of hers worshipping the best tits in the room like they should have done the first time, and even Kevin is going to get a treat tonight.

"Making her titfighting debut."

Wait, what the fuck did he say? Did the idiot forget we already had a titfight? Is his dick oversized to compensate for a tiny brain?

"Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall."

Some random fucking blonde and another guy just walked into the room. This bitch is wearing panties and a t-shirt, obviously with no bra.

"Weighing 129 pounds with a bra filling 34D chest. She is 'Boob Basher' Brittany!

I couldn't even figure out what to do. Who the fuck was this random couple and what was this other blonde slut doing in my house? I looked at Kevin and he was just staring at the other blonde who had now taken her shirt off and bared her gorgeous tits for everyone to see. They looked slightly smaller and softer than Hailey's and you could see the nervousness on her face. I turned my attention back to Hailey who was just standing there with a smug grin, soaking in my confusion.

"Losers go to the back of the line barbie slut. My text said there would be a titfight for my belt in your basement. It didn't say a damn thing about your loser tits getting another shot at my better rack. Now sit down and watch me add another stuck up blonde bimbo's overrated tits to my collection."

I was so confused, so completely taken aback by everything that was happening, that I did exactly what she said. I sat down on the couch, mouth agape, shaking as I glared at the bitch who had manipulated me again and was getting off on holding all this bullshit over me.

"Chad, go sit next to the loser couple on the couch and enjoy seeing a real pair of great tits beating your wife's soft little bags flat."

While he walked over to where we were, I settled down enough to notice the striking resemblance this couple has to Kevin and I. It's like they're the slightly smaller versions of each of us. Chad is handsome, you can see the muscle definition as he walks, and I'm betting he's got a pretty nice cock. Brittany is much prettier than Hailey. She's got a great tan, she's blonde, and her body is more feminine like mine than utilitarian like the redheaded bitch. Her tits are smaller than mine, but they might actually be prettier. Her nipples are the world class type that both Hailey and I have. I could definitely beat her in a titfight, but I think she could give Hailey some problems.

"Hey barbie bitch, take your shirt off and get over here."

Fuck her. I'm not doing that. She's just trying to intimidate the new girl by pretending she controls the room, and I'm not going to let the whore do it.

"If you ever want a chance to beat my tits, you'll get your loser ass over here now."

Fuck. The bitch knows she has the power right now and she's using it. I'll give her some credit for maximizing her little moment in the spotlight, but all this shit is going to come back on her when I pop those pretenders. I got off the couch and walked over to the two participants and then whipped my shirt off, freeing the best tits in the room. Hailey grabbed my right tit like it was hers and started talking to Brittany as if I wasn't even there.

"See these fat tits Brittany? They're bigger than mine, and bigger and firmer than yours, and I crushed them flat. You're tits are better than most, but they're not in Rochelle's league and they're definitely not in my league. You're lucky though. Tonight you get to learn where your tits really stand in the world and then you'll know that flashing them around like they're the greatest thing in the world was a mistake. You're just another slutty blonde who had everything handed to her in life because of her overrated tits and I'm the real woman with the better rack that is going to avail you of the reality that they're nothing special. Go sit down slut, and watch my tits be the best again."

She shoved me away by my tit, and I just slinked back to the couch mesmerized by the site in front of me. Hailey asked Brittany if she was ready and the smaller blonde sucked in a deep, nervous breath and nodded slightly. Hailey walked up to her, letting their tits touch with her nipples pressing into the tops of Brittany's areolas due to the height of the women and how high their tits sat. Both women exhaled sharply, just like we did weeks ago, and Hailey showed her confidence and experience by taking immediate control.

Hailey's bigger, firmer tits compressed Brittany's pretty easily, pushing them back and taking over almost a third of the space between them. This blonde girl is going to get her tits whipped. Hailey walked forward, pushing the smaller girl back, like she was going to take her right to the wall. The new girl surprised me though, stepping back and launching her tits straight into the redheads. It was a mistake as she grunted, bounced back off the thicker woman, and cradled her boobs. Hailey quickly peeled her arms apart, slipped on a bearhug, and started to squeeze the smaller woman while doing those little punches with her tits that she used on me.

The newbie surprised me though. She realized it was a bad spot and showed some impressive smarts and athleticism by basically jumping back and forth from to the left then the right and sliding her arms inside Hailey's to break the hug when her movements caused the bigger woman to lose close contact. That was pretty damn smart, but her next move wasn't. She tried to use that quickness and go on the attack, but she did another straight on shot and her tits again took the worst of it and she stumbled back and fell on her ass.

"Get over here you little cunt!"

Hailey sounded pissed, and I felt sorry for Brittany now. She had pissed off the thick, strong woman and was about to get her tits pummeled. "Holy shit!" I couldn't hold it in and I think the guys on the couch both reacted nearly the same way. Hailey had grabbed the blonde by her hair to pull her back up to her feet, and while her arms were extended Brittany launched up from the ground and slammed her tits into the undersides of the redheads, sending the big pale tits flying up. Hailey screeched at the impact, and before she could make sense of it the quick thinking blonde dipped down and repeated the move with nearly as much success. I was smiling from ear to ear watching those melanin impaired sacks flopping around and turning red already. Hailey crouched down to prevent another uppercut type move and Brittany surprised me again by hopping up a bit and slamming her boobs down on top of Hailey's, knocking the bigger woman down to one knee.

"Yeah Brit, beat her ugly tits!"

Well, I guess Chad's a fan. Maybe we can get him to match up with Kevin so I can get my man's confidence back up to where it belongs and then I'll beat Brittany's titties and pussy and make them our little toys. Brittany was a quick learner. So much for that dumb blonde bullshit. There's two of them in this room that are smarter than that ginger cunt. The blonde grabbed Hailey's right arm as she was trying to stand up and swung her smaller tits from the side, crashing the outside of her right boob into the outside of the redhead's right boob, sending it across her chest into the left gland. The blonde repeated the move a couple of times, with Hailey yelping louder at each blow and getting closer to being knocked completely over. The pained cries of the cocky bitch were music to my ears.

Shit. On the fifth or sixth blow, Hailey was able to time it so that their tits hit head on again, causing Brittany to yelp at the contact from the denser tits and stop in her tracks. Hailey wasted no time moving forward to lock in her favorite move, the bearhug. She had it locked in tight, her tits compressing the slightly smaller pair, but the discrepancy in firmness wasn't nearly as pronounced as earlier. If the blonde woman could get loose again, she might be able to wear them down enough to have a chance head on. Instead, she applied a bearhug around Hailey's arms and back and tried to grind it out with her for a minute or two. Unfortunately, as we could all see, the redheads bigger boobs were still firmer and were starting to make up the ground they had lost when the blonde's bombing blows had softened them up.

Brittany wasn't done though, as she mimicked her move to get loose from the bearhug at the beginning of the match. Hailey had caught onto it, or so she thought, and leaned her upper body forward to maintain as much contact as possible and prevent Brittany from prying her arms loose again. But that wasn't the plan this time, as blondie had another quick thinking trick up her sleeve. She suddenly pushed forward, and placing one foot behind Hailey's leg, she was able to trip the bigger girl and land with a thud on top of her as they hit the ground with their tits still fully in contact with each other. The blonde rolled off the top and each woman rocked back and forth sobbing lightly while they cradled their tits. I contemplated going over there and beating both of their tits flat easily, but I wanted to see Brittany win even more. I was looking forward to fighting them both, knowing that I was just as athletic and quick as Brittany with much better tits and that I could use some of her strategies against Hailey when I got my shot at her.

Hailey got to her knees just slightly before Brittany, and the redheads tits looked like they had been through hell. They were noticeably lower than when she started, though still higher than most tits their size, and in addition to the redness from contact with another pair of tits there were obvious signs of discoloration that was going to lead to some nasty bruising. The blonde wasn't much better. Her boobs were almost as bruised and reddened as the other pair despite her much darker tan. Her nipples were still at full attention, pointing threateningly at the opposing nubs that were menacingly pointing right back at them.

Neither woman bothered to try to stand. They faced off on their knees, hands on their opponent's shoulders, doing what I can only describe as boob boxing. Hailey's most effective blows were still head on as she was still firmer and denser, while Brittany's best shots were from angles that avoided confrontation of the full titmeat of each woman. Being on their knees, and so close together, limited the blonde's movements though, and whether it was due to the pain or just sheer exhaustion she started slowing down. Hailey began landing 2-3 shots to Brittany's 1, and when the blonde missed an uppercut from in close her opponent locked in another bearhug and began punching away. It wasn't long until there was no fighting back, just Hailey beating up the other girl's tits while saying something to her that we couldn't hear.

"Oh fuck, I quit!"

And that was it. Hailey released her beaten foe and quickly began massaging her own boobs while trying to get her breathing back under control. She was a sweaty, bruised mess but she was also the winner again. With that, she simply said stakes and pulled the loser's face into her tits for some humiliation and finality. Brittany did her due diligence, somewhat eagerly sucking the winning tits, and then had her eyes go wide when Hailey pulled her head back off her tits. Darren's monster meat was right there beside Brittany and she quickly swallowed him all the way down and coaxed a volcanic explosion out of his mountain of cock. Son of a bitch, where are these sluts learning to handle dicks that size?

"My belt, please."

Darren grabbed his wife's asinine title belt and put it around her waist as she stood there with her arms held high shaking her tits alternately at Brittany and then at me.

"I want both of you blonde sluts to stand here tit to tit in front of me."

I did what she said, being careful not to push into the tits of the other blonde as they had to be incredibly sore.

"I'm the champ. Both you bitches probably think you can beat me, but you can't. Brittany, you put up a much better fight than fat whore barbie did, so you probably deserve another chance if you want it. Overrated bimbo, I also told you that you could have a rematch when I say so. Well, here's the deal for both of you. It's an old fashioned number 1 contender's match. You two bimbo's fight it out in two weeks, right here while I watch, and the winner will get a chance at my belt two weeks after that. Good luck whores, I can't wait to beat whichever one of you wins."

With that, Hailey and Darren disappeared upstairs and left out the front door a few minutes later. Chad and Brittany stayed for a bit while she recovered and tried to process everything. They told us how the couple had approached them, broached the subject, coaxed them into agreeing to the titfight, and told them that we knew all about it. Brittany started obviously sizing me up the more she recovered. Chad had given her t-shirt back to her and grabbed her jeans that she had slid out of at the bottom of the stairs before the fight.

We chatted for a bit more and then the new couple got up and said their goodbyes. Being the good hostess, I gave Chad a hug and a peck on the cheek and then slapped a bearhug on Brittany that allowed my much bigger, firmer tits to completely obliterate her bruised, beaten bags. "Sorry honey. I actually kind of like you, but your weak tits are in my way and I'm going to beat them so much worse than Hailey did that you're never going to want to titfight again." Letting her go, I laughed at her as she groaned and tried to massage the new pain out of her tits. I smiled when I looked at the guys sizing each other up for a moment before Chad grabbed his wife's hand and led her out of our house. Yeah, they're going to more than willing to take us both on if I play my cards right.

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