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Delicious smells of baking roast and fresh bread came from the kitchen as Brian came in from the out of doors. The smells of dinner nearly done replaced the scents from outside, the smell of fallen leaves and crisp autumn air. Brian was just returning from dropping off his son and daughter at his mother's house so he and his wife could enjoy a nice quiet evening with their two best friends, Will and Debbie.

Brian had gotten to know Will at work at their IT company. Brian had worked at the company for several years before Will was hired. Brian began mentoring Will, a new hire fresh out of college, and the two became fast friends. Now, a few years later, Will was married to Debbie, and all four were now close friends.

Brian joined his lovely wife Liz just inside the door of their modest home. Brian admired Liz's curvy body, slightly curvier than it was when they met over a decade before, but one that still made his heart leap whenever he saw it - clothed or unclothed! Brian hung his coat up on the rack, kicked off his shoes, and leaned in to give Liz a full-bodied kiss. Liz wrapped her arms around Brian and returned his affection with gusto, even though they'd only been apart about 20 minutes.

"I missed you so much!" Liz exclaimed, a twinkle in her eye.

"And I missed you too!" Brian replied, chuckling. "It's been so long!" Liz laughed, and the two headed into the kitchen.

"Dinner is almost ready, hun. Will and Debbie are just finishing up." Liz explained. The two turned the corner just in time to see their two friends, Will and Debbie, engage in a vigorous argument.

"Can't you take just one goddamn minute to help me!?" Will shouted.

"Hold on, I'm on this work call. My project manager said the client is losing their shit about the integration and I need to talk them off the ledge!" Debbie shouted back, only slightly less loud, waving her phone like a samurai sword.

"Well your husband is losing his shit and you might need to talk me off the ledge!" Will shouted, again, and turned on his heel, walked out of the kitchen and, brushing past Liz and Brian without a word, right out the front door.

Liz and Will shared a quiet look, while Debbie tried very pointedly not to look at them. Debbie turned around, plastered her phone up to her ear, and resumed her conversation in a heated tone. In a moment, she hung up, looked around, muttered an apology, and left the same way Brian did. Although she thoughtfully did not slam the door.

Sighing, Will went to the oven to check the roast, and said to no one in particular "I guess there's more for me."


The next day, Liz and Debbie were texting back and forth about the events of the prior evening.

Debbie: Sorry about last night. Me and Will have been throwing down like this more and more lately.

Liz: I'm sorry too! For you, I mean. That sucks. Also you missed out on the pie I made.

D: Yeah it does suck that I didn't get to eat that pie. :(

L: Seriously though, are you and Will okay?

D: We're just in kind of a rough patch. Things are so busy with work, this integration is almost over and then I hope we'll have more time. But we barely get to see each other and things are wearing thin.

L: When your big project is done, you really should take some time away.

D: I'd really like that, but I have no idea where to go!

L: Brian and I have a great place we go to every year, you should check it out. Nice quiet cabin in the mountains. The view is gorgeous, and the bed is reaaaaally comfortable. ;)

D: Send me the info, sounds great! Just what we could use.

L: Info on it's way. Gotta go, ttyl

D: thanks! byeee :)


Brian had offered to meet Will for dinner after Will and Debbie's weekend away. Brian was hoping for a positive result, but he could tell the moment Will walked into the brew pub that things had not gone well.

"Damn dude, that weekend trip was a bust. I can't believe YOUR wife talked Debbie into it. It was super boring. The WiFi connection was unreliable at best. I was trying to follow my fantasy football teams and I missed a couple big trades because of it." Will whined.

Brian could hardly believe the bullshit being spewed by his best friend. The two of them go away for a weekend, and all he can think about is fantasy football? When Brian and Liz get away, the two of them spend nearly the entire time naked in bed. "Well man, maybe you have some misplaced priorities." Brian said, carefully. "The weekend was supposed to be for you and Debbie to reconnect, but you seem more concerned about your fantasy team."

"Well what else was I supposed to do? Debbie barely has any interest in me anymore. You saw her last week at the dinner party. Her work is more important to her than anything else." said Will.

While the boys were meeting for wings, Debbie and Liz were also meeting for wings. Everyone loves wings.

Debbie shook her head as the waiter brought over the plate of hot wings. "We barely looked at each other for two days." Debbie said forlornly. "I was so exhausted from the project I just wasn't in the mood to do anything, and Brian spent about ninety percent of his time hunting for WiFi signals. It was awful. I feel like we just aren't attracted to each other anymore."

Liz nodded as she listened to her friend, only partly distracted by the delicious hot wings. "I understand sweetie. Brian and I went through the same thing when the kids were younger. No matter what it is, things in life can get in the way of your relationship. You really need to spend time on each other. Adjust your priorities."

Debbie held her head in her hands. "You're right of course, but it's difficult at this point. We are distracted by so many things, and on our own we just don't know how to do that anymore. You and Brian are so good at it. We're so jealous of what you have."

Liz agreed. "I know, we are pretty awesome."

Debbie laughed. "I'm serious! How do you do it?"

Liz shrugged. "Just practice. We always try to make each other a priority. I can't really explain it, I guess we would have to show you."

"I would love that. Can you guys show us what you do?" Debbie pleaded.

"What we.. uh... do?" Liz inquired.

"Oh, you know..." Debbie couldn't meet her friend's face, and went on nervously. "How you DO it! It's been weeks, maybe MONTHS since me and Will did it. We have never really been experts. I've heard you talk about it offhandedly, I know you and Brian do it all the time. THAT'S why you guys have such a great relationship. You are able to, uh... Connect more!"

Liz couldn't deny Debbie's point. Ever since they were first together, up until this very day, Liz and Brian had a very active physical relationship. It was one of the things that kept them going. That's why they had their kids so early after their marriage, they couldn't keep their hands off one another. And that hadn't changed, even after their kids were born!

Debbie was right. There was probably a lot Liz and Brian could teach her and Will. But just how much was she really willing to learn? It certainly seemed that she cared much more for her career than for her marriage and sex life. Oh God, Liz exclaimed to herself. What if Debbie was looking for practical examples? But the two of them clearly needed some help. Liz, ever the problem solver, decided she would take on Will and Debbie as her pet project and get them the help they needed.

Liz cleared her throat. "I think Brian and I could help you with some things for sure. But we kind of need to figure out what everyone is comfortable with! I know we're friends and all, but we have to consider what is appropriate!"

"Oh of course." Debbie said. "Just some pointers. Some tips. How to get started!"

"Great!" Liz exclaimed. "I think we can do that. Now, let's finish off these wings before they get cold. I am starving!"


Later in the week, the four friends gathered in Liz and Brian's home, the kids again camping out at Grandma's house. Liz and Brian had gathered some of their best videos and literature, from the educational to the nearly total smut. They were hoping to have something that might pique their friends' interests.

While Brian fiddled with the entertainment center, Liz poured drinks for everyone, hoping that a little liquid lubrication would help everyone relax. Brian started playing a video about sensual massage, and talked about how he and Liz started doing massages as a great way to get into the mood. Even if it didn't lead to sex, it was a great way to get familiar with each others bodies, and how they liked to be touched. Will and Debbie seemed receptive to the idea. Liz showed them another book that really helped her and Brian as well, and Debbie and Will agreed to check it out.

After the video, Debbie broke the ice. "This is really helpful you guys, but I'm not sure this is really for us, the sensual massage and stuff."

Will chimed in. "Yeah, like, we just have trouble even getting started sometimes. If we aren't even interested in each other, how will this help?"

"It really starts everyday you two. You see me and Liz all the time. Foreplay starts when we get up in the morning. We're always touching each other, sneaking kisses, playing grab ass. You can't just expect a cold start when you haven't seen each other all day!" Brian explained.

"Absolutely." Liz replied. "Brian and I keep after each other all day, and by the time we're in bed in the evening, the tension is so much we can barely wait to tear each others clothes off!"

"That sounds fantastic. I wish I could see you guys do that so we could follow along." Debbie said dreamily. Will nodded his agreement.

Debbie's comment sparked a thought in Liz's mind. Follow along, eh? What if Debbie and Will were able to watch her and Brian, how they got along during the day? Maybe the two of them would pick up some of the better habits of being a couple, laying the groundwork for a better relationship, and thus, a better sex life!

"I have just had a thought. If it's okay with Brian, why don't we have a couples retreat?" Liz offered. "The two of us could be your guides along the way. You can see how the two of us work as a team! What do you say babe?"

Brian was slightly stunned, but could only nod. He wasn't sure how much guiding he would do, but a sex-charged weekend with his wife was always a good time.

"It's settled then." Liz said. "I'll reserve a cabin for us two weekends from now. I hope you're all ready for some serious education!"


After Will and Debbie left, Liz began making plans for their trip. Brian could tell Liz was scheming, because she usually was.

Brian approached Liz in the office, seeing her booking reservations for a cabin in one of their favorite spots in the mountains. "Sweetheart..." Brian inquired softly. "What in the world are you planning with our friends?"

Liz met Brian's gaze and smiled a mischievous smile. "Oh nothing..." She replied, her eyes sparkling.

"Uh huh." Brian grunted. "And does this nothing you're planning have anything to do with your desires to be watched?" Brian knew Liz had a bit of a voyeuristic streak. A few times they'd parked along the side of the road and made love in the back of their car, she'd allowed him to slip a hand inside her bathing suit at the beach more than once, and several times she'd brazenly undressed in front of their bedroom window, nearly giving their elderly neighbor a heart attack! But would she really want their friends to watch them have sex?

Liz responded. "Brian, our friends need our help. They're clearly struggling, and they could use the benefit of our experience." She went on. "They are our friends. They love and trust us, and they're really reaching out to us for help. Don't you want to help them in any way you can?" Liz reached up an arm, snaking it around Brian's waist, pulling her to him a bit roughly. "Won't you please help them?"

The smoldering desire burning in Liz's eyes lit a fire in him as well. He wasn't sure what she was planning, but he was secretly hopeful that Liz was going to make everyone's dreams come true.


The two weeks flew by in a flash. Brian could barely keep his mind on work in the days leading up to the trip. What would happen?

Debbie was doing some serious thinking of her own. She was desperate to have Will do anything to her! It had been so long, and hopefully the sight of their two friends getting along, and getting each other worked up would inspire some ideas in her head. And his!

Liz was beyond delighted with herself. She knew that Debbie and Brian had been having trouble for some time, and was sure that with a little bit of guidance, they would come around. And of course, she could not deny the little thrill that went through her body anytime she thought about her friends watching her make love to her husband. Over the years, she'd seen Will watching her curvy body, so different from his wife's petite form. She knew that he would love to watch her in her glory, and she would love to be watched.

Will, for his part, was happy with anything that might happen. It had been so long since he and Debbie had been intimate. The relationship with his right hand was going pretty well, but that wasn't the relationship he was looking for! Again cursing his wife's dedication to her career, he hoped that the weekend would rekindle something between them. Plus, he did enjoy the sight of Liz, and if something crazy happened, would love to watch his best friend and his wife get down!


The four friends gathered at Liz and Brian's house to make the trip out to the cabin, a drive of a couple hours. With all their luggage stowed in the back, Liz directed Will to drive and Debbie to sit up front with him. She was hoping that they could get things started off right, and tease Brian a little bit on the way.

Pulling out of their neighborhood and onto the highway, Liz wasted no time in turning her attention to Brian. She made sure that Will could see her hand in Brian's crotch, her lips nuzzling his neck, whispering in his ear how she couldn't wait to have him inside of her. Liz felt a warmth grow between her legs as she caught Will peeking back at her. She silently wished he would watch her do much, much more.

Brian was enjoying his wife's attention, his cock growing hard within his pants. He knew that she would deliver on the promises she was making right now. But he wondered if he would have an audience when that time came!

The trip went quickly, with the couples switching positions in the car halfway through the trip after a stop for drinks and to hit the restroom. With Liz in the driver's seat, she could now see Will and Debbie, the two of them trying to recreate what she had done with Brian previously, with mixed success. She could tell they were out of practice, and frankly it was a little awkward, but they were trying. She could tell they needed some help.

Soon they turned into the state forest where the cabin was located. A quick trip through a beautifully wooded vale brought them to their cabin, and secluded structure that looked rustic on the outside, but when they entered showed all the comforts of home on the inside. The furnishings were lush and comfortable, with tasteful art and carpeting. The back half of the cabin featured two bedrooms with large beds and comfortable confines that were perfect for a couple's weekend.

Will and Brian carried in the luggage, while Liz and Debbie explored a little bit.

"The place is gorgeous." Debbie said, marveling at the beautiful spaces.

"It really is." Liz replied. "And I hope we get to see some other gorgeous things during our stay." Liz lightly brushed her friend's face. "Are you excited for what may happen this evening?" Liz asked, again lightly touching her friend's arm and shoulder.

Clearing her throat, her face and neck slightly flushed, Debbie replied. "I'm a bit nervous! But also excited, yes." Debbie looked away, and back to meet her friend's gaze. "What do you think will happen?" She asked.

Liz replied, truthfully. "I'm hoping you and Will watch me fuck my husband." Liz gazed into Debbie's eyes as she said it, grasping her hand and squeezing. "Brian and I love you and Will both, and we want you to be happy. Do you want to be happy? And do you want us to be happy?"

Debbie, without breaking her gaze away from Liz, stated simply. "Yes. I want us all to be happy. More than anything."

Liz nodded, again squeezing her best friend's hands. She heard footsteps behind her, and turned to see the two men walk into the living room, having finished putting the luggage away.

"What's all this then?" Brian asked, curious at Liz's very obvious state of arousal, and Debbie's full-body blush.

Liz replied. "Just getting our plans all set." She winked at Brian. "Now, who's ready for dinner?"


Over the course of making and preparing dinner, Liz and Brian were after each other like a couple of horny teenagers. They groped one another, kissed, teased each other with suggestive comments, and basically embarrassed Will and Debbie. However, the couple were getting a good education of how Liz and Brian did things. The older couple worked together as a team, trying to anticipate the needs of each other, and took advantage of the proximity to constantly touch and kiss. This constant state of teasing and increasing arousal got them good and ready for the main event in the evenings, and it was never better than on their weekends away, as Debbie and Will were learning. The two of them were trying to copy their more experienced friends, and doing okay with it. Liz and Brian smiled as they watched their two friends gradually thaw, and hoped that with more instruction they would get back into the practice of loving one another.

Dinner was delicious, and afterwards they were all so stuffed that it was all they could do to camp out on the couch for a while. Brian started a fire, which soon was roaring, warming the room, and each of them.

Liz took advantage of the calm situation to snuggle up to Brian on the couch, and continue where she left off from the car ride in the morning. She could feel her husband's erection begin to harden and she rubbed his leg and kissed his neck.

"Are you ready for lessons, students?" Liz giggled as Will and Debbie turned to look at her and Brian. The two of them were laid out on the floor below them, with a good vantage point.

Will spoke up. "Yes teacher, I'm ready to learn." More giggling from Liz, and Debbie this time.

Brian was just happy to have his wife all over him.

"Well watch and learn, this is how we do it." Liz continued to kiss Brian, and sat up, swinging a leg over him and sitting down on his lap, facing him. She continue to kiss him, and began slowly rocking her hips into his crotch, feeling his rising erection. Brian wrapped his arms around his wife, feeling the soft skin on the small of her back, and grabbing her generous hips as they swayed over his lap.

Debbie and Will were in rapt attention. Still sitting on the floor, the petite Debbie sat in the middle of Will's spread legs, his hands wandering over her body, but the both of them kept their eyes very much on Liz and Brian.

Feeling Brian's hard cock pressing into her, she stood up, pulling Brian up to a standing position, and knelt down on the floor in front of her.

Slightly worried, Brian looked at Liz, and then over to his friends sitting staring at him. "Are we really doing this right here?" Brian whispered to Liz.

"We are." Liz replied. "We need to help show our friends how these things are done properly."

I'm okay with this, Brian thought, and unbuttoned his pants.

Kneeling, Liz pulled his pants and boxers down with her, Brian's cock springing out, its proud six inches standing tall. Liz knew that there were some penises out there bigger, some smaller, but this one belonged to her husband, and it never failed to please her.

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