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Miles and Dawn were your typical upper-middle class couple. Living in the suburbs, dealing with the usual stress of work, kids, and bills, they often took separate trips for an hour long massage. She was an older masseuse and trusted by Dawn to give nothing more than a real massage with no "happy endings".

Their relationship was strong and sex life was great. They were both on their mid-thirties, strict about diet and exercise and considered very good looking by friends. They loved each others' bodies and chose to stay as attractive as possible for each other. She was petite at 5'2 and 110 pounds. She was blessed with perky, round 34 D breasts and was somewhat muscular from her daily workouts. She had dark brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair. He was 6'2 and a muscular 190 pounds.

They were close enough to discuss sexual fantasies and occasionally indulge each other. Dawn liked her vibrators, anal beads and oral sex. Miles liked to see her squirt, finger her ass and film their escapades for playback during later sexual encounters. They both had fantasies about a third person joining them, but never intended to act on it.

Miles loved the way that she was such a proper lady in everyday interactions, appearing quite conservative and never talked about their private, intimate matters to anyone but him. In the bedroom, she became her true, sexually uninhibited self.

This summer, they were fortunate enough to have a week's vacation on a Caribbean island without the kids. They had located a private villa sitting directly above a secluded beach. Miles had scoured the internet to find just such a place. It was equipped with a hillside infinity pool that they easily used for nude sunbathing and a quick fuck on the nearby chaise lounge. It was about thirty feet above the beach, looking out over the light blue-green waters and white sands. It was high enough that they could only be seen by people below if they came near the edge of the pool. The couple spent most of the day reclined on the chaise lounge chairs under a large umbrella drinking beer and margaritas. The owner had also set up a couple's massage for the second afternoon of their stay at Dawn's request.

The male masseur arrived on time to set up his table at the poolside with oils and towels. Miles went first as Dawn wanted to finish her margarita before taking her turn. It was a bit unusual for Miles to have another man touching him, but he soon relaxed and fell asleep. He woke at the end, dressed and swapped places with Dawn. Miles watched as his darkly tanned wife intensely enjoyed this treatment. Her smile and quiet moans told him she was feeling good. The masseur was about twenty- two, tall, tan and muscular. He could surely be a model if he chose that route. Her turn was over far too soon and Miles walked him to his car, payed the young man with an appointment set for his return the next day with an added surprise for his wife. Dawn excitedly forced Miles onto the chair after his return and began to pull off his swim trunks.

She had gotten too turned on from her treatment and had to have a real release at once. She licked Miles' soft cock, rubbing her lips up and down the shaft until it was sprang to attention. She took it into her mouth, moving it slowly in and out as she wiggled her tongue on the underside. She knew this was what he liked and would get him to erupt into her mouth if she kept at it too long. He moaned and allowed her to take his cock as deeply into her mouth as she could, slowly fucking him with her mouth. In and out his cock slid, over and over. Slowly and deeply, sucking and licking, deep-throating like his personal porn star until he felt the oncoming climax. She knew his reactions well enough to sense what was coming and stopped just in time. She asked him to lie on his back on the chaise lounge before turning around and placing her knees by his head, straddling his face in a sixty-nine position.

"MY turn!", she exclaimed. At this point, he was ready to please her in any way she needed. She hovered her pussy over his willing mouth and said,"I NEED you to lick my pussy. Right NOW!" She slowly lowered her completely shaved and already wet pussy to his lips and eager tongue. "That's it. Lick my pussy. OHHH yeahhh!" she moaned as he gently licked her clit. He knew her preferences well too. She started to grind her pussy onto his licking tongue. He licked her from above her clit down her pussy and back again, over and over. She moaned repeatedly and her juices began to flow. His entire mouth was covered with her sweet wetness. She rocked back and forth doing most of the work for him. She used her hips to place his lips and tongue back and forth in the spots she needed attention.

She paused with his tongue on her pussy and began to push herself down onto his wiggling tongue. He knew what this meant. She needed a tongue fucking and she wanted it now from his willing and long tongue. She was grinding her wet pussy onto his probing tongue. In and out he slowly fucked her wet hole with his tongue. He mashed his whole mouth against her and spread her hole wide open with his free hands. This allowed him to lick her deeper and deeper, just how she loved it. She rocked her hips forwards and backwards directing his licking from clit, down her pussy and into her hole again and again.

"Ohhh that feels soooo good." She purred. She was smiling and had her eyes closed as she thoroughly enjoyed it all. "That's it baby. Lick my pussy, up and down, fuck me with our tongue. YES, lick it just like that! Oooooooh stick it into my pussy as deep as you can. Ohhh yeah baby, that's exactly what this bad girl needs.! She tilted her pelvis forward a bit and pressed her ass down on him now. "Lick my ass baby!" He started to make small, gentle licks around the edges of her little shaved asshole. She froze in place so as not to disrupt the intense pleasure she was feeling. She rubbed her nipples and pinched them between her fingers.

She could finally stand it no longer and turned around to straddle his cock and let it slip easily into her. She was so wet and ready that he penetrated her pussy to his cock's base. She gasped and moaned, riding him slowly with her hot wetness gripping his long cock. He rubbed and pinched her nipples eliciting more moans. She move up and down on his pulsing member, sliding easily as the tip rubbed her G-spot upon each entry. They were so turned on that she came quickly with small jerks and jolts throughout her entire body. He spurted his cum deep inside of her still quivering pussy and they both collapsed together.

The following day, the masseur returned with his equipment and set up under the umbrella near the pool. Miles and Dawn exchanged guilty smiles as they silently recalled the previous day's private activities.

"I'm first today", she said as she removed her bikini, handed Miles the empty glass of her fourth margarita and climbed under the sheet. Miles was surprised that she allowed the masseur to glimpse her naked rear as she did so. He smiled and sat back with amusement as his wife was gently rubbed with oils. The masseur started by rubbing her feet, arms and hands as she lay on her stomach. He then folded down the sheet, exposing her tanned back and proceeded to massage from her neck down to her lower back. After a few minutes of this, it was apparent that she was completely relaxed and happy. He moved on to her calves adding oil as needed to keep her skin nicely lubricated. He moved up to the backside of her thighs.

Miles had set up his video camera on a tripod earlier that morning to get some good footage of the beautiful view they'd admired each day from the hillside pool. He now turned it on the scene of his wife being rubbed by another and pressed record. He had tipped the young man well the previous day and enlisted his help in a plan to pleasure his wife in a new way during the next encounter.

The masseur moved back up in front of dawn's head as Miles took his place massaging her legs. "What are you doing?", she asked in a still relaxed, but confused tone.

"I just thought that two pair of hands would be more enjoyable than one", Miles replied as he oiled her more and slowly massaged higher on her thigh.

"Ummm, you are so right. It does feel good to be touched by all of these strong hands", she moaned as she relaxed again. Miles gradually rubbed oil on each thigh, sliding his hands up slightly higher with each pass. He had his hands under the sheet working her outer hips as he noticed her slightly grind her pelvis into the table underneath. It was barely noticeable, but her knew she was getting horny again and trying to satisfy herself in an unnoticed manner while the masseur was present.

Miles oiled his hands again and gently slid them under the sheet to rub the lowest parts of her back. He slowly moved his hands in large circles getting lower onto the top of her firm and petite little ass. She did not resist as the masseur continued to work on her shoulders and neck. Miles began to rub a little more forcefully spreading her ass cheeks slightly apart with each pass. He knew that she liked this type of attention to this erogenous zone and continued working closer and closer in until he was grazing her asshole with each thumb. He shifted to stand on her right side. This allowed him to rub her outer thigh and hip with one hand and her upper, inner thigh with the other. He again moved gradually up and in towards the outer edges of her pussy.

His hands were still hidden by the small sheet over her ass. Miles and the masseur exchanged guilty smiles as they both continued to deliver the best massage Dawn had ever experienced. Miles began to finally rub the outer side areas around her pussy with oiled fingers. She stiffened for a second then relaxed, knowing that the hands were hidden from view. She began to grind her clit into the table beneath her now, getting a little more obvious but not seeming to care. Miles teased her over and over with his fingers on each side now of her pussy, refusing to ever touch her where she wanted it the most.

He slipped a finger into her moist, willing pussy at last. He slid it in and out of her hot wetness as his thumb grazed her little asshole with each pass. His digits, wet with oil and her juices, worked easily over her tight ass and into her inflamed pussy. She surprised both men when she lazily said,"I'm rolling over now so you can finish my front side." She did just as she said leaving the folded sheet covering only her pussy. Miles gave his new friend a nod and proceeded to oil and massage the front of his wife's thighs. The masseur oiled his hands as well and started on her upper chest and working his way around each breast to gently rub her stomach. "Higher", she told him. He returned to her upper chest and slowly oiled around each areola, still avoiding her erect nipples.

With another nod from Miles, he started on each breast with both of his hands. Now he rubbed fingers over her nipple, back and forth letting each hands' fingers slip gently over the perky breast. "Ummmmm, that feels so good," she moaned. She was either so lost in pleasure that she forgot another man was touching her or was just going with it. Miles began working up each leg until both hands were massaging the very top, inner areas of each thigh. Her knees both fell to the side, spreading open for his curious hands. He lifted the sheet up higher to expose her pussy completely. She was obviously past the point of modesty now, but it was still unclear where this was going. They had never talked about truly allowing another into their intimate domain before. Any discussions had always been playfully minimized as mere fantasy and seemed out of the question.

Yet, here they were. Both engaging in just that and loving it. Her pussy had been teased to the point of opening up like a flower. Her juices glistened on the inner lips and she was slowly writhing with sexual pleasures being delivered to all areas. She still had her eyes closed and Miles fucked her with one and then two fingers and her breasts were cupped, nipples pinched and flicked by the other's fingers. Miles turned his palm to face up and began to put upwards, gentle pressure on her inflamed G-spot. He made a "come here" motion with the first two fingers inside of her. After a few moments, the area he was stimulating began to engorge and became very sensitive. She really got into her "special massage" now.

As she squirmed and moaned in ecstasy, she reached above her head and took hold of the man's pants. She quickly untied the drawstring and let his pants fall exposing a long, hard cock that was aching for some attention. She gently stroked it with both hands as he continued to excite her nipples. Miles withdrew his fingers and climbed onto the massage table with his wife. He eased his engorged cock into her slippery pussy. He began to pump himself into her missionary style with a slow, steady rhythm. He angled himself up a bit sliding his cock in and out with more pressure between the top of it and her G-spot. He could tell she was excited as the spot started to make a slight squishing sound.

Dawn's favorite position had always been doggie style. It allowed her to control the angle of her man's cock and she could enjoy and a finger or toy rubbing on her ass. She said,"I want you to get behind me" to Miles and she got off of the massage table and onto her hands and knees on the chaise lounge. He filled her from behind now, rubbing his wet thumb on the outside of her willing asshole. She bucked back and forth, relaxing a bit more as the went. Her ass started to relax as well and his thumb started to slip in and out of her. It was just an inch at first. He eased it gently in and out as she pushed back onto his thumb with each thrust until it was slipping entirely in.

Miles motioned for the masseur to come around to her side and and pulled his wife up so that he could slip underneath her. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and allowed the masseur to take his place in her pussy. He was a bit surprised with himself. He'd always been a bit of the jealous type and now he was watching his wife riding another man, cowgirl style. She seemed to have just naturally gone along with it all and he was so turned by seeing her this passionate and uninhibited.

He stayed behind her on one knee and began to rub the tip of his cock on her ass. It was much bigger than his thumb so he knew to go slowly and let her ready herself. She rocked back and forth, sliding the masseur's cock in and out of her fiery pussy as Miles continued to rub the end of his cock on her lubed rear. It started to slip in just a tiny bit as she seemed to relax herself there. She slid to and fro now with one cock pumping in and out of her pussy and the other getting about halfway into her willing ass. She moaned loudly," OHHHHH, YES, YES, YES! That's it. FILL me up. Oh, I want you to fuck me in BOTH holes at once! OHHHH that feels so good in my ass."

"I want to be fucked like the BAD GIRL that I am!! Don't stop, keep your dick deep in my ass. That's it, right there." Miles was now pumping his cock to the hilt into her ass and knew that the masseur was doing the same into her pussy. She reached her hand down to her pussy and began to slide it up and down on the shaft of his cock on each withdrawal. She rubbed her own clit and started to ride both men with more force. She then reached back around to feel her husbands cock slipping in and out of her asshole. She seemed to want to take in all aspects of where the pleasure came from. She gripped his cock sliding it threw her wet fingers, up and down as she could with each stroke.

They went on fucking her like machines that were ready to explode for quite a while, as no one wanted this moment to end. Each cock slid in and out of her holes, over and over as the masseur reached up and pinched her nipples. He gently squeezed them between his fingers and thumbs. She started tom make sounds of pleasure that Miles had never heard from her before. She alternated between moans, squeals and grunts. She sounded like a porn star getting ready to cum. Her pussy was so excited that she started leaking her juices out onto the masseur's cock, running down his balls and thoroughly soaking him beneath her. He didn't notice as he was caught up in his own pleasure.

Her legs began to mildly shake and quiver. Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back up and down. She kept riding them both with wild abandon, but went quiet as they felt the muscles of her ass and pussy start to contract and release repeatedly on their cocks, signaling the start of her orgasms. She didn't stop. The waves of contractions seemed to ebb and flow over the next few minutes. The combination of tightening, releasing flesh on his cock, pumping in and out and sounds of his woman in ecstasy were finally too much for Miles. He released a huge stream of cum into her ass over what seemed like the longest and strongest orgasm he'd ever experienced. The masseur filled her pussy with the same as he jerked and moaned in his own climax. They withdrew from her. She let out a gush of cum, squirt and her own other juices from her pussy onto the towel beneath them and jumped into the pool to clean up.

Everyone could hardly move as they'd given each other quite the workout. The men finally dressed and Miles walked the masseur out, tipping him generously. He returned to the pool to see his wife lying naked and smiling at him from her float in the pool. He stopped the video camera and thought about how they'd soon relive the day's escapades on their home theater system once this vacation was over.

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