tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCouples Only: Glory Hole Night Ch. 03

Couples Only: Glory Hole Night Ch. 03


Chapter 3 -- The guys tell their neighbor how their lives changed after the bi-sex party

(Hi All. You don't need to read the first two chapters to understand what is happening, though it would be nice. Really, though, Joe convinced his roommate, Dave, to dress as Dawn, so Joe could get laid at the couples only party. This chapter focuses on what happened to Dawn emotionally and physically after that party as she confides her exploits to their neighbor, Eve. I hope you enjoy and feedback is always exciting. Please enjoy, vote, and let me know what you think. Thank you.)


Dawn was wearing black Multi Strand platform sandals, the five inch heels clacking loudly as she walked down the hallway of their apartment. The sheer black stockings with pink highlights caressed her legs with the pink garters reaching upward to a lace strapless light pink corset. The pink panties did not fully conceal a semi hard cock pressing against its confinements. Her chest was showing cleavage that natural c-ups would reveal. A sheer black, flowered satin kimono draped over her body, giving a hint of mystery as to what lies beneath. Her make up was applied as well as any woman's talent and Dawn's appearance was completed with a curly shoulder length brunette wig which shimmied slightly as she gracefully drew closer.

She felt sexy, admiring their stares, as she reached Joe, her roommate, sliding his alcohol from him and sitting on the far end of the couch, dropping her pocket book on the coffee table. Sipping the strong mixed drink, she casually lifted her legs up so her shoes were rubbing against Joe's lap. Eve, their neighbor who wore only a bra, watched in amazement as Joe excitedly rubbed the soles of Dawn's shoes and caressed each exposed stocking clad toe.

"I see you have been enjoying Joe's story." Dawn stated demurely with her eyes drawn to Eve's lack of panties. "Did I miss anything?"

"We didn't fuck if that is what you are asking." Eve said continuing to stare at Dawn, drinking in the transformation.

Dawn lifted her right leg so Joe could caress her leg and lick her shoe. Eve stared in amazement as Joe quickly put his lips on the heel of her shoe and slid his hands up her calf and slowly back to the ankle. Eve shifted so her right leg was resting on the arm of the recliner. As Joe licked and sucked on the five inch spike, Eve slid her right hand to her crotch, rubbing her pussy lips.

Dawn shifted her foot so Joe would give similar attention to the front of the platform shoe. He quickly gears shifted to kiss each toe and lick the wider based shoe. His hands took the opportunity to glide past her knee and reach midway on her thigh, slowly caressing up and down her smooth legs. Eve absently slid a finger in her pussy as the action slowly unfolded in front of her. Joe opened his mouth wide and slid the front of her shoe, and two toes, slowly between his lips. Eve gasped and slid a second finger inside her as he began the slow movements of a blow job on Dawn's shoe-covered foot.

His trembling hands reached Dawn's inner thighs. She watched as Eve's hand quickened, fucking herself more rapidly, and Eve's breath continuing to gasp with each violent invasion. Dawn truly desired to feel Joe's hand once again grasp and stroke her hard seven-inch clit. She needed it and allowed Joe's hand to come closer and closer to her very hard, not female, appendage. She wiggled her toes in Joe's mouth, which only inflamed both their passions; aided by Joe's fingers nearing her hard and long clit.

However, Dawn loved the power that came with being a woman. She knew she controlled HER man's actions. As an added bonus, she knew she could control women, too. She knew she could stop rubbing her left shoe against Joe's balls and cock and slow his eagerness, maybe swat his hand and at the same time she could stop Eve's impending orgasm at the same time by stopping the action. She could stop and then go and then stop. All at her whim, she would decide if someone would cum or not cum.

She, Dawn by night and Dave during the day, decided that she would delay this foreplay-for now.

"Joe, honey," she said while pulling in her legs and discarded his invading fingers. "Why don't you shower so Eve and I could have some girl talk."

Her comment was more like a command and Joe quickly, anxiously, retreated his searching fingers and quickly rose. Wordlessly, though his cock was straining through his pants and the tent clearly visible, he hastily moved to the bathroom.

"Oh, and sweety, don't bother dressing when you are done." She winked at Eve, "We will need you immediately."

There was no visible response as he disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

"Well, what do you think of our arrangement?" Dawn asked Eve, her eyes twinkling.

A few moments passed before Eve was coherent enough to remove her fingers from her completely soaked pussy. "How? What? Oh my god!" Eve was still trembling as so many thoughts and questions ran through her mind.

Dawn lounged on the sofa, completely comfortable and feeling in total control. She was ready for anything Eve may say. She was really enjoying being a bitch, a whore, a play toy, or anyone while she assumed this personage. She sucked so many cocks, got fucked who knows how many times and enjoyed so many oral and anal pleasures herself, either as Dave or Dawn. She was absolutely comfortable with her identities.

Dawn sipped her drink again, waiting patiently for the barely naked, sexy redhead sitting directly across from her. Dawn was not as exposed as Eve. Deliberately, Dawn remained in full garb and did not permit Eve to continuously see the garters that held up the pantyhose. She was rather content to conceal her body with the flowered kimono sensually draping her body. The robe, of course, hid the hard cock that was desperately seeking entry into Eve's open and glistening pussy.

Eve, for whatever reason, removed her bra and brazenly flaunted her natural female attributes. She tweaked her nipples, switching from one breast to the other. Perhaps she was tempting Dawn to break her visage or perhaps it was a power struggle. Perhaps she was just horny.

"Tell me." Eve said spreading her legs wide, one leg on the lounge chair, the other spreading to give Dawn a better look, as she continued to caress one breast and the other. "Tell me how you got to be in control. Surely you have something, some angle or something. Tell me everything and then maybe..." She let those last words hang in the air.

"You wouldn't believe it. I barely do." Dawn said, giggling.

"Try me." Eve said as she tickled her clit.

Dawn reached over to her pocketbook and pulled out a white, ribbed vibrator. "Here." She said while reaching toward Eve, "Try this. It is so much more fun. It vibrates." Dawn giggled again.

Eve took the sex toy and smelled it first before turning it on and rubbing it against her breast. Her nipple sharpened even more as she powered on the phallus and began the slow, rhythmic movements across her chest. "Oh, yeah." She sighed as she let it trail down her slim belly to her eager and still soaked pussy lips.

Dawn sipped her drink again and continued the story Joe stopped telling.

- - -

I don't know which was more exciting, demeaning, orgasmic, humiliating, or exhilarating. Words really cannot describe everything I went through that night. I think what I remember most fondly though, is when I walked in the door and I demanded Joe suck me off. He did take my cock in his mouth, as I ordered him, and he sucked me off almost better than any woman ever did. I was hurt, angry, abused, debased, and was lied to by my best friend. But when he knew he needed me to use him, he did not disappoint. I was in drag. My clothes were ripped and cum stained and I was treated like a whorish transvestite all night but he made up for ALL of it by having me feel like a respected and normal person when I needed it most.

I needed to feel respected and adored and he did that and more. I am sure he knew that I found out the true intention of me being a transvestite that night. I am sure he could only imagine what happened to me behind the wall. He let it happen. He knew cock after cock would be stuffed through the wall and I would have to service each one. He knew my mouth, my ass, and my dick would be used as if I was a fag. He knew it and let it, wanted it, to happen just so he could fuck some woman or two. There was nothing to be said when we arrived home and I think he felt relieved I would only ask for a BJ.

I don't think either he or I would expect what happened after I came in his mouth. Without asking, he cleaned his cum from my leg and pleasured my feet. I trembled as I felt him pleasure me in ways I never thought I could feel. I felt power. I felt sexy. I felt, how should I say, comfort.

I don't know why I gave him my panties and I don't know why I grazed his body with mine when I passed by him. I certainly can't explain the absolute thrill to hear him ask if he was going see Dawn again. Although, I do remember closing the door and undressing while placing each piece of feminine cloth carefully on my bed. I remember piling the clothes carefully one on top of the other and setting them down on the chair. I remember sitting naked and in my mind watching me doing all those things that night. I certainly remember I enjoyed most, if not all, of what I did that night and the possibilities of what lay ahead of me for my next day with my roommate as I slid onto the bed to sleep.

I awoke the next day, which was Sunday, and I forgot what to do, who to be, where to go. I stayed in bed until I heard Joe making noises in the kitchen and living room. These were the same noises he made any other Sunday. Why should today be any different? Why shouldn't I go out to our apartment and make coffee or drink the coffee he made? Why don't I just nurse the hangover I was feeling and stay in bed all day? Why, why why?

I couldn't stay in my room until Monday morning, I rationalized. I had to put clothes on, raise my head held high and just walk in there like it was just like any other Sunday. As a man, I had to walk out there. I had to face him. I had to find out if we were roommates or if there were, IF there were, too many complications. Could he get past giving me a blow job? Could I get over the fact his sucking on my dick was that good? Are we gay? I sure as fuck wasn't but was he? I had to find out the truth. I needed to know the truth so I dressed, opened the door to my room and walked down the hall.

The coffee was ready so I poured myself a cup and sat opposite Joe on the breakfast table. He was already reading the sports section so I was left with the comics. The "Entertainment" section was lying between us lewdly, goading either of us to suggest a play or a movie.

He did not look into my eyes as he spoke first and quietly stated he was going out. He was gone within a moment and I was left with only my imagination. I was flustered. We had not talked and now he was gone. What is he thinking? What am I thinking? I was alone in the apartment and went to my room. I sat on my bed and eyed the clothes neatly placed. Should I try the dress again? Maybe I could just try the shoes? What the fuck is going on between my ears? I wondered. I lay down and must have fallen into a restless sleep, not knowing what Joe is thinking.

I woke from my nap and decided to take a shower. I opened the door, stepped out, and noticed a package at my feet. I picked it up and there was a note lying on it. Picking it up I read, "This note and package are for Dawn. I can't justify what I did but I have to admit you looked beautiful as Dawn. Please accept this gift, Joe." I did not want to open it. Yeah I did and then I tore into it like a Christmas present. White stockings with red highlights pleasured my eyes. I put the package in my room and ran into the bathroom.

Showering, I could picture the stockings on my legs and Joe adoring me in them. I washed every bit of my body, carefully cleansing my ass and everything else. I shaved all over and noticed my cock hardening all the while. I dried with my cock still hard, and studied myself in the mirror. I could not. Would I? Do I throw myself at him? Do I make him beg? What now? I ran to my room in my towel. I was scared and excited. Was he there? Was he trying to look at me?

I nervously closed the door to my room and stared at the stockings on my bed. Impulsively, I ripped it open and pressed the material to my nose and along my face. I fumbled but eventually slipped each foot, each leg, into the pantyhose. My legs were ensconced by white hose with red highlights. I admired my new legs and stretched and pulled my body this way and that way, just watching my feet and legs wrapped in this new attire. I hastily put on the wig and dress I wore from the night before. I almost forgot my party-gift in my purse and quickly took it out, smearing the anal lube onto my fingers and pushing it inside me. I cleaned my fingers on a nearby tee shirt then put some blush on my face. I anxiously stepped out to the hallway carrying my pocket book and wearing the hosiery Joe 'mailed' to me.

He was on the sofa watching a basketball game and finally noticed me. He wasted little time standing and then grabbing me into his arms to kiss me passionately. I was surprised but my tongue pressed in between his lips quickly and easily, like I have done it a thousand times over. His hands were all over me, paying special attention to my ass, as our kiss continued. He leaned me onto the floor, lifting my hips at the same time.

My roommate wasted no time as we kissed to the floor. The red dress was bunched around my waist and my bare ass cheeks were slid to the floor. He pulled his pants down while I quickly reached into my pocketbook and tore open a condom. I quickly unrolled it onto his cock and pressed the head firmly between my ass cheeks. I spread my legs wide and held his ass to help guide his stiff prick inside my man-pussy.

Joe shoved his cock deep inside me many times. I loved the feeling of him pressing into me again and again. I held onto him tightly as he continued to fuck me like an animal. No words were spoken. None were needed. I was groaning with every deep penetration and he was grunting.

I wanted his cock and he wanted what I was offering. He was on top and taking full advantage of this strange situation. He fucked me deep and hard and fast, again and again. I managed to grip my dick and stroke it fast, trying to keep in tempo with his deep and quick thrusts.

We yelled as our climaxes struck. I felt him fill me with his sperm. He came continuously and I swear I felt every spasm and every swell of his organ as his cum filled the condom. I jerked hard and fast on my clit and felt my own orgasm control my body. I felt Joe's hand on mine as I came and came. My cum splattered between our bodies and coated our fingers. He only urged us to cum more even as his cock began to soften inside me.

The deed was done. There was no false pretense or other excuse we could use. There was no pretending. We lusted for one another. We kissed with tongues in mouths and groped each other's bodies. We fucked and we came in, and on, each other.

Neither of us knew what to do next. We weren't lovers. He looked as confused as I felt so I eased him off me and slowly rose, picking up my wig, which apparently fell off during sex. I slowly walked to the bathroom, closed the door and showered. I did not see him as I went to bed.

Our daily routines did not give us an opportunity to talk or react to each other. We needed to get ready for work and went in separate directions, as usual, for our morning commutes. I did not call him or text and he did not either. We weren't lovers and we would see each other that night.

He was home when I finally made it back from work. We talked about nothing and there was the expected tension but no mention was made about the weekend. The basketball game was on and we had a few beers talking about the day and nothing specific.

The week passed without incident. I washed my clothes and might have gone to web sites to learn more about different things. Friday night was the usual, hang out with friends get drunk and stumbled home. All night I watched the girls and guys with different eyes than I ever had in the past. Would I wear that or put that amount of make-up on me? Did I like the shoes and how would they fit on me? I thought about if a guy was well endowed or would wonder if he sucked cock. Checking out a couple, I would wonder if they were kinky or just vanilla in bed. The next two days were routine for me. I would jerk off to internet porn but when I watched the couples and lesbian scenes, I would watch how the females perfected their trade. I continued to wonder about all things but did nothing special.

When I woke up Monday I wanted to do something new. After work I chose a route I normally would not take. This route lured me to an adult bookstore I knew. I entered and checked out the magazines, the sex toys, and the movies. The store only had a couple patrons and I found myself checking them out as I walked and looked around the porn shop.

I knew the store had private viewing booths so I went in the back of the store and entered one. I put my money in and flipped through the selections. I saw the hole in the wall between the booths and noticed someone was inside the adjoining booth. Curious, I leaned over to see the stranger. He was seated, had his cock out and slowly stroking it. It was a nice dick; very suckable.

I eased a finger through the wall and tapped it on his side. He may have been stunned but after a few moments of me sliding my fingers around the hole, he rose and I felt his cock caressing my finger. I pulled my finger back and his cock followed. He was already dripping precum, which I quickly licked and tasted. I liked the flavor and hurriedly pushed his prick through my lips.

I was now working on my technique. Sure, I sucked a lot of cocks the previous weekend but for this moment, and this cock, I was going for style. I barely went through the fifth or sixth lesson I learned from the internet when his cock swelled and I had a mouthful of cum.

The fucking guy did not even give me a warning he would shoot. Well, maybe he did but I was too intent on trying to be good. I decided that his cum was a compliment and I drank it all down without further complaint. He pulled his cock back through the hole without ceremony and I remained kneeling on the floor as I watched him put his pants back into place.

I sat on the chair in the booth and watched mechanically the sexual actions on the small screen in front me. My cock was hard and I was excited and confused. I guess I am gay, I mused. The screen showed one lesbian fucking the other with a strap-on and I particularly noticed what each was wearing. Don't get me wrong, the pseudo-dick looked good on her. However, her gloves were sexy, the ankle bracelet, and the stockings and garters she wore almost made me cum.

I watched the action until my time ran out and I left the booth with a purpose. I walked through the store wondering what I wanted most. Should I buy something to wear or something to insert? In the end, no pun intended, I bought both.

I did not want to go home smelling of cum so I wandered in the nearby bar and ordered a beer. I kept the package close by and wondered what I would do next. I also wondered about where my life was headed but discarded the thought by rationalizing I was just having fun. I certainly was not going to give blowjobs while my wife waited for me at home taking care of our kids so I may as well enjoy the single life. I left the bar after a couple of beers and made it home.

I was in my room before Joe had a chance to ask me anything. I pulled the bag open and eagerly eyed my purchases. I opened then held up the red mesh panties and bra set and inhaled them deeply before setting them aside. I pulled out and opened the white, ribbed six-inch vibrator, turned it on for a moment and set that item aside. I then reached for the elbow-high, black, leather gloves and lewd thoughts crossed my mind as I opened the package and rubbed it across my cheeks. I pulled out a few adult magazines with each one focused on a different pornographic pleasure. I spread it all out on my bed.

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