tagLoving WivesCouples Vacation Ch. 01

Couples Vacation Ch. 01


PART I -- Kylie's Story

Two couples share a vacation cabin and go their separate ways. In part 1, Hot young wife Kylie tells John about how she and her husband Tom had some fun with another couple. Tom and John's wife, Wendy, share a dip in the lake and don't see what develops between John and Kylie.

As Told by John:


My wife, Wendy, and I have been married for 7 years, and it seems like we never spend time together any more. Wendy and I both celebrated our 35th birthday last year, but with work and our busy lives, we barely noticed. Wendy is a about average height, about 5'8" and 135 lbs. She has long, wavy brown hair and a very bright smile. She's got a gorgeous, cherubic face, with soft pouty lips. Her breasts are probably the thing that most people notice about her first; they're double-D's. She's not overweight, but most people would call her curvy, she says she's "pleasantly plump," I say she's "serving wench endowed."

Wendy works at a pharmaceutical company. She manages their sales force, which is like managing a modeling agency. Have you ever seen an ugly pharmaceutical sales rep? Neither have I, and I go to their Christmas parties.

I'm not too bad to look at myself. I'm 6"1, about 220 lbs and I've managed to keep some of my boyish good looks. As for my, "equipment," I've never heard complaints. I measured myself once at just under 7 inches. I measured the circumference at just about 4.5 inches. From what I can tell from the gym and the internet, that puts me on the good side of average.

Our sex life kind of hit doldrums lately. Even when we were dating, though, Wendy was a bit tame. The horniest she would get would be when we used to go out drinking and dancing. She would get completely wasted. When we got to her place, she would ask me to pretend I was someone who hit on her at the club. That was about as exciting as she got.

After we got married, sex became even more routine. Don't get me wrong, Wendy's still great in bed, but her idea of variety is having sex in the afternoon instead of at night. I guess it's just a natural part of settling down, sex just stops being naughty and starts being an itch that needs scratching.

We decided to try to reignite the flame, so we booked a great week-long getaway vacation. We rented a cabin by a huge lake in the remote park of the state. A friend of mine suggested the place. He said it was very secluded, the perfect place to reconnect; swim naked and scream in bed until the bears complain. It was four bedrooms, but we were going off-season, so we got a great deal.

A few days after we booked it, we had our good friends, Kylie and Tom over for dinner. Tom was one of the salesmen at Wendy's company. Tom and Kylie are both a few years younger than Wendy and I. I think Tom is 25 or 26, and Kylie is 2 or 3 years younger. Although they're a bit younger, we always have a lot of fun together.

Tom is a bit taller than me, probably 6'4" or so, and a lot more trim. He keeps himself neat and tidy for the job, so he looks a bit like a Ken doll. He's not body-builder muscular, but he looks like an athlete—kind of like a swimmer, I guess. He's also a legend at her office. According to Wendy, a lot of women were upset when Tom and Kylie tied the knot two years ago. Some were upset they had missed their chance, and more than a handful of others were upset they would wouldn't be getting more chances. Tom and I never really speak, except at our dinner parties or through Wendy, but he seems like a nice enough guy.

Kylie is, beyond all doubt, a hottie. Wendy told me that her mother is Pilipino and her dad is American. She has an amazing body. She's about 5'10", about 120 lbs and she has these mesmerizing 34C breasts. They're not huge, but on her frame, they stand out beautifully. She has long black hair and a stunning face, not to mention, a fantastic ass; the kind of ass you can't stop looking at, it's so perfectly round and tight. If Tom has a swimmer's body, Kylie is a world-class yoga instructor. Every inch of her body is tight and tanned. Usually when I masturbate, which is more often lately, I'm thinking of Kylie.

During this particular dinner, Wendy and I were so excited about our upcoming trip, that we couldn't help but share the news with Tom and Kylie. Wendy kept going on about how beautiful it was, and we hadn't even been there! When I mentioned the four bedrooms, Kylie said, "Wow, what are you going to do with all that space?"

I don't know if it was the glasses of wine I had had, or the pent up sexual tension, but I blurted out, "screw our brains out!" We all had a good laugh, and then, after we recovered, Wendy said, "You know, you're right, it is a lot of space, though. Say," Wendy grabbed my arm and looked at me, pausing, "what if--it's just a thought--but what if," she turned back towards Kylie and Tom, "you guys came with us!"

Three things then happened at once, (i) Tom said "Wow, what a great idea!"; (ii) Kylie excitedly grabbed Tom's hand and squealed out "Oh, can we?!?" and (iii) any hope I had of a debauched two weeks of swimming naked, screwing freely and revitalizing my sex life vanished. Or so I thought.

We agreed that Tom and Kylie would come by our place and we would drive up to the cabin in our SUV. When the day came, I was about as pleased as Wendy was miffed that Kylie was wearing hot black spandex tights that showed off her perfect ass, along with a very form-fitting and low-cut t-shirt.

My wife, Wendy did alright, too. She was wearing a very tight and low cut t-shirt that showed off the cleavage from her massive double D's. She wore casual, but high-cut shorts, showing off her surprisingly slim legs. Tom even commented when we picked them up, "Wendy, you look great in shorts—I had no idea. You should show those legs off more often, boss lady."

"You too, Ken," Wendy quipped back, "I didn't know that Ken dolls came with a summer outfit." The sexual harassment counselor at Wendy's office had long ago hung herself in a desperate attempt to be noticed. When Wendy told me some of the stories of what her employees, especially Tom, did at the office, my eyes popped out. Lewd comments were typical, and mutual from the women and the men.

Tom and Wendy rode in the back, "to catch up." I thought of telling Wendy that she had just seen Tom the day before at work. But with Kylie riding up front, I decided not to complain. Kylie and I got to know each other better, as Tom and Wendy laughed and joked in the back, as giddy as teenagers going to prom. Once we got to the cabin, we were amazed at how gorgeous it was. The cabin sat at the end of a very long, tree-lined, up-hill driveway. The front was unassuming, but the back door opened out to a deck with a six-person hot tub and a gorgeous view of the lake. We had our own pier jutting into the water with a row boat attached and all.

Inside there was a sunken living room towards the front, with the kitchen in the back. Two of the bedrooms were upstairs, with a shared master bath. The master bath was at the back of the house, between the two bedrooms. It had been set up so that both bedrooms had their own access to the bathroom through the bedroom, but there wasn't an entrance in the hallway. It was odd, but we made the best of it.

The other two, smaller bedrooms were downstairs. With twin beds, we realized that both couples would have to share the upstairs bedrooms and the bathroom. So much for privacy, I thought to myself. We didn't waste too much time exploring. We put the groceries away, and all four of us headed for the lake. Tom was in the lake swimming quicker than a flash. Wendy joined him in her brand new bikini, her double D-cup tits barely contained by the stringy fabric. I hadn't seen her in it before, but my first thought was that it was two sizes too small for her. I noticed that Tom seemed to like it, though.

I was determined to spend some more time with the lovely Kylie, so I grabbed a book and joined her on the chaise lounge on the deck, where she was reading. We started chit chatting, and I soon dropped the book and gave her my full attention.

As Kylie spoke, I became mesmerized by her voice and the motion of her hands. I kept stealing glances at her beautiful breasts and long, tanned legs through the sheer fabric of her shawl; her breasts rhythmically rising and falling as she spoke. Her long, manicured fingernails, glinted in the sunshine. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end as she spoke about nothing too important. I felt my cock stirring as she held me in a trance.

My arousal briefly gave way to reality. Surely my wife, Wendy, would notice I was spending too much attention on Kylie. I quickly glanced around. I found Wendy and Tom on a separate set of chaise lounges, 20 yards away, near the lake. She and Tom were drip drying after their swim.

Wendy was sitting on the lounger sideways, laughing with Tom, who sat on the adjacent chaise, also sideways, facing her. Their knees were nearly touching and they were both leaning towards each other. He was wearing only his swimming trunks, and the water that glistened on his perfect, hairless chest. I couldn't hear them, but I could see they were laughing. Wendy's hand tapped Tom's bare leg playfully, teasingly. To my surprise, I felt excited by it, though I didn't know then why.

I returned my full attention to Kylie, who smiled warmly as she continued talking about her and Tom's last vacation. She was surprisingly relaxed and easy going for someone so gorgeous. Suddenly I heard her say, "Have you and Wendy, you know," Kylie's voice dropped to a near whisper, "fooled around?" I suddenly realized that my trance had been broken by a question.

"Sorry?" I managed.

"I said," she chuckled, pretending to be annoyed at having to repeat her whisper, "have you and Wendy ever, you know, fooled around." I realize now what she was asking, but then I was still fogged-in as the blood rushed to my growing member.

"Of course," I said, almost indignant. "We've been married for seven years!" She looked surprised at first.

"Really?" she started to say before she realized I had misunderstood her question. She threw her head back and laughed delightedly. Her hand tapped my bare leg playfully. Teasingly. "No. I know you two have had sex, I mean have you, you know, fooled around with another couple."

My face turned bright red, more at the thought that quickly raced through my head of having a foursome with Tom and Kylie than anything else. She pretended to believe I was embarrassed about misunderstanding her question. "Oh," I laughed. "No, not really."

I was embarrassed about Wendy's prudishness, so I was a little defensive. The truth was, I had told my wife that I fantasized about having a threesome; her with two men or me with two women, but she would only even listen if she was drunk or particularly horny. I never had the guts to bring up a foursome. "What about you and Tom?"

"Tom has always wanted to. I've thought about it, but there just hasn't been another man that I was that into, you know?" She turned away and frowned slightly, looking towards Tom and my wife, laughing. "We did kind of fool around with another couple once," her voice was low and almost conspiratorial. "Well, I kissed this guy's girlfriend. He was a friend of Tom's from work and we were out late one night. I was drunk and she was really drunk. It started out as a dare, and we just didn't have the will power to stop it. Tom and his buddy, Brad, kept cheering us on. I really liked it, but they broke up a few months later; it didn't really go anywhere." She sighed a little regret, but I could tell she was holding back a bit.

"It didn't really go anywhere?" I prodded. She had had me turned on talking about boring vacations, this sex talk had me bursting at the seams.

"Well, a few weeks later, we sorta went a little further, I guess. Tom won a sales promotion with the company, a weekend trip for four. After we had made out, I had kept thinking of Lisa and I begged Tom to bring her and Brad. Come to think of it, I think Tom asked Wendy, but you two weren't available. Anyway, there was alcohol involved and they stayed in our room a little too long. We started watching a film, and before I know it, one thing led to another."

"Wait, you can't just leave it there, which one thing led to what other," I teased.

She laughed a little nervous laugh, and I think I noticed a slight blush. "Well...I started, you know..." She paused for a minute and looked at me closely. I smiled a little, and she knew I was interested in a much more detailed version. "Alright, I'll start from the beginning. We were watching a movie. The lights were out and all four of us were on this huge King-sized bed in the resort. I was on one edge, then Tom, then Lisa, then Brad." Her voice was playfully mocking as she began to give more details.

"I was engrossed in the movie, but I notice that Tom keeps looking to his right, at Brad and Lisa. I can't see through Tom, so I figured he's just staring at her, or Lisa and Brad are talking. But I looked at Tom's crotch, and his cock is growing, pushing out of his pants. He was obviously turned on at something. I thought, maybe Lisa was giving him a view of her oversized breasts. MMm," Kylie was suddenly reminiscing again. "Her breast were gorgeous. So round and soft." Kylie licked her lips and paused a little too long; clearly thinking of Lisa. "Sorry, so anyway, there was a lull in the movie and I hear this slurping sound."

"Wow," I involuntarily interrupt.

"I know!" Kylie says incredulously. "So I lean forward and I see that Lisa was wiggled down the bed, unzipped Brad's pants and taken out his cock. It was a pretty nice cock, not too big, but not too small. Lisa was running her sexy little tongue up and down the shaft. She was wearing this sexy fuchsia lipstick that sparkled when her lips moved. And she was teasing Brad by running those soft, fleshy lips up and down the length of his cock. Her left hand had slipped under and she was cupping his balls, gently massaging them."

At this point, my cock is ready to burst as Kylie is describing the scene in vivid detail. "I look back to Tom and I see his cock is practically breaking the seam, and he's stroking it through his pants. As I'm watching Tom's reaction, I see Lisa's hand start rubbing Tom's leg. She's got her boyfriends cock in her mouth and she's reaching for my husband's cock, too! The nerve!"

"So what'd you do," I know it didn't need to be said, but I wanted to make sure she knew I was still there.

"Well," Kylie said, in a bit of a whisper, "I gently pushed her hand away and slid down the bed, taking off Tom's pants as I went. I teased him through his underwear, rubbing the head of his cock. Had I let him, I know he would have let Lisa blow him, so I wanted to tease him and teach him a lesson.

"I gently stroked it through the fabric of his briefs, while I watched Lisa suck down Brad's now purple cock. Lisa would pull Brad into her mouth, and tilt her head so she could watch my service Tom. I knew Tom was getting off on it, and I wanted to torture him a little bit.

"To be honest," Kylie said as an aside, as she reached over and gently tapped my arm, sending a thrill straight to my own purple−headed monster, "I had fantasized about Lisa since the last time we made out. I kept thinking about those pretty young lips, and her soft, warm breasts. Tom and I have a busy sex life, but those few weeks, I was also masturbating furiously, thinking about that girl.

"So, she was inches away from me, as I'm teasing Tom's cock, she looked over at me, with Brad's cock still in her mouth, one hand wrapped around the shaft, and the other hand rubbing her clit, she looked over and I could see lust in her eyes. Not for him, but for me. She slowly took his cock out of her mouth and leaned towards me and we had this amazingly passionate kiss.

"I could taste his cock on her lips. That didn't do anything for me, but finally kissing her again, with Tom's cock in my hand, really turned me on. Speaking of which--" Kylie pointed towards my swimsuit and my now obvious erection. "Are you going to need help with that?"

I laughed nervously, wondering how to handle the opportunity, but, after a few seconds of awkward silence on my part, Kylie just continued her story. "So she kept switching between making out with me and sucking Brad's cock---God, I still get horny thinking about it. After a few seconds of kissing me, she would go back to Brad's cock, and I kept tormenting Tom, teasing his cock, but not letting it out of his underpants. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer; I lifted the flap in his briefs and released his hard on.

"I should probably mention, my husband is a big guy," Kylie confided, "and I heard Lisa let out a muffled 'ooh' as she saw the size of Tom's cock. Tom has measured it—he's incredibly vain about it—and he told me it's 12 inches. I believe him," Kylie confided, "I've hardly ever seen or had bigger." Kylie paused a bit, relishing the thought.

"Anyway, Lisa was clearly coveting Tom's cock as she sucked off her own boyfriend. I mean, Tom's cock is twice the size of Brads and she is in awe of it. So I slowly tease Tom with my tongue. I lick the underside of his cock..."

I let out an involuntary moan.

"I know, guys love it when I do that. I push the cock back towards his stomach," Kylie moved her hands to pantomime her description, holding an invisible cock in front of her face. She put her other hand at the base, and said "I pull down the base like this, just caressing his testicles, and then I slide my tongue up and down the shaft, like this." She acted out the move, and I let out another involuntary moan.

"So I caress the underside of his cock for a bit, then under the rim of his head. I know he wants to be in my mouth, so I don't put my lips around him until I'm dying for it. When I finally do, his big throbbing cock fills my mouth, and I hold him in there just a little while." Kylie described in vivid detail how she gives blowjobs. I could barely contain myself. My hardon was obvious through my swim shorts. I pretended to push it down out of modesty, but I needed to touch my cock as she talked. I very obviously started to rub my cock through my bathing suit while Kylie talked.

"Every minute or so, I would break from sucking Tom's enormous cock to make out a little more with Lisa. I think Brad was a little intimidated by Tom's big cock. He kept looking over at it, and I could tell his wasn't as hard anymore. After a very short while, Lisa got tired of blowing Brad, and decided to make him cum. She greedily took his smaller cock in and let him fuck her mouth.

"When he didn't cum right away, she started talking nasty to him. Then she lubed up her finger with saliva and, while Brad was again looking at me sucking Tom's big cock, she quickly slipped her finger under and jammed it up his ass. Brad was shocked and he instantly came in her mouth. Lisa swallowed his cum and then quickly moved over to my side and started helping me with Tom."

I noticed Kylie's hands were now moving slowly across her own thighs, dancing across them with her fingernails, as she reminisced. I watched as her perfectly manicured hands began to separate the thin, silky fabric of her wrap, exposing her lovely, mocha tanned legs as they rubbed together. It was obvious that she was getting aroused retelling the story. Slowly, one hand began to gently caress the outside of her bikini bottom as her legs were pulled in towards her.

"I let her help me with his big, huge cock," Kylie was clearly on the verge of masturbating again, thinking of Lisa. "Our lips and tongues would touch as we both licked the shaft, her soft, sensual lips," Kylie's right hand was low on her stomach; her fingers had clearly found her pussy through the bikini and she was rubbing her clit and pussy lips through the thin fabric. Her left hand was rubbing across her breasts, shedding the wrap that covered her. I could see her eyes closed through her sunglasses. She bit and licked her lips between sentences, reenacting that night in front of me.

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