tagBDSMCoupon Ch. 03

Coupon Ch. 03


With the weather turning chilly I pulled a jacket out of his closet, a jacket I hadn't worn in some time. Slipping my hand into one of the pockets I found a small card which turned out to be a coupon of some sort. "Oh yes," I remembered the odd coupon I came across several months ago. That one was light blue in color with a B and J printed in large print in the middle of the card. While the original card had an expiration date of November 15, 2007, this new coupon didn't expire until mid February 2008.

Thinking back I remembered the JB Boutique & Fetish Shop and especially Clara, the heavily pierced pink haired woman who treated me so magnificently when I was in the shop back then. I also remembered the faux dungeon they had there. Although there was still some time left on the coupon, I decided to stop by and see what was happening.

Thinking I might want to come back sometime with my wife to look into their BDSM seminars, I figured I better check it out for myself first. I had read "Different Loving" and some fiction like "The Story of O" and "Topping from Below," and was intrigued with the thought of dominance and submission as well as some bondage and discipline. I thought I might stop by the shop, talk some with Clara and see what their dungeon sessions might have to offer.

Pulling on my jacket and bringing the coupon with me, I headed out to my car and drove to the small shopping center where the JB Boutique & Fetish Shop was located. Walking in I saw a young woman with some wild black hair bent over behind the counter. I stepped up and asked, "Is Clara in today?"

The young woman stood up and said, "Who is... Ted, hey how are you?"

"Clara?" I asked, then seeing her face and spotting all the piercings I continued, "Yes, of course it's you. Your pink hair, it's gone."

"Yeah, I change it every few months. I'm thinking of a lime green for this spring, what do you think?"

"Green is good for spring," I replied, trying to figure out what she might look like with day glow green hair.

"Well, you looking for anything special?"

"Last time I was in here you mentioned some of your BDSM demonstrations and mentioned I should bring my wife. Well, I thought about that, but figured I better try it out some myself to see if that is such a good idea."

"Okay, well if I can get Dave up here to cover the desk, I think I can get you set up."

Reaching into my jacked pocket, I pulled out my coupon and said, "I have a coupon if it is any good."

"Of course it's good. Hey Dave, I got a coupon here," she hollered.

He quickly headed up to the counter while Clara took my hand and let me back to their dungeon. "Normally he's really slow, but management has emphasized the coupon recently and that has us hopping."

We stepped through a wooden door as Clara seemed to go into teach mode, "Now first thing is a safe word, we don't do anything here without one."

"What's a safe word?"

"If whatever is happening gets too intense for you, then you simply say the safe word and everything stops. All this is consensual, but sometimes in here when someone says "Stop" it really means, "Go" and sometimes "No" means "Yes." This clears up any confusion, you pick an odd word or combination and if you say it, we stop. Pick something that has absolutely nothing to do with what we are doing."

"Something like popsicle?"

"Popsicle is great, you want that safe word?" she asked.

"Thinking about it, it's not very poetic, but hey popsicle is good."

"Okay. Now Ted, what are you interested in."

"Well, the bondage and discipline I think."

"In discipline, do you mean pain?"


"And what about sex?"

"Well of course," I replied.

"Sometimes they just want a spanking, or some CBT and aren't really interested in having sex to orgasm at all. Of course sometimes the other will get them off."


"Cock and ball torture," she said, noticing me squirm a bit.

"We'll table the CBT until later. Now you need to get undressed and I need to get changed," she said, slipping into a changing room.

When she returned she had on an outfit that looked like just leather straps running up around her breasts, and looping down the back to a thong like bottom. The strap outfit had clips which fastened to black stockings and she had on some high heeled boots that came up to her knees. She was holding something that looked like a handle with ten or so leather strips attached.

Her demeanor seemed to change as she strutted up to me, harshly grabbed one hand and put on a leather wrist band. She then grabbed my other hand and did the same. When finished she pulled me over to a bar hanging from the ceiling attaching my wrist bands to chains hanging off each end.

Kneeling, she wrapped a band around each of my ankles and then stood up. She then poked at my cock with the handle of the whip like thing she was holding, running it up and down my shaft as it quickly came fully erect. She then leaned against me, her breasts pushing against my naked chest. Slowly licking and sucking on my nipples she continued teasing me, kissing down my stomach and through my pubic hair, but moving away just before reaching my cock.

She continued this as I began to really get worked up needing her to suck or just to touch my cock, to do something. My hips pushed forward and I strained against the chains as she moved just inches out of my reach. Moaning I pleaded, "Suck it please, suck it."

Looking sternly at me she moved around behind me as she replied, "You don't tell me what to do, I tell you, you get it?" With that she snapped the leather straps on my ass.

Recoiling from the stinging pain, I cried out, "Yes, yes I get it."

Snap! She hit me again, "You get what?" Snap, snap.

The chains jingled as I recoiled from her blow. I could feel sweat running down from my armpits as I answered, "You tell me what to do."

Snap! "That's right."

She then walked back in front of me and licked the sweat from my chest, sucking on my nipple and just barely touching my cock with her hand.

"Yes," I said, thinking she was ready to begin sucking my cock.

But she stepped back and moved around me, hitting me with the straps again and again. The stinging was intense, but all the while I noticed my cock remained hard, harder than I ever remember seeing it. Snap! She hit me again.

This continued for some time and with sweat covering my body and my arms aching from being held up and jerked around as she hit me I was about to cry out my safe word when suddenly she slipped over in front of me, took my cock in her mouth and began sucking. It didn't take long for me after all the teasing and in just a few moments I arched my back and came spurting my cum into her mouth.

Holding my cock in her mouth, she swallowed the cum and then gently stroked my cock working the last few drops into her mouth. She then pulled away and immediately released my hands and feet.

"That was incredible, it was like everything you did heightened my senses. When you took me in your mouth I... I can't describe it, it was just so good."

Smiling, she said, "You see, in the end the pain and the pleasure kind of work off of each other, heightening the experience."

"What was that thing you were hitting me with," I asked, looking in a mirror at how red my ass looked.

"Oh this, this is my cat, a cat-o-nine tails," she explained. "It's light, comfortable and, I guess as you can see, is very effective."

I went over to my clothes, gently pulled my underwear over my red ass, and then finished getting dressed. "What does one of those cat things cost?"

"I tell you what, let me show you a few different ones that we have. Come on out into the showroom, "she said holding the door open for me. I followed her over to a glass case that was full of whips, crops and other odd devices.

"You take credit cards?"

"We sure do," she replied, holding one of the whips out to me.

Taking hold of the handle I was surprised at how good it felt in my hand.

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