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CourierBabes International


CourierBabes International is a parcels company much like UPS, but the delivery personnel are all great looking women. One such, is Amber...She's 22, great figure, long sexy legs, and platinum blonde hair. Her navy blue jumpsuit uniform is unzipped, the temperature way too hot for long sleeves. Underneath, she's wearing a hot pink thong and matching bra.

She walks up to the door and knocks on it.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"It's Amber with CBI, I have a package for you," her voice singing through the door.

I unlock the door, opening it. "Hi there".

"Hi, I have a delivery for a....." she looks at the scanner, "Mr. Fox?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Could you please sign here?"

I take the scanner eagerly. "I've been waiting for this for weeks! Do you want to come in? I just NEED to show someone".

"Well....it's against company policy...."

"Come on...it'll only be a few minutes, besides, it's sweltering outside, I've got drinks in the fridge"

"Well.... In that case," pausing, "maybe for a few minutes, but just cos it's so damned hot today".

I lead her to the kitchen, pouring a tall glass of orange juice as she sits at the table looking at the package. "You want to see it? It's an antique watch. It's supposed to be a family heirloom, but it was stolen when my grandfather was young"

Tearing the package apart, I hold up the gold watch, it sways between us, the face of the watch, mesmerizing with diamonds dancing in the light. Your eyes, entranced by the jewel encrusted face, shimmering in your face. I smile, seeing your attention fixated on the swaying watch, like a pendulum swaying in front of your face.

"Miss?..." I put away the watch. "Did you still want that drink?"

You stand there, unable to move.

"Miss?" I smile inwardly. Just to see how far you've gone under, I command you to, "raise your left arm".

Your left arm lifts above your head.

"Walk to the living room and sit on the sofa".

Hypnotically, you make your way to the living room sofa and sit down.

"When I snap my fingers, you will wake up, unbelievably horny, looking for a cock, any cock, to suck and fuck." In your hypnotic state, you pussy starts getting moist, as your nipples go hard, wanting cock. "and you will embody the meaning of the word slut. You will be fully aware of what's going on, but the harder you fight, the hornier you're going to get. I'm going to count to three and snap my fingers. When my fingers snap, you will wake as this slut."





Yours eyes open, you squirm uncomfortably on the sofa, wondering why you are suddenly feeling so horny. "Did you still want your drink miss?" I say, pretending nothing's happened.

"Yes please, I am so hot right now, can I have some water?" You stare at my crotch as I stand there in front of you. You try to remember what happened, 'how did I get from the kitchen to the living room? What did you do to me?' As you try to fight, unable to get the thought of sucking cocks out of your head.

"Sure, no problem", I say as I walk back to the kitchen. I come back with a glass of water for you. I walk up to you on the sofa, standing a bit closer than one normally would. "Here's your water miss", and hand you the glass.

"Thanks" You say, as you take it and gulp it down fast. It's not helping. You get wetter. "Oh sir, this is going to sound strange....", your voice trails off, you can hardly believe what's coming out of your mouth, "but I really need to suck your cock".

Stifling a grin, my cock twitches hearing the words. "Really". You peel off the jumpsuit quickly and get on your knees in your bra and thong. You start pulling on my pants, "I need your cock so bad."

Feigning innocence, I respond, "But uhmm....I've got work to do" I take a step away from you.

'This is wrong,' You think to yourself, 'What's wrong with me? Why am I craving for his cock?!' All the time, the longing to have a cock fill your mouth escalates.

"I don't care sir, I'm just a silly slut" You move towards me, pulling my cock out, and start licking the head, feeling much better with a cock in your mouth. I shudder slightly as your lips touch my cockhead, a groan escapes my throat. "Mmmmm...."

You stop sucking, pulling your face away, trying one last time to stop yourself from becoming this dirty whore. As you turn your head away, I spur you on, help you to fight the feeling. "You're nothing but a dirty cumslut aren't you? A cockwhore!"

Reviled, you try harder to fight, but find you cannot anymore. You go back to sucking on my cock as it slides in to your mouth, sucking faster and faster as I call you more nasty names.

You tickle my cock with your pierced tongue and suck my cock faster and faster, trying to swallow down your throat. You reach down your thong and start playing with your clit.

"Dirty little fuckslut's cunt getting wet isn't it? Why don't you step out of that thong and play with it? Yes... Insatiable little cockslut aren't you." You stop sucking and stand. Pulling of your bra and thong. You quickly get back down and go back to sutcking on my cock as you milk it with your slutty mouth.

"Put your fingers in your mouth and tell me how that cunny tastes. Tell me how your fucking cunt juice tastes". Popping my cock out of your mouth, replacing my cock with your fingers, you look up at me hungrily, "It tastes so great, oh I love how sweet I taste," before you go back to sucking on my cock.

"How badly do you want your sweet cunt fucked, whore?"

"Oh I need it fucked so bad. I am such a dirty whore." You say, pleading, "Please, please fuck my wet cunt. Please"

Pulling my cock out of your mouth, spanking your face with my cock. I command you to get on yoru hands and knees. You do as you're told, spreading wide, ready to get fucked silly. I slide my cockhead up and down your slit, gathering up your cunt juice. You start to beg, "Please. Please fuck me. I am such a dirty slut for cocks". The entire time, you can't believe you're saying this, but knowing that you no longer have a choice in the matter. Sliding the tip of my cockhead into your cunny.

"Are you sure this is what you want? Think, you might regret it. I'll only fuck you if it's what you really want". I say, still feigning innocence.

"I won't regret it. This is what I want. Fuck this silly fuck. Please" You almost whimper. Before you finish your sentence, I plunge the length of my cock in with one thrust. Sliding it deep into you. Words escape your mouth, "FUCK, that feels so good. Fuck me harder. Harder. Never stop fucking this nasty whore!"

I pull my cock out slowly until just the tip is parting your cunt lips before thrusting it in deep again, my balls slapping against your ass.

You start getting incoherent, "Oh fuck me fuck me oh, fuck. Fuck me, fuck, I am cumming all over your huge cock."

I feel your cunt muscles tightening around my cock and groan. "Unnnnnnnngh..."

Fucking you rhythmically, my cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy. Your titties bouncing as I fuck you harder and harder, fucking your wet twat, more words escape your lips, "cum deep in my silly cunt"

I reach around, grabbing your great tits in my hands, kneading them as my cock thrusts in and out of your slit. Taking your nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolling both nipples, turning them like volume dials. Pinching them, pulling them as my cock continues to fuck your cunt. You start to scream as you try to get my cock deeper in you, moving your hips back, trying to get more and more in you. I twist your nipple harder, pulling on them, pinching them. I pull you up so that your back is pressed against my chest, one hand down to your clit, the other up to your throat. Closing the air around your throat, I start rubbing your clit in circular motions. My cock, buried deep in your cunt, continues fucking it, plunging deep into you.

"you like being fucked by my cock?" I ask. "Do you bitch?" Rubbing your clit faster, round and round, my hand closing a little more tightly around your throat.

"YEEEESSSS!!!" you scream with what air you have, as you feel my hand around your throat tighten. Gasping for air, you scream, and start to cum again. Letting your throat go as I feel your orgasm releasing. I groan, as I feel your cunt muscles pulsating around my cock. Your body shudders as you come down from your orgasm, but I don't relinquish. I lick my middle finger, rubbing it against your asshole.

"Fuck me harder!" You scream as loud as you can. I apply a bit of pressure against your asshole, turning my finger...back and forth, against your tight pink asshole. My cock pumping in and out of your pussy rhythmically still. A steady fucking.

"Oh please cum in my hungry pussy," You say. "Plesae, I need your cum in me so badly. Please put your finger in my asshole. Please" You're pleading, almost sobbing. I slip a finger into our asshole. One knuckle. Two knuckles. My finger all the way deep into your ass. Your uncontrollable dirty talk continuing, "Oh that's so tight!" As I start to finger fuck your ass. Slapping your ass, I speed up my cock's thrusting. My finger matching the thrusting motion of my cock. In and out of both your holes, fucking your slutty holes. "Oh fuck my slutty holes, shoot your seed in my cunt, oh fuck, I am such a fucking slut!"

I slow down slightly, using my forefinger now, agasint your asshole. Spreading your hole, making it bigger, sliding the 2nd finger knuckle by knuckle into your asshole.

"Oh fuck, that's so tight," you breathe, "and it hurts so much." As I spread your asshole bigger.

I thrust my cock faster agin, Thrusting it in and out of your cunt. "Do you like having your holes filled wench?" Grunting the words as I plunge my cock deeper and harder into you. Faster. "I love having my holes....FIILLLLEED!!" You scream the last word as you start cumming a third time. My balls twitch as your cunny muscles close in around my cock again. I know I'm not going to last much longer. Thursting harder now, pumping my cock in and out of you. My fingers fucking your asshole. "Oh fucking cum in my slutty cunt, please. Please fill me with your hot seed" You say haggardly. My other hand on your hip, steadying my fucking. Harder and faster. I start to grunt. My balls are tightening. My cock twitches as it erupts into your cunt. Shot after shot into you your hot wet cunt. You hold still as my cock explodes trying to make sure I get all my cum in you. "Please, yes. Fill me with your cum. Oh, so much cum!".

Still trying to fuck you as my balls empty into your cunt. My breathing haggard. "Keep fucking me," you plead "I am such a dirty cumslut".

Trying to catch my breath, slowing my fucking down. Breathing hard. Slowing. To a stop. Pulling out my cock from your cunt, walking to your face. "Clean it off like a good cockslut", I croak, pushing my cock towards your lips. Hungrily, you start sucking my cock clean, making sure to get all the cum out. I shudder again as my cock enters your warm wet mouth. "Mmmmmm...." I say, "there's a good slut. Now get up and put your clothes back on".

You do as you're told, standing, proud of yourself and beaming at me. I snap my fingers again. You're back in your daze.


You go back to sleep. I speak into your ear. "When you wake, you will remember nothing. You won't know why there is cum dribbling out of your cunt. But it won't bother you until you get back home tonight. You will begin to remember as you get into bed. And as you close your eyes for the night, you will relive it all again. You will think that it's all a dream and you will continue with your life as if nothing's ever happened. But. You will become a horny little slut again every time you're called a cockslut. And you will not be normal again until you've been thoroughly fucked. You will wake when I snap my fingers in three."




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